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Interesting Information

6W Reports

INTERESTING INFORMATION POSTER PROJECT Each year as the first quarter begins, the 6th graders complete a poster project in library class. There are several objectives for the project: •

Practice Microsoft Word skills.

Add Microsoft Word skill: flowing text around a picture.

Introduce a sequence of research skills.

Reinforce citation skills.

Sequence of Research Skills: •

Can You Find What You Need? – students use the online catalog to find books that might answer their research question. Then they go to the shelves to locate the book(s).

Read and Evaluate—students read relevant parts of the book(s) and decide if the book meets their needs (can they answer the research question).

Create—students are given a set of written instructions for formatting the poster. They also create a Works Cited using MLA format.


Share What You Know—students print copies for a wall display and also save copies to the Student Shared drive. Ms. Harris uploads the posters into this online book that you are reading now!

Next, we will work on in-text attribution.

We hope you enjoy reading our current work!

Interesting information By: Braydon Spaulding

A glass gets watery from condensation because The air around us always contains some water Vapor. Water molecules move rapidly through The air and hit everything in their paths. The Molecules bounce off most warm surfaces but stick to cold surfaces.

Works cited Wick, Walter. A Drop of Water. New York City, New York, United States: Scholastic, 1997. Print.

Interesting information By: Cassi Semple

Has Barack Obama always lived in Washington D.C? No he hasn’t. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Then when he was 6 he went to Indonesia with his parents. He was 10 when he came back to Hawaii and stayed there for 4 years. When he was 24 he went to Chicago, IL and worked as a Community Organizer. He was 27 when he went to Harvard Law School. He married Michelle Robinson (First Lady Michelle Obama) in 1992 and had 2 daughters. In 2008 he was elected as the 44th president of the U.S.A.

Works Cited Barack Obama: A Day in the Life of America’s Leader. Time for Kids. Des Moines, IA, 2009. Print.

Interesting information By Ashley Spencer

It takes a long time to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).First comes 4 years of college. 1 year of working with vets and animals. Some vets go on to become experts in one area. This takes 2 to 5 years so about 10 years of study.

Works Cited Thomas, William D. Veterinarian. Pleasantville, New York, United States: Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2009. Print

Interesting information By Sara Tatman

The difference between a moth and a butterfly is that moths are less color full than butterflies. Also many moths rest with their wings open then closed. Moths also often have fatter bodies covered with furry hairs.

Works cited Bishop, Nic. Butterflies and Moths. Broadway NY: Scholastic Ink, 2009.

Interesting information By: Erin Brown

A snow flake starts when water vapor sticks to a cold speck making the speck wet. As a flake falls it grows larger and heavier (but it’s still very small.) The shape of the flake depends on how wet and cold the cloud it falls through is. Because of this the odds are that no two snow crystals are exactly alike. Snowflakes are different, but they have a lot in common like us.

Works Cited

Cassino, Mark and Jon Nelson. The Story of Snow. San Francisco: Chronicle Books LLC, 2009.

Interesting information By your name: Gage Langellier

Some states have different education. Some states invest more in education than others. The state of

Kerala at the southwestern tip of India has prioritized education . All around India primary school education from six to fourteen years of school is free.

Works cited Brownlie , Ali. Foucus on almanac library, 2007.

Interesting Information By Kiersten Miner

To begin with, the Montgomery Bus Boycott all started one day on the bus. Rosa Parks was sitting down when a white person comes up and tells her to move to the back of the bus. At this point in time all non-white people had to sit in the back of the bus. When Rosa stood her ground she got sent to jail. This is what started the Bus Boycott.

Works Cited

McWhorter, Diane. A Dream of Freedom. New York, New York, United States: scholastic, 2004. Print

Interesting Information By Ellery Johnsen

It takes a long time to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). First comes four years of college. Veterinary school is four more years. Three years are spent learning about animals, diseases, and medicines. One year is spent working with vets in an animal hospital or clinic. Works Cited Thomas, William D. Veterinarian. Pleasantville, New York, United States: Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2009. Print.

Interesting information By; Jared Lauterberg

John Deere invented the modern day plow and he was only in his 20’s! John Deere wasn’t the first to make a iron plow, but he was the first one to make one that easily slipped through the prarie soil. He quit school when he was 17. He got the idea of the plow from a broken saw blade. At first he made small tools such as pitch forks. Then he made plows and then in 1918 JOHN DEERE started making tractors in MOLINE ILLINOIS.

Works Cited Sutcliffe, Jane. John Deere. New York, NY: Barnes & Noble Publishing, 2007. Print.

Interesting information By Zane Dalton

Freedom Walkers were people that would march around wanting segregation to end and asked for more freedom. One of them being Martin Luther King Jr. himself and Rosa Parks. Those being two of the most famous Freedom Walkers. Martin Luther King Jr. made speeches and presentations as well which also helped the ending of segregation.

Works Cited Freedman, Russell, Freedom Walkers, New York, NY: Scholastic Publishers, 2004. Print.

Interesting information By: audra bachman

Officers on horses watch over groups of people during strikes, rallies, and parades. Police officers have their horses lead the other officers right through crowds. Mounted police officers are also great at patrolling wilderness areas. Sitting high on a horse allows to see very far.

Works Cited Apte, Sunita. Police Horses.New York: Bearport Publishing, 2007.

Interesting Information By: Matt Taylor

William Shakespeare is famous for his plays and his famous tragedies. In the 1590’s Shakespeare only wrote a few tragedies. Shakespeare’s plays are still being acted out today. Shakespeare died in 1616, when he became ill and revised his will.

Works Cited Peter, chrisp. Shakespeare. New York: DK Publishing Inc, 2002.

Interesting Information By: Nic Bradshaw

According to the book [Balls].The first sport made from are cantaloupes in hands ball. In football it was made out of pig skin. Then the first ball in golf was a stone ball.

Works cited Rosen, Michael J. Balls!. Plain city, Ohio, United States: Darby Creek, 2006. Print.



By: Lukas Reinthaler

Garbage is a tragic thing. There are some estimates of how long it takes for garbage to decompose. Cans can take 8 to 100 years. Cardboard takes several months to 5 years. Motor oil takes 10 to 30 years.

Works cited

Wilcox, Charlotte. Trash. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books,inc, 1988. Print.

Interesting Info Posters 6W  

These are information poster made by 6th graders who are learning to cite their source.