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Produced by the Heythrop Students' Union 2010

Heythrop College is a wonderful place to study and John and I are here to ensure that your son/daughter gets the most out of both the academic and the social aspects of our University. This booklet is direct from us to you in order to reassure you that someone is there to help your son/daughter to feel at home in the big city. You’re now the proud parent of a Heythrop student, what now? University is probably the first time your son/daughter has lived away from home or been away from home for an extended period of time. This can be very exciting for them and for you but also daunting. As mentioned before we’re here to look after them, working together with College staff. Whilst they probably can’t wait to be responsible adults we’re here to make sure they still make the right choices. Don’t Worry... As the Welfare Team, John and I were voted in by our peers in order to care for our students which now includes your son/daughter. We’re the ones that will be taking them under our wings to make sure that whilst they’re soaking up the best of University and London they’re safe, reassured and given a friendly welcome. We will both be present at all events that our Union hosts to keep an eye on our students for their own safety and for the safety of everyone else. We’ll be holding sessions on how to do laundry, how to cook sensible meals on a small budget and some brief advice on how to keep themselves and those around them safe, giving guides on how to travel in London and make the best of their academic surroundings in the University. We are also well placed to offer help and advice with finding suitable part-time jobs if desired (though of course we can’t guarantee anything – the economic situation is unavoidable) and with time management and study skills should such help be required.

Our Halls of Residence are being fully kitted out this year but there are still some things you will need to ensure are brought to make life a little more comfortable. We hope this list clears up any worries you had about what you might need to purchase/bring with you. •Sheets and bedding (mattresses and 2 pillows will be in the room already). •Towels. •Washing powder and conditioner. •Study materials (pens, paper, folders .etc) •Laptop/ Computer Make sure your son/daughter has looked at their reading list which they can find on the College website. It’s easy to forget it or leave it to the last minute but Fresher’s Week is a busy week with introductory lectures during the day and social events in the evening. We can guarantee your son/daughter will enjoy the week a lot more if they are not hunting down books in their limited spare time. Any Questions? You can contact us anytime if you or your son/daughter has any queries about the Welfare service on

John Rebecca



Welfare Guide Parents Edition  

Welfare Guide Parents Edition

Welfare Guide Parents Edition  

Welfare Guide Parents Edition