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Welcome to Candlewood Middle School


Our mission at Candlewood Middle School is to graduate students who exhibit their competence as critical thinkers, effective problem solvers, and creative individuals who use key content effectively. We will graduate learners who take responsibility and ownership of their learning, possess the ability to self-assess and make modiďŹ cations, and consistently integrate 21st Century Skills into their work. We also expect that our graduates will successfully operate in a multi-cultural, socio-economically diverse society.

LEARNING BELIEFS We believe that students learn best when they are:  Asked to transfer their knowledge into worthy tasks and unique, creative situations 

Provided with regular, timely, and specific feedback

Given opportunities to self-assess and set challenging goals for themselves 

Expected to produce quality work that meets high standards

Given clear learning goals and examples of quality work

LEARNING BELIEFS (cont)…  Motivated and influenced by their emotional state, beliefs, interests and goals as well as habits of mind 

Engaged in individual, group, and class interactions

Asked to use their prior knowledge to help construct new knowledge

Made to understand that best effort is comprised of hard work and persistence 

Made to understand that novice learners need to acquire factual knowledge in tandem with conceptual understanding in order to be able to think effectively 


A philosophy and mission that reflect the intellectual and developmental needs and characteristics of young adolescents (youth 10-14 years of age)

An educational program that is comprehensive, challenging, purposeful, integrated, relevant, and standards-based.

An organization and structure that support both academic excellence and personal development.

Classroom instruction appropriate to the needs and characteristics of young adolescents provided by skilled and knowledgeable teachers.


Strong educational leadership and a building administration that encourage, facilitate, and sustain involvement, participation, and partnerships.

A network of academic and personal support available for all students.

Professional learning and staff development for all staff that are ongoing, planned, purposeful, and collaboratively developed.


School begins officially at 7:50am (advisory) and ends at 2:40pm.

There are 8 periods in the day that last 45 minutes.

There are 5 minutes in between classes


Is a homeroom that takes place before first period

Advisory is 10 minutes long

Make sure to get to advisory on time for daily announcements

Every 2 weeks, the time is extended to discuss interesting school topics

6TH GRADE COURSES      

ELA 6 Social Studies 6 Math 6 Science 6 PE/Music (every other day) Health/Content Literacy/World Language/Art (10 weeks each) Technology/Family Consumer Science (20 weeks each) Lunch


There are 3 “teams” in 6th grade

2 teams have 4 teachers, 1 team has 2 teachers

Teams are randomly decided


There are 4 different lunch periods

All 3 grade levels are in each lunch period

Lunch is followed by a recess that takes place outside… (weather permitting)

BELLÂ SCHEDULE Advisory Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Period 6 Period 7 Period 8

7:50-8:00 8:05-8:50 8:55-9:40 9:45-10:30 10:35-11:20 11:25-12:10 12:15-1:00 1:05-1:50 1:55-2:40


You will be given a list of all the 6th grade clubs and activities

Take advantage of the many opportunities to make new friends who share similar interests

Intramurals are sports clubs that allow students to play and learn specific sports through out the year (team sports begin in 7th grade)

Clubs are both before and after school

HELPING YOUR MIDDLE  SCHOOLER BE SUCCESSFUL… HAVE THEM:  Pack up for school the night before 

Use two string bags for books (one for morning and one for afternoon)

Write everything in their agenda     

Homework Test/Quizzes Project Due Dates Extra help sessions Music Lessons

HELPING YOUR MIDDLE SCHOOLER  BE SUCCESSFUL (cont)… HAVE THEM:  Clean out and organize their binders at least once a quarter 

Check teachers’ e-board daily

Have a team “friend” to call with questions

Come to school everyday – on time!

Realize that school is THEIR job now


Cell phones are permitted prior to and following school hours.

If a phone is seen/heard during school hours the student will be asked to put it away and may receive a consequence.

Please remember we cannot assume responsibility for the safekeeping of personal items.


Students are encouraged to dress in a manner appropriate to attending school

Hats are not permitted during the school day

Students with overly short clothing exposing body parts will be asked to call home for a change of clothes.


There will be an Open House on Thursday, AUGUST 29th from 9:00-1:00. You will be provided with: 

your child’s schedule

locker assignment/combination

Have a great summer! Looking forward to seeing you again in August!

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