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6 HUNT research Posters

INTERESTING INFORMATION POSTER PROJECT Each year as the first quarter begins, the 6th graders complete a poster project in library class. There are several objectives for the project: •

Practice Microsoft Word skills.

Add Microsoft Word skill: flowing text around a picture.

Introduce a sequence of research skills.

Reinforce citation skills.

Sequence of Research Skills: •

Can You Find What You Need? – students use the online catalog to find books that might answer their research question. Then they go to the shelves to locate the book(s).

• •

Read and Evaluate—students read relevant parts of the book(s) and decide if the book meets their needs (can they answer the research question).

Create—students are given a set of written instructions for formatting the poster. They also create a Works Cited using MLA format.


Share What You Know—students print copies for a wall display and also save copies to the Student Shared drive. Ms. Harris uploads the posters into this online book that you are reading now!

Next, we will work on in-text attribution.

We hope you enjoy reading our current work!

Interesting Information

Interesting Information By: Nick Deiter

Dwight D. Eisenhower had a job before presidency. His job was in the Tank Corps. He served in WWI. His rank was general after the war.

Words Cited Alphin, Elaine Alphin, Arther. Dwight D. Eisenhower. NY: Barnes and Noble, 2005

Interesting information by connor williams

To turn upside down you must hang in the air as he or she twists returning to the ramp facing the opposite way. The most important move in skateboarding is the Ollie. The Ollie is the starting point of the Arial tricks because of the way is defies gravity. And this is some stuff and trick about skateboarding. Works Cited Callery, Sean. Defying Gravity. Mankota, Minnesotsa : Capston Press, 2008.

Interesting information By Andrew Sims

The three people to first land on the moon were Niel Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin. The last person just stayed in the rocket. In July 1969 the first men landed on the moon.

Works cited Hudson, Elisibeth . The First Moon Landing.

Mason D. Gibson

Chocolate starts as a plant from the cacao tree. People get the coco bean and take it apart until they get to the middle .Then they take it to a factory and do stuff to it. Once they are done they make chocolate.

Interesting information By: Anna Holland

Sally Ride was the first woman in space. She finished her astronaut training in 1978. She was an assistant to Robert Crippen and Frederick Hauck during the flight. The mission was 6 days long. After the mission, the space agency announced that women would be admitted into the program. Sally ride died recently in 2012.

Works Cited O’Connor, Karen. Sally Ride and the New Astronauts: Scientists in Space. New York: Franklin Watts, 1983.

Interesting information By spencer mcpheron

Salt had many uses throughout history. some of these uses are, the pyramid of Giza in Egypt it contains salt-preserved mummies as well as food offerings. Another use was the Chinese preserving fish with salt another interesting thing about salt is that the romans finance Punic wars against Carthage with salt taxes.

Work cited Kurlansky, Mark. the story of salt. New York, NY: G.P. Putman’s son, 2006.

Interesting information By: sierra .v.

Amelia was born at her grandparents’ house and spent a lot of her time there. She was the first female pilot. She flew a model I ford. Her first crash was in a cabbage patch. She grew up in England. She wrote a book called 20hours 40 minutes our flight in the friendship. She was married to G.P. Putman. She knew Eleanor Roosevelt. She died young. She crashed into the Atlantic Ocean and she was never found.

Works cited Stone, Tanya. Amelia Earhart. New York: DK publishing,2007.

INTERESTING INFORMAtion By: Kara Monteggia

Education in Japan is different in the U.S.A. In Japan, you go to school from age 6-15. Students go to college and can become scientists, doctors, lawyers, or accountants.

Works Cited Tidmarsh, Celia. Focus on Japan. Milwaukee: World Almanac Library,2003

Interesting Information By: Tyler .J. Altshue

New born kangaroos stay in their mothers pouch for about 5 months. By that time, the baby kangaroo finally looks like a kangaroo, and turns into a joey. Then the little joey learns to take care of his/her self. At first, the kangaroo only leaves its mothers pouch for short periods of time. Around 2 to 3 years the little joey stays close to drink the mother’s milk.

Works Cited Woodward, John. Endangered Kangaroos. World Book, Chicago, IL. 2002.

Interesting information By Kody salmon

Each snow flake has its own unique design. No two are alike. Water vapor contains to stick to the crystal. Faster grow on the corners cases six branches to sprout.



Sacajawea helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition.This happened in the year 1804. She was hired by them. She was an . She also carried around her baby on the expedition.

Work cited Faber, Harold.Lewis and Clark.Tarrytown, New York: Marshal Cavendish Corp., 2002.


He was a famous musician and he had an early musical start. He was also the urging of his father. It was the age of 4 when he started to play. When he was a teenager he was touring Europe as a virtuoso pianist prodigy. He wrote Marriage of Figaro in 1786. He dies before completing Requiem and is buried in an unmarked grave in 1791 and he was 35 when he died.

Work Cited Ziegler, Robert. Great Musician. New York: DK, 2008.

Interesting Information By: Alexandra Chamberlain

A nuclear reactor fission slightly enriched uranium to produce heat to make steam. Water is pumped through the core, boils, and creates steam that is piped to the turbine.

Works cited

Bearneld, Neal. Nuclear Power. San Diego, CA: green Haven Press, Inc., 1990.

Interesting Information By: Joey McElwain.

Jellyfish have stinging cells. They sting to defend they sting food by using their oral arms. They sting when in danger.

Works Cited Jellyfish and other Stingers, World Book Inc. Scott Fetzer Company, Chicago IL.

Interesting information By: Sara ingels

The dollar was made by paper in 1792.the US coinage made dollar and cents the form the had different money.

Work cited Hall, Alvin. Show Me The Money. New York city: DK, 2008.

Interesting information By: Clay Bartelmay

Before Abe was president he worked at a grocery store in new Salem. He was there working off a debt to his partner. He was also a lawyer in Springfield, Illinois.

Works Cited Freedman, Russell. Lincoln: A Photobiography. New York: Clarion Books, 1987.

Interesting information By: Devon Butler

Constellations are stars that people join to make one big figure. By Aratus. One constellation is the little dipper.

Works Cited Sasaki, Chris. Constellations. Toronto, Ontario: Sterling publishing co Inc. New York, 2006.

Interesting Information By: Garrett Tyler Houston

Scientists actually don’t know why zebras have stripes, but they do have many theories. One of the theories that most believe is that when they run the stripes are blurry and they confuse the predator.

Works Cited Grimbly, Shona. Endangered Zebras. New York City: Benchmark Books, 1999.

6H Information Posters  
6H Information Posters  

A library class research project.