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EDITORIAL There are a lot of ways on how to relax and have fun some time. If you do this often, they are called hobby. This could be a sport, singing, dancing or even reading. However, some of this activities could be expensive and/or dangerous like racing, shooting guns, climbing and free falling. One of my hobbies is flying Radio Controlled airplanes. These are little airplanes made of plastic, wood and foam that works with a combustion engine or an electric motor. These airplanes are controlled by a remote control with two sticks, one is used to accelerate and moving the stabilizer (the vertical wing). The other stick is used to move the ailerons and the elevator. Unfortunately this hobby is a bit expensive and there are very high probabilities to crash the airplane. The cost depends, its like buying a car, if you want a luxury one or the best motor, the size and other components




ERICKA FAVELA IN RELATION WITH THE COMMUNITY Ericka Favela is a young student of CETYS PREPARATORIA, she is only 18 years old and she make a lo t of activities that help the community. Here I will show you that she thinks about the group in which she participate.

1. What is “youth in action”? It is a bilateral program created by the US department and also the Secretaria de Educacion Pública and Relaciones Exteriores. It’s a program that helps social project from kids of high school. It helps giving them tools so they can make them happen, for one summer we go to us to build teams and study English.

2. How was created this group, and what motivated you to be there? Youth culture is the project I belong, and was created because there is a necessary in Pueblo Nuevo. My motivatio is that I want to help, because of the low quality of live that is there.

3. To be in this group, do you have to spent a lot of time? We go to our house every Saturday, and I have a class of two hours but also sometimes in weekdays, we get together so we plan what is going to happen in the next week.


4. What activities youth in action does? They are the ones that give the money to us to travel and they make schedule events so we can learn several things so we can apply them when we are back to Mexico.

5. What is your position? I am in the financial part of youth culture.

6. What do you do, and how do people get benefit? We all teach classes, workshops so people can go and learn some fun stuff so they would not be vandalizing in streets.



GERARDO LOPEZ AND HIS CAREER Gerardo Lopez is an English teacher who works in CETYS

Universidad. He currently teaches English Class to several semesters.

1. Do you regret any of your studies? No, I don’t.

2. Where did you study? I studied at UABC, facultad de Idiomas.

3. Do you have a masters or any degree?

I have a master degree in education and a bachelor degree in english teaching.


4. Where did you complete your masters?

Here at CETYS Universidad.

5. Are you currently studying, what are you studying? No I am not

6. Where have you worked? As a teacher in 5 institutions, CETYS, Unidep and Univer.

7. Do you currently apply your studies? Yes, daily.

8. Is there any other career you would’ve like to study? I would like to finish some other language that I left in the middle.





1. How hard is computer science in college? • look, everybody is going to start from zero, but it will be easier for science students from cetys, because they should have begun programing since their last year of high school. the best student that I have now, is from fourth semester, which is my favorite student too. he didn’t know anything about programing when he started school, he later became the most talented. 2. Does the congenital condition affect in this career? • I don’t think so, because the main key of the program development, the logic is developable, why don’t you talk about this career and math? basically, they’re very similar, both make you to think about the next step, they just ask you, “what next?” 3. Would you like to talk about your student life, what did you used to do? • when I was younger, I was very busy. due to family difficulties, I used to work in three different places every day after school, so, I must finish all the homework and study while I was in school, because I won’t have time to do that later. honestly, it wasn’t simple, but my grades were very good.


4. What do you like to tell to high school graduates to help them make decisions?

• do what you love, be selfish, don’t worry too much. many of us like to repay or parents, is normal, that we do what our parents want us to do, but don’t do that blindly. because being proud of their son, is more meaningful that getting money even though they need that. 5. Will there be more jobs for computer science engineer? • of course it will. now, the problem is lack of talent, is you’re good, you don’t have to worry about the job, job will find you. like a friend of mine, she was very poor and her father was a taxi driver. but she’s very intelligent and talented, so, a company of US found her and employed her.




• Which career did you study?

Electrical Mechanic Electronics.





• Where did you study? Why? At UABC because it is a good school. • Do you think you made the right decision? At that time, yes. • How did you know that was what you wanted to study? It was mostly related with mathematics, electricity and that is what i like. • Where do you work? By myself repairing computers.


• Do you like your job? Why? Yes, it puts your mind to think all the time. • Have you ever wondered how could your life be now if you had studied something else? No

• Would you prefer a new chance to start over or your current life? I would definately prefer my current life. • Where you confused when you had to choose a career? Why?

No, at that time there were only a few options. • Which advice would you tell to somebody who has trouble deciding a career to study. In this time there ar many choices than before, so you have to choose very well because it is what you are going to do all your life.




Ericka Favela: What did you study? Cristóbal Capiz: Electronic Cybernetics Engineering. EF: And where did you study it? CC: Here, at CETYS Mexicali. I graduated in 1990, which was the 3rd generation of the career. EF: What do you do in your career? CC: It is basically cybernetics focused on electronics. It’s about the electronic cybernetics orientated to the digital life. All about how to use it to connect to the outer world through a computer. EF: Where have you worked since you graduated? CC: When I finished my studies I started working at CETYS on a partial time. Then I started studying my Masters’ degree, and when I finished it, I joined CETYS as a full time teacher. I have also done some jobs for the industry on an individual basis, but mainly, it’s all from CETYS. EF: What is your Masters’ about? CC: It’s about Electronic Technologies with a Digital Design specialization.


EF: Do you think there are of job opportunities for the students who just graduated from

Mechatronics Engineer (IMEC)? CC: For the IMEC graduates there is work. Our third generation has just graduated, so there aren’t a lot of IMECs out there.

EF: So it isn’t saturated yet? CC: No, it isn’t. And because of the amount of industries here in Mexicali, it won’t get saturated any time soon, because every factory that tries to automatize themselves needs IMECs.

EF: Do you have to do internships here at IMEC? CC: Yes, you have to do internships in all of the careers. EF: Do you recommend a place to intern? CC: Not really, it really depends on your luck. Maybe you’ll start working on automatization since the beginning, or maybe you’ll be doing some other stuff until a better place appears.


EF: So, you can choose where you want to intern? CC: Yes, they will tell let you know what they’re looking form and you’ll choose the one that you want.

EF: Are there any specializations available for IMEC? CC: There aren’t because IMEC is already very specialized as it is, because it is a combination of mechanics, electronics and computational systems. EF: Thank you again for your time, sir.

CC: It’s not a problem, I hope to see you here on August.


EF: Do you think there are of job opportunities for the students who just graduated from

Mechatronics Engineer (IMEC)? CC: For the IMEC graduates there is work. Our third generation has just graduated, so there aren’t a lot of IMECs out there.

EF: So it isn’t saturated yet? CC: No, it isn’t. And because of the amount of industries here in Mexicali, it won’t get saturated any time soon, because every factory that tries to automatize themselves needs IMECs.

EF: Do you have to do internships here at IMEC? CC: Yes, you have to do internships in all of the careers. EF: Do you recommend a place to intern? CC: Not really, it really depends on your luck. Maybe you’ll start working on automatization since the beginning, or maybe you’ll be doing some other stuff until a better place appears.





• Whenever you feel bored, you can always have fun by making a magazine with your friends about anything that you like. You will kill some time with this work, because it is not easy but you will get lots of laughs and good moments for sure while making a magazine. Here are some simple steps to start: 1.

First you think of a topic and some ideas for the content.


You can either make this step or leav ir for the last one; because sometimes it is not easy to think of the name of the magazine.


Now you have to divide the work between your partners.


Here are some kind of articles you can write for the magazine: Interview, How to, Personal experience, News, Humor.


When you finish writing your articles you will put them together and make a cool cover in relation with the content of your magazine.

• • •

And there you have it! You can add some color and print it or make it all by hand. Make your own magazine now! You won’t regret it. Send us an email if this article was helpful and tell us your experience at:


HOW TO REDUCE YOUR WEIGHT WITH EXERCISE AND GOOD DIET Doing exercise is very important because it helps you in a lot of aspects, the most important is that it help your health and it prolongs your youth. Making exercise not only benefits you in your health, it also make your

body look stronger and with dedication and good nutrition you can se changes in your body like increase muscle and many more. Steps:

• Speed up metabolism. • To complete previous step you have to eat several meals a day. • The most important is to reduce the amount of carbohydrate, and increase protein.

• When you are hungry, and want food, you have to choose the 100 calorie snacks in stead of a piece of pizza or other high calorie meal. • Reduce activities like watching TV, movies, playing videogames and change them to outside activities like running.


• Going to a gym is a good choice if you want to have a

variety of possible exercise. • One important thing is to warm up you muscle constantly to have more flexibility and to reduce cramps. • Make cardio exercise, as spinning,

so you can burn

more calories. • Constant exercise is necessary.

In this days having a healthy body is the most important thing in which people invert money so making changes in your habits can make the huge difference between good health and better visual body or bas health and image.



SEMANA DE PREPA! This great event will be on April 26th, be ready for good and super fun activities that CETYS has been planning for you. Prepare to play “volleytoalla” a volleyball game played with water balloons. You will also be able to attend to some conferences about teenager’s stuff, so they won’t be boring.

Students will also make their own activities for us and every day of the week you will dress as it will be stablished later. Also the last day we will make a rally in which everyone is going to participate and enjoy a nice breakfast. The winners of the rally will obtain an award.



YO SOY BAJA! The CETYS’ Zorros have joined the campaign Yo soy Baja! facing the National Olympiad 2013 in Baja California that will host major sports over 30 from April 24. Yesterday, in front of the “Zorros" football stadium students shouted Yo soy Baja!, a campaign that began three months ago with the aim of integrating all bajacalifornianos to support their representatives in National Olympiad. About 150 students, and managers, furniture and office staff were present at the promotion of the campaign has come to the land of CETYS, Mexicali campus. With Olympic goalkeeper Luis “El Abuelo" Alvarez, as the ultimate sports figure of the Zorros after his participation in the 2012 London Olympics, CETYS now part of this challenge, which is on the Baja California First National.



BLINDNESS The book Blindness was written by Jose Saramago and

published un English version in 1997. Its original title is “Ensaio sobre la ceguera�. This book want to show how a rotten society acts, and what do they do to survive a blindness epidemic.

The author has a characteristic way to write because all the characters that are involve in the book doesn't have a name, the author describes what they do and with external characteristics that he mention you as a reader can know which one is. For

example one of the characters is a doctor. Saramago describes how do people live in a situation in which nobody can see except doctor's wife. She has an important role because she deal with all problems and help the others to do the activities that they want.


The plot od the book is that all humans are getting blind because an unexpected reason that no one can explain, so all people began to be scare because they want to be safe and secure of the epidemic. The disease can not be analyze by the doctors because it was something new because it describe as a white blindness. All the people were in conflict because they want to

organize their activities but it was very difficult to have control, move and act when you have a white blindness. The characters describes the blindness as a “mil blindness” because they say that it was like being in a bottle of milk.

From my point of view the book was very easy to read because it describes a lot the places where they are, because you have to imagine how the characters feel. You can imagine how they live and how they deal with a lot of problems such as who was going to be in charge and how do food will be rationed. The way the author writes this book us very unique because the paragraphs are very long so if you are like the readers who read by points , you will need a lot of focus so you don’t loose the main idea of

the paragraph.


Mostly all of the people see the final of the book very bad, or with not much sense. A lot of readers expect to have more dramatic ending or more explained, because the story tend to the end in

only one page. From my point of view the final of the book will be better if the last 3 pages do not exist, because in that part is the most interesting because is when all actions were coming back to normality.




As a personal user of the Lumia 505, I would give it 3 stars TOPS, on a good day. The 4GB of memory become less than 2 GB, and you can’t have a lot of music in there. If you take a video, you must upload it to your Zune as soon as possible, otherwise, you won’t be able to access some of the apps. The Marketplace is lacking in the amount of apps available. The fact that it doesn’t have a flash makes the 8-megapixel camera sort of worthless. The only few good things are the Office, where you can start Word documents, Excel worksheets or PowerPoint presentations. The email app is also very good. You can have multiple mail accounts all in one, and it will sync every time you get a new email. The Zune player looks really good, and it’s easy to use.



RICH DAD POOR DAD • The book “Rich dad poor dad” was written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. He has written a lot of books that have a relationship with economy. In this book he makes emphasis in what our parents teach of economy, accounting and the most important goals that they teach us. • The way the book is write it is very good, because when you read it, it show you a lot of examples to prove what he just said. The book has a simple language,, and all readers can understand with facility the idea that he wants to show you. • If you want to read this book you have to know certain concepts like accounting, economy, assets and liabilities so you can understand the main idea. • This book has the best seller because it has more then a million books already sold. It is consider as the best personal finance book and even though its theme is economy, it is recommended to

be read by teenagers or kids so they can have an open mind and be more active in terms of economy.




• 1st Semester: At the start of school, I felt distrust and insecurity because of teachers in middle school had raised in my mind that high school would be a stage of my life in which I would struggle. Over time, I was realizing that school was not difficult, the key was to do homework and put some attention in class to solve the exams and that’s how you could survive in Cetys through the semester. The first semester or first six months were one of the most complex for me, because I had to adapt on how the grading for each teacher was and not only that, but I had to learn to live with the pressure of having several exams every two weeks. But like everything, first semester was a great experience, and I had the opportunity to make new friends and create unforgettable experiences. • 2nd Semester: In this semester, I was able to create more friendships and live more with different people, due to fact that the classroom was all mixed and many were not the same. As for the subjects and teachers, this semester was the easiest, the materials were very simple and dynamic. Teachers were very nice and bright, perhaps one of the best experiences in Cetys. I lived for the first time the famous "week of values" and made several activities which include, dances, food stalls, exhibitions and plays performed by teachers. This semester is claimed to be the most easy and fun, and as a matter of fact it is the easiest and funniest of all six.


• 3rd Semester: I describe this semester with two simple words, "the best". This semester was far unmatched and unforgettable, great friendships were formed, irreplaceable memories and in general it was perfect. The teachers were the best. Everyone did their job and each was special in their own way, you could see the love for the students and not only that, the subjects were difficult because of their content, but they made them easy and understandable. At the end of the semester, we were separated but remained friends, we usually meet once every two months to have fun and talk about our personal lives and what we have gone in to. • 4th semester: Ordinary semester, but a bit different, quiet dynamic. This semester we had different activities as an example, we helped a community of fewer opportunities. The semester was difficult in general, teachers did not help but made it worst, I did not complete my goal, but I ended with an average of over nine. Friendships were the same. Usually, the entire school by now was known and it was nothing new to be with people who had not been with you in past classrooms, because they already knew who was who because of generation parties, potlucks, among others.


• 5th semester: First six months of the physics – mathematician package, basically unforgettable. This group was composed of 28 men and 5 women, all got along very well and even companies were formed of young entrepreneurs. The companies were successful, some kind of laborious, but in terms of effective teaching. We learned to create a company from scratch and not only that, we also generated sales revenue. The semester was heavy due to differential calculus and programming matters but I achieved my goal, which was end up with an average of nine or more. • 6th semester: by far this semester has been very fun and kind of weird. It has been kind of weird because I have not felt that it’s my last, we as a generation have had parties, and have become more united, but we all know we have a time limit. As a far as academics it has been all normal. We have normal subjects and normal teachers, we by now know everyone including teachers and their kind of grading. I expect this two last months to be fun and entertaining, and most of all I hope we as a generation have a great time in Cancun!





NAME: Tenzin Gyatso OCCUPATION: Activist, Political Leader, Religious Leader BIRTH DATE: July 06, 1935 (Age: 77) PLACE OF BIRTH: Taktser, China ZODIAC SIGN: Cancer Best known for: Dalai Lama, Tibet's political leader has strived to make Tibet an independent and democratic state from China. He and his followers are exiled to India. At age 15, he assumed political power of Tibet as the Dalai Lama. The People's Republic of China invaded that same year. Fearing assassination, he and thousands of followers fled to Dharamsala in northern India, where they established an alternative government. Since then, the Dalai Lama has taken numerous actions in hopes of establishing an autonomous Tibetan state within the People's Republic of China. The Dalai Lama has also conducted hundreds of conferences, lectures and workshops worldwide, as part of his humanitarian efforts. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. In December 2008, the Dalai Lama announced his semi-retirement after having gallstone surgery.


In the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, unrest broke out in Tibet in anticipation of media attention and increased repression by the Chinese government. The Dalai Lama pleaded for calm and condemned Chinese violence. This was met with frustration by many in Tibet, who considered his comments ineffective, and allegations by the Chinese that the Dalai Lama incited the violence—an accusation that he strongly denies. On March 10, 2011, on the 52nd anniversary of his exile from Tibet, the Dalai Lama announced that he would give up his role as Tibet's political leader. He said the decision came from a long-held belief that the Tibetans needed a freely elected leader. A spokeswoman from the Chinese foreign ministry called his resignation "a trick."



DO YOU LIKE BURGERS? • 20 people where asked several questions about burgers, questions consisted in bread type, bread or lettuces, and many more. Here are the answers. Do you like burgers? 5%




Which type of burgers do you like the most?


Chicken Beef


Which bread de you prefer? 32

5% 15%

No bread Lettuce Normal


What's your favorite combo?

27% Burger & Fries 50%

Burger & Soda No combo


Which place de you rather? 0%




In n' Out Carls Jr Burger King McDonalds Other



With what frequency do you eat burgers? 0% 5%


Once a day Once a week Once a month Never


Would you like a burger right now?


Yes No



ANIME OST Maybe you don’t watch anime, but you should listen to the melodious soundtracks that come in it. almost all of them are composited by Japanese, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a good chance to know about another style music, to “taste” something different. There’re some songs that are really recommended, therefore, you shouldn’t belittle the power of music. If I were a bird – HITOMI It’s from Code geass, a very moving anime, it’s about a brother who sacrifices himself for make a stable world to his little sister. In a summary, is a pretty song made of the clear and melodious voice of HITOMI. __________________________________________________________________________ Continued story – HITOMI It’s from the same artist like the previous one, honestly, it will touches you deeper if you watch the history, it appears when the main character dies and his sister screaming and trying to wake her brother up with her sorrow voice. __________________________________________________________________________ Somnus – Yoko Shimomura Is a Latin song, the title means “sleep” and it comes in a trailer of Final Fantasy XIII Versus, you don’t have to know the meaning of the lyrics before you hear it, because the voice and treble are just awesome. __________________________________________________________________________ Sadness and sorrow – Naruto Besides the awe-inspiring drama of Naruto, it also has amount of amazing soundtracks. This song comes out every time when Naruto looks back his sad and painful childhood. This song fit perfectly the doleful scenes, like when he remembers how people hate him and being excluded by everyone. __________________________________________________________________________ You are my love - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle It’s a love song, with a soft and sweet voice, every single word are expressed tenderly, and make people like it’s knocking softly the door of soul. __________________________________________________________________________ Hero’s come back – Naruto This is the first opening song of Naruto Shippūden, it’s a very energetic song, the melody and the lyrics seems are waking you up when you hear it.

Hero’s come back – Naruto This is the first opening song of Naruto Shippūden, it’s a very energetic song, the melody and the lyrics seems are waking you up when you hear it. __________________________________________________________________________ The price of freedom – Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Put on your headphones, close your eyes and enjoy the good music, because it can’t be described in words. __________________________________________________________________________ Sign – Flow “I realize the screaming pain, Hearing loud in my brain, but I'm going straight ahead with the scar.” Doesn’t it make you to hear the whole song? _________________________________________________________________________ Blue bird – Ikimono-Gakari This song is a little fast, but it fits very well the personality of Naruto, his perseverance, and his ninja way. "I'm not going to run away, I never go back on my word! That's my nindō: my ninja way!” _________________________________________________________________________ Path ~to you all - Naruto Performed by Alüto, was the second ending song in the Japanese version of Part II of the Naruto: Shippūden series. ______________________________________________ ___________________________

“Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”-Jean Paul Music is recognized of its power, it can change people’s mind and change the world. Every note sounds different, like every song reminds us different scenes of our life. Don’t miss any melody, because, good music never sleep.


CHOOSING THE CORRECT CAREER AND UNIVERSITY Choosing your career can be the hardest decision when you are young, because this will determine what you are going to work for to live your life with. If regretting later, that is the problem, because you wasted time. First you have to know in what you are good for and what you like. Whether you’re just leaving school, finding opportunities limited in your current position or, like many in this economy, facing unemployment, it may be time to consider your career path regardless of your reasons, the right career is out there for everyone. By learning how to research options, realize your strength, and acquire new skills, as well as master the courage to make a change. Depending on the career you want, the right university can be different. The financial sense of going to a particular university tends to rise the more it makes sense in the other ways. Attending institutions that conform to students’ academic goals and personalities increases like hood that they will get their degrees and have more fulfilling experiences along the way. Here in Mexicali there are plenty of Universities that can fulfill your knowledge with its careers. The only option if you want medicine is UABC. If you want an engineering there are several options like CETYS, UVM, UABC, Technologic of Mexicali. Here depends on the financial situation because some of them are very expensive, so at least you need an scholarship. The difference between the public and private schools is that in the public they make you a mentality of an employer, however in the private ones they focus on make a business man, an owner of a company, etc.




Have you ever tried to figure out which iphone is better for you and your needs? Well after reading this short essay you will quickly answer your own question, which one is better for me? Iphone’s have been for years the best cell phone in the market, because of its small and compact size, its big and tough memory and most of all because of its fame and popularity. However if you are a business man and music, speed and cyber goodies aren’t your thing, you might want to sit tight because this essay might interest you as well!

• Iphone for a long time has been in the top five cell phones, because of its speed, goodies, smartness and capacity. However, Apple in California has a made a promise between them which is, remaking their own “I devices” annually. Through this last years we have had several iphone’s, which have come in different sizes, shapes and colors. But in this specific last year we had the one that we thought was going to be the best Iphone 4, this iphone was fast, strong, sleek, and with some bold and sharp design, it was sure the most amazing phone out there.


• As the year went by Apple announced the new iphone version which was the “4s”, this model was going to overcome its predecessor and outcome every single phone out there, with its new A5 chip. And as Steve Jobs said, it was done. Iphone 4s, was and up to three months ago it was the most amazing phone. However, if you’re not rich and don’t have the money to be throwing it away, you might want to look for some used iphone 4s and get the juice out of it. • Now if your question is, which iphone suits me best? Well that’s simple, if you are between the ages 16 to 24 you might want to update yourself to the new and powerful iphone 4s, because of its processing chip, retina display and its overall power. It might not be that cheap as an Iphone 4, but hell yeah it will meet your expectations! • Nevertheless, if your main goal or worry is not technology, processing components, retina display, accessories and other stuff, you might want to get the old iphone 4, which will give you a good service, and will meet your own expectations. Although you might want to double think that because the price range is about 100 dollars more for the new model, and saving that extra money for that extra difference is very worth it!


• My personal regard for you and your friends or family is asking yourself, will I use it constantly?, Will I use it as a computer?, And will I be spending tons of hours in that “I device”? Answer those simple questions and you’ll find out which phone is adequate for you and your needs!


THE DEATH PAUL MCCARTNEY “Paul is dead” is an urban legend suggesting that Paul McCartney of the English rock band The Beatles died in 1966 and was secretly replaced by a look-alike. After 1969, people started to publish articles claiming that clues to Paul’s death could be found in the covers of the albums and in the lyrics of some songs after 1966. It was a rumor that McCartney had been killed in a car accident in London 1966. Some clues are found playing some songs backwards, like “Revolution 9”, it said “turn me on dead man”. In the song “Strawberry fields Forever” in the final section, John Lennon spoke the words “I buried Paul”. Later, Paul revealed the words were actually “cranberry sauce”. The question is Why keeping it a secret? Well maybe because at the time they were getting ridiculously famous and they didn’t want a dead member. That’s why the group supposedly “hired” a guy that look-alike, sang and had the same personality of Paul. Another big clue is in the cover art of the album Abbey Road, where Lennon, dressed in white, symbolizes a heavenly figure. Ringo Starr, dressed black, symbolizes the undertaker. George Harrison in blue jeans and a shirt, representing the gravedigger and McCartney with no shoes which means he is the corpse. In the song “A day in the life” the lyrics are: “I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made a grade… he blew his mind out in a car. He didn’t notice that the lights had changed”-1967, another clue to the Paul death hoax. Are the clues just coincidental? The much better question who is really behind the story. It’s a big puzzle. Maybe it’s true, or everyone else has wasted time finding it out. If the “real” Paul is dead, then his imposter is still an amazing artist and a good man. He married Linda Eastman, with whom he had four children before losing her to breast cancer in 1998.



There was a guy who went into a pet shop to buy a parrot. There were three parrots in the shop. One was $5,000, another one $10,000, and the third one $30,000. The customer asked the owner,


How come this guy is $5,000, that’s so expensive for this kind of parrot.

• The owner said, - Because I have trained him and he can talk.” • So the customer asked him, -How about this guy, what can he do that makes him so expensive? -

Well, apart from talking, he can also do some amusing actions, like dancing. So, that’s why he’s so expensive. The owner said.

• Then the customer said, - How about the third one, what can he do that makes him so expensive? • The owner of the shop said, - I don`t know. Normally, I have never heard him talk, not dance, nor whistle, nor sing, nothing at all! But the other two call him “The boss”.


LINCOLN AND KENNEDY There is a strange and creepy relation between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kenney. First, both names have seven letters; Lincoln was elected in congress in 1846 and Kennedy was elected in congress in 1946. This gets more interesting, Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the US in 1860 and John F. Kennedy in 1960. Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy, and guess what, Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln. Lincoln’s assassinator was born in 1839, while JKF was born in 1939. This gets better, Lincoln was shot in a theatre and his killer ran from there to a warehouse and was caught there. Kennedy was shot in car named Lincoln and his killer ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theatre. Both presidents were shot in the head on Friday. The best part is that Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland a week before he was killed. A week before Kennedy’s assassination, he was with Marilyn Monroe. All of these facts may be related to a conspiracy against this two great presidents, probably the Illuminati. On the other hand, it could be just coincidence like the dates, but the events are very similar so there's must be an explanation. One possible reason can be that the political parties had something in disagree. Facts concerning the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy are amazingly similar. It is uncertain if such coincidences have any meaning, but the certainly are strange.



If some one ask me about my childhood, I’ll remember how awkward I was, because I was literally a “cry baby”, okay, I think I’m. But besides cry, I can remember my super soup made of lettuce, soy sauce, ketchup, apple, orange, pear and many other things that I could find in my house. I just collected the “ingredients” and put them all into a little bucket of mine. The first day, it smelled like soy sauce, second day, it smelled like seafood, and then, my soup just disappeared mysteriously.

Also, the famous “mom’s laws”, they’re so impressive, are kind of superstitions made of my mother. She said, ghost will visit me, if I remove leg hair; I’ll grow a watermelon in my stomach if I eat a watermelon seed; fleas will grow in my head if I get wet in the rain; children that don’t go home at night, their house will disappear; and many others “law” that I used to follow . But unbelievably, I believed them all when I was younger. Now, I think they’re silly, but the sillier was me. I never get angry after I discovered that they’re not true, my mom just invented, because she made them for me, she did that for my good.

I will always remember the days of my childhood. How I wish I could be as carefree and curious as a child once again, and relive those happy days!



During springbreak 2013, me and my friends planned to go to an event at Ensenada, Baja California called “Baja Beerfest” which it is celebrated each year and we will finally assist because we are adults now. The event consisted in tasting artesanal beers made around Baja California, so we finally decided to go. The same day of the show we traveled to Ensenada and the first thing we did when we arrived was to go eat some shrimp cocktail and for my bad luck I got sick and I started to puke while my friends were allright, so they went to the event all the afternoon while I was dying at the hotel. Later, they arrived at the hotel and decided to go to papas&beer and other nightclubs, they woke me up and asked me how I was but I had fever so I stayed in the hotel.


The morning after we all went back to Mexicali, my friends telling me their stories of the night while I was upset because I went to Ensenada just to throw up and sleep.

TECHNOLOGY IN OUR DAILY LIFE Hypothesis: The problem is the excessive use of electrical devices, such as iPods and smartphones. It can damage our eye sight and causes headaches. This contributes to cause distraction and lack of concentration. Justification: We are presenting this research being a global problem that leads from past years to grow without limits. When a person hears about technology, the first thing that comes to his mind are positive developments that make human life easier. This investigation will research the power of technology in humans. We want to inform people sot hey are always aware that overuse or abuse of this is harmful in many ways. The radiation they produce is a serious problem which will be discussed throughout the investigation to gather information. A company that innovates it’s way to manufacture machines need less staff, so there's more profit to the owner himself and growing unemployment. That’s why there are more careers dedicated to build more technology in the future. The manufacture of electronic devices are polluting our environment due to the materials and substances used. Since the market is based on the sale of all these electronics, nobody cares more of polluting than the money they earn. Televisions and computers with new technology makes the old ones look obsolete and marketing the new ones makes the people always wanting more. The old devices do not disappear by the act of magic, that become garbage or recycling components.




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