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Asia Pacific Executive Coaching Roundtable

San Francisco

November 5, 2009

Why should you engage in the discussion? Executives are playing more complex roles in today's rapidly changing and increasingly global environment. If you are doing business in Asia then this roundtable is for you. Different countries and cultures require shifts in leadership style. The discussion will focus on working with leaders in Asia, how your image can effect your relationships, and how coaching and leadership development can enable your success. This roundtable is an opportunity to join an open and stimulating environment where new ideas and insights into coaching, personal branding and image consulting can be explored. As an attendee, you will have access to the Global Roundtable results from at least 15 countries and 20 cities which will offer a look at global leadership trends and potential opportunities for business in the global marketplace.

Who should join? The roundtable is an invitation only event focused on Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, and those with strong links to developing talent and leadership competencies. As a part of Human Factor International's Global Coaching Initiative, each roundtable is sponsored and there is no cost to attend. Participants are being encouraged to donate privately to a charity or organization of their choice after the event.

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About The Events The Global Coaching Roundtable was launched by Human Factor International in December 2008. The first roundtable took place in Shanghai at 3 on the Bund with a diverse group of Executives, Entrepreneurs, and HFI Clients. The mission of the initiative is to stimulate a global conversation on coaching and leadership development from a wide and diverse range of viewpoints. The culmination will be the publication of an article sharing the global conversation with the coaching and business communities.

About The Roundtable Hosts

Mai Vu

is a Certified Executive Coach, Consultant and Principal with twenty plus years’ experience as a trusted advisor to organizations and individuals. Her track record spans: developing and enhancing capabilities, driving strategic change and assisting companies, teams and individuals undergoing significant change. With a background focusing on key leadership roles across diverse industries and companies, large and small, she has served organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to VC-based/emerging growth firms as well as academic institutions. Working with high-potential executives across many disciplines, her expertise and objectivity has helped clients achieve desired outcomes empowering them to: navigate change, augment effectiveness, enhance competitiveness and accelerate growth.

Jeffrey Jones

is the Managing Director of Human Factor International, an Executive and Transcultural Leadership Coach and an expert on Human Potential, with over 19 years of experience in human resources, training and development, and coaching in multinational corporations. His corporate experience in the telecommunication sector included a global Training & Development directorship with Millicom International Cellular. Jeffrey attended Rutgers University and Beijing LC University and holds Executive Coaching Certification from Columbia University where he is a founding member of the Columbia Coaching Alliance and Chair of the Emotional Intelligence in Coaching Learning Group. He also holds alumni status from Columbia University Business School and maintains membership in the International Coach Federation (ICF), and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Noriko Ogami

is a bilingual (Japanese/English) Executive Coach and Consultant, and a Director of Global Executive Coaching Services at Asperian Global. A native of Japan, she has more than 15 years of work experience in the global consulting field with expertise in organizational and leadership development, multicultural team management and intercultural business communication. She worked with one of Japan's largest public relations and advertising firms in Tokyo and was a Director at Clarke Consulting Group, where she managed diverse multicultural teams of consultants, researchers and trainers. She is also the producer and director of a DVD, "Cold Water," which explores the values of US American culture in relation to the value systems of non-US cultures. Her DVD is frequently used in cultural awareness orientations throughout the world.

Betty Chu

helps Asian and North American business people excel at business in both of these world economies. Betty is a uniquely qualified Image and International Etiquette Consultant. She was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and later moved to the Silicon Valley of California. She is a certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant trained by the prestigious PSOWŽ. Betty has received advanced image consultant training in both Asia and United States and is a Certified Universal Style™ Consultant. She became an image consultant after a successful career in art and design, including owning her own apparel company. Additionally, Betty hosts workshops and private consultations with a focus on image and branding.

Join The Roundtable Please Contact Carrie Penalosa Mob: +63 920 902 1394 Tel: +852 2159 9135 Fax: +852 2159 9135

Jeffrey Jones Mob: +1 917 683 9081

About HFI Human Factor International (HFI) is a global Executive Coaching practice with clients on five continents. We partner with leading organizations and individuals to “Raise the Limits of Human Potential� by leveraging our clients human capital advantage for breakthrough business and personal results.

About Columbia Coaching Alliance Columbia Coaching Alliance (HFI) brings together a group of executive and organizational coaches with diverse industry experience and unparalleled capability. Each of the coaches has completed the Columbia Coaching Certification Program. Their access to Columbia's cutting-edge research in psychology, neuroscience, and organizational development establish an unmatched resource in the field and, together with their global professional network of coaching associations and support personnel, enable organizations to leverage their human capital advantage.

Executive Coaching Roundtable in San Francisco  

Executive Coaching Roundtable in San Francisco

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