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The Hamilton Herald-News Thursday, October 24, 2013 Page 3A

Jerrie Cage is PEEC’s Woman of the Year By Mary Lambert President, PEEC

Once in a while, a rare individual joins our club who brings with her a wealth of business experience, along with a career in homemaking, a myriad of creativity and an enthusiasm that is virtually unsurpassed. Such a person is Jerrie Cage, our Woman of the Year. With a degree from the University of North Texas, Jerrie built a successful 30-year career in banking. In 2010, she retired from Comerica Bank of Dallas as vice president/banking center manager. Throughout her career, she was involved in area chambers of commerce, business and networking organizations, Leadership Richardson and as a board member of Richardson

HealthBeats Is your child being bullied? By Mona Prichard, MS, LPC Often if children are being bullied they don’t report it to parents or teachers out of shame or worry that they are to blame. Instead, they become experts at keeping it inside. The child may simply say, “I don’t want to go to school today.”   When this happens a lot, a parent should consider the possibility that bullying might be the reason.  Other signs might include: - More frequent physical complaints such as stomach aches and headaches - Being resistant to getting on a school bus and begging  for rides to school - Self-mutilation can also be a sign; look for signs that kids are hurting themselves - Unexplained injuries or bruises  - Intestinal issues because they are terrified to go to the bathroom - Racing home to the bathroom every day after school - Avoiding unsupervised activities including activities that they once enjoyed - Becoming more isolated and spending more time alone in their rooms - Losing  friends they previously had - Participating in negative self-statements and negative self-talk.  - Reporting damaged or missing belongings or losing money. - Reluctance to get on the computer - Becoming upset after looking at the cell phone, receiving a text or email or reading a Facebook post Cyberbullying often happens in conjunction with other kinds of bullying and allows a bully to cross over between school and home environments.  The use of the Internet has caused changes in bullying because targets can no longer escape the peer abuse by leaving the school environment.  In the past, home and weekends were a safe refuge from abuse. Research now shows that this is no longer the case and that there can be a constant barrage of abuse 24/7 with no refuge for those being abused. Nine steps you can take when your child is being bullied. 1. Listen to what your child has to say. 2. Try not to personalize what is happening, especially if you were bullied as a child. 3. Do not retaliate against the bully or his family. Be a positive example at problem solving. 4. Coach your child on how to react. Role-play avoiding the bully and not reacting to what is said. 5. Find a teacher, counselor or administrator at your child’s school who will help. 6. Take your child’s side; let the child know that you don’t blame him. 7. Get support from family and friends. 8. Teach your child to name what is happening. 9. Find something that your child is good at doing and help him to feel good about himself. As a parent you might see increased moodiness, withdrawal or depression in your child. While showing one or more of these signs might not necessarily mean that your child is being bullied, these are important indicators if you suspect that something is going on.

Prichard is a therapist and program coordinator for the Special Care Clinic (254-3861800) in Hamilton, which offers counseling services for children, adolescents and families.

Regional Medical Center Foundation. During this time she also was involved in many volunteer activities, including the Richardson ISD Texas Achievement program, Hockaday School second graders, North Dallas YMCA, March of Dimes, Juvenile Diabetes, American Heart Association and Stonebriar Homeowners Association. The Hockaday experience was particularly clever and instructive, as it required the children to create a business plan for a business they wanted to start. For that startup they would need a bank loan of a relatively small specified amount. Each child had to put up “collateral” for their loan, whether that be a favorite Teddy bear or a shell collection or whatever, and at the end of the school year they could redeem their collateral by paying off the loan. Often this program brought new business in the form of the children’s parents. Having spent her adult life in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Jerrie has now found herself at home in the Pecan Wells area of Hamilton County. She and husband Gary, with four children and two childrenin-law between them and six grandchildren, started “hanging out” with Gary’s longtime friend Max Derden and hunting with him on his ranch off Highway 36. It wasn’t long before they bought their own land and built a barn apartment on it for hunting weekends and soon decided to make a permanent home and built a lovely house in 2011. She enjoys two pet dogs, gardening, crafting, reading, sewing and needlework, and in previous years organized bike rides including the Hotter-NHell ride in Wichita Falls and the Waco Wild West Ride. She and Gary are members of First Baptist Church in Hamilton active with Wednesday suppers, facility committee and 2012 music camp, and were formerly at Prestonwood Baptist Church of Plano and Glenview Baptist Church of Fort Worth. Other groups that have benefited from Jerrie’s talents and gracious personality include the Lone Star Iris Society, where she is currently serving as vice president and membership chair and was previously club secretary, Colonial Study Club,

Hamilton General Hospital Auxiliary, Woman’s Council of Hamilton County and Pecan Wells Wildlife Management Association, where she assists her president husband with the annual meeting/luncheon. One of her “strictly fun” connections since 2011 is with the Pottsville Sassy Lassies, which meets monthly with no agenda and no fundraising, just fun occasions together. She cohosted the 2012 after-Christmas “white elephant” party at her home and relishes her times with the PSLs. For our consideration, her crowning glory is the way Jerrie “hit the ground running” when she joined the Pottsville Extension Education Club in 2010. She is currently serving a two-year term as vice president/ president-elect of our club, a voting delegate to the Hamilton Extension Education Council, as well as chairing our Welcome Committee, Road CleanUp Committee and Program Committee. She has contributed valuable volunteer time and craft work for PEEC’s participation in the annual Spring Fling and for PEEC’s Holiday Market fundraiser. Beyond this extraordinary load, she has attended the Texas Extension Education Association 2012 District 8 Leadership Training, 2013 District 8 Retreat and the 2013 TEEA State Conference as alternate delegate. She graciously offered her home for the club’s annual ice cream social in August of this year. Jerrie was aware that, in the metroplex environment, if you wanted to be involved in anything you simply had to phone someone and let them know of your interest. She has applied that practice to life in Hamilton County, including her introduction to PEEC. Of her activities with our club, Jerrie says that, “The people here made it so easy for me to be involved, and I just don’t know why there aren’t more people involved.” We don’t know, either, but we can tell you we are overjoyed that Jerrie is one who chose to come aboard with us. She’s made our club better for her association and friendship and we only wish we could clone her into 10 more. Jerrie Cage is, without a doubt, our very commendable Woman of the Year 2013.


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