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I Often Wonder . . . How Does My Financial Picture Measure Up?

Is my money doing the best it can? Do I really have everything I need to manage my money? Will my retirement play out the way I pictured it? Will my money cover my family’s needs? Will my money be safe?


HFM Wealth Management

“ Concerns about risk, income, or lack of clarity about goals may point to the need for a better-knit planning process.� Affluent individuals or families at some point may feel the need to do a better job of managing their financial affairs. Or they realize that they have less time, energy or desire to deal with the demands of financial complexity. Concerns about risk, income, or lack of clarity about goals may point to the need for a better-

knit planning process. Investments may have become scattered over the years. Methods of handling everything just may not feel like a good fit anymore. It may be that a promising career has begun and there is simply a need to lay a solid foundation for a long financial life ahead.

HFM Wealth Management


I Feel Better When . . . the HFM Team is Working for Me.


HFM Wealth Management

What Exactly Am I Getting? • Objective Financial Planning • Constant Investment Oversight and Plan Execution by a Team • Budgeting Tools • College Savings Strategy • Seminars on Special Topics • Continuity During Disruptive Life Events • Investment Policy Statement • Identification of Estate/Inheritance Planning Needs • Needs Based Investment Allocation

• Management Across Investment Disciplines • Ongoing & Annual Reassessments • Strategy for Travel, Leisure, and Spending • Simplification • Retirement Planning and Income Generation • Social Security Tips • Powerful Online Tools for Better Organization • Tax Sensitive Investing

• Risk Management HFM Wealth Management


Having Your Whole Financial Picture In One Place Is Made ... Efficient, Timely, and Seamless the perfect second home .. . Can spring onto the horizon suddenly when the time and the price look right. A couple

needed us to check quickly what range of offer was affordable for them, including what cushioning to include for additional taxes and expenses. After careful planning HFM helped assess the impact on cash flows and whether a second home was within reach. Documents placed on the client web portal allowed them to retrieve the information they needed from out of town.

a once-in-a-lifetime trip .. . Was that much more enjoyable for our client, once she was reassured after some careful planning by HFM that the expense of the trip would have no undue impact on her long-term financial picture.

the potential for outliving your money .. . Didn’t have to be a constant worry for our athletic client whose parents lived past 90. HFM’s long term planning gave him a way to get a better sense of how his assets might behave under a variety of scenarios over the long term in various markets.

market volatility can be unnerving.. . Especially if you depend on your investments to pay the bills. A sit-down

with the HFM team for a cash flow review reassured one client that her program is set up to satisfy her income needs regardless of market swings.

an estate plan written some time ago .. . May or may not be out of date. HFM can arrange for a complementary 3rd-party professional initial review of documents to assess the need for changes.

when to start collecting social security .. . .Was a decision that could materially affect the total benefit one married couple could receive over time. HFM helped them examine their options.


HFM Wealth Management

Personal Web Portal

Vault Safely store your most important documents for quick and easy access.

Education Center Your own library of videos, articles and resources to increase your financial knowledge.


Organizer Connect all your accounts and information for an organized, consolidated view.

Financial Workshop See if you’re on target to reach your most important financial goals.

Spend Tracking Know how much you’re spending and where.








Interactive charts and detailed views provide you with increased visibility into your accounts.

Budgeting Tools Set budgets to help you reach your savings goals.

Mobile Your complete financial picture is now accessible from most smart phones.

HFM Wealth Management


It is Time to Create a Plan for Investing My Money ...

• Context, Assumptions, Tax Status • Risk Tolerance & Considerations • Definition of Objectives • Investment Guidelines, Special Restrictions • Needs Based Asset Allocation • Liquidity Requirements • Industry/Sector Exposure Evaluation • Consideration of Other Major Assets • Measurement & Reporting Guidelines


HFM Wealth Management

... An Investment Policy Statement

“ The core objective of this portfolio is to provide retirement income for Katie and Jon, while moderating their

investment risk ...�

HFM Wealth Management


I Meet with HFM as Often as Makes Sense ...

Net Worth History Net Worth Statement


HFM Wealth Management

The Net Worth History report shows, for the specified period, the assets compared to the liabilities, as well as the difference.

. . . So I Can Get a Check-Up on My Financial Health

Market Value vs. Contributions

Performance By Asset Class Discounted Cash Flow Method Net of Fees

HFM Wealth Management


Sensible Alternatives for Busy Families ... Start with Another Set of Eyes on Your Financial Life For wealth creation and preservation, retirement income, education funding, generational wealth transfer, risk control or just peace of mind, HFM Wealth Management offers sensible alternatives that sort out these issues. We use the combination of human attention, tools and techniques that are a good fit for you. Tap into the perspective that comes

“ Together as a group, we work to develop a road map for each family or individual...attending to needed adjustments along the way.”

from an average of more than 25 years of specialized and broad experience across the team.

Our firm’s complementary experience managing assets and risk for institutional clients including banks, insurance

Together as a group, we work to develop a road map for each

companies and endowments gives high net worth

family or individual. We identify aspirations and needs and

families the added benefit of an institutional level of

then manage each client’s portfolio in a way that allows those

sophistication in money management. Our experienced

goals to be met, attending to needed adjustments along

operations staff eases the way through account changes

the way.

and transactions.


HFM Wealth Management

A Team Delivering Advisory Services Since 1989 A TEAM APPROACH

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Portfolio management Financial planning and cash flow analysis Direct access to all team members Services based on specific needs and preferences Advisory-fee-only, non-commission compensation structure Access to HFM network of resources (legal, tax, business and family consulting services)

• • • • •

Employee stock option program monitoring Investment grade fixed income security selection, in-depth attribute analysis Attention to interest rate risk and credit risk Taxable and tax-exempt selections Analytics tools and market price discovery techniques for fixed income securities

Communication and meetings in person, home or office, by phone, or online


Web portal: Net worth aggregation, budgeting and planning tools

Average experience 25+ years

Risk management

Hold CFAs, MBAs

Income generation

Equities & fixed income securities specialists

Experienced operations staff takes care of transitions and transactions

Investing in equities across all sectors with a preference for dividend growth Selection of attractively priced companies with strong financials and leading market positions

HFM Wealth Management


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