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HARRISONVILLE HIGH School 1504 e. elm Harrisonville, mo 64701 (816) 380- 3273


PRIDE c May 16

Avila University:

Marcus Roberg- Baseball

Calvary Bible College: Tim Roemer Ryan Stanwix

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Missouri Science and Technology: Jennifer Newton Sarah Welch

Trisha Dinges

Rockhurst University:

Missouri Southern Central Methodist University: State University: John Fuller- Football Dustin Young- Football

Crowder College:

Ryan Schliem- Soccer

Drury University: Stephanee Davidson

Kansas City Art Institute: Kae Mangan

MCC -Longview: Dustin Benett Alisha Bollinger Cody Brill Martin Brown Kayla Dobson Bailey Evans Ashlea Feagley Michela Fisher Kristen Godfrey Mason Jones Ciara Maddox Brandon Perriman Jessie Pulliam Thomas Schlechter

Pen Valley Health Science Institute: Emma Francisco

Brittany DeCavele

Missouri State University: Clayton Campbell Sam Cardenas Taylor Croy Lauren Mackay

Southwest Baptist University: Ben Sevy- Football Aaron Sloan- Soccer

University of Missouri:

Missouri Western State University: Melissa Bullard McKinlee Merit Eric Whaley

Northwest Missouri State University: Katlyn Hill Anna Holden- Soccer Shelby Lavery Mikalah Rea Nicole Stewart Allie Wittmeyer

Livia Dunham Sierah Stephens

Sarah Brown Tyler Friedrich Bobbi Jo Henson Melissa Hicks Kortney McKinnis Collin Shelton

University of Missouri-Columbia: Mary Baer Kayt Dahn Abigail Fisher Hannah Franz Sasha Gubina Callaway Neill

William Jewell College: Maggie McDowell


a Buena Vista University

a Brigham Young University

a Johnson County Community College University of Saint Mary a Benedictine College Kansas State Universitya aaBaker University aOttawa University aPittsburg State University

a University of California-San Diego a Art Institute of San Diego, California

a University of Arkansas

Volume XIII, ISSUE v

aNorthwest Missouri State University

aMissouri Western State University

William Jewell College a aRockhurst University a Central Methodist University Penn Valley Health Science Institute a aUniversity of Missouri-Columbia Central Kansas City Art Institute a a MCC -Longview aUniversity of Central Missouri aAvila University

1 Ozark Technical Community College:

2 0 1 2

a James Madison University

a Missouri Science and Technology

aSouthwest Baptist University

a Missouri Southern State University a Missouri State University aCrowder College aOzark Technical Community College aDrury University

-Out Of StateArt Institute of San Diego, California:

Kansas State University:

Victoria Bostic- Tennis

Travis Britz- Football Brandon Hahn Taylor Morse Adam Rushly

Joe Hunter- Wrestling

Dallas Stackhouse- Basketball

Tyler Frank

Baker University:

Benedictine College: Brigham Young University:

Ottawa University:

Pittsburg State University:

Buena Vista University:

Jacob Freeman Sam Krenzer

Graceland University:

Tesa Renner

Emily Tracy

Carlee Brown

University of Arkansas:

Cody Blentlinger- Soccer Tyler Wood- Soccer

University of California-San Diego:

Rebekah Lokits

University of Kansas:

James Madison University: Johnson County Community College: Jakob Knoblauch

Lizzie Laurent

Hannah Alessi

University of Saint Mary:

Brett Bearden- Football, Baseball


Graduation Friday 5-18


Graduation Rehearsal: seniors need to be at the high school by 7:30 a.m. on Friday, May 18. Seniors must par ticipate in the rehearsal to walk across the stage for graduation.


Senior Advice



“Take advantage of every moment because one day it will be glorious memories or horrible regrets.”

- Ryan Stanwix

“Have fun and lock your locker...I guess.”

- Emily Tracy

“Move in the hallways.”

- Jessica Wright

“No matter how quiet or weird someone is, give them a chance.”

“Fill out as many scholorships as you possibly can.”

- Maggie McDowell

“Don’t fall behind in AP.”

Cords: May be purchased - Sam Krenzer - Brandon Perriman from Mrs.Hendrickson during normal office hours from 7 p.m.- 3:30 p.m. on “Take different classes and try different things, because you don’t know what you’ll be good at.” Friday, May 18, for $10 - Martin Brown cash only.

Saturday 5-19

Seniors should meet at HHS at 6:15 p.m. and will be shutt led to the ceremony. Seniors will not be allowed to drive to HMS due to limited parking. Seniors may ride to the ceremony with parents with prior approval from Mr. Campbell.

In case of rain, the ceremony will move to the HHS gymnasium - each senior will recieve nine tickets- all must have tickets regardless of age. A decision in case of rain will be made by 3 p.m. If cancelled, district will notify seniors by website, phone, Wildcat Aler t, ect. Seniors should repor t to the high school between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. to check in for Senior Mania. The bus will be leaving at 10 p.m. and returning at 6 a.m.

Monday 5-20

Diplomas will be available for students to pick up in the high school office from Mrs. Dains on Monday, at 7 a.m. Students must pick up their own diploma.

Average Senior

In order to look perfect for her date, the average senior girl spends a great deal of her time styling her shiny brown hair. She then puts on the perfect amount of make-up to make her blue eyes pop. To make sure she has a fantastic outfit, she calls her favorite teacher Ms. Twidwell. She finally sett les on a dress of her favorite color purple. Her cat walking by reminds her of how much she wanted to be a vet as a child. When the doorbell rings, she slips on some heels since she only stands 5’ 4”, then runs out the door hoping he takes her to her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.

While preparing for a date night, the average senior boy would wake up and rub his blue eyes then head to the shower, where he would be careful not to hit his head on the shower cur tain since he stands 5’ 10”. While washing his luscious brown hair, he reminisces on his childhood dream of becoming a professional athlete. After he gets out, he slips on his favorite t-shir t- blue of course. In a quick panic he realizes he has no idea where to take her! He frantically calls his favorite teacher Mrs. Snowden, who recommends the senior boys’ favorite restaurants, Longhorn or Mongolian BBQ.



It’s Never

Hannah & Sasha ” ye

b od

o Gsee you later “It’s Kayt


It’s hard to believe you are actually leaving us and going off to college. We are going to miss you so much. You are our editor-in-chief, the best one in fact. Next year, the staff will not be the same. You always come into the room with a smile on your face and ready to work even if you don’t feel good. You are the one who everyone runs to for help or even someone just to talk to. You are more than nice and also amazingly beautiful. Do you remember when we had chinese for a work night dinner and we collectively spent almost 75 dollars just on food, not even counting the sonic drinks?! Man, our staff can eat a lot! Thank you so much for putting up with all of us. You are there for us through thick and thin, and help us out whenever we need it. You never give up on any of us even when we were stressed out. You manage to fix all the mistakes, even the smallest things. We all love you and will never forget you, and the great memories we all have with you, in and out of the room. We all give you the best of luck for your BIG freshmen year at MU. You will do great. Love always and forever - The Pride Staff



News Editor

We all are going to miss the girl sitting at her computer making random comments about how much she hates boys. If you ever have any boy problems do not hesitate to give us a skype call and we will all be your Dr. Phil even when you can crush on boys without acting on it. You even said it yourself at a work night. No one will ever take your place, Tory. You are loving and amazingly sweet. You always bring color and brightness into the room even on the stressful days. You always have a smile on your face and never have a bad thing to say unless it was simply the truth. You know what you are doing when it comes to the news in the paper. Everybody will miss your delicious baked cookies on random days. (and you of course.) By the way we are all glad that you finally know where you are going to college. It drove us all crazy when you didn’t want to tell us. We know you will be successful at everything you do. Love always and forever - The Pride Staff



Staff Writer & Copy Editor

You guys are always together and act like the twins and we absolutely love you for that. You both bring the party into the room. You guys always are laughing at something, watching scary Youtube videos, or making random comments about your obsession with poop. Hannah, you are so kindhearted and sweet. If newspaper handed out an award for the longest stories you would most definitely win. You are a great writer and all of us on staff will miss you. Sasha, we are not going to have anyone dancing or stretching in the middle of class now that you are leaving. You are a great copy editor and you always somehow get your job done even when you have a million other things going on. You both are going to go far and do great in life. We wish you both the best of luck. Love always and forever - The Pride Staff


Spor ts Editor

Abbey, what are we going to do without our down to earth sports editor? Only you would be able to put up with the soccer and football team gaining up on you. Only our sports editor would have enough guts to write something like that. We are going to miss you and your random comments about your obsession with cats. You are such a sweet person. We all know that you are going to be even twice as amazing in college than you are in high school. Why do you have to go again? We all love you bunches. Love always and forever - The Pride Staff


The Pride Staff 2011-2012 Editor-in-Chief: Kayt Dahn Copy Editor: Sasha Gubina Features Editor: Maria Sanchez News Editor: Victoria Bostic Sports Editor: Abbey Fisher Advisor: Brad Lewis

Staff Writers: Lauren Aman, Hannah Baggenstoss, Nick Campbell, Hannah Franz, Crystal Warden Photographers: Jamie Hasenyager, Alison Krenzer, Bailee Sandy The Pride is written, edited and published by the newspaper production class at HHS. The paper is an open forum, distributed to the students, faculty, parents, alumni, and other members of HHS. All decisions concerning grammar, layout, content, and photography are made solely by the editors themselves. Our mission is to report news truthfully and accurately and to act as an open forum for student expression. Opinions in editorials do not reflect the views of Cass R-IX school district, its staff or the adviser. All comments, concerns, and complaints should be forwarded directly to the Editor-in-Chief. If readers would like to submit letters to the Editor, they can do so in room 304.


I, Hannah Alessi, do will and bequeath to Maryna Wooten my ability to hate everyone and barely show up to school or stay awake in class. I, Mary Baer, do will and bequeath to Melissa Watson my varsity spot in the Medly and Free relay next year in swimming<3 I, Dillon Bales, do will and bequeath to Tanner Foerschler my ability to carry on the tradition of the Godzilla backpack given to me by Joel Heavin. I, Wyatt Barton, do will and bequeath to Clayton Dover my ability to not take school seriously. I, McKenna Baumgartner, do will and bequeath to Amanda Doerhoff my ability to play mallets and pick out tennis shoes. I, Cody Blentlinger, do will and bequeath to Luis (Mexitalian) Lomeli my ability to dominate my opponents with ridiculous athletic ability while on the pitch, and bequeath to Douglas (Dougie) Croy my ability to allure the ladies. I, Victoria Bostic, do will and bequeath to Madi Dahn my ability to get lost while traveling to and from other schools’ sporting events, and stuffing my face with Ben and Jerry’s. I, Cody Brewer, do will and bequeath to Jordan Cornell my ability to be a stud. I, Cody Brill, do will and bequeath to Douglas Croy and Levi Anderson my ability to swag it up on the soccer field. I, Travis Britz, do will and bequeath to Logan Teal the Rangers Lanyard, and to Joe Schlecter the green mat commandments. I, Carlee Brown, do will and bequeath to Aaron Laughlin and Trish Price my nerdiness and Gameboy Advance with Gameboy Color Pokemon games, and my drumline leadership to Amanda Doerhoff. I, Martin Brown, do will and bequeath to Haley Brown my ability to see other things in a different way, and pay attention to detail


Senior Wills

of things, and my proper typing skills. I, Sara Brown, do will and bequeath to Hannah Welhoff my obnoxiously loud voice and crude humor. I, Alisha Bollinger, do will and bequeath my sister Sabrina Bollinger, Chauncey Song, and Rachael Johnston the ability to do well in school and to stay strong. Also to act like yourself and not care what others think. I, Clayton Campbell, do will and bequeath to Franco my ability to have fun and get big in the weight room. I, Dallas Carroll, do will and bequeath to Wayne S. And Keith C. my ability to beat anyone at anytime at ping pong. I, Jeremy Chancellor, do will and bequeath to anybody my ability to tag Mrs. Rhoney’s car. I, Austin Chase, do will and bequeath to Chase Brown my ability to play the tuba really awesome like; to Chris Roth my awesome singing strength and being able to annoy Kip. I, Cesar Chavez, do will and bequeath to Esmeralda Chavez my ability to pass all my classes and pay attention to them. I, Sarah Cooper, do will and bequeath to Alisha Burt, Samantha, Ciera Spangler my ability to act crazy in public and not care about who is watching. I, Charles Crews, do will and bequeath to somebody my ability to do things. I, Taylor Croy, do will and bequeath to Douglas Croy my ability to do the dishes, watch Dr. Phil everyday after school, be mom and dad’s favorite child, be on time to school when leaving at 7:20, and my red Jeep. I, Kayt Dahn, do will and bequeath Madi Dahn my ability to be late everyday without having any tardies. Also, you get everything I own that I’m not taking to college, especially, my fantastic hunk of a car.

I, Stephanee Davidson, do will and bequeath to Lena Quinlin my ability to love cheerleading no matter what and to stay strong! I also bequeath to Zachary Davidson my ability to throw a perfect spiral and to be the best quarterback you can be, Love You! I, Brittany DeCavele, do will and bequeath to Sabrina Young my ability to dance and my ability to be quiet instead of yelling everywhere I go. I, Matthew Dennison do will and bequeath to Kelsey Justice my dearest love and affection. I, Markus Allen Divilbliss, do will and bequeath to Christopher Lynn my ability to come to school; He is in Alternative School. I, Freddiejo Drake, do will and bequeath to Timi Drake my ability to eat in the lunchroom, wake up late, and sleep in class. I, Bailey Evans, do will and bequeath to Sydney Evans my ability to choose the right path. I, Dustan Dalton, do will and bequeath to Dakota Field my ability to wake up on time every morning and come to school. I, CJ Dill, do will and bequeath my little freshman, Christian, my ability to be a ladies man, my gentleman likeness, and to be swoon over by thousands. I, Kayla Dobson, do will and bequeath to Kevin Burkes my ability to pronounce words besides cinnamon. I, Ethan Downs, do will and bequeath Mitchell Haug my ability to not be dirty 24/7. I, Livia Dunham, do will and bequeath to Anisa Alexander the back seat on big blue and to Logan Teal the ability to do whatever he wants and my espanol (whispering) skills. I, Ashley Feagley, do will and bequeath to Colton Feagley my ability to be completely lazy and somehow still maintain good grades. I, Abigail Fisher, do will and bequeath to Alison Krenzer my love

for cats, kittens, and male teachers whose names begin with “R”. I, Michela Fisher, do will and bequeath to Jon Tracy my ability to win the coolest giant plastic medal in marching band. I, Jarrick Fitzgearlds, do will and bequeath to Jon Koch my ability to lead BKRUS. I, Emma Francisco, do will and bequeath to Sarah Francisco my ability to always arrive on time to events and my color guard skills. Oh! And to the color guard seniors I give you my leadership abilities. Good Luck next year! I, Hannah Franz, do will and bequeath to Alison Krenzer my ability to slither…like a slithery lil’ snakey snake. I, Jacob Freeman, do will and bequeath to Becky Freeman, my ability to have great friends. I, Tyler Friedrich, do will and bequeath to Austin Welhoff and David Nutt my ability to play jazz and my awesome saxophone skills. I, John Fuller, do will and bequeath to Zach Cooper my ability to make mad shots in basketball and my classiness. I, Sarah Gibler, do will and bequeath to Sam Kembrel my ability to whip my hair back and forth, and to her I give my boss writing skills. I do also will and bequeath my attention getting loud mark voice to Hanna May with instructions only to use wisely. I, Jon Gillotte, do will and bequeath to Nate Manion my ability to attract fine dime pieces or top notch women. I, Kristen Godfrey, do will and bequeath to Meghan Oparnico my ability to slack off and still bring up my grades as well as my ability to get all the “straight girlfriends” I want. I, Sasha Gubina, do will and bequeath to Taylor Marshall my pooping abilities, to Amanda Doerhoff my insanely tan legs, and to Kayley Martley the “Sasha bun.” I, Bobbi Henson, do will and bequeath to Madi Phillips my abili-



ty to have beautiful brown eyes and luscious long brown hair. I, Chandler Ham, do will and bequeath to my sister my ability to make teachers laugh. I, Brandon Hahn, do will and bequeath to Ryan Rushly my ability to be called Rooster. I, Melissa Hicks, do will and bequeath to Cheyenne Cox my inability to conquer the splits in all four years of dance team. I, Katlyn Hill, do will and bequeath to Lizzie Dehn my ability to procrastinate until the last possible second. I, Jacob Hillman, do will and bequeath to Keith Carroll and Wayne Starforth my ability to beat anyone besides Dallas Carroll at ping pong. I, Ted Hilton, do will and bequeath to Colton Feagley my mad SWAGG. I, Zack Hochhalter, do will and bequeath to Quinton Cornelous my ability to be last, smart when needed, play more drag racing games, be able to work on cars, most important, just get school work out of the way and play later. I, Anna Holden, do will and bequeath to Alexandra Holden my ability to wear shoes, shave my legs, and be cool… And not have fire hair. I, Billy Holden, do will and bequeath to Daniel Fairbanks my ability to be MVP in the focus room, Samantha Holden to run, Bryant Kanies my ability to be energetic. I, Skyler Hughes, do will and bequeath to Brandon Woolery my ability to slack off all the time. I, Joe Hunter, do will and bequeath to Ty Cochran my ability to walk and be permanently angry during wrestling season. I, Samantha Hurst, do will and bequeath to Jessica Nichols my torn up practice basketball jersey. I, Mason Jones, do will and bequeath to nobody my ability to do nothing. I, Lindsey Kirk, do will and

We, The Pride, do will and bequeath our party


bequeath to Utah (Chelsea Gibbs) my ability to Fed Ex people in a box with air holes and a little bit of food and water to college. I, Jakob Knoblauch, do will and bequeath to anybody my ability to be fat and wear sweatshirts and have nice pants. I, Robert Kopetzky, do will and bequeath to Joe Schlechter my ability to have a sexy German accent. I, Sam Krenzer, do will and bequeath to Joe Brown the Ricekiller and to Abe Dick my position at Harrisonville Electric. I, Madison Kusmec, do will and bequeath to Courtney Bomberger my ability to trip over a completely flat floor. I, Lizzie Laurent, do will and bequeath to Taylor Chancellor my obession with sparkles, David Roth back his locker, Kaitlyn Patterson my froggie, Hannah Wellhoff my iPhone, Austin Wellhoff my green eyed dragon, Sabrina Tinsley my sense of direction, and Chelsea Gibbs my AP English binders. I, Shelby Lavery, do will and bequeath to Kayley Martley the most amazing ex boyfriend ever. He is a great guy that you will never have any problems with. I, Rebekah Lokits, do will and bequeath to Courtney Bomberger my shark Brock as the swim team’s unofficial mascot. I, Lauren Mackay, do will and bequeath to Future Freshman Katy Eddleman my ability to wake up and 6:55 am for school and still look dang good with no tardies! I, James MacLeod, do will and bequeath to Brooklynn Mainard my ability of my good driving skills and not to hit anyone or anything. I, Kae Mangan, do will and bequeath to Sam Kimbrell and Hannah Harris my ability to amaze and disturb people with artwork and leave the art department in a cloud of ceramic dust and paint covered clothes. I, Kortney McKinnis, do will and bequeath to Chelsea Ferguson


Senior Wills

my ability to fly libs in cheerleading and make the season memorable and fun no matter what circumstances arrive. I, Nick Meissen, do will and bequeath to Kali Meissen my ability to do great at sports. I, McKinlee Merrit, do will and bequeath to Miranda Schrock and Courtney Lemmer my ability shrug to off any drama, pull off the wonderful feeling of yoga pants and to show off those cute dimples. I, Landon Mickelberry, do will and bequeath to Quinton Osborn my ability to pole vault. I, Taylor Morse, do will and bequeath to Jessie Stratton my ability to be a great mother and sister and to McKinnon Blalock my ability to laugh at anything and everything! I, Callaway Neill, do will and bequeath my automotive prowess, social skills, parking space (varies) and the Danger Ranger to my brother, Carter. I, Jennifer K. Newton, do will and bequeath to Kayley Brock my ability to be blunt. I, Cassandra Nowak, do will and bequeath to Hanna May my ability to rock senioritis and still have fun. I, Brianna Obermiller, do will and bequeath to Alexis Bales a molestache, because someone’s gotta have one. I, Tracy Payne, do will and bequeath to Kammie Webster my ability to speak freely in front of large audiences and have a fun down to earth time, but at the same time get my responsibilities done. I, Brandon Perriman, do will and bequeath to Max, Gibbs, and Ethan (not Zach) my ability to “love my job” and look like a stud in our uniforms. I, Nicolas Porter, do will and bequeath to Future Pitt State students my ability to go to the most amazing college with the coolest mascot ever. That is all. Bye… no really, go to Pitt. I, Jessie Pulliam, do will and

bequeath to you my amazing parking spot. I, Jennifer Rawlins, do will and bequeath to Mickey Fox my ability to read books and my locker. I, Mikalah Rea, do will and bequeath to Jena Branstine my height and ability to see over everyone in the hallway. I, Tesa Renner, do will and bequeath to Brice Renner my ability to sleep through class and still have all “A’s”. I, Holland M. Reynolds, do will and bequeath to Hannah Baggenstoss and Sidney Lloyd my ability to stick it out and have fun; to Alexis Hamilton my determination to make it through senior year; to Ryan Lockard my superfantabulous leadership skills; to Annie Devenney the ability to find yourself in the turmoil of life and have the person you find, and to Trish Price the ability to kick major booty when bowling. I, Logan Roberson, do will and bequeath to evrywon my ability to spel and nawledge off gramar, all so my serpeirier entellagence. I, Quayd Robertson, do will and bequeath to Nate Manion my ability to fight crime every night and still maintain a normal life. I, Tim Roemer, do will and bequeath to Alex Holden my ability to be dyslexic. I, Samantha Ross, do will and bequeath to Cierra Perriman my ability to have the best lunch table ever, and my ability to make awesome friends. I, Colton Saunders, do will and bequeath to Logan Teal my ability to GROW FACIAL HAIR. I, Ryan Schliem, do will and bequeath to Meghan Scott my ability to dance in the hallways during passing periods. I, Ben Sevy, do will and bequeath to Tyler Bundt my stunning good looks, deep blue eyes, and muscles. I, Ben Sharp, do will and bequeath to Johnny Truninger my

ability to get work done, have fun, and have my good looks. I, Collin Shelton, do will and bequeath to Mrs. Rhoney my undying love for Mr. Kay and to Jesse Lokits, Nathan Morse, Jason Vogt, David Barnett, Brandon Brewster and Nathan Manion my unbeatable tennis abilities. I, Aaron Sloan, do will and bequeath to Jason Vogt my varsity soccer jersey, number 18. I, Sarah Smith, do will and bequeath to students coming here in the future my ability to tell you have fun but be a good student and make it through high school, make friends. I, Dakota Spangler, do will and bequeath to my sisters my ability to absorb the knowledge needed to pass without paying attention. I, Ryan Stanwix, do will and bequeath to Tyler Corum my ability of complete pure awesomeness and to Matt Stanwix my good looks and amazing charm skills. I, Sierah Stephens, do will and bequeath to Hannah Harris my ability to fit into tiny spaces and make it through the halls without getting stepped on by big peoples! I, Nicole Stewart, do will and bequeath to Sabrina Bollinger my middle name, fashion sense, and ability to do a cartwheel. I, Garrett Streit, do will and bequeath to Taylor Ricker my ability to make it to State Choir. I, Sara Strobbe, do will and bequeath to Mickie Fox my ability to be a book ninja. I, Alyssa Strong, do will and bequeath to Andrea Strong my ability to make peace with golf clubs verywhere after what they did to us…and write notes and draw pictures for Kari and Brian! I, Kelsie Tarter, do will and bequeath to Freddiejo Drake my ability to make up random games at three in the morning that have no point like “find the mint.” I, Danielle Taylor, do will and bequeath to Cyrus and Johnny Trunninger my ability to be top




I, McKenzi Taylor do will and bequeath to Kaylee Harkrader my ability to be called Skeeter by Robert during softball season; and to Jessica Nichols, being called “Skeet Skeet” by Kate Rorvig during basketball season. I, Emily Tracy, do will and bequeath to Colleen Coday my ability to see the best in people and to Austin Welhoff I give all my love! and my ability to… “Band tree sky foot hit!” I, Savanna Van Dyke, do will and bequeath to Maggie McDowell my ability to do good in class and my good relations with my leaders. I, Sarah Alexis Welch do will and bequeath to Savannah Osborn my lucky Harry Potter blanket and my ability to juggle DECA and Debate with minimum stress. I, Eric Whaley, do will and bequeath to Nathan Morse my ability to rock the Mohawk. I, Allie Wittmeyer, do will and bequeath to Casey Hofer and Coach Morehead my ability to be an awesome best friend and great listener. I’ll miss you fellas. See you at next year’s prom. I, Jessica Wright, do will and bequeath to freshmen my ability to move in the hallway and to not block anyone’s way. I, Tyler Wood, do will and bequeath to Dakota Field my ability to show up to school everyday, and kick a soccer ball. Not a football. I, Dustin Young, do will and bequeath to Joe Schlechter and Nick Ingrassia my ability to dance on the football field. And to Tanner Foerschler my killer sideburns. I, Michael Young, do will and bequeath to Aundrea Coltrin my ability to love and make people laugh. I, Bryce Youngblood, do will and bequeath to Jason Vogt my ability to be good enough to make varsity tennis.

planning skills to The Roar and WCN.




The Class of



Hannah Alessi, HochhalDustan Tha Mary Baer, James Bales, ter, Anna Holden, WilDalton, Stephanee DaMickelberr Wyatt Barton, McKenna Baumgartliam Holden, Skyler Hughes, vidson, Brittany DeCavele, Sean ray, Luke Myer, J ner, Brett Bearden, Dustin Bennett, Cody Dehn, Matthew Dennison, Emily Dick- Joseph Hunter, Colin Hurd, Samantha dra Nowak, Bria Blentlinger, Hayley Blocher, Alisha erson, Christian Dill, Trisha Dinges, Markus Hurst, Brian Jameson, Mason Jones, Phoebe Kristina Onger, Tr Bollinger, Cameron Booth, Dalton Borg- Divilbiss, Kayla Dobson, Andrew Dodson, Josh- Jones, Justin Kilbane, Lindsey Kirk, man, Victoria Bostic, Cody Brewer, ua Dooley, Ethan Savanna Kirk-Van-Dyke, man, Nicolas Po Downs, FreddieJo Tr av is Cody Brill, Travis Jakob Knoblauch, Robert Pulliam, Jennifer R Drake, Mark Dudley, Livia Dunham, Britz, Carlee Brown, Kopetzky, Samuel Krenzer, Joseph Esler, Bailey Evans, Devon Falk, Martin Brown, Sydney Kroenke, Madison Ashlea Feagley, Donovan Ferretti, Sara Brown, MeKusmec, Amanda Lane, Abigail Fisher, Michela Fisher, Jarlissa Bullard, Holly Nicole Laurent, Shelby rick Fitzgearlds, Ryan Ford, Emma erso Burkhart, Jordan Lavery, Travis Lawson, Francisco, Robert Frank, Hannah Franz, emer, Je Busby, Clayton Rebekah Lokits, Lauren Jacob Freeman, Tyler Friedrich, John Fuller, Camantha Ro Campbell, SamanMackay, James MacLeod, leb Gerke, Sarah Gibler, Jacob Gililland, Jonathan Rushly, Dust tha Cardenas, Kaeleigh Mangan, AlexanGillotte, Kristen Godfrey, Cody Gregg, Sasha Jeremy Chancellor, Austin Chase, Cesar Chavez, Gubina, Brandon Hahn, Chandler Ham, Bobder Matthews, Rodney Mat- Daniel Saldana Gustavo Chavez-Rubio, Zachary Coakley, Dylan thews, Maggie McDowell, Schliem, Benjam bi Jo Henson, Melissa Hicks, Katelyn Hill, Cook, Sarah Cooper, Charles Crews, Matthew Kortney McKinnis, Nicho- lin Shelton, Aar Jacob Hillman, Dallas Hilt, Ted las Stackhouse Crosbie, Taylor Croy, Kaytlyn Dahn, las Meissen, McKinHilton, Zackery


Embarrassing Moments Haha!

“Screaming at the Academic Excellence Assembly in response of my lack of Academic Letter but a 30 on the ACT.” –Callaway Neill “Falling through the ceiling in theatre production.” -Dustin Bennett “Face-planting on the lunch table, then the floor.” -Bailey Evans

“Walking down the hall with my dress tucked in my spandex.” - Livia Dunham

“Being a Homecoming King Candidate.” -Charlie Crews

Get artwork in a gallery -Kae Mangan

Be kissed in the rain -Sarah Welch

March in Drum Corp International -Eric Whaley

5. Scuba dive

See my son graduate -Thomas Schlechter Run a marathon -Bobbi Jo Henson

Play on ‘The Price is Right’ -Jakob Knoblauch

4. Be in a movie

3. Fall in love

2. Skydive

1. Travel

Run with the bulls in Spain -Skyler Hughes


Get on ‘The Amazing Race’ -Sara Strobbe



lee Merit, addeus Messer, Landon ry, Taylor Morse, Zachary MurJohn Neill, Jennifer Newton, Cassananna Obermiller, Drake Oliver, Stephens, Julia Tracy Payne, Brandon PerriStewart, Garrett Streit, orter, Curtis Priesendorf, Jessie Sara Strobbe, Alyssa Strong, Rawlins, Mikalah Rea, Tesa Dallas Sunde, Kelsie Tarter, Danielle Renner, Holland ReynTaylor, Mckenzi Taylor, Emolds, Marcus Roberg, ily Tracy, Sarah Logan Roberson, Ethan Welch, Heath WerRoberts, Quayd Robnex, Nicholas West, on, Timothy RoEric Whaley, Tiffany esse Roper, SaWilliams, Heidi oss, Adam Winningham, Allitin Rusk, Christopher Wood, a, Colton Saunders, Thomas Schlechter, Ryan son Wittmeyer, min Sevy, Benjamin Sharp, Drew Sharp, Col- Tyler Wood, Holly Jo Wright, Jessica Wright, Dustin Young, Michael ron Sloan, Sarah Smith, Dakota Spangler, DalYoung, Bryce Youngblood e, Ryan Stanwix, Sierah


soundtrack to highschool “Ironic”- Sara Brown


by Alanis Morissette

“We are Young”-byStephanee Davidson Fun. “Free to bybeFrancesca Me”-Battistelli Michela Fisher “Stairway to Heaven”- Dallas Sunde

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“Superbass”- Robert Kopetsky by Nicki Minaj


These seniors have secretely been crushing on one another throughout highschool!

Nicole Stewart and Clayton Campbell

Mary Baer and Brett Bearden

Shelby Lavery and Dallas Stackhouse






Despite the fact that I generally found myself complaining about everything and everyone in this school, the truth is, I actually might kind of, sort of, in small doses, miss this awful place. Madi, I freaking love you to death, despite the fact you are my sister and I’ve had no other choice but to live with you for 15 years, I sincerely mean this when I say it- you are truly my best friend and I’m going to miss you more than anyone. Though we’ve only had one year of highschool together, it’s undoubtedly been my favorite. Being able to see your wonderful face in the hall made my day. I’m going to miss everything from fighting with you over clothes to singing our hearts out for all the neighbors to hear. You’re my baby, don’t you ever forget I’m the first person

you tell everything to. EVER. I love you buttercup. Mary, it was clear that when we thought we were twins as kids we were going to be the best of friends. We’ve been through nearly everything together since we were two and being able to start the college chapter of my life with you excites me more than anything. I know we disagree all the time and are possibly the most sarcastic and rude people in the world, but I wouldn’t want us any other way. I love you, I can’t wait until August 15 when we start our own lives. Abbey, I would not have been able to make it this year without you. I’m so glad that we’ve become so close, you’re extremely entertaining and you’re the only person I know who loves cats more than I do. I respect that.

Next year is going to be so much fun, and overwhelming I’m glad I get to share that with you... especially the stress. J-school, here we come! Luis, we’ve been through so much together and you are an extremely important part of my life. I was lucky to have you right there whenever I needed someone, no matter what time it was. That’ll be a little hard since I’ll be two hours away, but I guess it’s a good thing we have phones. Alison and Crystal, you are seriously two of the funniest, most entertaining people in the world. I love you both to death and I’m going to miss spending a good majority of my day with you. Ryan, the past year and a half have been crazy and at times we’ve hated each other, but none the less you’re still one of my

closest friends. To my staff, I love you all. Each one of you has made this year memorable and I will never forget all our drama, work nights, chair races down the halls or our fabulous parties. Maria, you’ll be excellent next year and if you ever need anything call me. Mr. Lewis, you’ve helped me so much throughout the years and have played a big role in my

choice to continue pursuing this crazy idea of getting a journalism degree, and I sincerely thank you for that. For everyone else, I’m sure you’ve made some impact on me somehow. Have fun with wherever you go, or end up doing. I truly hope that highschool is not the time of our lives, I hope there is so much more, but it’s been fun while it’s lasted.


Hey there HHS, I am gonna keep this short and sweet.. It’s been a long time and I have gone through a lot of great and some awful moments here but I will miss a few people. Audrey Taylor Marshall, you are the coolest best friend with the best taste in clothes and a fantastic singing voice. We have known each other since middle school track, and I’m glad I ran those dreadful 400’s because I was able to get to know you. You, Maria Sanchez, and Lexi Eghbali are the best juniors because you guys don’t care what people say, you are unique. Taylor, we have gone skinny dipping, danced like loonies in your room, and cooked de-

licious food. I love your crazy momma. You are a beautiful person inside and out, just like her. We will be best friends even when we have saggy tatas. I love you darling. Girls from the dance team, PLEASE keep working your butts off. I know that I may have gotten mean during some practices but it was only because I want you guys to be better and I love all of you. I will miss hanging out with Syd, Alyssa, Mel, and Em, we have been the fantastic five at dance for four years. Good luck to the senior dancers. Lead the team well and work hard every day. To my fellow mentors this year, Cody, Ariel, and Bry-

ant, you guys have been so fun to work with . Monday during 5th hour is the time I laugh the most, and that’s because of you guys. Talking about poop together makes my day! To the newspaper staff, I hope you try to top our newspaper parties from this year. Maria, you will be a fantastic Editor-in-Chief, don’t ever doubt your abilities. To the rest of the staff, be the kind of reporters that care about your publication. To my flute section: Rachel, I know you will be a great section leader, I wish you luck with you know who... ;) And to everyone else, please listen to Rachel because I know she

is going to work really hard to help all of you. I will come back and visit! Last but not least, this is to any underclassmen girl: looks aren’t everything, you don’t have to put on layers of makeup and dress in extremely

short clothing to get noticed. Worry about being beautiful on the inside first, and the outside beauty will shine because of that. I wish I could say I will miss high school but I am pretty much ready to move on with my life, so stay classy, HHS.


I have been looking for- ation. Now that the time has always changing room tem- behind. Kailey Huston I will tomatically start talking about ward to this event all four come to say goodbye to our perature, there are some things miss being able to run into you our boy problems. McKenzie years of high school. Gradu- blue lockers, teachers, and the I will have a hard time leaving randomly in the hall and au- Eisel that wonderful suvival


opinion gift I recieved from you will defintily be going with me to college in the fall. I will always miss our microwave conversations at lunch. Who will I find to tell all my secrets to? Anisa Alexander please keep Kailey in line she will need many trips to Chipotle. Keep her away from boys who do not deserve her. Mikalah Rea and Allie Wittmeyer I thank you

for going with me to countless Drexel basketball games. Allie sitting by ourselves had to be the most fun ever. We could laugh at Daniel Roberts when he slipped and slid on the court and no one would know what we were laughing at. Mikalah you helped me survive middle school. Between you and Mrs. Ory, my days of crying were short lived. From vacation



bible school to graduation our grandmothers are so proud of us and how great of friends we have remained. Shelby Lavery those videos we made are going on youtube. The world deserves to know what lunatics are lurking around. I cannot wait for trips to the lake this summer. To all the underclassmen; enjoy your time in high school, you’ll really miss it.


Well HHS, here we are. This is the end as we know it. In a few short days, I will officially be able to say that I am an HHS graduate and I couldn’t be more....excited? Anxious? Maybe even terrified. Four years ago did I imagine I would be here, right now, typing this, for the newspaper? No. Not by a long shot. I might be having mixed feelings about graduating, but I can say that I’m entering a new chapter in life and would like to make sure I say goodbye to a few special -- and not so special-- people. First off, I would like to say goodbye and thank you to my friends (I’ll let you as a reader

decide if you belong in that category). Thank you for listening to me rant, making me feel sane again after a few mental breakdowns, and admitting to the world that yes, you do associate yourself with someone who creates collages of cat photos for her Mac wallpaper. To my family, I just want to let you know I love you. One day I’ll thank you for letting me drive a death-trap of a car, using all of the hot water, and eating all of my snacks (I’m looking at you, Dustan). But today is not that day. To all my teachers, especially Mr. Lewis, Mrs. Foss, Kathy Eckert (formerly known as Momma), and Mr. Mathew,

thank you for teaching me. I have learned more than just how to score a 32 on the ACT, I have learned life lessons. And now for the specifics. Hannah Alessi. We’ve been best friends for a solid six years now, and if we’re not napping or eating pudding, there’s a 96 percent chance I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. I am in denial about the fact that you’re going to be 168 miles away from me next year. And yes, I checked GoogleMaps for that one. Be prepared to receive at least three cat photos per week from me. Kayt, thank you for getting me through this year I would not have survived without you.

You are a fantastic Editor-inChief and it was a pleasure hating all of the same people with you. I cannot wait to sleep on your and Mary’s dorm room floor when I end up with a creepy roommate that watches me sleep. And last of all, I would like

to say goodbye to the newspaper staff. I wish you the best of luck next year; you know Kayt and I are only a phone call away. Also, meow meow meow. Meow. Well HHS, in the words of Lady G, ‘you’ve left me speechless.’


After my two years at Harrisonville High School I have, despite my typically closed-off nature, developed an attachment for a few people and places... Goodbye to a few select Harrisonville fast food restaurants: McDonald’s, Sonic, and Dairy Queen. Harrisonville has some bomb fast food. Except for the Burger King here, they screw everything up. Goodbye to the nice lunch lady who washes the trays. She always says “thank you”, even when it’s spaghetti-bake day and my tray looks like I used it to pick up roadkill.

Goodbye to my Southern belle Rebekah Lokits. Good luck in Virginia and someday when you’re a doctor and have loads of money feel free to rub it in my face. Goodbye to the newspaper staff and thanks for dealing with how weird I am sometimes and putting up with me constantly flirting with Nick Bowers at the beginning of the year...even though I never admitted to it then. Thank you Sasha for convincing me to join the staff on a whim because it was one of my better ideas of my high school career.

Goodbye to Mrs. Wickstrom, you were one of my favorite teachers even though you wouldn’t let me have “Chile” as my Spanish name last year and I refused to use one after that. Goodbye to Mrs. Cummings, I appreciate your sense of fashion almost as much as I appreciate your late work policy. Goodbye to Hannah Alessi. Next year we’ll go to rival schools but you’re so irresistible that I won’t be able to help being friends with the enemy. Harrisonville, although your small town charm will

soon be overridden by my big ing. city dreams, I will always adHHS, it’s been real. In the mire your aesthetic pastoral wise words of N’Sync: “bye, landscapes, amiable people bye, bye.” and simplistic manner of liv-







Seniors: Thaddeus Messer, Josh Dooley, Nick Meissen, Robert Kopetsky, Brett Bearden, Dustin Young, Colton Saunders, Marcus Roberg, John Fuller, Travis Britz, Ben Sevy

FOOTBALL If you could change one thing about high school: have a longer football season -Senior Ben Sevy

Seniors: McKenzi Taylor, Jessie Pulliam

SOFTBALL Seniors: Sasha Gubina, Melissa Hicks, Sydney Kroenke, Alyssa Strong, Emily Tracy





Most memorable high school event: being a Mercernarie at football games -Senior Tim Roemer

Seniors: Shelby Lavery, Livia Dunham, Brittany DeCavele, Holly Reynolds

Seniors: Garrett Streit, Dustan Dalton, Cody Brill, Colin Hurd, Tyler Wood, Ryan Schliem, Cody Blentlinger, Joe Hunter, Jacob Freeman, Austin Chase, Aaron Sloan, Bryce Youngblood

Most memorable high school event: breaking two of the school records for soccer -Senior Ryan Schliem


Most memorable high school event: scoring the game winner at Oak Grove -Senior Cody Brill

Seniors: Victoria Bostic, Madison Kusmec

Most memorable high school event: the guy/ girl [dance team] dance senior year -Senior Sydney Kroenke




GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Seniors: Livia Dunham, McKenzi Taylor, Ciara Maddox, Samantha Hurst, Brittany DeCavele, Shelby Lavery


Seniors: Mary Baer, Rebekah Lokits

Seniors: Ethan Downs, Dallas Stackhouse

WRESTLING Seniors: Joe Hunter, Luke Myer, Dallas Sunde, Travis

Britz, Tyler Wood, Nick Meissen, Tim Roemer, Marcus Roberg, Jarrick Fitzgearld



Most memorable high school event: placing sixth at [wrestling] State -Senior Marcus Roberg


2012 Most memorable high school event: winning [wrestling] State -Senior Joe Hunter

Seniors: Stephanee Davidson, Kortney McKinnis


Seniors: Anna Holden Seniors: Livia Dunham, John Fuller, Quayd Roberson, Kortney McKinnis, McKenzi Taylor, Travis Britz, Lindsey Kirk


Seniors: Jacob Freeman, Dustan Dalton, Bryce Youngblood, Robert Kopetsky, Aaron Sloan, Luke Myer, Collin Shelton

If you could change one thing about high school: [I would have played] tennis all four years.” -Senior Jacob Freeman

CHEER If you could change one thing about high school: not being able to play volleyball and cheer all four years -Senior Kortney McKinnis


Seniors: Marcus Roberg, Thaddeus Messer, Brett Bearden

GOLF Seniors: Colton Saunders, Jon Gillotte

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The Pride 2012 Senior Issue  

The Pride is the official student newspaper of Harrisonville High School in Harrisonville, MO

The Pride 2012 Senior Issue  

The Pride is the official student newspaper of Harrisonville High School in Harrisonville, MO