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Arthur Gray Leonard Award Banquet AWARD PROGRAM Welcome from the Department -Dr. Joseph Hartman

October 21, 2011

Purpose of A. G. Leonard Medal -Dr. Nels Forsman -GGE and Audience Recognition of Medalist-

Presentation of A. G. Leonard Medal to: -Dr. John Hoganson Response of Medalist - Dr. John Hoganson Closing Comments -Dr. Joseph Hartman

Department of Geology & Geological Engineering University of North Dakota

From 1981 to the present, John has been employed with the North Dakota Geological Survey (NDGS) as a geologist, paleontologist, and, since 2005, the State Paleontologist. John’s duties include Supervisor of the state’s Paleontology Program, Curator of the North Dakota State Fossil Collection, Director of the NDGS Fossil Resource Management Program, and Director of the NDGS Public Outreach Program.

Dr. John Hoganson B.A. in Earth Science, North Dakota State University, 1970 M.S. in Geology, University of Florida, 1972 Micropaleontologist, Union Oil Company of California, 1972-1975 Ph.D. in Geology, University of North Dakota, 1985

John built the paleontology program for the State of North Dakota from scratch to a nationally recognized program. In 1991, he established cooperative relationship between the NDGS and the State Historical Society of North Dakota housing the NDGS paleontology program in the State Museum. He has designed and implemented more than two dozen fossil exhibits that are displayed in museums and visitor centers across North Dakota. The interest and excitement that visitors to the North Dakota Heritage Center have expressed for the paleontology exhibits played a significant role in public and corporate support for an expanded Heritage Center and is why one of the four new galleries will be devoted to geology. Over the years, John has represented the State of North Dakota on various committees sponsored by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists, U.S. Forest Service, US Bureau of Land Management, etc. A considerable amount of John’s time has been directed to public outreach. He has given many, many fossil tours and presentations to public service groups and the general public across the state. Along those lines, John initiated and now supervises a public fossil dig program in North Dakota that has grown to four digs per year and attracts participants from all over the country. John has authored numerous papers on the stratigraphy and paleontology of the Niobrara, Pierre, Fox Hills, Hell Creek, Fort Union, Golden Valley, White River, and Arikaree strata, as well as the Coleharbor Group. Selected Awards ● 1992 Recipient of the 1993 North Dakota Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service. ● Recipient of a U.S. Forest Service Award in 1996 for fossil resource management activities. ● Recipient of the Master of the NDSU College of Science & Education Award in 2001. ● State Historical Society of North Dakota’s 2007 Editor’s Award. ● Inducted into the West Fargo High School Hall of Fame in 2009.

2011 Leonard Award Banquet  
2011 Leonard Award Banquet  

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