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JAPANESE CUISINE Sauces, pastes & condiments for Japanese food lovers

Cook at home delicious and quick to the table Japanese recipes. ENSO in Japanese means circle of life, a symbol of enlightenment.

ENSŌ SUSHI KIT contains the ingredients necessary to prepare 25 sushi “maki” (just add salmon, crabsticks & vegetables).

ENSŌ sushi sauces are essential seasoning in Japanese cuisine

SUSHI RICE VINEGAR “sushi-zu” Stir in cooked Japanese rice to make sushis.

SUSHI SOYA SAUCE “shoyu” A classic accompaniment to sushi as a dipping sauce. A savoury seasoning for stir-fries, soups and dressings.

YAKITORI marinade A blend of soya, mirin and sugar. Great marinade for BBQ chicken.

TERIYAKI marinade A blend of soya sauce, sugar and spices. Marinade for beef / salmon stir-fries.

TONKATSU dipping sauce A delicious condiment for dipping with breaded pork chop and chicken.

Sauce PONZU A perfect balance of salty, sweet and tangy flavours. Great for dipping and dressings.

MIRIN rice wine Sweetened rice wine for cooking. Adds a gentle sweetness to stir-fries.

SUSHI GINGER “gari� Young ginger pickled in sugar and vinegar. Serve with sushi dishes.

WASABI PASTE A strong and hot flavour! Mix with soya sauce for a traditional Japanese sushi dip. Packed in single serving sachets (6g).

ROASTED SEAWEED FOR SUSHI to prepare sushi “maki” 8 sheets per pack (2 bags of 4 sheets each).

SHORT GRAIN RICE FOR JAPANESE CUISINE Serve steaming hot along with Japanese dishes or allow to cool to make sushi.

ENSĹŒ MISO SOUP PASTE Fermented soybean paste giving miso soup its flavor. Packed in single serving sachets (30g).

ENSŌ WASABI PEANUTS Great snack with a good kick of wasabi !

ENSĹŒ Tempura cooking set Ideal for coating prawns & vegetables. Set includes Batter mix + Tempura dipping sauce

ENSĹŒ Panko Japanese style breadcrumbs. For a delicious crunchy texture, use Panko to coat meats, prawns or fish before deep frying.

ENSĹŒ bamboo ware Essential utensils for Japanese meal.

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ENSO Japanese Cuisine Catalogue  

ENSO Japanese Cuisine Catalogue

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