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Please look over your ad carefully and check for: heads of state in history met at the Earth pect of ourAddresses activities, but we failed to make– Spelling – Dates – Corrections or Alterations – Phone Number G R E AT T H I N G S C O M E I N Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event the point that our lives, health, and liveliApproved/Signature: was meant to signal that economic activhoods absolutely depend on the biosphere A S M A L L E R PA C K A G E ity could not proceed without consider– air, water,Date: soil, sunlight, and biodiversity. COMBINED 37 MPG (3.7L/100KM) ing ecological consequences. But, aided Without them, we sicken and die. This Watershed Magazine will pernot be responsible for errors beyond final approval. by recessions, popped financial bubbles, spective is reflected in spiritual practices and tens of millions of dollars from corpothat understand that everything is interYour approval via email is acceptable. Please send to: jcarter@wate rations and wealthy neoconservatives to connected, as well as traditional societies support a cacophony of denial from righthat revere “Mother Earth” as the source twing pundits of all that and think tanks, matters in environmenlife. “We have not, as a species, come to grips tal protection When came to be with the explosive events that have changed we believe portrayed as an the entire G R E AT T H I N G S C O M E I N our relationship with the planet.” impediment to world is A SMALLER PACKAGE COMBINED 37 MPG (3.7 L/100KM) economic exfilled with pansion. unlimited This emphasis of economy over envi“resources” provided for our use, we act acMEET CANADA’S FIRST – AND ONLY – ronment, and indeed, the separation of cordingly. This “anthropocentric” view enPREMIUM SUBCOMPACT** HYBRID. the two, comes as humanity is undergovisions the world revolving around us. So ing dramatic changes. During the 20th we create departments of forests, fisheries PRIUS C IS A BOLD NEW COMBINATION OF STYLE, century, our numbers increased fourfold and oceans, and environment whose minSPACIOUSNESS, FUN-TO-DRIVE PERFORMANCE, to six billion (now up to seven billion), we isters are less concerned with the health THE HIGHEST RATED FUEL-EFFICIENCY OF ANY moved from rural areas to cities, developed and well-being of forests, fish, oceans, or VEHICLE WITHOUT A PLUG, AND A PREMIUM virtually all of the technology we take for the environment than with resources and LIST OF STANDARD FEATURES, ALL AT A VERY granted today, and our consumptive apthe economies that depend on them. AFFORDABLE PRICE. IN FACT, PRIUS C IS THE BEST petite, fed by a global economy, exploded. It’s almost a cliché to refer to a “paraPRICED HYBRID ON THE MARKET! We have become a new force that is alterdigm shift”, but that is what we need to **SUBCOMPACT CLASS PER R.L. POLK CANADA, INC. ing the physical, chemical, and biological meet the challenge of the environmental properties of the planet on a geological crises our species has created. That means FINANCE RATES STARTING FROM 2.9 % FOR 36 MONTHS OAC scale. adopting a “biocentric” view that recogIn creating dedicated departments, we nizes we are part of and dependent on the V EE HH II CC LL EE II SS YYOOUURR NNEEXXTT V made the environment another special inweb of life that keeps the planet habitable N YY OO UU TT HH II NNKK CCLLOOSSEERR TTHHAAN terest, like education, health, and agriculfor a demanding animal like us. ture. The environment subsumes every asLearn more at

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Healthy Living Now - June 2012 Issue  

June 2012 issue of Healthy Living Now

Healthy Living Now - June 2012 Issue  

June 2012 issue of Healthy Living Now