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BSHS 442 Week 2 Individual Assignment Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review Click Here To Buy The Tutorial t/product&path=207&product_id=3036 For more course tutorials visit

Visit at least three websites such as and explore the information available linking mediation and advocacy to human services. Provide a brief written summary by discussing the type of advocacy and/or mediation services that the

website provides.  What is the scope of the organization/What services do they provide?  Is the website (organization) viewed as a local, national, or international organization?  Do you believe mediation was appropriate for those specific populations identified within the three websites? The paper should contain at least 3 references. Wikipedia and the Dictionary references will not be accepted as references. 2-3 pages. Refer to the University of Phoenix Material: National ADR Organizations on the student website. Submit a summary of your review. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. The paper should be written in paragraph format. Although this is a summary of websites, it still should present a scholarly format.

Bshs 442 week 2 individual assignment mediation and advocacy literature review  
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