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Aging, Balance & Mobility

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it’s what’s INSIDE that counts...

by shirley rogers

Courage, Cancer and 100K by charlene cowling-zeljkovic Get Out of your Workout Blahs Rev it up Interval Training! by tanya bent


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Aging, Balance and Mobility

Three Solid Reasons to Have More SEX 19 by dr. natasha turner, nd Recharging your Relationships 21 4 Tips to Rejuvination by barb langlois, rn bsn msn 4 Editor’s Note by andrea dirocco-supryka


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Relax…. with a good book!


by one to one fitness team


by alison kemp


by brenda blake


For the Love of Food Nutritious Recipes by Birgit Wartenberg

22 The Future is NOW 24 Healthy Tips for your Children by marcia mcquaid

At Home Workout Al’s Fitness Adventures Success Story - “Losing It!”

Ask Dr. Jen, MD

by dr. jennifer webster, md

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PUBLISHER Amy Doyle EDITOR Andrea DiRocco-Supryka SENIOR EDITOR Anne Marie Bonneau ART DIRECTOR Sheri Manktelow ADVERTISING SALES Amy Doyle Pam Sylvan COVER PHOTO Darko Zeljkovic CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Shirley Rogers, Charlene Cowling-Zeljkovic, Dr. Natasha Turner, Dr. Jennifer Webster, Tanya Bent, Alison Kemp, Barb Langlois , Marcia McQuaid, Birgit Wartenberg, and Brenda Blake CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Elizabeth Kruetz, Jenna Faye Woodcox SPECIAL THANKS TO: Patrick Doyle, Tracey Bourdon and John Kerns CIRCULATION Health and Fitness Now is published by Midpoint Productions Inc. Total distribution is 15,000 copies, 12,000 delivered door to door to select homes in H&PE Counties through the EMC. 3,000 copies available for pick-up from strategic partner locations. For information on advertising or other inquiries email: Adverting deadline for the Fall publication is August 22nd, 2011 Visit us online at All rights reserved. No reproduction in any form or by any means is permitted without express written permission of the publisher. 4 • HEALTH & FITNESS NOW: SPRING 2011

now welcome to health & fitness


“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” - charles swindoll

Welcome to the first issue of Health & Fitness Now, a magazine that promotes personal health and wellness in the Hastings County Region. Our goal is to inspire you, motivate you, educate you and provide you with opportunities to be actively involved! Health & Fitness Now has assembled a pool of contributors from our community as well as recognized leaders in the health industry, to explore topics related to the active lives we are living everyday. The topics and writers may be familiar, perhaps even your friends or family. What’s so compelling about their narratives and investigations is how heartfelt they are. In this Spring issue we look at relationships, focusing on the all-important: alliance with one’s self. We’ve peeled back the layers in Recharging Your Relationships on page 21 and we’re pleased to have a regular Q&A with Dr. Jennifer Webster, MD. Dr. Natasha Turner ND, author of Canadian bestseller

The Hormone Diet, sheds light on the health benefits of sex! You will be inandrea spired by Lisa dirocco-supryka Botting’s commitment to herself in Losing It, and further inspired by Kristin Crowe’s fight in our cover story Courage, Cancer and 100K. Too difficult to get to the gym? No worries - we’ve created a program that will help keep you Active at Home. All this plus more regular features, recipes and events await you on the pages that follow. We hope you enjoy our new magazine and we’d love your feedback on this issue of Health & Fitness Now. If we’ve encouraged you to get moving or if you have ideas or suggestions for future content, we’d love to hear about it. Do you have an active event we should include in our Events section? Send it in! You can email me at

Contributors Dr. Natasha Turner, ND is one of Canada’s leading naturopathic doctors and natural health consultants. Best selling author of The Hormone Diet, Dr. Turner is a regular contributor to many publications from Elle Magazine to Today’s Parent. She is the founder of Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique in Toronto. Barb Langlois RN, BSN, MSN is a speaker, trainer and writer with a focus on leadership, wellness, and presentation/speaking skills. Ms. Langlois is a regular contributor to Alive Magazine and many other health and wellness publications. Dr. Jennifer Webster, MD is a family practitioner in Belleville, ON and a professor in the Queen’s Family Medicine program. Dr. Webster lives a healthy, active lifestyle together with her husband Robert and her two children. Charlene Cowling Zeljkovic is a photojournalist and humanist focusing on local and international issues pertaining to women and children. Charlene is a recipient of the Peter Bryski Award for dedication to Photojournalism. She publishes regularly in newspapers and magazines across Canada and the US. She is a partner at Marcia McQuaid is the co-owner of the Belleville Montessori School. She holds certification from the American Montessori Society and has a B.A from The University of Western ON. Marcia is a proud mom to her daughters Gabby and Emily. Darko Zeljkovic is an award winning photojournalist with extensive international experience working for such publications as the New York Times, Macleans, Readers Digest and NATO. Darko is also co-founder of NOMAD Photos Inc ... and works in both, photo and video formats.

Jenna Faye Woodcox is a portrait photographer offering fresh, creative portraits with a contemporary edge. She is the owner of Jenna Faye Photography in Belleville. Her work can be seen on pages 12 and 13 and online at



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Special Thanks to Elizabeth Kreutz , an independent photojournalist specializing in documentary sports photography for her permission to reproduce her photo of Lance Armstrong and Kristin Crowe. Elizabeth has been granted exclusive access to photograph Lance Armstrong. Her work can be seen at



2011 • 5


by shirley rogers

As we age, balance is key to maintaining activities of daily living, fall prevention and independence. With age, however, balance tends to decline due to reduced muscular strength and flexibility. Fortunately, balance can be maintained and even improved as we age through specific training exercises. Exercise can also help reduce back, knee and ankle injuries. Good balance enables control and maintains body position, whether moving or remaining still. An intact sense of balance helps people walk without staggering, avoid tripping and falling and climb stairs without stumbling. One excellent source of balance and strength training for older adults is Tai Chi. Tai Chi, a martial art form, increases balance and body awareness through slow, precise and often graceful movements. A study by the US National Institute on Aging found that seniors who took Tai Chi classes regularly reduced their rates of falling, increased their confidence 6 • HEALTH & FITNESS NOW: SPRING 2011

and walked with better balance and purpose1. Our inner ear controls balance, so regular hearing tests as we age can go a long way to finding inner ear problems early before a fall happens. As well, general body strength and overall wellness will play a large part in helping one maintain balance and strength throughout aging. If you’ve always been active, then keep it up, eat well and drink water. If you’re just beginning an exercise program in your later years, be sure to check with your doctor first to ensure you choose the exercises that are best for you. As we age, we need a solid foundation for balance training, including flexibility, posture, core stability and strength. Water aerobic, weight lifting, light yoga and walking are all great ways to improve general body strength and balance. National Institute on Aging (NIA). NIH Senior Health ACSM. 1

Buying locally grown produce is not only good for the earth it’s good for our local economy too! Farmer’s Markets are a wonderful opportunity to buy locally grown produce. By getting to know the farmers in your area, you will learn how their produce is grown, who is offering organic choices. Feel free to ask vendors about their methods and varieties – most are thrilled to talk about their hard work! Below is a partial list of area Farmers Markets • The Belleville Farmer’s Market (est. in 1816), located on the Market Square behind City Hall, operates Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 7am – 2pm year round. • Quinte West Farmer’s Market – Est. in 1906 operates Tues & Thurs and Sat from 8am to 2pm April to Nov. The market is located along the river on Front St in Downtown. • Brighton Farmer’s Market – (est. 1980) operates May 15 to Oct 30, Sat – 9am – 3, and Wed & Fri - 9:30 – 3 July and Aug only. The market is located on Proctor St., Downtown. • Stirling Rawson Farmer’s Market – est 2001, operates May to Oct. Saturdays 8am to 1pm . The market is located at the Covered Bridge between Mill & Front Sts. • Marmora Farmer’s Market – operates Saturdays May thru Thanks Giving weekend 8am to 2pm at Memorial Park in Marmora. • Tweed Farmers’ Market is Saturdays - 9 a.m. to 1p.m. from mid May to mid October. The market is located at the Tweed Park by Highway #37 Farmer’s Market stands and pick your own opportunities abound in Prince Edward County – too many too mention (check out but for a truly organic experience visit Cherryvale Organic Farm located on County Rd. 10. They offer 145 acres of certified organic vegetables from heritage varieties to gourmet produce. This farm operates on green power and is almost completely off grid! ALSO Check out The Living Green in Quinte Show – Saturday, April 9 & 10, 2011, at Loyalist College.

Ask any expectant couple what they hope for and they will answer, “We don’t care, as long as the baby is healthy.” Throughout pregnancy and during our children’s infancy we are meticulous about nutrition, but as our children grow and our lives get busier, the picture tends to change.

the future is NOW by marcia mcquaid

Healthy Tips for your Children

Results of the most recent and accurate statistics from the Canadian Health Measures Survey indicate that, our children run the risk of a host of cardio-metabolic diseases now and in adulthood due to an alarming increase in childhood inactivity. Of children aged 5-17 who are active, only 7% are active enough for health gains.




It’s never too early to explain to your children how food fuels the body and exercise makes it function better. Be loving in your approach: “Mommy is not trying to pun As parents, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to ish you by saying no to chocolate cake for make a genuine contribution to Canada’s future by taking a sensibreakfast. I love you and I want your body ble three-pronged approach to the health of our children. to be strong and healthy!” Parents can find a plethora of online and print resources on the The early years present the best time to both introduce children to a subject of childhood fitness. CBC’s excellent “Live Right Now” inivariety of healthy foods and to serve those foods creatively. A child who tiative - - contains information, suggestions and challenges for families. Challenges for families, as does turns her nose up at fish may love it when served with a fresh fruit salsa. participACTION Canada online at Busy families benefit from preparing foods ahead of time, having veggies at the ready for afternoon snacks and taking advantage of healthy The future is now when it comes to the health of our most valuable resource! prepared foods from the supermarket. To make its recommendations more achievable, The Public Health Agency of Canada has reduced the suggested amount of time children should engage in physical activity from 90 to 60 minutes a day. Although many Canadian children participate in some sort of lessons, the 30 to 60 minutes a week that classes such as dance, skating or gymnastics provide falls short of even the reduced guidelines. Movement needs to be incorporated into daily life. Fortunately, children embrace the chance to move when parents provide it. Parents can model good health by taking the family along to walk the dog, planning physical activities on the weekends such as skiing, tobogganing, swimming or golf or providing a mini trampoline and exercise ball in the playroom at home. New technology brings gaming to a physical dimension as well, via Nintndo Wii and Xbox Kinect, which engage the child in movement while playing video games.

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2011 • 7

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RELAX relax..... with a good book!

Changing My Mind – A Memoir by Margaret Trudeau


In this deeply moving memoir, Margaret Trudeau speaks with candour and insight about the illness that silently shaped her life -- a life lived often in turbulence and in the public’s fascination. Plagued since childhood by extreme moods, Margaret was ill-prepared for the high-profile role into which she 2/17/11 was 2:02 1 cast PM at agePage twenty-two, as Canada’s youngest first lady. Captivated by her high spirits, youth and

BIKINI BAY chiropractic generation





roots sears shoe warehouse


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beauty, Canadians fell in love with Margaret, just as they had with her charismatic husband, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, three years earlier. When their first son, Justin, was born on Christmas Day and their second son, Sacha, on the same day two years later, this couple seemed almost enchanted. But away from the cameras and the public appearances, and increasingly isolated at 24 Sussex Drive, Margaret struggled with a growing depression offset by bouts of mania. Her behaviour seemed inexplicable to many -- including to herself -- and two years after the birth of their third son, Michel, the marriage broke down. Gradually, though, a fragile stability took hold, as Margaret found happiness in work as a photographer and in her marriage to Fried Kemper. But the tragic death of Michel Trudeau, closely followed by Pierre Trudeau’s own passing, caused her to spiral into suicidal depression. Finally accepting the diagnosis of bipolar, she sought medical treatment. Under intense international scrutiny, Margaret Trudeau has survived remarkable highs and devastating lows. Since regaining control of her life, she has brought her formidable passion to helping others, be they Canadians suffering from mental illness or families living without access to water half a world away. A recipient of the Society of Biological Psychiatry Humanitarian Award, she now offers her journey of recovery, acceptance and hope, and generously shares with us many previously unreleased photos, in one of the most important memoirs to come out of this country Mrs. Trudeau will be signing her book at The Health and Fitness Expo – May 1st in Belleville. Book description brought to you by GREENLEY’S BOOK STORE – Downtown Belleville HEALTH & FITNESS NOW: SPRING

2011 • 9


100K courage, cancer & 100K by charlene cowling-zeljkovic

“You want to remove my ENTIRE breast?” Forty four-year-old marathon runner and single mother Kristin Crowe cried in stunned disbelief to her surgeon. “How bad is this?” A mere one week earlier, on November 4, 2009, at the physical peak of her life and less than one month after running the Long Beach City Bank Marathon in California, Crowe was stunned to hear her family doctor say during a routine breast exam, “I don’t like the feel of this.” “I knew right there,” she said. And one week, a battery of medical exams, and a train wreck of emotions later, a diagnosis of breast cancer was confirmed. “IS IT EASY? NO. IT HURTS. IT’S HARD. BUT, THAT IS WHERE THE FEEL GOOD COMES FROM. YOU HAVE TO HAVE GONE THROUGH THE PAIN TO GET THERE. AND YOU CAN SAY


“It was just crazy,” Crowe said, eyes welling slightly. “Here I had been balling crossing the finish line of the marathon and less than a month later I’m balling for a totally different reason. I live life healthy and I get hit with the ‘Big C’.” The tragic irony of this is not lost on any of us. Five years earlier, trying to fit clean eating and fitness into her already over-thebrim filled life crammed with running three businesses and raising two AAA hockey players alone, petite powerhouse Crowe took up running largely because of it’s convenience. She became hooked and she ran her first half marathon two to three years later in May 2009. At kilometer 13 of that marathon, she spotted her two young sons, Brady and Colby, pumped full of pride and “yelling their

heads off.” “It was a burst of energy. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Seeing them just gave me everything I needed to finish,” said Crowe. Little did she know just how prophetic that moment would be, and how vitally instrumental her connection with her two boys was going to be in saving her life. Devastated, she drove herself home, made dinner for her children and her visiting mother and brother, all the time keeping the information to herself while her brain swirled. At the end of dinner, with the kids out of the room, she announced, “I’ve got a bomb to drop here,” and proceeded with her diagnosis. Immediately wrapped in her brother’s arms, Crowe gathered the strength to tell her two boys. The next evening she calmly explained her diagnosis. Her eldest son Brady screamed out “NO, Mommy!” Crowe believes her son was terrified that she would die as her father had unexpectedly one year earlier. Her youngest son, Colby, “Was like a deer in the headlights. He just stared at me.” Heartbroken for her sons, she was struck by the enormity of her task: fighting cancer, essentially alone, while not destroying her sons’ lives. Gut wrenching mother love kicked into full gear. “I have to be strong for them.” “The most frightening time for me was going into surgery and wondering what they would find. It’s the fear of the unknown. You can work yourself into a frenzy. The mental piece is huge. You wonder, am I going to live? Am I going to die?” One week later Crowe had her mastectomy. “The worse part of the surgery was the physical devastation. When it is first done you look like Frankenstein. You look at HEALTH & FITNESS NOW: SPRING

2011 • 11

yourself in the mirror.” She pauses here and her anguished face says it all. When results from surgery indicated traces of cancer on the lymph nodes, doctors recommended chemotherapy. Crowe’s horrified reaction was, “I’ve lost my breast. Now I’m going to be bald. Great.” Chemotherapy was “scary as hell” for clean-eating Crowe who was now forced to accept a multitude of poisons directly into her veins. Horrified, she gave serious consideration to refusing chemo and using alternative health options instead. Then the reality of this life and death decision gripped hold of her and she thought, “How selfish of me when I look at

during this period Crowe said, “I was in survival mode. I did what I had to do to get through the day.” “Some days I couldn’t even walk and it was all I could do to just make it to the end of the driveway. But I still went. I was outside, breathing fresh air, having movement and mobility.” At this critical period she was grateful for the meals dropped on her doorstep. Getting through the day meant some form of exercise and fueling her body. And the comfort food delivered by friends, family and neighbours was just that: comforting. “I’m blessed with people in this community,” said Crowe of the overwhelming support she has received.

leaning heavily on the love of her boys and Lance Armstrong’s example picked up the fight once again. After nearly five weeks of radiation therapy, Serendipity knocked on her door. “It was the third week of July and the Link Pink Event called to me from TV,” said Crowe of Lance Armstrong’s challenge to raise money for breast cancer and the opportunity, for a select few, who managed to raise the hefty $25,000 entry fee, to ride alongside him. Her interest was immediately piqued. The chance to meet Armstrong and fight breast cancer alongside him was irresistible. Fortuitously, she had started biking casually in preparation for a dream

my boys. I have to do it. I have to suck it up and take the poison.” Summoning all of her mental and physical strength, as an athlete and mother, Crowe picked up the fight again. The transformation of her body and her energy levels was justifiably devastating and, at times, she found herself reeling with the impact. “I just ran a marathon and some days I couldn’t even get up. How can this be?” she railed. Chemotherapy treatment was every three weeks from January to April 2010 and when asked if she tried to maintain her eating clean and exercise regimen

It was during those dark days of chemotherapy that a friend gave her one of Lance Armstrong’s books. Armstrong’s book, said Crowe “Just gave me hope.” She immediately related to Armstrong’s inspirational fight and recovery. “This guy has been where I am and he got his physical fitness back and beyond and so I thought it is ‘doable.’ ” Hard on the heels of chemotherapy, came more bad news: radiation. Crowe was emphatic that this was one treatment she was definitely not going to do. But when the radiation oncologist laid it on the line as a life and death decision she,

trip to Italy that had been in the works for two years. Crowe entered a mad flurry of fundraising and, again, embraced by her community, raised an incredible $45,000. Crowe was the only breast cancer survivor cycling the 100 km in the mountains of Jasper, Alberta, and although tempted at times, she never took the “sag wagon” (a truck cyclists and their bikes you can hop onto for a break). And like an icon for “anyone can have a dream” she was named one of the five top fundraisers, earning her a seat at dinner with legendary Lance Armstrong. She was completely blown away. Looking back on the benefits of her


healthy lifestyle when fighting this disease Crowe summed it up succinctly saying, “My body was fit. My stamina and endurance were huge.” Since the completion of her radiation therapy in July 2009 Crowe describes her life as a series of hospital visits for her three-week doses of Herceptin, MRIs, Mammograms, CT Scans, MUGA Scans and the list goes on. She also is on Tamoxifen for five years, which comes with its own set of side effects. She remains upbeat, however, stating, “As much as the juggling of all of these appointments is a pain, the good news is that they are keeping a very close watch over me.” Addressing the dream and transition of

moving from couch potato to moderate exerciser, or runner to marathon runner as much as of her own personal cancer battle, Crowe says, “Is it easy? No. It hurts. It’s hard. But, that is where the feel good comes from. When you push through the pain that gets you to the end result. You can then look back and take satisfaction. Nothing in life is easy. The really big rewards don’t come easy. You have to have gone through the pain to get there. And you can say to yourself you did it. Nobody else did it for you.” Crowe rates her current fitness level at 70% of what it was before diagnosis. And despite the continuation of drug therapy, she can feel her energy level returning.

To get her health and overall fitness level back, she works out at least five to six times a week, with at least one day of rest. Workouts typically consist of 30 minutes of cardio by either running outdoors (her favourite) or on the treadmill, or exercising on the elliptical, followed by 30 minutes of weights. At her most recent appointment with her oncologist Crowe said he not only approved of her fitness regime but went a full step further by saying that staying fit and eating healthy would help prevent the cancer from returning. “Now if that’s not motivation, I’m not sure what is!” exclaims Crowe.

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2011 • 13


at home




Right leg start, chest up, look forward. Step up and down lightly on the bench. Head & shoulders on ball, hips and buttocks tight, arms straight over chest – lower weights until you feel a stretch of your chest muscles.

SQUAT WITH BALL Place ball behind the small of your back, against wall. Feet shoulder width apart. Hinging at the hips lower to a sit, push into your heels and push to starting position. Keep belly button pulled in during movement.



Arms on hips or pumping.

Knees slightly bent. Hands are loose.


Contract your abs pull bellybutton into your spine, tighten glutes left legs up together – hold at the top return slowly. 14 • HEALTH & FITNESS NOW: SPRING 2011



Position ball under hips & stomach, toes on the floor. Arms lay straight at sides gaze at floor, slowly lift chest while pushing shoulder blades down. Hold at top, Do not raise to the point of pain.


For this at home workout all you need is a stability ball and anything handy, such as water bottles or tin cans that you can use as weights. Check out the chart on page 26 for the number of repetitions and level of intensity.



Hand on wall. Toes, knees and hips face forward. Back foot is on toes. Head & shoulders on ball, hips up. Arms are straight over your chest – palms face each other. Lower weights, bending at the elbow only. Slowly return.



Use three different positions: 1. two feet 2. two feet toes out 3. (hardest) one foot – pumping


Use bottles of water. Easy to find weights around the house. HEALTH & FITNESS NOW: SPRING


Start in lunge position, jump and land with legs changing position, land with soft knees.



Place hands on either side of ball, lean slightly forward so that you create a line from ear, shoulder, hips and knees – Bend at the elbow, lowering your chest to ball.


Lower back knee to 90” angle, front knee over ankle.

2011 • 15

If you are like many of us, you have already made and broken your New Year’s Resolution to get active. I want you to change your mindset right this second and ask yourself what activity could I enjoy this winter? What are your inner passions?”

We are in a most challenging part of our season because of the short and cold days. This makes it especially difficult to put your fitness plans into action. Have you ever wanted to learn how to ski or snowboard? Snowshoe or hike? How about learning how to skate or just get out with your kids to the toboggan hill? I want to encourage you to put on warm clothes and get out to your favorite trail, hill or arena. 10 years ago, I made a decision to stop dreading winter and ended up having the best season. I was able to experience the winter in a way I had never imagined. I finally understood what it felt like to be on a ski lift with the winter sun on my face. I marveled at the feeling I had by snowshoeing into Egan’s Shuts (a spectacular water fall east of Bancroft) but most of all I was doing and accomplishing something I had never done before... enjoy winter. Your goals may be different... but you have them. Now stop procrastinating and commit to your first winter experience. It won’t be any easier next month, next season or next year. So Start Living Now!

Al’s adventures

in fitness by alison kemp


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Q: Can one pill relieve joint pain?

A: Glucosamine is not glucosamine. Most

supplemental glucosamine is highly processed and chemically reacted. Not eggshell membrane glucosamine! The glucosamine from eggshell (NEM®) is not isolated or reacted but rather allowed to exist in its natural matrix containing NAG, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, methylsulfonylmethane, chondroitin, silica, collagen and other proteins essential for healthy joints. Clinical research using 500 mg doses once per day of this very eggshell membrane powder demonstrates therapeutic results in just 10 days for most in the test group and as long as 30 days for the more difficult cases. Just one pill per day of NEM® does work to relieve joint pain and swelling and improve mobility and flexibility.

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get out of yourWORKOUT workout blahs

Have you found yourself on that same old treadmill routine, making lists in your head, answering text messages on your phone, just putting in time? It’s easy to fall into the rut and become complacent and bored with your cardio exercise. It’s time to break out and the first change is your mindset. Think to yourself .....this is MINE, ALL MINE! I get 30 minutes, 4 to 5 times a week, all to myself to improve my health and my sense of balance and well-being. I WILL use my time with purpose and intensity because this is MY TIME!

Rev It Up Interval Training: You can be a walker or jogger and still follow this routine. If you are outside, you can use perceived exertion to help you pick the appropriate intensity. Remember 1 is a stroll in the garden and 10 is being chased by a large growling dog. Stay focused on your workout and alternate your intensity levels by changing speed or incline at the correct time. During the recovery intervals, take the time to be body aware, are your shoulders tight and lifted towards your ears, are your fists or jaws clenched?

by tanya bent

T ime Intensity Incline 5 min walk 0% 5 min walk/slow jog 0% 1 min speed walk/fast jog 0% 2 min walk/slow jog 2% 1 min speed walk/ fast jog 2% 2 min walk/slow jog 0% 1 min speed walk/fast jog 2% 2 min walk/slow jog 0% 1 min speed walk/fast jog 2% 2 min walk/ slow jog 0% 1 min Fast speed walk/run 2% 2 min walk/ slow jog 0% 5 min walk 0%

Rate of Perceived Exertion Level 3 Level 4 Level 6 Level 4 Level 6-7 Level 4 Level 7 Level 4 Level 7 Level 4 Level 8 Level 4 Level 3



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Lisa Botting is a busy lady. The mother of two active boys, Tyler and Shane, she works full time at Belleville General Hospital. Her husband Steven works full time on shift. As a result of his fluctuating schedule, she doesn’t always have help with the after school and weekend shuffling that comes with parenthood. Despite her crammed schedule, she has still made time to get healthy and active and over the last year, has lost 50 pounds. Seeing the positive impact her transition has had on her life, we asked her to share some highlights of her triumphant journey over the last year. by brenda blake



BB: I keep hearing about your weight loss! Can you share some of the details? LB: I joined Weight Watchers a year ago on January 14th, 2010. I basically had a really good life but was not happy with certain parts of it. I didn’t think that the weight I wanted to lose was attainable. The hardest part for me was walking through the Weight Watchers door but since then I haven’t stopped! Thus far I’m at 50 lbs! BB: What prompted you to not only begin this weight loss journey but to really hold yourself accountable and stick with it? LB: A bit over a year ago, after Christmas, a few of us girls from work had decided to join— there was a girl that had joined 2 months earlier and had lost 20 lbs. She looked great, she was so happy and had so much more confidence in herself that I thought that I had nothing to lose—except the weight. It was time. Time to make a change. BB: Have there been any obstacles that you’ve had to overcome? LB: Life gets busy, you have to make sure that you’re organized. And the weight has come off slowly, 1 lb or ½ a lb at a time, but it’s not about a deadline, it’s about the rest of your life. You watch what you are doing and stay aware of what you are eating. BB: You’ve changed quite a few of your eating habits. What’s one crucial rule of nutrition that you will now live by? LB: Always, always eat my fruits and vegetables! You take away something from every


meeting at Weight Watchers. One example is that when you go to the grocery store, you focus on the outside aisles—the vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products. BB: What gets you through the days when you struggle? LB: It’s only one day; you’ve got tomorrow. I tell myself, “Look how far I’ve come!” It’s about the bigger picture. Just get back on track. I wake up every day amazed; I know it’s going to be another great day! BB: What advice would you give to anyone considering a weight loss journey such as yours? LB: Stay with a healthy program and follow it. Get support and ask for help. You can accomplish anything if you stick with it! As we wrapped up our conversation, Lisa said she was looking forward to the future—more so than she had 10 years ago—and was even planning a trip to the Dominican Republic for her up and coming 20th wedding anniversary. Before saying good-bye, I squeezed in one more question, asking Lisa what she would say to the person she was before January 14th, 2010. She quickly replied, “I wish I had done it sooner.”

I ask two vital questions of each patient that comes to my office: How’s your energy? And: How’s your sex drive? I strongly believe a change in either of these factors is a very good indication that something is out of balance with your health. Unfortunately, a lot of us are out of balance. According to an extensive study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, about 43% of women and about 30% of men experience symptoms of sexual dysfunction, including lack of desire, arousal issues, inability to orgasm or ejaculate, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse, lack of enjoyment, erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety. Sexual function is a lot like lean muscle—if we don’t use it, we lose it—and there are many health benefits that come with it, including:

INTIMACY three solid reasons to have more sex by dr. natasha turner, nd

Stress Reduction: Many of us know that a healthy sex life can help eliminate stress. A great orgasm encourages the release of oxytocin, a hormone that negates the adverse effects of stress hormones, makes us feel calmer and more relaxed and can even lower our blood pressure. Sex, alone or with a partner, improves our sleep and reduces the risk of depression—essential factors in maintaining lasting health, preventing fat gain and improving hormonal imbalance. Anti-Aging: Orgasms also spark an anti-aging surge of DHEA. So having at least two orgasms could magically slow your aging process! Scientists have looked at 100-year-old men and women who have maintained sexual intimacy, love and function well into their advanced years. Turns out these centenarians living in Okinawa, Japan, and Bama, China, have higher levels of testosterone, DHEA and estrogen than typical 70-year-olds in the USA. Appetite and Craving Control: Sex is a basic human need, just like food and shelter. You won’t be surprised to learn, then, that our desire to “get

some” is controlled by the hypothalamus, which also regulates our appetite, body temperature and circadian rhythms. Many of the same hormones that are involved in appetite regulation also control our sex drive. The dose of dopamine we get from sex, which increases steadily to the point of orgasm and then declines, helps curb our need to feed. Apparently, the hormones released immediately after we have an orgasm shut down the dopamine pathways in the brain involved in stimulating desire for both sex and food. Can you imagine better news for appetite and craving control? My advice to you is this: if you have noticed a change in your libido, don’t let the latent underlying cause go unaddressed. Many factors beyond relationship issues, aging and stress interfere with a healthy libido including depression, performance anxiety, obesity, low testosterone, lack of self-confidence, diabetes or blood sugar imbalances, high blood pressure, prostate conditions, arthritis, lung conditions or osteoporosis (these may interfere with the physical ability to engage in sex) and prescription medications, particularly those for anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. We guide our patients through a process to help them get back in balance at Clear Medicine but you can begin this same progression on your own right away by following the clear outline in The Hormone Diet. Remember, good sex is good for you.


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for the LOVE of food by birgit wartenberg

Naturally sweet and crunchy, even the pickiest eaters usually like carrots. Their bright orange colour makes them a wonderful addition to most salads and they are the perfect side dish. Did you know that carrots are also one of the most nutritious root vegetables available? The deeper the shade of orange, the higher the carrot is in beta-carotenes. These beta-carotenes become vitamin A in our

bodies, important in the promotion of good vision, healthy lungs and often reduced incidents of heart disease. In addition, carotenes may help reduce the incidence of many cancers significantly. And if that’s not reason enough to eat your carrots – They are also high in fibre, calcium and potassium and they contain antioxidant Vitamins C and E. Try the following tasty carrot recipes to boost your health and calm your hunger.

Carrot and Coconut Salad

4 cups loosely packed grated carrots (about 4 medium carrots) ½ cup sultana raisins ½ cup toasted pecans (broken roughly into pieces) 1 cup grated fresh coconut 3 Tbsps lemon juice

Combine carrots with raisins, pecans and shredded coconut Sprinkle with a dash of salt and lemon juice Toss together and serve chilled. Serves 3-4

Carrot Soup with Cumin 5 large carrots, peeled and finely chopped 2 small garlic clove, chopped 3 medium shallots, chopped finely 3 ripe tomatoes skins removed and chopped (or 1 large can diced tomatoes) 2 teaspoons ground cumin 3 cups low salt vegetable stock 1 bouquet garni* 2 tsp sherry Pepper Balkan style yogurt for garnish


Place everything except the sherry and the yogurt in a large saucepan on the stovetop. Bring ingredients to a low boil then reduce the heat and simmer for 30 minutes or until the vegetables are tender. Remove the bouquet garni and remove the pot from the stove. You may process the vegetable in a blender or use an emulsion blender to purify the vegetables right in the existing pot. Once the vegetables are blended into a soup add the sherry to the pot and reheat. Serve warm with a dollop of Balkan Style yogurt and sprinkle of cumin. *bouquet garni - A traditional French herb sachet – we use parley, thyme and a bay leaf bundled in cheese cloth and tied at the top with a string. This is cooked in the pot with soups and then discarded.

FAMILY recharging your relationships 4 TIPS TO REJUVINATION

“He’s so negative.” “She constantly nags me.” “You never listen!” Why can’t relationships be easy? Just like everything else in life, relationships need to be worked on. You wouldn’t reach a certain level of fitness in your life and then stop working out and expect to maintain that level of fitness, would you? Ok, maybe you would but unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to. You have to keep working out. The same is true with relationships. You need to keep working at them to keep them in good shape but often times we don’t. We get busy with work, chores, obligations and our relationships suffer. We begin to point out things that are wrong, “he never cleans up after himself” or “she’s always telling me what to do.” We start to grow distant because we haven’t given the time and attention the relationship needs to grow. Great news! You can start recharging your relationships, now. It doesn’t matter how old the relationship is or the type it is. Simply taking the time and effort to make a few small changes will begin to make the difference. Here’s how:

by barb langlois, rn bsn msn

both left feeling good. A little appreciation goes a long way. Look for (and find) what you genuinely appreciate in your relationships and share it! You’ll be glad you did. Speak from “I” We’ve learned to disown our feelings and experiences by speaking from “you:” “You always make me feel guilty,” or “When you go buy a coffee and the person behind you . . .” To own your feelings and experiences try making statements that begin with “I:” “I noticed I feel guilty when you say that” or “When I bought a coffee, the person behind me . . .” Speaking from “I” allows you to be more specific, gives clarity to the person who is listening and gives them an opportunity to respond to you without feeling they have to defend themselves. Speaking from “I” is a powerful place to speak from.

( )

Sprinkle In a Little Appreciation We live in a world where we are bombarded with negativity and unfortunately our mindset often takes the same focus. We point out the other person’s faults (we know they need us to do that), what won’t work and what we don’t like. While this may be somewhat useful at times (just can’t think of when), making a conscious effort to have a positive mindset and showing some appreciation will definitely improve all your relationships. For example, my 15 year old son leaves cupboards open, food on the counter, and dishes on the table (yours’ too?). In my frustration I grumble, “Why can’t you clean up after yourself?” He responds in a defensive way (because I’ve put him on the defence) and the conversation deteriorates from there. Sound familiar? I thought so. I decided to be more appreciative of him. When he puts the milk in the fridge or his dishes in the dishwasher, I say “thank you for doing that. I really appreciate it,” and I mean it. I take the focus off what he isn’t doing right and put it on what he is doing right. The result is a positive response from him (a nod, smile or . . . grunt) and we’re

Sprinkle In a Little Appreciation Speak from “I” Listen Fully

Add a Dose of Fun

Listen Fully Are you really listening or are you thinking about what you are going to say when the other person stops talking? To listen fully means suspending judgement, giving eye contact and hearing what the other person is actually telling you. Listening means being present and not distracted by electronic devices or “to do” lists swirling in your head. People often want someone to just listen to what they have to say (and not fix them). Listening is the most valuable skill you can develop.

Add a Dose of Fun Having fun adds sweetness to any relationship. It doesn’t have to take months of planning. It can be something simple. Take your child for lunch and talk (don’t forget to use the above tips), go for a stroll with your significant other and hold hands, or turn on some music and dance in your living room with your family (close the blinds if you’re not confident in your dancing ability). You might feel silly or awkward but that is what creates a great opportunity for fun. It’s the little things in life that matter and therefore it’s the little things in relationships that matter. Take the time to try out these tips. Putting them to use will definitely recharge your relationships. HEALTH & FITNESS NOW: SPRING

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Jen ask


Dear Dr. Jen – I want to be the best Mother and Wife that I can, but with a demanding full time job, three busy children to run here and there and the little bit of volunteer work I feel I need to do – I’m beat…How can I have more energy and less stress?

A Learning through

EXPERIENCE Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core.

- Dr. Maria Montessori

28 Oriole Park Avenue Belleville, ON

t.613.966.7672 22 • HEALTH & FITNESS NOW: SPRING 2011

So many times I hear women say “I’m tired all the time”. Delve a little deeper and you usually discover that these women are balancing caring for children, running a home, and working in some capacity! No wonder we’re all so tired. I’m guessing that we also do the lion’s share of the housework, cooking, and children “stuff” (you know, school notes, buying clothing, booking appointments, shuttling to various lessons, and so on). With all these balls in the air, no wonder women are juggling their energy and sanity along with it! Try to throw a social life, a sense of spirituality, and some personal time (oh yes, and don’t forget time for your spouse), and it’s no wonder women literally drop with exhaustion! The suggestions below often make me tired thinking about them, but have worked for many harried moms over time – even though they feel like more balls to juggle. 1. EXERCISE – (seriously) – carve out some time in that insane life to get sweaty. Aim for 20 minutes three times a week of whatever you enjoy (brisk walking, jog-


ging, dancing in your kitchen, elliptical). Why would a tired person want to exercise? You’ll actually feel more energized when you’re done, even if getting started is a challenge! Exercise helps burn off stress hormones secreted throughout the day, and boosts your metabolism. Plus, you’ll sleep better, too. 2. EAT WELL – try to minimize your intake of processed and packaged foods. Unfortunately, these products are marketed with busy families in mind, but you’re likely to feel more energized if you can bake your own chicken and toss your own salad one night a week instead of grabbing it from the grocery deli. Although the food companies mean well by providing you with convenient lasagna dinner, your body has to process large amounts of salt, sugar, and preservatives. 3. DELEGATE – stop and examine all those balls you are juggling. Is there anything someone else can do for you, like housekeeping, laundry, shopping? Can your spouse pitch in more at home? Would a babysitter for a few hours on the weekend make more time for yourself? 4. JUST SAY NO – is there anything on your plate that you can live without? Perhaps a social obligation you really don’t want to attend? A committee that you don’t need to be on? Take an honest look at what activities your family really enjoys and needs to continue with.

5. THE “GOOD ENOUGH” FACTOR - We put a great deal of pressure on ourselves to be good mothers, loving wives, fantastic employees, and so on. Tired, busy moms may want to adopt the idea of being “good enough” rather than perfect! So what if your cookies for the bake sale were from a mix; they got the job done and you saved some time. Same concept for being a mom – the “good enough” mom is all a child needs, to provide love, nourishment, shelter, and a stable childhood. Perfectly clean houses and perfectly planned extracurricular schedules not required. 6. CHECK UP – see your own physician to rule out medical causes of fatigue (for instance thyroid problems, diabetes, or anemia).


Dear Dr. Jen – A good friend of mine is just starting menopause – and I can’t be too far behind…it’s got me thinking about Hormone Replacement Therapy. When do you know HRT is for you? Are there more natural routes?


Menopause is actually defined as not having any menstrual periods for a 12 month period. The average age of menopause in Canada is 50 years, but can occur anytime between age 45 to 55. While nearing menopause, many women complain of hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irregular menstrual cycles and bleeding, and mood changes (like anxiety and depression). Since these symptoms can last at least a full year or longer, many women consider HRT. HRT can come in numerous forms. There’s the traditional estrogen replacement that most women think of, in the form of pills, patches, gels, vagi-

nal creams. It’s often combined with a second hormone, progesterone, and is prescribed to most women. Oral contraceptive tablets are also used as HRT to help control irregular cycles. HRT is often effective at improving symptoms, and is thought to have other benefits. Natural products can also provide a modest improvement, most commonly phytoestrogens (like soy), or black cohosh. HRT is not right for every woman, of course, especially those with a history of breast cancer, blood clots, or women who smoke. Be completely honest with your doctor about why you want to try HRT, you and your family’s health history, so that you can come up with the best possible HRT fit. DISCLAIMER:

this information is for general purposes

only and is not intended for use as medical advice.

Please consult your health care practitioner for advice tailored to you.

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To book appointments


Dr. Tracy Bray

Visit me at Mystical Moments 147 Front Street Downtown Belleville

263 Bleecker Ave at Victoria Belleville, ON


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MOVE events to keep you moving! EVENT





Public Skating – City of Belleville Assorted Arenas

Assorted dates until end of April


Public Skating – Quinte West Frankford Arena Trenton Arena

Wednesdays: 12:00-2:00pm Sundays: 2:00-3:30pm Tuesdays: 1:00-2:15pm Saturdays: 8:00-9:00pm Sundays: 12:00-1:30pm

FREE SKATE $2.00 FREE SKATE $2.00 $2.00

Public Skating– PEC

Saturdays: 2:00-4:00pm Sundays: 1:00-4:00pm

Adults $3 – 12 & up Youth $1 – 12 & under

Mondays & Thursdays: 1:00-3:00pm

Adults $3 – 12 & up Youth $1 – 12 & under

Wellington Arena Picton Arena

Family Skates – PEC Wellington Arena Snowshoeing, Hiking Trails and Events Pitter Patter 5/10K Run

The Frink Centre - 381 Thrasher Rd, Plainfield

Loyalist College

April 10th, 2011 Adults: $25 Registration: 8:30-9:30am Students: $15 Run: Starts at 10am

Rotary Trump Aids 5K Poker Walk Bay of Quinte Yacht Club April 16th, 2011: 12:00-7:00pm Charity Walk Registration: 11am

Pledges Required

Constable Ann Earle at or 613-966-0882 ext. 4077

The Health and Fitness Expo Wally Dever Arena, April 30th – May 1st, 2011 $5 per day Belleville Kids under 6 FREE Featured speakers include Margaret Trudeau, Rachel Cosgrove, Lincoln Leapers, Body Building. Guest Pose w/ Fouad Abiad and Active Games Wall! Quinte West Half Marathon (Run/Walk or Relay) 10K, 5K, Childrens Walk

May 1st, 2011 Registration: 9am

$40 Children Walk Free or email

Your Personalized Fitness Prescription Awaits Your Personalized Fitness in-home personal trainingPrescription Awaits health & wellness • in-home personal training online to help keep you accountable • health & follow-ups wellness • online follow-ups to help keep you accountable Visit us online to continue your journey towards fitness healthyour journey Visit us online& to continue towards fitness & health website: Facebook: Your Fitt/Meredith Leadbeater Facebook: Your Fitt/Meredith Leadbeater 613-968-4544


Your Professional Home Builder







Ken Sykes Run 5K Run/Walk

West Zwicks Island, Belleville

May 7th, 2011


Belleville Runner’s Club Spring Thaw - 4K/10K Run/Walk

George St. Boat Ramp, Belleville

May 8th, 2011 – 10:00am Registration: 8:30am – 9:30am

$20 - under 19 $25 - over 19 or 613-962-1333

Relay for Life – Brighton June 3rd, 2011 - 7pm to 7am Requires a team of 10+ Relay for Life – Bancroft Millennium Park June 10th, 2011 - 7pm to 7am Register now Relay for Life - Belleville Loyalist College, ON June 17th, 2011 - 7pm to 7am Relay for Life - Picton Picton Fairgrounds June 20th, 2011 - 7pm to 7am 25th Annual Surf & Turf Relay Race CFB Trenton June 10th, 2011 – 9:00am $136 - DND team Registration: TBA $200 - Non-DND 60K team relay (up to 8)– Run, Canoe, Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Cross Country Run, Swim or 613-962-0686

County Kids of Steel Triathlon Bike-Swin-Run Kids ages 6 to 17

Begins at PEFAC June 12th, 2011 $35 - $40 13263B Loyalist Parkway or call 613-476-7776

Canada Day 5K Run

Zwicks Park, Belleville

July 1st, 2011 - 10am

$10 or Lisa Refausse

Quinte Triathlon & Duathlon Batawa, ON

July 10th, 2011 $65 Registration closes July 8th, 2011 613-392-7752

Rotary Loves Kids Golf Tourney Charity Golf

July 15, 2011

Black Bear Ridge & Trillium Woods


To find a Trail near you for everything from cycling, sledding, skiing, equestrian, climbing, snowshoeing and more visit

3rd annual sponsored by The Quinte Mall

September 25, 2011

10K Run, 5K Walk/Run & Kids 1K Run Details at

disclaimer – this list is not comprehensive and changes to events may be made without notice – please use this list as a guide only and confirm data at the source. health and fitness now welcomes your “get movin” event. please email to check our website for update to this list between issues

Discover the BIG BENEFITS of our SMALL COLLEGE! Dental Hygiene Dental Assistant Level II Dental Office Administration

Personal Support Worker Medical Office Administration Office Administration


of Advanced Technology

Call for start dates and more information about our exciting programs! 270 Front Street, Belleville Ontario

For more information visit or call A d mi ssi on s at 1-866-391-1129 or (613) 962-7846 ext. 242

A Rewarding Career with Every Diploma! HEALTH & FITNESS NOW: SPRING

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at home (continued from page 14-15)

Are YOU in the shape you want? • Quick and easy results using grocery store foods and herbal supplements • One on one counselling with ongoing maintenance support • Diabetic, menopausal, adolescent and other specialty programs available


66 cents per day in March & April with full weight loss program when you mention this ad!





Exercises Group 1 Step Ups

Get Started Repeat Once 3x/week

Give Me More Repeat Twice 2x/weel

Challenge Me Repeat 3x 3-4x/week

R/L 20x

R/L 20x

R/L 20x

Chest Fly Lunges

10 R R/L 10x

10-12 R R/L 10x

10-12 R R/L 12-15x

10 R

10-12 R

10-12 R

15-20 R 1 min

15-20 R (w/wts) 1 min

20 R (w/wts) 90 seconds




10-15 (2 feet)

12 each (all 3)

R/L 15x (1 foot)

Glute Lift Back Extensions Jumping Lunge

12 Reps 8-10 Reps 5-10 Reps

15 Reps 10-12 Reps 10 Reps

15-20 Reps 12 Reps 10-15 Reps

Bicep Curl on Ball

10 w/wts

15 w/wts

12-15 w/wts

Triceps Extension Group 2 Squat with Ball Jumping Jacks Push Up Calve Press Group 3

269 Palmer Rd. N., Belleville


health & fitness APRIL 30 & MAY 1, 2011 WALLY DEVER ARENA


Owner of Results Fitness in California & author of “The Female Body Breakthrough”.

IFBB Pro Body Builder speaks about “Sacrifice without Regret” PLUS a Guest pose not to be missed!

Special shopping discounts with your E-COUPON at


Sun. 11am

Sat. 2pm

Former First Lady & Best Selling Author of “Changing My Mind”, Mrs Trudeau speaks candidly about her own challenges with Mental Health & her journey out of the darkness.


Sat. 11am

Sun. 2pm


SATURDAY and SUNDAY 10am-5pm

THE LINCOLN LEAPERS Double Dutch Skipping Champions – straight from the Raptors half time to show to us!

INTERACTIVE GAMES WALL Featuring Wii, Playstation Move, and Xbox Kinect. Sponsored by Walmart! SHOW SPONSORS

Smitty’s Appliances

Health & Fitness NOW Magazine: Spring 2011  
Health & Fitness NOW Magazine: Spring 2011  

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