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Raising The Limits of Human Potential

Who We Are Human Factor International is a global Executive Coaching practice with clients on five continents. We partner with leading organizations and individuals to “Raise the Limits of Human Potential� by leveraging our clients human capital advantage for breakthrough business and personal results.

Our Service

Executive Coaching We help executives leverage their human capital advantage. We provide highly customized coaching programs utilizing a range of diverse leadership coaching approaches and cutting edge coaching tools. We work with highly motivated executives who are top performers in their field. Our global perspective on coaching is unique in the industry and we currently service a global client base of senior executives and high potential managers from a variety of industries. Executive coaching is an ideal solution to raise the bar on your current level of performance or to close the gap between where you are and where your aspire to be.

Transcultural Leadership Coaching Transcultural leadership coaching is designed to help the overseas organizations and offices of multinational companies to better develop local talents and understand local market. We deploy statistically validated cultural assessments that measure a person’s work style preferences against different dimensions of culture. We provided comparison tools generate an analysis of cultural gaps by comparing your cultural profile with national and regional cultural profiles.

Vitality, Stress & Energy Management We understand the connection between human body and brain, and how vitality and wellness affect the quality of leadership, and energy for performance. Our world class vitality team includes doctors, coaches, nutritionists, and fitness trainers experienced working with executives to increase executive stamina. Our partnership with world’s best hospitals and access to the latest research puts our client programs on the cutting edge of this emerging field.

Executive Image & Personal Branding Your image and personal brand speak volumes about who you are and what you are capable of achieving. Our certified team of Image Consultants and related professionals work with clients to align their image and personal brand to obtain maximum impact and effectiveness. Š Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Our Group

About 8-Lions Group

• Executive Coaching • Transcultural Leadership Coaching


• Training & Development • Organizational Learning

High Impact Image

• Executive Image and Personal Branding

• “Six Thinking Hats” Program Authorized by Edward De Bono

• HR Consultancy Services • Outplacement & Career Transition © Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Our Approach

Global Excellence meets Local Experience We strongly believe that our approach leverages the strength and credibility of global best practices while taking advantage of local experience. Our partners in HR Services, Training and Development and Executive coaching allow us to deliver cutting edge resources to Asia. Š Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Our Coaching Model

The HFI coaching model is a cutting edge integrated approach to coaching focused on “Raising the Limits of Human Potential”. The HFI Model provides a foundation for the design of the coaching engagement which is customized for each client’s unique situation and focus. Using the HFI Model, the coaching engagement is designed to help executives close the gap between where they are and where they want to be in their personal and professional lives. Coaching to increase the limits of the executive’s potential is distinct from coaching for improvement. Improvement in and of itself is set in a paradigm of the trappings and limitations of the past. Coaching is focused on the present and the future where the executive is seen to be creative resourceful and whole. HFI has established itself in the niche of coaching focused on high potential executives. Coaching is results focused and delivered one-on-one over a defined length of time which usually lasts between 6 months and 1 year. The HFI Model is integrative in approach and deals with the complete executive in a holistic way including business and personal dimensions. The focus of the HFI Coaching Model is not to help the executive eliminate problems. We believe that problems will always be present and that we create new problems via the very solutions we use to solve existing problems. In order to raise the limits of the executive’s potential to an extraordinary level we need to create extraordinary problems upon which the executive can direct their attention. The model draws from many areas, including the latest thinking in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, adult learning theory, creativity, strengths based management and leadership development research. © Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Our Coaching Model

The HFI Model applies the most recent breakthroughs in neuroscience to coaching. In practical terms this means that the mental act of focusing attention during the coaching conversation stabilizes the associated brain circuits. Over time, paying enough attention to any specific brain connection keeps the relevant circuitry open and dynamically alive. The increased focus over time results in new insights which are wide scale changes to the circuitry of the brain that can change behavior, how the executive perceives the world, and how the brain works. This new insight is a key step in creating new possibilities and getting the desired new results. Given the limited capacity of human working memory, many small bites of learning, digested over time, are more efficient than large blocks of time spent in workshops. Keeping this in mind, the HFI Model includes 1 hour coaching sessions spread over an extended period time in order to leverage the way the brain works. We believe that coaching is easier to deliver and receive when it has a clear structure and framework behind it. The HFI Coaching Model provides a welldefined foundation ensuring the process of coaching is professional, accountable and rigorous. Because of this methodical approach, the model is ideal for coaching senior executives and managers working in a business environment. Š Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Our Coaching Model

Elements of The HFI Executive and Transcultural Leadership Coaching Model

• Emotional Intelligence • 360 degree Feed Forward • Personality & Psychometric Assessment • Outclassing the Competition • Etiquette Advantage • Intercultural Awareness • Personal Effectiveness • Creativity & Thinking Skills • Wellness, Health and Vitality • High Impact Image • The Power to Be • Observing ‘meaning’ • Leadership Presence • Coaching Conversations • Human Performance Improvement Technology • Accountability & Measurement • Raising Limits • Creating Extraordinary Problems © Human Factor International. All rights reserved.


Our Global Team


Team Team Š Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Jeffrey Jones, GPHR |

Managing Director, Executive Coach

Jeffrey Jones is the Managing Director of Human Factor International, an Executive and Transcultural Leadership Coach and an expert on Human Potential, with over 20 years of Asian experience in human resources, training and development, and coaching in multinational corporations. His corporate experience in the telecommunication sector included a global Training & Development directorship with Millicom International Cellular. Jeffrey has lived in Asia for 20 years and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese. Jeffrey attended Rutgers University and Beijing LC University and holds Executive Coaching Certification from Columbia University where he is a founding member of the Columbia Coaching Alliance and Chair of the Emotional Intelligence in Coaching Learning Group. He is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Margaret D'Onofrio |

Executive Coach

Margaret’s career spans more than 25 years of accomplishment in diverse organizational structures. A founder in two successful businesses, Margaret understands the energy and focus required to create business from the ground up. She is the founder of Houston's most well respected outplacement firm and an Executive Coach with Human Factor International's US based team. Margaret's passion lead her to launch her Houston based executive women’s networking group that helps to identify and develop female executive’s unique wisdom and experience. She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO). Margaret attended the University of Pittsburgh and holds an Executive Coaching Certification from Columbia University where she is a founding member of the Columbia Coaching Alliance.

Dr. Michael Cassatly, DMD |

Executive Coach

Dr. Cassatly is a Certified Coach, a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and President of MedAchieve. His unique experience of over 25 years as a surgeon provides a one-of-a-kind connection to client physicians and medical practitioners who share his passion for making the practice of medicine fulfilling, meaningful and profitable. After 25 years as a founding partner in a highly successful multi-office, multi doctor surgery practice, Dr. Michael Cassatly transitioned from his first chosen profession into coaching due to the long term physical strain of surgery. Determined to maintain his lifelong commitment to healing and making a difference in healthcare, he turned his energy toward coaching. With many years of higher education already completed, he went back to school at Columbia University in New York to earn a business coaching degree and subsequently founded MedAchieve, a professional coaching company focused on helping healthcare practitioners and organizations maximize their potential.

Mai Vu |

Executive Coach

Mai Vu is an Executive Coach and Entrepreneurial Visionary. She is a senior trainer for CTI, one of the US's oldest and most respected schools of coaching. Mai was the first certified Asian woman coach and coach-trainer, and has trained close to 1000 people in the skills of coaching. Her commitment as a leadership coach is to assist her clients in unlocking their potential, to channel their abilities toward a common goal, and to learn to serve and be a good steward. In 2006, she joined Human Factor International to organize Vietnam's first ever coach training seminar. Mai is also a course facilitator at Stamford University's MBA program. Mai trained as an engineer at Cal-Poly and studied OD at the JFK School of Management.

See More of Our People, Please Visit © Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Justin Bridge |

Executive Coach

Justin Bridge is a London-based Executive Coach that delivers leadership coaching, training and top-team facilitation to blue-chip organizations in the UK and all over the world. He began coaching in April 2003 after seven years as a management consultant and five years in industry. Justin specializes in coaching senior executives to be more conscious and effective leaders, with a deeper understanding of the role of leader and a broader span of leadership influence. The portfolio of work encompasses both one-to-one and Board level group-coaching activities, one-off team-building or leadership training engagements and multi-party long-term leadership consultancy and coaching programs.

Sally Harrison |

Executive Coach

Sally Harrison is a Certified Executive Coach, Consultant and Principal with twenty plus years’ experience as a trusted advisor to organizations and individuals. Her track record spans: developing and enhancing capabilities, driving strategic change and assisting companies, teams and individuals undergoing significant change. With a background focusing on key leadership roles across diverse industries and companies, large and small, she has served organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to VC-based/emerging growth firms as well as academic institutions. Working with high-potential executives across many disciplines, her expertise and objectivity has helped clients achieve desired outcomes empowering them to: navigate change, augment effectiveness, enhance competitiveness and accelerate growth.

Phil Guo |

Director of Business Development in Asia Pacific

Phil Guo is the Director of Business Development & Client Services of Human Factor International in Asia Pacific. From self-made multimillionaire entrepreneurs in Asia, to CEOs and country managers of leading companies in their industries, Phil's entrepreneurship-oriented working style keeps him work with international clients in 12 time zones at the same time, and effectively use of the advantages of the differences of time zones to manage his cross-border business. Phil is a native of Shanghai. As a world traveler, extreme sports lover, and passionate about raising the limits of human potential, he believes the future is full of unlimited possibilities that call forth the best in people both professionally and personally.

Sonya Barnes |

Executive Image & Personal Branding Consultant

Sonya Barnes has worked with 4 out of the top 10 Fortune 100 Companies where the professional approach and cutting edge skills made her the "go to" consultant for professional development. With over 10 years of experience, she is skilled in interpersonal communications, visual appearance and non-verbal communications. Corporate culture and personal brand strategy through effective employee development is the foundation for her mantra of “Excellence by Choice.” Sonya currently serves on the International Board, AICI as VP of Education. She is a member of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and the Greater Charlotte Chamber of Commerce where she was recently named as one of Six Generations of Innovators.

See More of Our People, Please Visit © Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Our Clients

Our clients represent a broad cross section of global and local organizations. Many of our clients consider their work with HFI as a key part of their competitive market advantage and do not allow us to publish their information. A partial list of our satisfied clients: Š Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Our Clients Say

“We have seen significant results – each manager is moving towards their goals.” -- Iain Williams

-- Laura P. Dagan CEO, Dwight Asset Management Company

CEO, Airtel-Vodafone “All I need to say is coaching works.” -- Pierre Lauzeral Country Director, L’Oreal “My leadership, especially international leadership skills have been significantly developed over the past 2 years coaching program, and now I am more confident working in Schneider Electric.” -- David Zeng Industrialization Manager, Schneider Electric “Jeffrey Jones is proactive and experienced. He can provide very practical comments to people he coaches. He has insight and influence.” -- HR Director, SC Johnson “Jeffrey has a warm and friendly demeanor. It was obvious that his approach to preparing clients for cross-cultural relationships is thorough, thoughtful and based on a high level of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Jeffrey to anyone seeking to develop the critical cultural skills and awareness necessary to succeed outside their home country.”

“Jeffrey demonstrated a unique blend of challenging the process to expand our collective vision of what coaching could achieve for our clients, while at the same time, supporting the process in terms of where we are based on the state of the practice and putting things in place to take our work to new heights. It is with high praise that I recommend Jeffrey Jones to clients. You will be very pleased with your decision!” -- Terence E. Maltbia Director, The Columbia Coaching Certification Program, Executive Education, Columbia Business School “We had Jeffrey Jones as a speaker at one of our forums on executive coaching. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about this subject and is truly an inspiring speaker.” -- Cathy Loose Principal, Mercer © Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

Our Clients Say

“Jeffrey Jones is an extremely effective coach and trainer. He is clear, creative, personable and well prepared. He sees and fosters his clients greatness, championing them so that they gain the confidence they need to do it for themselves.” -- Lynne Marks President, London Image Institute “I have engaged and experienced many coaches over my 30+ year career, and Jeffrey Jones stands out as a truly gifted coach. He has an uncanny ability to get at the heart of any matter business or personal. Jeffrey's insights for an old-world professional organization were brilliant. With minor change of direction his ideas when implemented could revitalize, redirect, and change constituent perception from an organization creating roadblocks for the members to an organization dedicated to supporting members to expand their businesses.” -- Carla Mathis Founder and President, Body Beautiful “Coaching helped me gain the clarity, confidence and commitment to live the dream I’ve held in my heart for so long. It helped me realize my vision for my company. It continues to expand the possibilities of working beyond to support the growing managers who continue this amazing transformational work in their markets all over the world! Coaching makes a huge difference. The results speak for itself.”

-- Christina Ong Founder, Academy of Image Mastery “I highly recommend Jeffrey to anyone seeking to develop the critical cultural skills and awareness necessary to succeed and wholeheartedly recommend Jeffrey's services to anyone preparing to develop cross-cultural business relationships.” -- Lou Chrostowski Executive Coach, President of Chrostowski & Association

"I am endlessly impressed with Jeffrey Jones' knowledge, skill-level and professionalism. He is a positive solutionseeker and team player. The Emily Post Institute is honored to work with Jeffrey in conjunction with our Emily Post Business Etiquette Train the Trainer Program." -- Peter Post Director, The Emily Post Institute

“Mr. Jones is an individual that strongly supports HR development in Vietnam.” -- Madame Nguyen Thi Binh Minister of Education of Vietnam © Human Factor International. All rights reserved.

About Columbia Coaching Alliance Columbia Coaching Alliance (CCA) is a world-class group of seasoned executive and organizational coaches with diverse industry experience and unparalleled capability. Each of the coaches has completed the Columbia Coaching Certification Program. Their access to Columbia's cutting-edge research in psychology, neuroscience, and organizational development establish an unmatched resource in the field and, together with their global professional network of coaching associations and support personnel, enable organizations to leverage their human capital advantage.

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