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Chapter 1 Alan was a sleep. His wife went down to have a drink . it was 6:30 and there was a loud noise that came from below was a sound he recognized. The sounds of bullets being shot. He opened his nightstand and graded his firearm and cautiously walked down the step. A glass shattered, footsteps fading until he was alone…or so he thought. He remembered his wife, and rushed to the kitchen. His eyes widened as he saw her body and the marble floor bleeding from her head and her stomach from where she received the bullets. He crept to the floor and touched her arm as he whispered, “Amiya…” The next day

Alan walked to the station to the captains office and he slammed his hands on the desk. “It's nice to see you too Detective Jefferson can I help you?” the captain answered as he eyes the bloodstain on the bottom of alan shirt and his hands. “Do you know about Amiya?” “Yes, a file came yesterday.. I'm sorry for your loss Alan, and if there's anything you need don't be afraid to ask” The captain saw the half smile on his face and the cloud in his eyes. “I was hoping you'd ask that sir, I want to do the the case on the murder of my wife if you don’t mind” The captain looked deeply at Alan and stroked his chin. “If you're sure then I'll set you as primary and send three other detectives with you including detective Jess Anderson, she gave me the file so she could be useful” “Thank you captain” Just as detective Jefferson was about to leave, the captain said something that Alan didn't understand. “Don't do anything stupid Alan”

Alan changed his shirt and walked down the precinct. He held the file on his wife’s case in his hand. This is for you Amiya

“Detective Anderson; Cameron and Walker you'll be joining me on a case tomorrow as secondary on Amiya Jefferson’s case“ The three detectives nodded their heads until Alan walked out. The next morning before Alan headed to the precinct he was lost deep in thought, ‘’why would anyone do this?’’ He was more determined to solve this case than any in his time as a detective but he didn't know where to start until he got an email. “You arrested someone I care about, Alberto Smith and your wife took the price, if you interfere with me again I will take the life of someone you know“

“Thanks to Mr.Anonymous now I know where to start” Alan said to himself taking a sip from his coffee. What Alan did not know is how seriously the sender ment their message. Alan arrived at the precinct where the three detectives stood waiting for him. “What are your orders boss?” asked detective Cameron. “Cameron I need you to get all of Alberto Smith’s contacts, including his family” Alan replied without looking at him. “The murderer, Alberto Smith?” “Yes, Jess I need you to track down this email address, and Walker give me Alberto’s file” The detectives nodded and went their separate ways. 15 minutes later James and Cameron came with Alberto’s contacts and handed it to Alan and sat on his desk. “So what’s the plan Jefferson or are you finding the ground to start at?“ Alan eyed James and gave him a look that he’s is familiar with. “An email came saying that the reason Amiya was killed was because I arrested Alberto Smith so this person can only be a friend or family.” Detective Cameron look shocked after all Alan was the best detective in this precinct.

“How about Lover?” james asked looking at james computer. “Murdered remember, for having after then he was imprisoned.” looking at James for his short memory since they worked that case together. “Oh right.” Alan got up and walked then stopped to look back at James “You coming?” he said and gave a small smile. Alan and james drove to alberto only live relative. His brother. Alberto’s parents died long ago and he only had one idling and no cousin. Alan and detective cameron walked to the front door af romero smithe house. “police open the door!” Alan shouted as a middle age man around thirty to opened the door. He was 6ft and have a short, shaved haircut and yellow teeth. He wore and checkered t-shirt and brown jeans. “ yes, how can i help ?” he answered with an eastern accent whilst looking at alan to james and back at alan again. “ are you ramone smith, brother of alberto smithe” detective jefferson asked remembering the threat and his wife. “ what that ape do to get arrested now?” romone replied. Jame and Alan look at each other and back to remone. Did he really not know? “ can we come inside? We need to talk.” remone look one more time at the detectives before nodding his head. His house was ordinary home, it had wooden floor and white hand painted walls. Remone led them to the living room where they sat on black leather chair. James sat next to alan and they sat opposite from remone. “ so what did you travel here for ? i have talk to or about my big brother for a while now?” “ your brother died a year ago” alan said looking at romone. He said nothing for a while before replying “H-h-how?” “We busted him for murdering his girlfriend alison carter and a day after he was imprisoned he hanged himself” james replied all at once.remone face was blank his eyes was focused on the ground.after a minute later Remmone look at the detectives confusly and said:

“what does that have to do with me?” “we need to know your relationship with Alberto” Alan answer “well i don't know what that has to do with anything but…. Ok, Remone what born 4 years before me and like brother we fight and argue and from times to time alberto use to take the punch for me whenever i did thing my father would be angry about. Around the age of 11 or 12 the police would come to us saying he was shoplifting then taking drugs to selling them. After that Alberta became more violent and angry and ever since we hated each other, and after college we never spoke.” A while after Alan and Alberto question everything but they got nothing but they did get a name “Samuel O'Reilly was his best friend according to Remmone and the file you gave me james shows that they were imprisoned together in multiple occasions so that's where we will start” alan said as they drove back to the station. “ i'll get the a file on him too “ detective cameron replied whilst looking out the window. They drove in silence as alan remember his family. He remember his little brother and how he died of cancer at 6. Alan could tell that even though remone said he hated his brother he still cared for their special moments. As they drove james saw the smile that crept on alans face but didn't ask why because it's been a long time he seen him happy.

Chapter 2 Samuel O'Reilly smiled at Alan as his grey eye followed his. Alan was

growing impatient for samuels games and he tried as hard as he could not to show how Samuel irritated him but samuel knew that he got under Alan’s skin. Detective Leonard Walker dropped Samuel O'Reilly from home to the interrogation room. Samuel faced opposite from alan and behind the trick mirror where Leonard and James stood behind “you’ve been recently got out of prison and had the chance to murder Amiya Jefferson as revenge for your best friend Alberto Smith” “Me and Alberto were close but I would say friends we weren’t...we were what you’d” Samuel grinned as he replied to Alan’s statement. “Do you know anything about Amiya’s death or not!” Alan spat and half shouted as his temper grew short. He couldn’t hold his anger at the time Samuel was wasting. Half an hour had gone past and Alan wasn’t legally allowed to hold samuel forever. As it seemed that he wasn’t getting information: “You should always know who to trust was what Alberto used to tell me“ Samuel said looking at Alan seriously this time” “What does that me” “I don’t know who killed this Amiya but i do know there’s a spy in this precinct and someone here is working for your killer” “And how do you know that?” Alan asked cautiously. “Your killer asked me for a job to mess with you and make you suffer for Alberto and give you a message; someone is going to die soon, when his spy tells him you’re hunting him down and that he warned you, well let’s just say he won’t be too happy...” Alan looked at Samuel and didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know if Samuel was lying or telling the truth. “ and who told you that “ alan said keeping his eyes on him “ don’t know he did it anonymously” “ how did he…” “ times up” Samuel replied interrupting alan. Alan give detective Leonard walker the signal to pick up samu and take him way. Alan walked back to his desk and thought for a while trying to collect his thoughts. A day later alan was at his desk thinking. There may be a spy in the station but here wasn’t proof. Jess walked to alan and interrupted his

train of thought. Her face was white and her eyes were red from tears. “ jess are you-” “ detective leonard passed away. He was found poisoned that couldn't be traced. We couldn't find anything on who killed but a letter was beside him.. It said you were warned.” Alan heart beated faster. A tear flow from his eyes. Jess cried some more and ran to the bathroom. He was right. Samuel o'reilly was right and he could be right about everything. He couldn't be the killer but there was someone in the station was a spie and for a long time he didn't know what to do. Alan walked the the captains room later on. Alan knew that the captain was informed about the death of leonard walker. The captain told alan to take a seat. He slouched back a little and and looked at alan before he spoke. “ alan this case has got a little complicated and i need to know what you're planning to do. “ i don't know sir if i continue some will die and if i dont i will betray the promise to avenge amiya.. I don't know what to do.” Allan looked down at the ground in shame of his stupidity. It was him who ignored the threat and detective walker paid the price. “ i know what to do.” captain said looked seriously. Alan looked up at the captain and saw captains one of a kind looks. “ you drop the case” Alan got up and was about to protest before the captain raised his hand and continued to speak. “ not literally. Make everyone think you drop the case for the concern of others and you'll work the case secretly. If the spie tell you drop the case no one will get killed. You'll pretend to work on other cases until you figure this out. Understand.” Alan looked at the captain. He was right. Madye this will work. Alan thanked the captain the was about to get up and leave. “ but you can't do it alone.

Chapter 3 Alan looked at the new assistant that was gonna help him. She was just an inch smaller than alan. She had short hair that didn't touch her shoulder. She had spiky fringe that was dark blonde. She wore a hot pink hoodie and a grey tank top underneath. She had ripped black jeans and white ankle boots that completed the outfit. She had green eyes that show she was witty and smart. Alan looked at her for 5 second before he spoke. “ so your the newbie huh?” “ sure thing old man” Alan gave her a look. He was arley older than her. “ i'm 31 and i believe you're 27 were only 4 years different “ alan

commented. “ so what's my job” see replied. Alan collect his paperwork and put it in his bag and turned to his new assistant. “ well your late and it's my lunch break so be back after 45 minutes.” “ where do you go when you on your lunch break” she asked with her arms crossed looking at the person she will be working for. “ i going to kaies`s cafe “ “ i ll come” she said with a smirk on her face. “What” “ i'll come and dont worry ill pay for my own food.” She replied and walked five foot before turning her head. “ you coming” she shouted and walked on. Alan looked at her and smudged. They arrived at the cafe alan arrives every lunch break. They sat by the window and ordered. “ so what's my first task detective ....” “ alan jefferson” “ assistant kira Destavola “ well kira Destavola we working on the case of the murdered amiya jeffordson” alan said with serious look. “ wait jeffor-” “She is.. Was my wife” Kira eyes widen and she looked at alan. She didnt esected this. “ she was murdered and a threat came saying it was revenge for a prep i captured and died in prison. I tried to work on a case but another threat came.” alan paused and let kira sink in the information. She took a sip from the latte she ordered. “ it threatened to kill people around me if i dont drop the case. They weren't joking. So i told everyone even close colleagues that i dropped the case.anyone could be a spie. So captain say i work secretly but i need help and that's where you come in. “ so i am gonna work on a murder. Cool” she said smiling. “ if it wasn't my wife that was murdered then yeahh.” “ sorry. How was your wife before the um incident?” “ happy ,we were married for 7 years - i dont think ill ever forgive myself if i don't solve this.” alan look down thinking about the lost of his wife.

“ How long until your shift is over?” “ 25 minutes why” “Come on” kira got up and took her latte and alan packed his stuff. They first went to a shop . kira did, alan stood outside. She took him to a park he has never been to before. He come to to a tree. It was at least 10 foot and was just as like any other tree only different. It was covered in ribbons. Each riddon was a different colour wand each had a name written on. Alan was amazed he hasn't see anything like this before. “ it's a ribbon tree. You write the name of someone you cared about as a tribute to who they were to you.” Alan looked at her. She pulled out a velvet ridden for her bag and handed a pen and the ridden to alan. Alan looked at her. “ well come on you're gonna do it or what” kira said smiling.alal wrote amiya’s name on it and tied it to the side of the tree. Where the sun shined on it. Alan smiled at it and looked at Kira. “ lets go we got work to do” Kira smiled at him a smile that remind alan of amiya.

Before part one. Write later.

Chapter 4 “It’s gone” Alan said. Alan and Kira are working in Alan's home office. It wasn't safe to work in the station. Kira sat beside him. She wore a different outfit this time. She had a black vest and green shorts and wore a black and white cardigan on top with brown sneakers and braided her hair into two plaits. “ what's gone?” she asked looking at the computer. “ the file on alberto smithe.. Its been deleted.” alan reloaded the page but the file was still missing. Kira got up and put her hands on her hip. “Lucky for you, I'm here” Kira smirked Alan got up from his seat and let Keira take control. After a while she got a lead. “ it says it was deleted from a computer...i can trace the login…...ok it was deleted from a guy called James Cameron?” Alan eyes widen. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it could James be the spie. “You know him” kira asked looking confused. “ he works at the station. he’s my best friend… he’s the spy” Alan gasped. Alan thought for a second. “Can you trace this email?” Alan asked Kira nodded her head. “It's from the same computer..same person I guess” “ we need to go” alan got up and snatch his jacket and ran to the station

with kira behind him.they walked near james and signaled him to follow them.james sat in the interrogation room and kiera locked the door. Alan looked at james confused face. “ alberto smiths file was missing and was deleted from your computer and the threat as well.� “ alan i swear i don't know why but i have nothing to do with that

Death threat by ivory ziddek  

Alan Jefford beloved died and he need to find the mudere r. with the help of the new assistant they work on the case together and find what...

Death threat by ivory ziddek  

Alan Jefford beloved died and he need to find the mudere r. with the help of the new assistant they work on the case together and find what...