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Private Prison Industry: People as Product

Paul Encimer: Revolutionary NonViolence

Radical Love (presented by: Wendy-O Matik)

Seattle Solidarity Network: (the fight for workers’ and tenants’ rights)


Humboldt Grassroots

3pm 4pm

Building Community Spaces: The Holdout


Scott Crow: Mutual Aid and Survival in PostKatrina New Orleans

Protest Tactics & Safety The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Growing Anarchy, Agriculture, and Horizontal Community

Transformative Justice: Safety, Accountability & Community Transformation

Open Discussion

2pm-4pm Room C Transformative Justice: Safety, Accountability & Community Transformation - How do we address violence without the prison industrial complex? Rejecting cops, courts and prisons means we have to develop new visions of justice for our communities. Transformative Justice attempts to provide safety for survivors, and accountability for harmers, while facilitating community transformation to eliminate the conditions that perpetuate and support violence. We will explore existing and historical models of alternative justice locally and from around the country, and share personal experiences with accountability processes. 1pm-2:30pm Room B Seattle Solidarity Network, a direct action collective fighting for workers’ and tenents’ rights, will discuss their experiences with collective direct action, and building strength, experience and confidence while fighting bosses and landlords. They will also relate their work to the broader goal of creating a new world. 12pm-1pm Room C “Why The IWW is growing like wildfire and how it can spread in Humboldt County.” Bruce Valde: Secretary of Bay Area G.M.B of the I.W.W The Industrial Workers of the World’s goal is for “workers to organize as a class,take possesion of the means of production, abolish the wage system,and livein harmony with the earth.” 3pm-4pm Room B Building and Sustaining Community Spaces The Holdout Presented by collective members from the Holdout Social Center in Oakland, a nonhierarchical and anti-authoritarian space where people from various communities can come together to organize, participate in mutual aid, and make personal connections.

10am-11am Room C Paul Encimer will lead a Revolutionary (focusing on up-ending the hierarchical, classist, militarist, capitalist status quo) NonViolence (pointing to open, honest and friendly civil resistance) Workshop (expecting hands-on group participation) & Brainstorm (suggesting uncensored discussion). Come one, come all! 11am-12pm Room C Protest Tactics & Safety - This expanded workshop combines experience from summits, local Earth First! actions, EMT training and direct-action experience, making for a wealth of important information and training for anyone trying to be effective, and keeping each other safe out there. 1pm-2pm Room C Growing Anarchy, Agriculture, and Building Horizontal Community - Farmer Paul will discuss how to set up anarchist networks of food production and distrobution that are horizontal, sustainable, and function in solidarity with marginalized and oppressed communities. Please join us in sharing ideas, networking, and learning to build and empower communities. 10am-11am Room B Private Prison Industry: People as Product A workshop detailing the privatization of the prison industrial complex, and how corporations like the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) help turn people into products. This discussion will follow the money from the super rich (e.g. the Koch family) to legislation pushed forward by groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and how this has contributed to the explosion of the U.S. prison population.

Welcome to the 5th annual Anarchist Bookfair. This bookfair is brought to you by Humboldt Grassroots in conjunction with authors, book publishers, artists, and activists from the greater West Coast area. This bookfair is a representation of what happens when we, as a community, come together and work as one. All of us are in the same struggle and if we come together we can share the work, and shape the harvest; no longer letting the government, military, corporations, or the police dictate our lifestyles by intimidation and force. As a community, we must rise up and stand for our human rights and dignity. Since last year’s bookfair Humboldt Grassroots together with the Ink People and other community organizations have formed the Ink Annex , a collective gallery, music venue, printshop, tool lending library, and meeting space. Upstairs is the Rhizome Infoshop and lending library. Come check out our selection of literature, zines, films and music, as well as local grassroots campaigns and actions. The Ink Annex is located at 47 W 3rd Ave in Eureka. Join HGR for the Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday, 12/8! Tablers will include AK Press, PM Press, the Long Haul, BarNone, Peoples’ Action For Rights and Communiy, and Redwood Curtain Copwatch. Free Food, Coffee and Tea (donated by local farmers and businesses) will be served all day by Food Not Bombs. The Kids Corner will feature art projects, children’s literature and Fun! HGR’s workshop is from 2:30 to 3:00 pm in Room B. Dogs are welcome (beach and dunes nearby) and public transportation (bus) is available through HTA:

4pm-6pm Room B Scott Crow, author of Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy and the Common Ground Collective, will discuss his experiences as a cofounder of the Common Ground Collective, a horizontally organized community relief effort in post-Katrina New Orleans that successfully kept thousands of families in their homes. Solidarity not charity! 11am-1pm Room B Radical Love - Revolutionary of the heart and radical love activist Wendy-O Matik will discuss the potential to love many people and navigate the complexities of responsible and sustainable relationships. Love whom you want, how you want, and as many as you want, through integrity, respect, honesty and consent.

The 5th

Humboldt Anarchist BookFair

Saturday Dec. 8th 2012 10am - 6pm *************************

255 North - Left on to 1611 Peninsula Dr. **OR**

255 South - Right on Peninsula Dr.; #1611

Email: Phone:(707)616-4700

Manila Community Center 1611 Peninsula Dr. Samoa Peninsula (Arcata)

5th Anarchist Book Fair Program  

Desribes Workshops, details and directions to 5th humboldt Anarchist Book Fair on december 8th 2012

5th Anarchist Book Fair Program  

Desribes Workshops, details and directions to 5th humboldt Anarchist Book Fair on december 8th 2012