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A complete Automation Solution for the UK Nuclear Power Industry

What is it that makes Emerson the supplier of choice for instrumentation in nuclear power plants? The difference is one of technology and the expertise to apply it in such a way that plants operate more reliably and more safely, equipment life is extended and the cost of generation is minimised. For the past 30 years, Emerson has energised the nuclear power industry with new and revolutionary ideas. Using the world’s most advanced measurement and control technology, we’ve been helping customers to control critical power generation processes, increase plant efficiencies and megawatt production, and realise long-term operation and maintenance savings. Emerson delivers the widest array of advanced process control instrumentation from any supplier. Designed specifically for the nuclear power generation industry, these offer reliable, high-accuracy, highcapacity performance plus embedded advanced control, and integrated asset optimisation. Plant safety should be a given, and with Emerson’s nuclear application experts participating in the development of equipment and qualification standards, safety and reliability is built into devices from start to finish. These instruments are supported by expert consultant services, comprehensive project management, field service and technical support. Emerson has established a core group of automation design and manufacturing experts who collectively offer significant experience in meeting the instrumentation requirements of both Zone 1, nuclear island and Balance-ofPlant applications.


Emerson, the pioneer and leader in the design and development of solenoid operated valves for the nuclear industry, offers a complete line of ASCO Numatics™ nuclear qualified products. These include pilot valves for handling oil-free instrument air and inert gas, 2-way and check valves for mild environmental applications, and for Class IE service, pressure and temperatures switches, and linear actuators.

Emerson is a world leader in emergency and standby power transfer solutions, and supplies ASCO Power Transfer Switches worldwide for business-critical applications. Automatic Transfer Switches and Power Systems safeguard data and telecommunications networks, industrial process and critical installations from health care facilities to financial transaction centres.

Emerson has been supplying the nuclear power industry with Bettis® actuators for the automation of industrial valves for 30 years. Over 5500 devices are installed in 76 plants worldwide. The Bettis NCBB, NCBA300 and NG-Series are designed to meet IEEE Std 382-2006, IEEE Std 344-2004 and IEEE Std 323-2003.

Fisher® control valves from Emerson are installed in over 90 percent of the world’s nuclear facilities and account for over 35 percent of all control valves in the world’s nuclear power plants. A full array of valve types are offered, in a variety of construction materials, flow characteristics and end connections. Complementary actuators and accessories are also available. Virtually all Fisher valve products can be built to the ASME Section III requirements.

Emerson has been supplying Leroy Somer® asynchronous motors, alternators and variable speed drives to the nuclear industry for many years. The motors designs are well proven, highly reliable and meet the nuclear plant categories K1, K2 and K3. Leroy Somer motors have been approved by EDF and are installed on many nuclear plants in France and around the world.

Emerson manufactures a complete line of nuclear qualified products under their Rosemount name. These include pressure transmitters, trip systems, electrical connections, and remote seals. Rosemount® qualified products are installed in nuclear facilities in over 24 countries in a majority of NSSS designs.

Emerson offers standard and custom designed gas and hydraulic pressure control solutions including an extensive range of TESCOM pressure reducing regulators, valves and electronic pressure controls. TESCOM pressure regulators are suitable for applications from vacuum up to 2,068 bar (30,000 psi) and are currently installed within balance-of-plant applications in a number of UK nuclear power stations.

Emerson’s TopWorx™ C-Series GO™ Switch Proximity Position Sensors are utilised in nuclear containment areas. These meet and exceed IEEE and RCC-E accident conditions and replace traditional “lever arm” mechanical switches, providing increased performance and reducing maintenance. Emerson also offers the TopWorx Valvetop™ D-Series modular Position Monitor for containment areas, for Balance of Plant this device can accommodate solenoid valves, multiple bus networks options/position sensors.


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A complete automation solution for the UK nuclear power industry