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Hello and welcome to Heythrop College! My name's Bradley Smith, your Sports and Societies Officer, and I just want to take a minute to tell you about your societies at Heythrop. In this booklet, we've got blurbs about a collection of societies, written by the societies themselves – I'm sure you'll be able to find something suited to you! We've got a range of societies, from The Donkey Club (real ale appreciation society) to the Budo Society, (martial arts) to the Islamic Society, to performance-based societies like the Music Society and HeADS (Heythrop Amateur Dramatic Society). If, on the other hand, you think we are missing anything, or simply want a chance to do something you're passionate about with friends, then why not start your own society? Its quick and easy to do – have a look at the guide later in this booklet. That’s all from me, for now. I hope that this year, we can make societies into a really integral part of Heythrop students' lives! Remember: I can't do everything myself! I'll do my best, but my hands are tied if you don't get involved! I can tell you from firsthand experience that running a society is very rewarding (and it looks good on your CV!) Don't forget to check out the Freshers' Fayre on Tuesday 28th – in addition to societies having stalls, there will also be live demonstrations and performances!

Come join the Badminton Society! Why? Because its fun, friendly and open to everyone! We will be playing badminton every week and you don’t have to be a pro to join in. If you have an interest in badminton and love playing it, then this is the society for you! We will also be having social gatherings for everyone to get to know each other better! If you have any questions then feel free to contact me anytime:

Started last October, the Budo society has really taken off after running a successful self-defence course, Karate lessons and Aikido lessons. We've hosted two well-attended and very enjoyable day courses, run by elite level martial artists, as well as taking students on local, national and international courses! Some students have even been able to get through their first grading within a year! So, if you're interested in learning new, practical skills, self-discipline, getting fit and/or losing weight, or simply finding out more about martial arts, we're the society for you! You need no prior experience, just baggy clothes and a willingness to work hard and have fun. For a focus on striking and sparring, check out the Karate with 3rd Dan Sensei Chris Samuel, who has over 20 years experience and has trained in the Far East. Aikido on the other hand, offers a graceful and almost-gentle-looking approach to self-defence, utilising locks and throws to produce an effective martial art which is accessible to young and old, male and female, alike. This is taught by Bradley Smith, 1st Dan, Sports and Societies Officer. You'll see and hear about us around Heythrop – come along; watch or have a go! Everyone is welcome, and we don't bite. Much. Contact Bradley at for more information.

Do you enjoy TV and film comedy? Do you want to see some of the top stand-ups in the country live? Do you want the opportunity to perform some sketches or stand-up of your own in front of a friendly crowd? This is what Heythrop Comedy Society is for. We will organise visits to the Comedy Store and other great live comedy venues around London, we host screening nights for classic comedy films and TV shows and if anyone has any material they've written and want to air we can facilitate a friendly live comedy evening of our own. If there are enough budding writers and performers amongst our number we may even attempt to put on a Heythrop Revue show. Come and add your email address to our mailing list at the Freshers' Fayre and we'll keep you informed of all our activities and events throughout the year. Contact Ben at for more information

Don’t let ‘Adagio’ by without dance This is a new society which will be teaching a variety of styles of dance, practicing with a view to live performances alongside the music society at variety shows. Alongside the performance aspect there will be opportunities to go and see professional productions on the West End. You don’t need to be a John Travolta or a Darcie Bussell to get involved. Contact details: Kyrie Phimster

Despite its name this society has very little to do with donkeys but rather a mutual love of all things good about beer occasionally branching out into whisky/whiskey. We meet once a month a visit different drinking establishments in the area around the college sampling as we go. Come join us for a friendly pint sometime. Contact details: Pete Doveston

Heythrop Dungeon Dwellers are the amorphous chaos that have an affinity for dice. We play RPGs and Magic the Gathering, we read comics and sometimes we get drunk. Like H.P. Lovecraft? we've got a society for that. Join our facebook group, talk to Ben Cox or Vassily Vorozhishchev or sign up at Freshers’ Fayre for something good. Don't worry, it's actually quite fun.

What’s that sport that will be taking Heythrop by storm next year? Is it going to be cross country skiing? I think not. Is it going to be roller hockey? Doubtful. We have training spoons and hard boiled eggs for those who have little or no experience in competitive egg and spoon racing meaning that this is a sport ideal for the old and young, the fit and unfit, the professional athlete or amateur, the socialite and the hermit alike we are an inclusive sport after all. But don’t take my word for it here are some ‘genuine’ testimonies: “Cracking good fun even if you don’t win” “An egg-tra-ordinary society” Talk to Chris at for more information.

Cling Film is Heythrops’ Film Lovers Society. Cling Film was set up at the start of last year by me (Andrew Gee the current acting head of the society) in response to the shocking absence of a film society at the college. Film for me is a very significant medium both purely as an art form and a means of educating and informing. This being the case I felt the need to create a society dedicated to all things film. I am confessedly somewhat of a disciple of pop culture. However, the society is there to cater to all; horror to rom-com, critic to director, geek to amateur enthusiast, whatever your level or area of interest. This year looks to be an exciting one for

the society building on last year’s efforts. Our calendar looks to include a range of film related events and activities such as visiting film premieres, listening to guest speakers, discussing recent views, producing, directing and starring in original shorts and of course watching. So if you have an interest in film, join up and join in. I look forward to seeing you at the Freshers’ Fayre! Andrew Gee Keep your cinema fresh with CLING Film. Find us on Facebook: CLING Film @HEYTHROP

Heythrop Folk Society exists to bring together students who share an interest in folk, roots and traditional music from the British Isles and around the world. Do you want to check out some of the top musicians and bands on the roots scene? As a society we will go to gigs and ceilidhs around London and organise trips to festivals. Want to meet other people with similar interests? There will be regular informal social events and pub visits to meet like-minded students at Heythrop and also joint events with our sister societies from across the whole University. Enjoy fiddling, blowing, squeezing or banging? If we can get enough musicians there may also be the chance to form a Heythrop folk band. Want to introduce your friends to the music you love? The focal point of the year will be when the society hosts a Heythrop ceilidh which will be a larger-scale event to which we hope to attract an even wider group of Heythrop students than to the regular events. So do you like traditional music and dancing? Want to meet others who share your interests? Then check out the Heythrop Folk Society at this year's Freshers' Fayre and add yourself to our mailing list to keep up to date with all the Kensington folky happenings. Contact Ben at for more information.

Ahhh Heythrop team 1sts. Yes, there may only be one single team, so the “1st” affixed to the team name may seem excessive but make no mistake, this is an exclusive team composed of the finest footballers in all of Heythrop. Upon overhearing the coaches tactical prowess, you know you are in the midst of not only a superb set of athletes, but intellectual giants; “You go in the middle, you go left, you right. Try and get the ball past the other players and score more goals than the other team and we will surely triumph this fair day.”

Do not be dazzled dear fresher, as intimidating and confusing such instruction may seem now, if you decide to come, such complexity will crumble, leaving only clarity and wisdom. We are a team not bound by convention. We pour scorn upon those teams which value skill above all else in order to “win matches.” We value commitment. So if your touch is more messy than Messi, and you have a heart big enough to fit ten men into...i said heart.. .then come and join us for training. Speak to any of the football team members at the Freshers’ Fayre or join the Facebook page. We fear not defeat. In fact, we laugh in its face, and depending on who scored the most own goals that day, we laugh in their face too. The last thing in your mind as you step onto that pitch will be the captain’s voice with rousing, majestic, yet humble words; “Let’s do this boyssssssss!” (Cue slow clapping followed by standing ovation). Captain Martin ‘Aslan’ Gourlay

When the world is in an existential crisis, and Hegel's armies are marching on Heythrop, when Helios once again goes down, and people try to go beyond faith, a crack unit of specialists are called, the only people for the job. If you need the best, but can't get the rest, HATS (Heythrop Airsoft Tactical Squad) will be there before you can even conceive of the concept of a meta-crisis. Think you have what it takes? Join up today- your university needs you! Contact Ben at for more information

This year, we will be staging a production of Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone at Christmas followed by another production at the end of the Easter term, hopefully showcasing original writing! We also intend to host several evenings of rehearsed readings and the like, where people can come to enjoy an evening of light drama as well as a plethora of workshops (for which we have the support of Fordham University) that are open to everyone, not only those involved in the productions! We want to ensure that the wealth of talent that the students of

Heythrop have to offer in a wonderfully broad range of events. It promises to be a good year for Heads! If you have any interest in drama, feel free to come and introduce yourself! Society email: (both officers are contactable via this email)

Since Heythrop introduced it’s fantastic new course ‘Abrahamic Religions’ a few years ago, there has been an increase in the number of Muslims attending Heythrop, and as a result many Muslims in the college were interested to create a society where all their views and beliefs could be shared with fellow students, and at the same time to remove any misconceptions of their religion. Our main message is to eradicate ignorance of Islam- more importantly the stereotypical image of the religion portrayed in the media at the moment. Please have an open mind and attend one of our future events, we are hoping to have leading Islamic Scholars and lecturers to answer any questions you may have. We are planning to have lecturers discussing important issues and to also show some informative documentaries and Movies (pass the popcorn please!) at our future events and much more. This society is an awesome opportunity for you to: · Know the Muslim community · Understand Muslim beliefs and practices · Learn and experience Islam from Muslims (people who live by the religion) · And more importantly for you to see OUR vision of Islam and NOT the distorted image currently in the media. We hope to see some of you at our future events, remember everyone is welcome. Lastly, any queries, please email the Heythrop Islamic Society at:

Heythrop LGBT Society aims to ensure all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students in the college are represented and supported. As well as offering advice and bringing any issues that students may have to the Executive Committee, we act as a social hub; arranging social events and helping LGBT students to get involved in college life and meet new friends. The

Society is run by Steve Megahey ( and Ashley Doolan ( who can be contacted any time if students have any questions, issues or suggestions. You can also keep up to date with us on the LGBT Facebook Group.

So why should you join the Music Society? Apart from the fact that music is a massive part of our culture and lifestyles, whether you're getting your groove on at the local bar or listening to Classical FM in the mornings, it's also a hell of a lot of fun. With Heythrop's Music Society you don't have to be a Grade 8 Pianist to join. It's all about getting together a group of people who appreciate music, having a laugh and combining individual talents to create a sound that's spectacular. A few bottles of wine would not be frowned upon either. This year we aim to put on a few themed nights, from Jazz to Film, as well as combining our awesome skills with that of some of the larger colleges. Whether you'd like to be part of our house band or a choir, or even if you would just like to do some solo pieces, then you'll find there's something to fit everyone's musical tastes with Heythrop's Music Society. If there are any questions, or you want to know a little bit more, then you can contact us via Facebook, or email

To all the Glamma Nannas out there! Stitch and bitch is more than a gossipy knitting circle, it is a group of people who value the skills that our mums had, few of which now get passed on, but it’s time for a comeback! It’s so satisfying being able to wear something home-made and just how you want it. Even if you’ve not got any material or have never picked up a needle in your life, we can teach you to make basic dresses, bags and knitwear. If you don’t fancy that you can at least sit with us drinking wine while we have a go!

Starting a society is a very easy process – take a look at the steps below!

1) Establish what your society will do/is for. 2) Download the societies application form from

Helios, the Union website (or email for a copy.)

3) Complete said form, including the sections on your constitution and a budget request.

4) Get at least 10 supporting signatures as proof of interest.

5) Return the form and petition to the Union office (in the Basement) or e-mail them to Bradley Smith. Once you've done that, we'll sign off on the new society and sort out a budget. The next step for you is simply to start doing society-related activities! Remember, you can book rooms in Heythrop to use (and it doesn't cost a thing!)


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