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Outclass The Competition® Dine Like a Diplomat and Build a High Impact Image for Business Success

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What impression do you create in 3 seconds? How do you attend a formal Western banquet, cocktail, or black-tie party? How do you entertain your clients with grace, confidence, and style? How do you create a high-impact personal brand? What you need to know about business etiquette and personal image to Outclass The Competition.

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} December 12-13, 2009 Shanghai·China December 17-18, 2009 Beijing·China

What Can You Accomplish? Today’s global business environment requires careful attention to personal image and mastery of business etiquette skills that integrate with the local code of conduct. Confidence and effective personal branding in business and social settings is an imperative for success.  Your personal image is an indispensable tool that illustrates business savvy, confidence in your work, and regard for the comfort of your clients. This workshop is designed to help business people in Asia gain the unique advantage to Outclass the Competition®. The program is delivered by experts in etiquette and image consulting from Human Factor International and High Impact Image, who are certified by the Protocol School of Washington® and Association of Image Consultants International. This 2-day workshop includes real-world instruction in etiquette that enables you to create


a lasting impression and produces business results at breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktail parties.

Day 1 Day 1

Essential Etiquette for Entertaining Clients and Doing Business during Breakfast Outclass the Competition

• • • • • •

Distinguish Yourself from the Competition Make an Entrance and Work the Room Handshaking – The Ultimate Greeting Introducing Yourself and Others Understand Eye Contact Improve Your Ability to Mingle

• • • • •

Host and Guest Duties Silverware Savvy The Silent Service Code Receiving Line Dining Dos and Don’ts

How to Host Clients at a Western Formal Meal Dine Like a Diplomat • Business Entertaining • Extending and Accepting Invitations • Receiving Lines • Host and Guest Duties • Toasting • Napkins • Wine Protocol • Confidence with Wine Presentation and Service

• American, Continental, and Asian Dining • Proper Utensil Handling • World-class Dos and Don’ts • Eating Various Foods • Dining Dos and Don’ts • Tipping • Cognac & After Dinner Drinks • Cigars

Hosting Clients for Results • Listening Skills • Power of Positive Thinking • Emotional Intelligence • Dealing with Challenging Clients • Conversation Skills • Suggestive Selling

• Warm Greetings • Building Loyalty with Clients • Entertaining Clients • Telephone Etiquette • E-mail Etiquette • Office Etiquette


How to Be Successful at a Standing Cocktail and Networking Event

Day 2 Day 2

High Impact Image for Your Business

• Importance of First Impressions • Visual Impressions • Vocal Impressions • Verbal Impressions • Image Through Dress • Wardrobe Tips for Women • Wardrobe Tips for Men

• Briefcases • Importance of a Quality Writing Instrument • Fragrance Management • Smart Dressing for Professional Women • Smart Dressing for Professional Men • How Clothing Colors Impress • Body Language

How to Host Clients at a Chinese Formal Meal

Color Analysis & Personal Color Palette Style Analysis - Universal Style™ • Style Shift • Skin Care & Hair Style

• Makeup Skills for Ladies • Accessories for Men and Ladies

Formal Dinner and Receiving Line

Invitation Participants will receive the 25th Anniversary Edition of Mr. Kevin Zraly’s renowned

Windows on the World: Complete Wine Course

Jeffrey Jones, GPHR Jeffrey Jones is an Executive and Transcultural Leadership Coach, and an expert on Human Potential. He has more than 19 years of experience in human resources, training & development, and coaching in multinational corporations, and is a certified etiquette consultant of PSOW®. His experience includes supervisory roles at official functions accommodating heads of state, royalty and Fortune 500 corporate leaders. Jeffrey studied at the London Image Institute and works with clients to ensure that their “Visual Impact” is consistent with an image that advances their professional goals. He studied under Carla Mathes, who is recognized as the United States’ leading expert on the psychology and use of color. He is certified to use Carla’s comprehensive color system with his clients. Jeffrey speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish, and conducts training in Mandarin on a regular basis.

Betty Chu, AICI FLC Betty Chu helps Asian and North American business people excel at business in both of these world economies. Betty is a uniquely qualified Image and International Etiquette Consultant. She was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and later moved to the Silicon Valley of California. She is a certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant trained by the prestigious PSOW®. Betty has received advanced image consultant training in both Asia and United States and is a Certified Universal Style™ Consultant. She became an image consultant after a successful career in art and design, including owning her own apparel company. Additionally, Betty hosts workshops and private consultations with a focus on image and branding.

Thomas Irre Thomas Irre is the Media Director at Human Factor International and the Director at his New York based media company, Random Act of Communications. His PR and communications career began in 1995 at The Atlantic magazine as the Promotions & Public Relations Manager; a client-facing role that required frequent dealings with U.S. Congressional leaders and C-level executives. Thomas worked in New York and Boston’s recording industry, including 5 years as General Manager of the renowned Chung King Studios in Manhattan. He developed a passion for food & wine in hospitality roles including Service Director, Dining Room Manager and Beverage Consultant for some of New York’s top chef/restaurateurs including Tom Colicchio, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Laurent Tourendel.

Jacky Sun Jacky Sun is an Executive Image and Personal Branding Consultant. Trained by Gray Lewis, the British hairdressing expert, Jacky worked with top corporate executives and politicians all over the world. Jacky has worked in the hotel industry for more than 16 years. His expertise in combining spa services and traditional Chinese medicine gained him an award as the Worlds' Top 10 Spa individuals in 2004. Jacky develops customized programs matched to his clients' unique needs and delivers thoughtful, results-oriented image consulting to clients who wish to ensure success. An additional highlight of Jacky’s career was the opportunity to meet the former U.S. President George W. Bush and former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Jennifer Bui Jennifer Bui is a certified Image Consultant and Personal Branding Expert with a keen eye for empowering her clients to unlock their full potential. Her professional training includes Image Asia Training / London Image Institute – Image Work Asia, and she maintains membership in the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Jennifer currently holds the position of HR & Administration Manager / Executive Assistant to the Chairman at Millicom International Cellular / Comvik International Vietnam, and served 4 years as an Executive at the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam. Her passion is enabling her client’s success by helping them to create an authentic personal brand that provides a foundation for achievement in their professional and personal lives.

Phil Guo Phil Guo is the Director of Business Development & Client Services in Greater China. He works closely with Columbia Certified executive coaches to provide his clients with customized coaching programs. He is a highly-regarded speaker in the area of image and personal branding, and maintains important partnerships with AICI certified image consultants around the globe. His experience includes responsibilities for talent development & training in multinational companies and academic institutions who study human potential. Phil is a native of Shanghai, a world traveler, extreme sports lover, and is passionate about raising the limits of human potential.

Our Clients Say “Jeffrey Jones is an extremely effective coach and trainer. He is clear, creative, personable and well prepared. He sees and fosters his clients greatness, championing them so that they gain the confidence they need to do it for themselves.” -- Lynne Marks, AICI CIM President, London Image Institute President of AICI

I have engaged and experienced many coaches over my 30+ year career, and Jeffrey Jones stands out as a truly gifted coach. He has an uncanny ability to get at the heart of any matter business or personal. Jeffrey's insights for an old-world professional organization were brilliant. With minor change of direction his ideas when implemented could revitalize, redirect, and change constituent perception from an organization creating roadblocks for the members to an organization dedicated to supporting members to expand their businesses. -- Carla Mathis, AICI CIM Founder and President, Body Beautiful “Coaching helped me gain the clarity, confidence and commitment to live the dream I’ve held in my heart for so long. It helped me realize my vision for my company. It continues to expand the possibilities of working beyond to support the growing managers who continue this amazing transformational work in their markets all over the world! Coaching makes a huge difference. The result speaks for itself.” -- Christina Ong, AICI CIM Founder, Imageworks Asia

"I am endlessly impressed with Jeffrey Jones' knowledge, skill-level and professionalism. He is a positive solution-seeker and team player. The Emily Post Institute is honored to work with Jeffrey in conjunction with our Emily Post Business Etiquette Train the Trainer Program." -- Peter Post Director, The Emily Post Institute

“Jeffrey’s coaching in image and personal branding transformed me into a professional who is well-dressed, stylish and distinctive. I’m very confident in presenting myself no matter where I go or with whom I meet.   Whether I'm grocery shopping, attending a cocktail party after work, or unexpectedly meeting with the CEO, the image building has helped me tremendously in my professional and personal life.  I would not have gone so far without Jeffrey’s coaching!” -- Angela Huang Developing Platform Marketing Manager, SC Johnson “Generally, I find people in technical roles are more likely to ignore concerns about etiquette and image. I think the idea of image is often mistaken for vanity or self-importance, when in fact, it's a sign of respect for those around you. I've found that well-mannered and respectful teams have more effective communications and achieve greater success.” -- David Zeng Industrialization Manager, Shchneider Electric







Your Investment: RMB 8,800 / person (Including: Day 1 – Continental Breakfast, Western Business Luncheon, Cocktail Party, and Day 2 – Chinese Business Luncheon and Formal Dinner)

1)Early Registration Benefit:20% discount before November 20, 2009 2)Double Registration Benefit:20% discount for each workshop if you also register for “Transcultural Leadership: Excelling with a Global Mindset” (December 14, 2009) 3)Triple Benefit:Your workshop fee(s) will be applied to qualifying in-house workshops and/or coaching programs within 3 months after the workshop.

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Invitation for Outclass The Competition_en (December 12-13 , 2009)  

What impression do you create in 3 seconds? How do you attend a formal Western banquet, cocktail, or black-tie party? How do you entertain y...

Invitation for Outclass The Competition_en (December 12-13 , 2009)  

What impression do you create in 3 seconds? How do you attend a formal Western banquet, cocktail, or black-tie party? How do you entertain y...