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Our first phase is well underway as we have successfully developed and currently sell our Hybrid Cell HHO Generators around the world. We are currently in talks with several large distributors that will catapult us forward. This year is already shaping up to be a wild ride and a fun year as we release even more cutting edge products aimed primarily at the transportation industry, and secondarily to the other industries.


These power packed QUAD EFIE/MAF/MAP Advanced Tuners are perfect for the basic hho generator installation. The Narrow band version covers up to 4 Narrowband O2 sensors, and choice of either MAF or MAP (don't need both). The Wideband version covers two Front Wideband sensors, and up two Rear Narrowband sensors. It includes a MAF/MAP connection to lean the fuel flow QUAD EFIE (Up to 4- O2 sensors) get the additional leaning power you need to see long term gains WIll not harm or change ECU programming If you want Long Term gains- use this Advanced Tuner! The MAF/MAP affects timing, the EFIE's control Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR)


The PWM has become the new standard for current control for advanced HHO Kit enthusiasts. Rather than just straight current flowing into your generator, these PWM boards control current and the resulting heat that can sometimes be a problem, by pulsing off and on rapidly. Some pulse at a fixed frequency, with current adjustable. Others allow both current and frequency to be controlled like our Heavy Duty 30 amp and the monster 50 amp below. Our new Hybrid Cell HHO Generators do NOT need a PWM because they are so efficient they don't overheat (which is the reason many designs need to use them). However we still have a lot of people who like the extra control gained by using one.

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