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fo od Vegetables & Fruit Flour — Buckwheat, Rye, Spelt Herbs & Edible Flowers Plants/Trees — citrus and fruit 1927 County Road 10, Picton, Tel. 613-476-5250

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With the popularity of the locavore movement, shopping at your local farmer’s market has never been more trendy (or delicious!) and it boasts the added feel good benefit of putting dollars back into the local economy. In this region, our market scene is bountiful with a cornucopia of choices. In the first of a two part feature, Healthy Living Now makes friends with some of the local farmers at your nearby markets!

stirling farmer’s market NEW LOCATION: 98 East Front Street When: every Saturday morning, 8 am – 1pm, May to October Featured Vendor: Donna Russett of Russett Farms How long farming: began with a dairy farm in 1959 How many years coming to Stirling Market: 7 What do you sell: government inspected grain fed beef, apples in season, preserves and baking All in the family: Donna’s son and daughter in law help with the operations and run a second Russett stand at the Campbellford Market each week Also found at the Stirling Market: Seasonal produce, handmade arts and crafts, restored antiques and more.

belleville farmer’s market Location: Market Square beside City Hall When: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, all day, year round Featured Vendor: Sharon Kleinsteuber of Kleinsteuber Farms How long farming: the Kleinsteuber family has been farming since 1912, and currently owns a farm in West Lake, PEC. How many years coming to Belleville Market: Sharon can remember helping at the market as a child in the early 1970’s. What do you sell: Everything as the seasons progress - cut flowers, hanging baskets, perennials, herbs plus a wealth of fresh fruits and vegetables, including 3 kinds of corn. All in the family: “We’re fourth generation farmers - four generations of my family have sold their produce at the Belleville Farmers’ Market” Also found at the Belleville Market: honey, baked goods, ethnic foods, fair trade coffee, maple syrup, fresh pressed cider, organic meats, emu, hemp products, art, crafts and more.

Healthy Living Now - June 2012 Issue  

June 2012 issue of Healthy Living Now