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FEATURE ICONS GUIDE 2ply construction

Waterproof breathable 2-layer fabric construction. Outer layer fabric is coated with Helly Tech® and DWR treatment. Inner layer is an inside backing fabric, added for comfort.

2.5ply construction

Waterproof breathable 2.5-layer fabric construction. A slightly tighter weave of fabric than 2 ply to get more durability, the 0.5 layer is treated as well to give a deeper protection against the elements.

3ply construction

Waterproof breathable 3-layer fabric construction. An even heavier and tighter weave of fabric with 3 layers to give maximum strength, durability and protections against the elements. 2 layers of fabric is treated while the inner layer is an inside backing fabric, added for comfort.

Adjustable cuffs

Adjustable cuff, either with Velcro or buttons for individual fit and comfort.

Adjustable hem

Adjustable hem at bottom, either with buttons or Velcro for individual fit and comfort.

Lightweight fabric

Lightweight construction for minimal weight and increased performance.

Lined for comfort

Lined for comfort, performance and breathability

No shoulder seams

No shoulder seams to remove bulk and uncomfortable seams to prevent chafing or rashes.

Water repellent

Water repellent fabric and construction. Helps in preventing the first drops of water.

WR zip

Water resistant YKK® zippers to keep the elements out.

WP Zip

Waterproof YKK® zippers to keep all elements out.

Flight compatible Packable

Packable for ease of carrying and taking up less space

Bags are the correct size for bringing as carry on and are compatible with overhead flight compartments.

Smart touch Packable hood

The hood can packed away in the jackets collar for storage when not needed.

Smart touch on index finger for using smartphones without having to take off your gloves in cold weather.

Reversible Quick dry fabric

Quick dry fabric for comfort and increased performance

The product can be reversed and used inside out to variate style and color. Giving you a 2-in-1 product.

Phone pocket Adjustable waist

Adjustable waist, with drawstring for individual fit and comfort.

CIS compatible

The 3-in-1 products. The component insulation system (CIS), allows the user to combine an outer layer jacket with a zipout/zip-in insulator/midlayer. Use the outer jacket for lightweight breathability, the zip out insulator for warmth, or use them together for maximum weather protection.

Detachable hood

Detachable hood, either with snap-away buttons or zippers for less bulk if the hood is not needed.


Durable Water Repellency treatment is a coating added to a fabric to make them hydrophobic (water repellent). Added to Helly Hansen products for enhanced performance.

Helmet compatible

A hood that is large enough to fit over a helmet

Reflective elements

Reflective elements on the garment for visibility and safety

Reinforcement fabric

Extra reinforcement fabric on critical areas for durability. Typical areas reinforced are elbows, seat, knees and bottom hem.

Softshell construction

Softshell construction is designed to keep you comfortably warm and dry with a light protection against water and wind resistance.


Sun protection blocking 93-95% UV radiation


Sun protection blocking 96-97% UV radiation


Sun protection blocking 98% UV radiation

UPF50 High visibility hood

360° EN 471 or EN ISO 20471 standard high visibility hood for maximum visibility and safety where needed.

Kneepad pockets

Kneepads for extra protection, durability and reinforcement.

Sun protection blocking minimum 98% UV radiation


Ventilation through mechanical venting zippers for optimal temperature control.


100% waterproof material to keep the elements out.

Laptop compartment

Separate, padded compartment to place your laptop or tablet in.



Water resistant

Water resistant fabric and construction. Not 100% Waterproof, and does not prevent the penetration of water completely.

A small zippered pocket to fit your phone in

2 way stretch

2-way stretch fabric in one direction for ease of movement and comfortable fit.

4 way stretch

4-way stretch fabric in both directions, crosswise and lengthwise. For increased ease of movement and comfort.

Gusset at crotch

Reinforced at the crotch to strengthen and add a more comfortable fit without the pant splitting!

Loop for ID Card

An extra loop for placing your ID card for easy storage and access when needed.

Ruler pocket

A pocket specifically designed to store your ruler.

5cm leg extension

The possibility of increasing the leg length by 5cm.

Profile for HH Workwear

HHww Main Catalog 2017 Apparel EN  

Helly Hansen Workwear Main Catalog 2017 Apparel English

HHww Main Catalog 2017 Apparel EN  

Helly Hansen Workwear Main Catalog 2017 Apparel English