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Bishop Hoffman Catholic School Board of Directors Election Election Weekend: March 6 – 7, 2010 Composition of the Board There will be twelve members of the Board of Directors (BOD). Saint Ann, Saint Joseph, and Sacred Heart Parishes will each have four representatives. Each Pastor retains permanent membership and will appoint two representatives from his Parish. The remaining seats will be filled through individual Parish elections. The Superintendent will be an ex-officio (non-voting) member and the Bishop of Toledo will name an exofficio delegate. Primary Duties and Functions of the Board • • • • • • • • •

Ensure the financial viability of the school through the support and participation of the local and surrounding parishes Ensure quality programming for all students including the areas of religious education, secular academic subjects, and co-curricular activities Oversee the general policies and operations of the school system Develop and approve the objectives of school system in light of the mission statement Determine policies that shall guide the Principal and administrative staff in furthering the objectives of schools Promote Bishop Hoffman Catholic School in the community Review and approve the annual budget, and monitor budget reports at regular intervals throughout the scholastic year Establish tuition rates and fees Make a written report annually to the Bishop of Toledo concerning the state of Bishop Hoffman Catholic School Election Information

The following pages contain a section for each Parish. The first two individuals on your Parish page are the parishioners who were appointed to the Board of Directors by your Pastor. For your information, a short biography and picture has been provided. Each Parish section has an area that lists the parishioners who were nominated for election. The parishioner filled out an application and a summary has been printed next to his or her picture. Next weekend, you will have an opportunity to vote for a representative from your parish and we ask that you vote for only one person. Ballets will be collected via a second collection at all weekend masses, March 6th and 7th.

Saint Ann Parish Pastor: Father Tom Extejt Appointed Parishioners Amy Salazar – I want to bring the ideas and talents that I have developed from the two Catholic schools that my son has attended. As a customer service representative for the State of Ohio, I have learned how to make quality decisions, quickly and decisively.

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Vince Militello – I want to see Catholic education thrive in Fremont. A consolidated system will allow us to enhance our curriculum and further challenge our students with new opportunities. I have served on the SA School Council and I am a business owner in Fremont.

Parishioners Nominated for Election Becky Long – I am a true believer in Catholic education and I am passionate about my child’s education. I strive to be fair and impartial and I want Catholic education to work for those who choose to embrace it. I am employed as an office coordinator at Memorial Hospital. Kathy Stierwalt – I am a lifelong resident of Fremont and am a graduate of St. Joseph High School. Five of my children are graduates of SJCC. I want to play a role in forming the Bishop Hoffman School System and to be active in my 3rd grader’s Catholic education. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and am currently a Family Nurse Practitioner at NOMS.

Saint Joseph Parish Pastor: Father Dave Bruning Appointed Parishioners Denice Hirt – I would like to continue serving our school system and assist the leadership in providing a strong, faith-driven education for our children. As an elementary principal, I have experience in publishing information that promotes education and in designing and enforcing policies that govern our district. Tim Cullen – I believe our consolidated system requires a Board with vision, experience, and a long-standing commitment to Catholic education and I want to help with this key transition. I have served twice on the SJ School advisory and currently on the SJCC advisory. I am employed by the FCS as the Director of Student Services.

Parishioners Nominated for Election Mary Yeager – I am pleased that the consolidation is moving forward and I would like to give back to the Catholic schools by sharing my knowledge and experiences. I would like to help ensure a successful transition. I have over 35 years of experience in the education field as a teacher, administrator, and curriculum consultant. Chad Collins – I feel like my experiences in the business field and being a business owner would be an asset to the Board. I have served on the SJ Advisory Council and was president for two years. I have experience with balancing a school budget and I will make the best possible decision based on the available information. Anne Marquis – As a retired teacher from Catholic schools and a current substitute teacher in the Junior High level, I am concerned with the retention of our students. I see the value of a strong religious foundation and I am enthusiastic for Catholic education in Fremont. I was a member of the Catholic Identity Committee. I am organized and will follow projects through completion.

Sacred Heart Parish Pastor: Father Ken Lill Appointed Parishioners Elaine Rosengarten – I want to help unite the parishes and schools and to promote Catholic education to make it stronger for the future. I also want to serve as a voice for parents who have concerns about their child’s education. I am the purchasing manager for Terra State with an education and background in finance. Patrick Militello – I have been very involved in and am committed to the unification of the Catholic schools in Fremont. I want to create an improved, stable system for future students. I have served on SH School Advisory, as Athletic Director, Men’s Association, and on HFFT. I have a business background in manufacturing.

Parishioners Nominated for Election Susan Barbour – I am an active supporter of Catholic education and served on the consolidation committee 18 years ago. I remain dedicated to creating the best possible Catholic educational system for our children. I have served on the SH School Board, CEDF Director and on SJCC Alum & Friends Board. I am a transcriptionist at Memorial HCS. Mark Boukissen - It is a very exciting and challenging time for our schools. It would be an honor to work with all three parishes to create a stronger system and I look forward to helping facilitate a system where we all work together. I have owned a business for 29 years and have learned the value of budgeting. I also understand the concept of financial responsibility. Mary Lou Corthell – I wholly believe in and support Catholic education. I will have grandchildren in the system for many years and I would be happy and proud to serve on the BHCS Board. I have served on SH Finance council, assisted in the creation of the SH endowment fund, and have experience in grant writing and public relations.

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