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Laxatives in Weight Loss- Ex Lax _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ By Adward John -

Laxatives are now very known especially as an aid to your weight loss. In fact, there are many prominent persons who admittedly use laxatives. There are different types of them but their use depends on the action it takes in your digestive system. Yet, are laxatives safe in your body? What is really the use of laxatives in weight loss? Let me share to you, then, the use of laxatives in weight loss and when can it be used in your goals to fat loss. Learn More About Ex Lax

There are many kinds of food that you can eat which produce a laxative effect in your digestion. One of this is the natural food. Since constipation sometimes occur in your weight loss diet, these laxatives are very helpful to give remedy to the problem naturally. These natural foods that produce laxative effect are not the same as the drugs or any treatment that you can see in the market. They are natural and are healthy in your body. Some examples of these are pineapple, apple, tomatoes and etc. The second type of laxatives is the one that makes your stool retain water to make it heavier. This type of laxative is called the bulk forming laxatives. Such kind of action in your digestion will help you to have an easy bowel. This can be achieved by eating other natural food like broccoli and other fruits and vegetables. Metamucil can be also part of this type. Metamucil is known to be a great supplement to help you in your bowels. It contains fiber that promotes digestive health.

Furthermore, mineral oil, dioctyl sodium and sulfosuccinate are also other forms of laxative. They are categorized as stool softener and lubricants. This type of laxative helps to have an easy movement of your stool inside your intestines. Another purpose of this is to make your stool heavy by allowing liquid to mix with it and thus, have an easy movement.

The fourth type of laxative is known to be as stimulant laxatives. This type of laxatives can only be used if you have found the other three types of laxatives ineffective. Stimulant laxative helps to have an easy bowel by creating contractions in your digestive tract. Such contraction results to easy removal of your stool. However, you have to use this when you are at home or you have a proper place for bowels. It is because stimulant laxative takes effect within two hours. The other types, meanwhile, can take effect for how many days. To lose weight fast with laxatives can be very effective. However, you have to be cautioned that these laxatives are not recommendable for everyone. Once you become dependent to these laxatives, you may have health problems later on. Furthermore, your weight loss diet will not become healthy if you will be relying on them. Why? You might not absorb the nutrients on what you have eaten because you have removed them fast.

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