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HABITAT HAPPENINGS 3001 N Main Ave. Durango, CO 81301 • Phone (970) 382.2215 •

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From The Desk of Nadine Chaney-Orantes

Partner Family: With the challenges that this economy presents, I know that God, family and home are the places where I turn for calm reassurance and hope. The economic events happening today may cause us to MADISEN contemplate important questions. What really matters in my life? What do I value? Where will I spend the money I have? What will I do with my Kyla is a Durango native abundant gifts, talents and resources? What legacy do I create for my children and and her 11 year-old their world? daughter Madisen was As you listen to, and ponder these questions in your own life, I hope you will find born in Fort Sill Oklahoma. Their family eventuthat at Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County we focus on what really matters to ally came back to Durango when Maddie was of the families we serve; open hands, a kind heart, love for your neighbor, while buildschool age. Madisen is a 5th grader at a local ing hope and creating the security that comes with a safe and stable home. elementary school. Kyla’s mother lives in DuPlease continue to share with us the abundant gifts so graciously given to you by our rango and is an important part of their lives. Kyla Creator. Within this newsletter you will find our appeal for your participation in the has worked at Colorado Legal Services construction of two more homes in Bayfield. You for seven years and plans on furthering Remembering Our Founder, can help us bring peace and comfort to our Habitat her education at Fort Lewis College. partner families through homeownership and the Millard Fuller Both Maddie and Kyla love art! They hope that you bring to their lives and our world. enjoy being creative and sometimes At 29, Miller Fuller left his life as a getting their hands dirty in the process. Blessings to you, successful businessman and began Mixed media collage is their favorite art Nadine what is now known as Habitat for medium. Madisen is an avid reader and has an enormous book collection, her Humanity. He dedicated his life favorite books being mysteries and New Habitat Homeowners to the mission of eradicating povCalvin and Hobbs. Have Moved In! erty housing and in 1968 began Kyla had this to say about becoming a During the month of February, Danial building homes for families in homeowner: “I have never dared to and Krystal Ciluffo, Jim Kline and Laura dream about owning my own home, need. On February 3rd, he passed Pearson signed their mortgage especially in this area where prices are away at the age of 74, leaving documents and moved into their new sky high! But recently, after a lot of life behind a legacy of God’s love and Habitat homes in Bayfield! They are all changes including a divorce, finding a settling in and getting their belongings an organization to carry on his home for my daughter and me became in the right place. Angie Clay, who was a priority. Rent here is outrageous and good work. A memorial service accepted after the other families, has I was faced with the difficult choices of for Millard Fuller will be held in been making incredible progress on her having to quit school and moving away sweat equity hours and will move in Atlanta, GA, Saturday, March 14. to a more affordable place to live. I during the month of May. Bonnie Jean found my way to Habitat for Humanity The public is invited to attend. Jacobs became an owner of a Habitat and now we are so excited about our home in Forest Lakes. She has created a future and building a place we can call wall of handprints to commemorate our home! From the staff and the voleveryone who helped make unteers involved with Habitat to my homeownership possible for her. loving family and friends— I am in awe Thanks once again to everyone who of how generous and truly kind the played a part in these successes. The human heart can be, it’s amazing!”

KYLA and

families are so very grateful for all your hard work and dedication.

Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dear Friends of Habitat, In La Plata County, hardworking people such as grocery clerks, office managers, auto mechanics, nurses, teachers, emergency response personnel, childcare providers and many others who provide important services to our community are being left out of the housing market as median home prices remain high while wages remain relatively low. Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County serves the lowest wage earners with the greatest housing needs by providing nonprofit, self-help, home ownership opportunities. At Habitat, we exist to create long term change. Instead of handing over a house to those in need, we assist them to build their own. We provide an affordable mortgage, financial, construction and home repair training which empowers families and effects permanent change and stability. We endeavor to be as efficient and effective as possible. Our construction team is constantly working to make every dollar stretch and we strive to be good stewards of this community's resources. We have stepped up efforts to seek more sustainable and “green” ways to build and we are committed to having all Habitat homes be Energy Star certified as well as continue with the installation of radon reduction systems. We continue to seek out partnerships that further the cause of affordable housing and benefit all such as the one with Crowley Correctional Facility. The inmates who build the superb cabinets for all our Habitat homes gain valuable work skills and a sense of self-worth while providing us with a quality, low cost product. This year, we continue to fulfill our mission by building two homes in Bayfield, Colorado, marking the completion of our 30th home in La Plata County! However, in order to successfully complete these homes and provide the opportunity of homeownership to local families, we are asking for your financial support.

100% of your donation will fund local affordable housing construction and foster bright community change. For One Habitat Homeowner: • $2,000 will supply the shelter of roof shingles • $1,000 will hang doors that open to opportunity • $500 will light their home and life • $150 will install a window through which to view a brighter world • $75 will set a kitchen sink to complete the heart of the home • $50 will purchase a large box of nails to hold it all together • $25 will paint walls and color their lives with prosperity Every dollar given puts us closer to providing a home for a very appreciative family. Thank you, for helping to make home ownership a reality for them. I am deeply grateful for your continued support. Nadine Chaney-Orantes

Executive Director PS – An enthusiastic family is, right now, working hard to build a new life for their children in La Plata County – Please pick up your hammer (and your pen) and help “construct” a better community with us.

EVERY DOLLAR MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Please make checks payable to Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County and mail to us in the provided envelope. It’s easy and secure... Donate to Habitat for Humanity with Automatic Donation Withdrawal! If you would like to set up an automatic donation withdrawal from your checking account, please fill out the information below and send it to Habitat for Humanity in the provided envelope. Name:_________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________ Donation amount per month: $_______ Address, City, State and Zip: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Bank Name, City, State and Zip: __________________________________________________________________________________ Account Number:_________________________ Routing Number (9 digits, bottom-left side of check): ______________________ ID No. (Drivers License #): _______________________ Signature: __________________________________Date:______________

VOLUNTEER’S CORNER Volunteer Orientation Meetings Volunteer orientations serve as a valuable way for you to get familiar with Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County, the project you will be working on, the people you will be working with, and safety precautions to take while on site. Volunteer orientations for the 2009 build will take place on three dates in order to accommodate varying schedules. If you are interested in volunteering on the Habitat 2009 build, please plan on attending just ONE of the orientation meetings. March 31st @ 5:30pm at the Home Supply Store April 28th @ 12:00pm at the Home Supply Store May 26th @ 5:30pm at the Home Supply Store

CREW LEADERS, SITE HOSTS & WEEKDAY VOLUNTEERS! CREW LEADERS: Do you have construction skills and experience and would like to share your knowledge with our construction volunteers? Then Crew Leader is the job for you! Crew Leaders arrive at 8:00am and discuss the build day plans with our construction manager. They then lead a small group of volunteers in a specific task that takes more instruction and oversight. Crew Leaders are essential to the success of Habitat homes as they can provide additional and much needed education to groups of volunteers. SITE HOSTS: Do you love people and being active but construction work really isn’t your “thing?” Then Site Hosting is right up your alley! Site Hosts greet volunteers, collect liability waivers, set up refreshments in the morning and lunch at noon. They are also available for general assistance on site; such as getting water, etc. Site Hosts arrive at 7:30am and leave at 1:00pm after lunch. This is a fun and social way to help Habitat!

SPRING CLEANING? Bring your things to the Home Supply Store! MONDAY- FRIDAY 10am-5pm SAT 10am-3pm The Habitat Home Supply Store contributes to our community’s endeavor to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our efforts divert items from landfills and give home furnishings and building materials a second home and purpose. Your donations support the mission of Habitat for Humanity! Just bring them by the Home Supply Store or call to schedule a free pick up. Do you love Habitat’s mission and want to help? Come volunteer at the store! We need folks to help customers, sort and price items, repair appliances, and assist our driver in pick-ups and deliveries around the county. Call the Habitat Home Supply Store for more information. 3001 N. MAIN AVE DURANGO, CO 81301 (970) 382.9931

WEEKDAY VOLUNTEERS: Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County builds 5 days a week and we need volunteers’ help on each day! Come for a few hours or a whole day...all your time and effort is appreciated.

Please contact Jen Nail at (970) 382.2215 or if you are interested in volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County

3001 N Main Ave Durango, CO 81301

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(970) 382.2215

Permit No. 533

Habitat Staff Nadine Chaney-Orantes Executive Director Jen Nail Volunteer and Development Coordinator Michaela Cordes Grants and Office Administrator Don Moffat Construction Manager Ross Worley Lead Sales Tim Gaul Lead Sales Matt Lawrence Driver Dan Cook Yard Worker

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Aimee Stordahl

Bringing Down the Hammer...Myths and Truths about Habitat MYTH: Habitat houses lower neighborhood property values. TRUTH: Many studies of low-cost housing show that affordable housing has no adverse effect on other neighborhood property values. Habitat firmly believes its approach to affordable housing improves neighborhoods and communities by strengthening community spirit and increasing the tax base while building better citizens through the cooperative efforts involved in Habitat construction. MYTH: Habitat for Humanity was started by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. TRUTH: Habitat for Humanity International was started in Americus, Ga., in 1976 by Millard Fuller, along with his wife, Linda. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, are longtime Habitat supporters and volunteers who help bring national and international attention to the organization's house-building work. They lead the annual Jimmy Carter Work Project to help build houses and raise awareness of the need for affordable housing. Since the first work project in 1984, more than 2,000 houses have been built in conjunction with JCWP events.

Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County | Spring 2009 Newsletter  

Habitat of Humanity of La Plata County Durango, Colorado Spring 2009 Newsletter

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