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Volume 10 Issue 6

June 2009

News ‘n’ Views OF, BY AND FOR MEMBERS OF THE HUBERT H. HUMPHREY DEMOCRATIC CLUB HHHDC June 2009 Meeting Monday, June 15, 2009 Cerritos Public Library 18025 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos (south of the 91 Freeway) Refreshments served - Meeting begins at 7:00 pm

Program: Film – “The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?” Speaker: Lillian Kawasaki of the Metropolitan Water District

Announcements Newsletter submissions are due 10 days before the next scheduled club meeting. Please email them to The Hubert H. Humphrey Democratic Club now has its calendar of events available online: 1. Go to: 2. At the top of the page click “Community Calendar” 3. Once you are on the calendar page, go to the date of the event. 4. Click the event and you will get a pop-up window with all the details, such as date, time, location and description. If you are interested in serving on the HHHDC Eboard then be sure to attend the next meeting and submit your name for consideration. The eboard is looking for guest speakers for future meetings. Please send your suggestions to the President. CARA will hold their annual conference October 20th and 21st at the Hacienda Hotel in El Segundo. The registration cost is $100 per person.

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June 2009

News ‘n’ Views

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More Announcements

Democratic Party of Orange County invites you to join them as they showcase author, syndicated columnist and Huffington Post founder, Arianna Huffington on Thursday, August 6th at 6:30 pm. Location: Sheraton Park Hotel, 1855 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92802. For information: email: * phone: (714) 835-5158 * web:

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“It was once said that the moral test of Government is how that Government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

Hubert H. Humphrey Protocol for Meetings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Turn your cell phone off or place it on “vibrate”. During meeting please do not engage in side conversations. If ordering food, please do so before start of meeting. If you wish to speak, please raise your hand for recognition by the chair. Do not interrupt speakers. Please keep your remarks short and concise. Photographs should be taken only without interrupting the meeting.

June 2009

News ‘n’ Views

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HHHDC Member Spotlight: BEVERLY PORTER I grew up in a home where my parents were very much involved in politics. They were aggressive in fighting for equality, having experienced segregation and inequality in their earlier years in Mississippi. As a mere slip of a girl, I remember my dad going to many meetings, walking picket lines and working the polls along with my mother, who touted herself as the best poll closer there was! As a young man, my father spent time barnstorming in an effort to raise money for the defense of the “Scottsboro Boys.” My aunt Lucinda received the “Volunteer of the Year” award from the County of Los Angeles out of 25,000 considered. Her home had been used as a polling place for 20 + years. Unfortunately, the last year that the polling was held at her home, her husband died in his sleep the night before the election. My aunt allowed the election to take place in spite of her loss. I spent my early years fighting my own personal battles, whether in school or in the workplace. If things weren’t right, I was the one who organized, offered advice or put my voice to making the change that was needed for the benefit of all. Through the years I made monetary donations in lieu of donating my time; I didn’t feel good about that. While raising three active children with my husband and having a career, there really wasn’t any time left to give. Now that I’m retired, I devote my time to a national service organization, Top Ladies of Distinction Inc., where we mentor teens, focus on senior citizens, the status of women, etc. Of course I’ve enjoyed being a member of the Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club for the past 5 years. I believe that I can contribute in some small way to making the changes necessary for the betterment of all. What gives me JOY: * * * * * * * * *

The “ABCs” of my life, my children, Angela, Brian and Christopher (oops, they didn’t arrive in that order!) My husband, William (in more ways than one) My eclectic taste in music, from B.B. King to Béla Bartók Guitar lessons from “the master” Pete Foxx (yes, I can get down ’n’ dirty with the blues, “Honky Tonk”) My photography, capturing the beauty of a mere moment in time My 92-years-young mother, Mamie Hutchinson, who had her drivers license renewed last year My 92-years-young mother (again), who, when someone mispronounces her name as “mammy” politely responds, “Have you ever heard of Mamie Eisenhower? She was the First Lady you know?” Singing in the African Methodist Episcopal Conference Choir as a soprano Being master of ceremony to approximately 300 people and leading them in song

Mere Slip of a Girl

June 2009

News ‘n’ Views

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A TIME FOR DECISIONS By Assemblymember Tony Mendoza The recent convening of a joint-session of the legislature is a barometer of the urgency and need for all members of both party’s to equally participate in the budget process. We have before us a mounting deficit that threatens to shut down the state and alter the landscape of services available to our children, the elderly and the terminally ill. Decisions will be tough and the results of those choices will have a tremendous impact on the daily lives of all Californians. California has an opportunity to do away-with old standards and rules that no longer serve the needs of the state. By implementing true reforms, our state has a chance to streamline its operation and offer quality service at a reduced cost. The opportunity to move California away from the crippling two-thirds voting requirement to pass a budget is now within reach. This outdated method has allowed stalemates and unnecessary political maneuvering to take place, costing the legislature credibility and our state millions of dollars. Of all the decisions that will take place in Sacramento in the next few weeks, none will be as simple as to demand a change in the voting requirement to enable California to have a budget that is agreed upon by a majority of representatives and delivered on time.

June 2009

News ‘n’ Views

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Judy Chu Is the Top Vote getter in a Special Election for the 32nd Congressional District; Now Faces a July 14 Runoff Election On May 19, 2009, State Board of Equalization Vice Chairperson Judy Chu, PhD. won the most votes for the open 32nd Congressional District seat to replace Hilda Solis who was appointed by President Barack Obama to be Secretary of Labor. Because she fell short of an outright majority (50% +1 of the vote), she will have to face the top Republican vote getter, Betty Tom Chu, and the top Libertarian vote getter, Christopher Agrella, in a July 14 runoff. Judy Chu, a former member of the Garvey School District, Monterey Park City Council and the State Assembly, campaigned on her experience and deep roots in the district and worked hard to build coalitions across ethnic lines. She is expected to easily win the July runoff in the strongly Democratic district. (Stolen from: From the Desk of Joseph Cho)

June 2009

News ‘n’ Views

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The next HHHDC monthly meeting is scheduled for June 15th at the Cerritos Public Library, 18025 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos. We will be showing a feature film, THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST: ARE WE RUNNING DRY? This film is a project inspired by former U.S. Senator Paul Simon’s book, “Tapped Out: The Coming World Crisis in Water and What We Can Do About It”, produced/directed by Jim Thebaut. The program starts at 7:00 p.m. and will include refreshments and snacks. After the film we will be honored with a question and answer session led by West Basin Metropolitan Water District Board member Lillian Kawasaki. This promises to be an interesting and dynamic event for HHHDC members and their guests. Donations will be accepted to cover event costs and support HHHDC.

The Hubert H. Humphrey Democratic Club will once again represent its members at the 36th Annual 4th of July “Let Freedom Ring Celebration“ at Cerritos Civic Center, 18125 Bloomfield Ave. We will have a booth from 4-9 p.m. and

will be selling pizza and beverages. The event includes food and game booths sponsored by local community organizations, rides, entertainment, children’s activity area, a classic car display and a bell-ringing ceremony. The evening will culminate with a spectacular fireworks show across the street at Cerritos High School. Please be sure to stop by our booth, grab some pizza and drink, and support our club.

June 2009

News ‘n’ Views

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Why We Need Health Care Reform – by Congresswoman Linda Sánchez June 9, 2009 Dear Neighbor: Last month I spoke with the Secretary of Health, Kathleen Sebelius, during a Ways & Means Committee hearing about the need for health care reform. We both agreed that America can't afford to wait for health care reform – we urgently need to fix it. Rising health care costs are crushing the budgets of families and American businesses, making us less competitive in a global economy, putting Medicare in jeopardy, and hurting our nation's fiscal bottom line. In addition, far too many Americans continue to go without basic health care at all, leading to more sick days, lower productivity, and greater costs when they finally show up in the emergency room to treat a condition which could have been nipped in the bud with proper preventive care. What does this mean for you? I can assure you that I will work with President Obama and Secretary Sebelius to reform our health care system to reduce costs, preserve your choice of doctors and plans, and assure affordable, quality health care for all Americans. I also want to let you know that as a member of the Ways & Means Committee, I have introduced bi-partisan legislation that would prohibit health insurance companies from engaging in "gender rating," a practice which charges women more for health insurance premiums than men. As a woman and having been in the hospital recently for the birth of my son, I understand how expensive health care can be. Click here to read my "Top 5 Reasons Health Insurance Isn't Fair to Women." Health Care Reform Basics: * COST, CHOICE, QUALITY * YOU GOT IT, YOU LIKE IT, YOU KEEP IT: If you are happy with the insurance you have now, you can keep it. * NO's NOT THE ANSWER: The Just Say No crowd working to defeat health care reform are essentially placing an $1,100 a year tax on American families in terms of extra premiums to pay for a broken system—and costing American taxpayers an extra $50 billion in debt. * REFORMS: Health care reforms will: * Offer a real choice of plans to small businesses and American who lose their jobs or switch jobs. * Provide tax credits to small businesses and individuals to make coverage affordable. * End the practice of insurance companies denying coverage, where the big insurance companies place profits before people, and millions of people go without vital health care. * Make investments in prevention, wellness, and patient-centered care. * Give doctors and nurses the science-based information they need to provide the best, individualized treatments for their patients. * Crack down on the waste, fraud, and abuse in the health care system and prevent insurers from passing on excessive administrative costs. * BOTTOM LINE: Reforming health care to contain rising costs is the most effective action we can take to return our nation's budget to balance and make our products and workers the world’s most competitive. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way, and rest assured I will keep working to make sure the federal government is fiscally responsible, accountable, and responsive to my constituents. Thank you for the opportunity to represent you in Congress. Sincerely, Linda T. Sánchez, Member of Congress Contact Information: Washington, DC Office - 1222 Longworth Building, Washington, DC 20515 Tel: (202) 225-6676 Fax: (202) 226-1012; Local office - 17906 Crusader Ave. Suite 100, Cerritos, CA 90703 Tel: (562) 860-5050 Fax: (562) 924-2914

June 2009

News ‘n’ Views

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June 2009 HHHDC Newsletter  

June 2009 HHHDC Newsletter

June 2009 HHHDC Newsletter  

June 2009 HHHDC Newsletter