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What To Look For Before Buying Your Camcorder Waterproof Camcorder _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Arnold Joy -

Being able to capture any of life's exciting; import and fun moments should never be restricted by where you are on land or in the water. Now thanks to technology we have the Waterproof Digital Camcorders around. Now you can enjoy all the wonderful moments just by simply recording them to your waterproof camcorder regardless of where you are: at the beach in the water, in the lake or any wet or dry environment. There is nothing like enjoying and reminiscing about all the exciting memories you had when you are watching the video you took when you were swimming in the crystal clear Caribbean ocean last vacation. You feel like you are there again.When choosing a Waterproof Camcorder there some things you need to look forResolution or picture quality: see if your camcorder takes video in high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) a waterproof HD camcorder gives you a richer cleaner picture and better quality when compared to SD one.

What Is Waterproof Camcorder

Optical zoom and digital zoom: The higher the optical zoom the better the camcorder is able to take from farther away. Say x12 is better than x8 or x10. Optical zoom is better when compared to digital zoom so look for a camcorder with optical zoom.

Megapixels: The more pixels, the higher or better quality the image resolution is and the sharper the image will be. For example a camcorder that takes pictures up to 12 Megapixels (MP), the quality of the pictures will be better than one that takes up to 8 or 10 Megapixels (MP) which will look fussier when blown up twice it size when compared to 12 (MP) picture the same size. Image stabilization/ still images: Helps you to steady the images and helps to eliminate some of the movement caused by your hands and surroundings giving you a better image.Simplicity: How complicated or how easy the camcorder is to control or use. You do not want to be fidgeting trying to get the right settings or to take a video and just when you are able to do so the shot you were trying to get is gone.

Battery life and the camcorder's recording time: you do not want a camcorder that needs recharging every five minutes if you get what I am saying. You want to be able to enjoy filming with out any interruptions. How many hours of full video motion your camcorder is able to record is also important.Waterproof depth (Waterproof up to x meters x feet): always check how far down in the water your camcorder can go up to before you perches it to see if it will suit the activities you what to do with it.

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