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Volume 3 Edition 4

Summer Reading Programs for All Ages

Between the Covers A Summer Reading Program for Adults

Own the Night for Teens

Entertainment and Activities for Children

Everyone is invited to explore the night at Tangipahoa Parish Library’s 2012 Summer Reading Program. With activities, readings, and entertainment for children, teens, and adults anyone can participate. Adults, be sure to check out the brand new Night Moves series at the Hammond Branch including Spoga Fitness, Bellydancing, and Tai Chi. Children will be inspired by magicians, variety acts, community helpers, musicians, gymnasts, Pg.7 storytellers, and more. Teens will participate in hands-on activities, games, contests, and Freshly Brewed Coffee Update karaoke! Don’t miss out on getting your registration gift and participate all summer long to New DVD’s for Check Out New Library Branch coming to Amite earn lots of great prizes. Plus, you can get started right now, online. Just visit TangiLibrary. com to register and find more information. Also, look on page 4 and the calendar insert for a complete list of programs and activities parish wide.

all programs are


and open to the public.

Thoughts from Our Director


THE THRID PLACE by Director Barry Bradford The phrase “the third place” has been floating around the past few years. What does “the third place” mean? What about the first and second places? As defined by community builders, the first place in a person’s life is their home. The second place is their place of work or their school. The third place in a person’s life is an informal

meeting place. For instance, in some communities it might be a barber shop (Floyd’s Barber Shop in the “Andy Griffith Show”). In others it might be a diner (Arnold’s in “Happy Days”). Essentially, the third place is wherever people choose to meet and interact with others. Ray Oldenburg in his book The Great Good Place suggests that it is vital that the third place be free, perhaps have food and drink, and be accessible, welcoming and comfortable. The public library in Tangipahoa Parish fits these criteria.

service will begin soon at Ponchatoula, and in the fall at our new Amite Branch.

While we are technically not “free”, the library is a great value for your tax dollar. And for the small amount you pay in taxes each year for library services you get so much more back – without having to pay anything further. You don’t have to pay a fee to get into your library. You don’t have to pay for a library card. You don’t have to rent or buy the latest movies and bestsellers.

Finally, we strive to make the library as warm and welcoming a place as possible. When you were entering a branch of the Tangipahoa Parish Library you should feel as comfortable as if you are entering your own living room. We want you to come in to just sit and read the newspaper, or a magazine; to come in and have a chat with friends over a cup of coffee; to bring your children for story time. We want you to make the library a meeting place and destination, not just a hurried stop for a book or DVD. In short, after your home and your school or place of business, we want the library to be your “third place.”

The library doesn’t regularly offer food, though food is sometimes available at special events. The library is offering free coffee at Hammond Branch, however, and will soon be offering tea as well. This

Staff In-Service

The library is accessible and open to all. To check out materials and access many of our features online a person must have a library card, but our facilities, Wi-Fi and Internet, and our productivity software (Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) may be used by anyone. And, of course, anyone can use the books and magazines in our branches and participate in any of our programs.

Independence Branch

Friday, August 17th, 2012 Library branches will be closed on Friday, August 17th to hold a the annual parish wide Staff In-Service. During this time, TPL staff are equipped with the training and skills they ned to take the patron’s experience at Tangipahoa Parish Library to the next level. This is also a time for the staff to gather and work in small groups, brainstorming ideas for library programs and events of the future. Below is a photo of last year’s Staff InService held at the Hammond Branch Library.

Every Wednesday afternoon from 3:30-4:30 PM at the Independence Library Mrs. Valerie guides 10-12 children ranging in ages from 5 to 12 years old in a fun and educational experience called Adventure Club. The library is filled with laughter and learning. The Adventure Club runs from September through May. Children who register for Adventure Club take books in new directions. They discover stories through jokes & riddles, playing games, participating in hands-on activities and enjoying refreshments. Sometimes the craft projects are the snacks. During the December holidays the kids made totally edible snowmen with marshmallows, candy and pretzels. Technology and science is regularly incorporated in the program. Once the kids watched bird eggs hatch and one youngster commented, “Look, they’re naked!” (The baby bird didn’t have feathers yet.) Through various activities youth went on an imaginary journey to mexico, second-lined around the branch for Mardi Gras, made a prism with water and mirrors, and created rain. Yes, we made it rain in the library in a bowl with ice cubes and hot water. The youth especially enjoy playing games. They play dominoes and/or bingo once a month. The bingo games get very competitive with children playing as many as 4 cards at a time. The last Adventure Club has ended for now, but will return in the September 12, 2012 and the theme is “Going Global”. Youth will visit all seven continents without leaving the library. Don’t miss-out on the fun!

in the

SPOTLIGHT Misty Noble-Hodge Hammond Branch Library Q: Which was the last book you read? A: I just finished The Wedding Letters by Jason F. Wright as well as The Help by Katherine Stockett for the BookTalk book club in Hammond. Currently, I am working on The Warrior Heir by Cinda Chima. I like to read a wide range of genres. Q: How long have you worked for the library? A: I started on February 13th of this year, so just a bit over two months! Q: What motivated you to work at the library? A: When I was in college I wanted to know everything. Since I tend towards ration and knew that was impossible, I decided to try the next best thing: being able to FIND everything. Thus, Librarianship. Plus, I love helping others. Librarians are social creatures. Q: Have you ever met any celebrity or famous personality? A: When ALA came to New Orleans, I got to sit less than 5 feet from Katherine Patterson (author of Bridge to Terabithia and The Great Gilly Hopkins). It was a big moment for me. Q: How do you spend your leisure time? A: I like to read, of course. My eldest son asked me the other day, “What do you do when you are happy, Mom?” I said, “Read!” To which he replied, “Well, what do you do when you are sad?” I said, “Read to cheer myself up!” I also love to garden, cook, and spend time with my family. Q: Who has had the most influence in your life? A: My parents have been pretty influential in my life. They always have the best advice. Q: What cartoon character best describes you? A: I think I identify/aspire most to Lisa Simpson. Socially minded, clever, and snarky when appropriate. Q: Tell me about a favorite event of your childhood. A: My aunt and uncle lived on a farm and hosted most of our family get togethers. They used to have a pig roast every summer with a giant potluck. I remember all the great “home foods” and playing with cousins until it was late enough to catch fireflies. Q: Which is your favorite movie? A: Oh, I have a weakness for RomComs. I love French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.

Staff Book Picks


The Thief

by Clive Cussler & Justin Scott On the ocean liner Mauretania, two European scientists with a dramatic new invention are barely saved from abduction by the Van Dorn Detective Agency’s intrepid chief investigator, Isaac Bell. Unfortunately, they are not so lucky the second time.


by Kourtney, Kim, & Khloe Kardashian Dollhouse is enticing and entertaining novel about an exciting, high-profile, complicated family with a huge heart and a lot of love.


by Jonathan Kellerman This Alex Delaware novel about unraveling the madness behind L.A.’s most baffling and brutal homicides.

Young Adult

Book Picks Lost In Time by Melissa De La Cruz The sixth book in the romantic, epic, and utterly fang-tastic best-selling Blue Bloods series

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick The third book in the HUSH, HUSH Saga

The Fallen by Thomas E Sniegoski Aaron is on the run from the Powers that killed his family. With his dog, Gabriel, and Camael, a former Powers’ commander, he is drawn north to a small town in Maine.

Own the Night Amite

5/29 • 5pm • Kick-off Party (13-18 yrs) 6/4 • 5pm • Tie Dying Project (13-18 yrs) 6/9 • 12pm • Tween Movie: “Legends of the Guardians” PG 2010 (9-12 yrs) 6/11 • 5pm • Book Discussion: “Eighth Grade Bites” (13-18 yrs) 6/18 • 5pm • Movie: “I am Legend” PG-13 2007 (13-18 yrs) 6/23 • 12pm • Tween Club: “Guardians of the Ga’hoole, Book 1” (9-12 yrs) 6/25 • 5pm • Game Day (13-18 yrs) 7/2 • 5pm • Art & Craft Activity (13-18 yrs) 7/9 • 5pm • Book Discussion: “9th Grade Bites” (13-18 yrs) 7/14 • 12pm • Tween Club Movie: “How to Train Your Dragon” PG 2010 (9-12 yrs) 7/16 • 5pm • Movie: “Freedom Writers” PG-13 2007 (13-18 yrs) 7/28 • 12pm • Tween Club: “How to Train Your Dragon” Book (9-12 yrs) 7/23 • 5pm • Teen Game Day (13-18 yrs) 7/30 • 5pm • Teen Awards’ Day (13-18 yrs)


5/31 • 5:30pm • Kick-Off Party (12-18 yrs) 6/7 • 5:30pm • “A Midsummer’s Nights Dream” craft (12-18 yrs) 6/5 • 9am • Kids! Join us on our journey through Narnia! (8-11 yrs) 6/5 • 4pm • Superstar Wii Karaoke Revolution (8-11 yrs) 6/12 • 9am • Kids! Join us on our journey through Narnia! (8-11 yrs) 6/12 • 4pm • “Disco Dreams” 70’s Costume Party and Crafts (8-11 yrs) 6/14 • 5:30pm • Zombie Costume Party/Canned Food Drive (12-18 yrs) 6/19 • 9am • Kids! Join us on our journey through Narnia! (8-11 yrs) 6/19 • 4pm • “Big Dreams” Collage Craft (8-11 yrs) 6/21 • 5:30pm • Own the Night Movie Spectacular (12-18 yrs) 6/26 • 9am • Kids! Join us on our journey through Narnia! (8-11 yrs) 6/26 • 4pm • “Shoot for the Stars” Astronomy Activity and Craft (8-11 yrs) 6/28 • 5:30pm • “Eyes on the Stars” Astronomy Activity (12-18 yrs) 7/3 • 9am • Kids! Join us on our journey through Narnia! (8-11 yrs) 7/3 • 4pm • “Clue Mystery Theatre” (8-11 yrs) 7/5 • 5:30pm • Murder Mystery Dinner Party (12-18 yrs) 7/10 • 9am • Kids! Join us on our journey through Narnia! (8-11 yrs) 7/10 • 4pm • “Glow For It” Crafts and Activities (8-11 yrs) 7/12 • 5:30pm • “Werewolves vs. Vampires” Game and Debate (12-18 yrs) 7/17 • 9am • Kids! Join us on our journey through Narnia! (8-11 yrs) 7/17 • 4pm • “Ahhhh, Zombies” Zombie Party and crafts (8-11 yrs) 7/19 • 7pm • “Glow” Lock-in and Awards Night (12-18 yrs)


Teen Summer Reading Program Opportunities Kentwood 6/5 • 2pm • Teen Game Day (12-17 yrs) 6/7 • 2pm • Teen Movie: “High School Musical” G 2006 (12-17 yrs) 6/12 • 2pm • Teen Game Day (12-17 yrs) 6/14 • 2pm • Teen Movie: “High School Musical 2” G 2007 (12-17 yrs) 6/19 • 2pm • Teen Game Day (12-17 yrs) 6/21 • 2pm • Teen Movie: “High School Musical 3” G 2008 (12-17 yrs) 6/26 • 2pm • Teen Game Day (12-17 yrs) 6/28 • 2pm • Teen Movie: “Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius” G 2001 7/3 • 2pm • Teen Game Day (12-17 yrs) 7/5 • 2pm • Teen Movie: “Leroy & Stich” G 2006 (12-17 yrs) 7/10 • 2pm • Teen Game Day (12-17 yrs) 7/12 • 2pm • Teen Movie: “Late for Dinner” PG 2009 (12-17 yrs) 7/17 • 2pm • Teen Game Day (12-17 yrs) 7/19 • 2pm • Teen Movie: The Pacifier PG 2005 (12-17 yrs) 7/24 • 2pm • Teen Game Day (12-17 yrs) 7/26 • 2pm • Teen Movie Day (12-17 yrs)


6/4 • 2pm • Teen Movie Matinee (13-18 yrs) 6/11 • 2pm • Teen Movie Matinee (13-18 yrs) 6/18 • 2pm • Teen Movie Matinee (13-18 yrs) 6/25 • 2pm • Teen Movie Matinee (13-18 yrs) 7/2 • 2pm • Teen Movie Matinee (13-18 yrs) 7/9 • 2pm • Teen Movie Matinee (13-18 yrs) 7/16 • 2pm • Teen Movie Matinee (13-18 yrs) 7/23 • 2pm • Teen Movie Matinee (13-18 yrs) Ponchatoula 6/5 • 1pm • It’s Carnival Time: Color your own carnival paddle game (12-17 yrs) 6/12 • 1pm • Boo to You! Make a monster mask! (12-17 yrs) 6/19 • 1pm • Design your own freaky skeleton! (12-17 yrs) 6/26 • 1pm • Creature Feature: “Little Shop of Horrors” PG-13 1986 (12-17 yrs) 7/3 • 1pm • Twilight Trivia: Food, Fun, and Vampires! (12-17 yrs) 7/10 • 1pm • Disco Karaoke (12-17 yrs) 7/17 • 1pm • Dreamland Contest with Magic Scratch Paper! (12-17 yrs) 7/24 • 1pm • Go with the Glow! Make a Glow Necklace! (12-17 yrs) 7/31 • 1pm • Awards Day!!! (12-17 yrs)

Between the Covers Adult Summer Reading Program Opportunities Amite

Monday Adult Crochet & Knitting Group • 10am Wednesdays Chess Club (ages 10-adult) • 2pm 6/5 • Adult Summer Kick-Off Party • 10am 7/31 • Adult Closing & Raffle • 4pm


6/6 • 6pm • Night Moves: Hammond’s own LaLa Tribal Bellydance 6/13 • 6pm • Night Moves: Tai Chi with guest Szabi Varga 6/27 • 6pm •Book Talk: Book Club for Adults 7/11 • 6pm • Night Moves: Spoga Fitness Class 7/18 • 6pm • Night Moves: Myers Karate Demonstration


6/26 • 4pm • Adult Book Club 7/24 • 4pm • Adult Book Club


6/13 • 4pm • Adult Book Club: “The Devil in the White City” by Erik Larsons 7/11 • 4pm • Adult Book Club: “The Kill Artist” by Daniel Silva


Ali’s Kids Corner Hey Kids! Ali here. Don’t forget to sign up for the Summer Reading Program. This year there will be all sorts of fun ways we can hang out together. Donald Lewis, one of my favorite storytellers will be visitng in June, along with Didgeridoo, an Australian Musical Group, Sebu African Storytellers and Drummers, Harvey Rabbit, and musician Philip Melancon. Plus don’t miss special guests Coach Mike and his power tumbling act as well as Ronald McDonald, The Octavians, Park Rangers, Fireman, and more! Read with me all summer long and earn lots of great prizes. You can even log your readings online with Mom or Dad’s help. Fianlly, don’t forget that all programs are free and open to the public. I hope you all have a great Summer break and loook forward to seeing you at your local library branch real soon. -Ali

Ali’s Book Picks

Everyone’s talking about the environment these days, especially kids. But what can kids do? A lot! This book is filled with cool coloring pages, Earth-saving tips, fun facts, and easy activities kids can do to help the environment. It’s just what kids need to be green all by themselves! Our intrepid heroes are home from their Delaware crime-stopping excitement, only to discover that Lily’s mom has become possessed by a menacing zombie who wants to take over the world! Thank goodness Lily’s friends Katie, Jasper, and foxy Blue-Hen-State monk Drgnan Pghlik are around—accompanied by Jasper’s Astounding High-Pressure Holy Water Extruder Gun, of course—to help save the day. OF COURSE you think I was the bad guy, terrifying poor little Jack. You don't know the other side of the story. Well, let me tell you the other side of the story.

Ali’s Activity Center


New Improvements at Hammond Library Branch

The Hammond Branch has just received a new upgrade! Completed over the Good Friday Holiday, attractive new awnings and gutters were installed on the Morris Street entrance. Keeping dry when the rain falls is as good for our patrons as it is for our books! Also, the parking lot has been repaired. Come see the progress at the Hammond Branch!

E-Books Are Here! Check Yours Out ONLINE Today!

Pirate Week at

Hammond Branch Library

SUGGESTED TITLE A Weekend with Mr. Darcy by Victoria Coennly This lively modern Jane Austen romantic comedy trilogy features two pairs of lonely hearts who find each other and themselves at a Jane Austen Addicts weekend.

NEW ADDITION Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry is midway through both his training as a wizard and his coming of age.

SUGGESTED TITLE Four Blind Mice by James Patterson Detective Alex Cross is on his way to resign from the Washington, D.C., Police Force when his partner shows up at his door with a case he can’t refuse.


Taming Natasha by Nora Roberts Broken promises, shattered dreams--Natasha Stanislaski left youthful indiscretions far behind when she settled in rural West Virginia. Her way with children made her toy store a success; her fiery temperament kept men safely at bay. Then brash Spence Kimball and his adorable little girl joined forces to nudge their way into her shop.

In honor of the Columbia Theatre hosting “How I Became a Pirate,” the Hammond Branch had its own Pirate Week, April 16-21. The branch was home to messages in bottles, chests of treasure, and our best pirate books were on display. Our patrons came to the circulation desk to challenge our staff to duels as well as check out items. So Hoist the Sail, Ye Landlubbers…Pirate Week will be back next year! Steady your sea legs and climb aboard if you dare!

Freshly Brewed


Check out these


Community Coffee at Hammond Branch Library AND NOW at Ponchatoula Branch Library





New Library In Amite

opening in 2012

On, Monday, March 19th Tangipahoa Parish Library was given a $1,000 grant from Entergy for the two story Discovery Tree in the Children’s Room in the new Amite Branch Library. The Discovery Tree will include computers with educational software, and during their exploration of the Discovery Tree, children can uncover these facts by opening doors and drawers to learn new things. The $1,000 aid comes through the Entergy Open Grant Program, which seeks giving opportunities in areas of art and culture, community improvement/enrichment, the environment, and healthy families. In considering requests for grants, Entergy places priority on programs in specific counties/parishes. This grant is a partial Entergy contribution for the Discovery Tree feature. “Entergy is focused on raising Louisiana high school graduation rates to more than 80%. Therefore, the library was one of its initial focus points”, says Eunice Harris, Entergy Customer Relations Representative. “This Discovery Tree will definitely attract more students to the library more often and will keep them in the library longer while doing research, reading e-books, producing qualitative homework assignments, and thus, improving their reading and comprehension skills.” The roots of the tree will have walk-in openings to access computer monitors in the walls. Entergy believes the tree will also impact LEAP, EOC, and GEE scores in nearby schools because “when you read more, you learn more”. “Students need to spend more time reading, and this Discovery Tree will expand reading AND research skills,” says Harris. Entergy was impressed to learn that the library was designed to incorporate 21st century materials and technology, ensuring energy efficiency and optimum indoor environmental quality. The library will maintain a comfortable temperature setting while reducing the cycling time of the AC units, and so reducing energy usage. “This hightech design will make a positive impact on the environment – another Entergy focus,” says Harris. Tangipahoa Parish Library is delighted with this opportunity to partner with Entergy to make a positive difference in the lives of the children in Tangipahoa Parish. As construction continues on the new branch, anticipation continues to build across the parish about the various amenities and features of this new state-of-theart facility set to open later this fall.

Tangipahoa Parish Library July-Aug. 2012 Newsletter  
Tangipahoa Parish Library July-Aug. 2012 Newsletter  

Tangipahoa Parish Library July-Aug. 2012 Newsletter