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A Couple Things To Have At Your Wedding To Make It The Best Day Weddings may be luxurious or low key, brimming with fun or quietly romantic. After all, it is your big day, and you can decide specifically the way you would like it. Everyone, of course, would like their guests to have a fun time when they are celebrating the union. Fortunately, there are a few key items every wedding needs to help make it one for the books. If you include the following in your wedding, both you and your guests are guaranteed to have a great time. Open Bar A good amount of alcohol is one of the main factors to a great wedding celebration. By featuring an open bar at your wedding, you allow your guests to cut loose while experiencing some topnotch selections from the bar. There must be a lot of variety in your drink selections, like red and white wines, a couple different kinds of beer, plenty of liquor and any accompanying mixers, along with the standard champagne for toasting. This is a fabulous way to make sure the conversations are flowing and the dance floor is busy with people having fun. But, you will want to ensure that your guests stay safe and secure, but that may be where your intimidating mother-in-law may come in handy. Karaoke We all know that memorable weddings are the best ones, and by supplying karaoke to your excited guests (due to the open bar!), for many years to come they're sure to remember your wedding. Typically, the day starts rather early and extends into the night, and the bride and groom may find themselves so swept up in the proceedings that their guests get lost in the shuffle. By providing a little fun for guests to indulge in, they will be able to adequately entertain themselves while the bride and groom make the rounds. Karaoke is a good idea for both the young and old, and with an excellent music selection, the hopefully not-too-off-key singing can last late into the evening. A Great Band/DJ For those who love to dance, great wedding music is a gift from the wedding gods. By choosing the right band or DJ, you can ensure all of your guests are going to be pleased with the music selection. Having a variety in the wedding music is very important. You never want to go too far to the classic side or modern side. You should include certain standards, but modern hits must not be completely forgotten about. Your friends and family will most likely be made up of both young and old, so it's essential to cater to the many diverse tastes of your friends and loved ones. Gift Bags For Your Guests The bride and groom, of course, is what weddings revolve around. But, there is nothing wrong

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A Couple Things To Have At Your Wedding To Make It The Best Day about offering an item to the guests that you love. While party favors like candles and the like are common place at most wedding celebrations, gift bags are fast-becoming all the rage. The items you are offering don't have to cost a lot of money. Such things as a little picture of the happy couple, yummy snacks, as well as other treasured items will all make ideal little gifts for the guests that are celebrating your special day with you. You can even give them personalized gift bags that have age appropriate items in them. Your big day is supposed to be a celebration of the bond two people forge when beginning their lives together. A lot of couples want their guests to feel as loved and happy as they are, and with a bit of planning, you can make sure that everyone that has come remembers your day fondly for many years to come. When you're needing your celebration to be especially significant, select from the best wedding banquet halls in Chicago. To get more info on Chateau Ritz Banquet Hall, view them at their web site,

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A Couple Things To Have At Your Wedding To Make It The Best Day