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ISSUE 47 1st August 2010 Red Class’s Assembly On Friday 2nd Mrs Rai’s class performed a wonderful assembly about The Hungry Caterpillar, and we found out all out the life cycle of a Butterfly. At the end all of the children sang a lovely Caterpillar Song! Reporters: Tasneen and Yianni 2SS

Coming soon: Two Weddings Miss Charalambous and Miss Hammond’s

Ted says, as he waves goodbye Tian and the four symbols - 3AW did an amazing assembly about boy who didn't have a family or friends. Then one day he went to the sun and told the sun what was wrong, so he went on a journey and helped a whole bunch of human beings. Their costumes were so realistic especially the bird. They worked really hard on it and remembered their lines. It was fantastic. By Kousthubha 3NR

Happy H olidays Back - M onday 6 t h S ep t e mb e r

Inside this issue:

INSECTS Reception Yellow Class did an assembly about mini-beasts. There were caterpillars, butterflies, spiders and ladybirds. They sang a song for each mini-beast. At the end they sang a different song. It was very good reporter Shukri 2CM

LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION—Last week year 6 put on a tremendous production for the end of the year. They called it P.P.T.V. (Preston Park Television). Even though they made mistakes they used their own words to make it correct. They had many songs and brilliant shows. When they sung their songs they made it sound amusing and it was hilarious with all the different shows. By Vishal and Ram year 5 Year 6 had a great prom on the 21st.









Optilise Eyecare


Sports Day



proving your writing over the holidays, is to do one piece a week then when you come back there are bronze, silver and gold awards when you hand in 6 pieces. Happy writing!

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GOODBYE YEAR 6—keep reading ‘hey presto online’ Farewell Year 6—Life is a journey. Along the way, you will encounter many circumstances, emotions and characters. Preston Park has provided you with the knowledge and skills for you to be able to deal with any situation with confidence, wisdom and tact. My wish for you all is that you become respected citizens in the community and that you are successful in whatever you choose to do. What I ask of you all is that PLEASE aim to achieve your full potential. I will finish by dedicating a poem to you. Mrs M Patel Let No One Steal Your Dreams Let no one steal your dreams Let no one tear apart The burning of ambition That fires the drive inside your heart Let no one steal your dreams Let no one tell you that you can't Let no one hold you back Let no one tell you that you won't Set your sights and keep them fixed Set your sights on high Let no one steal your dreams Your only limit is the sky.

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AU REVOIR MADEMOISELLE MARINE! What can we say? Of course we are really sad to see Marine go. Unfortunately, Marine will be crossing the Channel in the Home (French) direction and not returning to us in September. There has been a real French buzz throughout the school this year because many of the children had the opportunity to learn and practise some French with Marine. I know that they have learnt some songs and games, and how to say quite a few things in French. Through Marine, we have also established a link with a small school in France and some year 4 children have spoken to them via a video-conference link and also exchanged messages on Fronter. We will really miss you next year, Marine, but we promise that we will continue to learn French. We will try and keep in touch with the Calamane School and hope that you will keep in touch too! Au revoir et bon voyage. Madame Hurst

To Miss Williamson — we will miss you, we had a great time with you and we hope you and Mathew have had a great time with us. You are a really funny and educational teacher, playing splat and all sorts, so we are just saying thank you for everything you have done for us. We will miss your very funny jokes and don’t ever forget 5PA and we hope you won’t become emotional when you read this, from Omar and Kyani

Miss Napier — Thank you for

teaching us - we learned so much. We wish you were our teacher in year 4 and we don't want you to leave. Hope you have a great time in your new school. Perhaps you can come and visit us very soon. From all 3AN

To all the wonderful children of 6RC – it has been a pleasure teaching you this past year. You have not only worked very hard during lessons and achieved results to be proud of but you are growing into mature, carSet your sights and keep them fixed ing and thoughtful Set your sights on high individuals. AlLet no one steal your dreams ways remember Your only limit is the sky to value yourself By Paul Cookson enough to work as hard as you can and Dear Year 6, Congratulations. You did it! respect others around you. It is the sign of You made it to the end of Year 6, your final a great person when they do things for year at P.P.P.S. There have been fun times others even when they don’t gain personally. I will be looking out for your names in and times when you have needed to work the future but don’t forget to visit. I have hard. Those of you who put in the hard fantastic memories of this year and I thank work were rewarded with fantastic SATs you all. Lots of love Miss Currie results and I am very proud of your achievement. I hope you look back at your To 6SB last year at P.P.P.S. and remember that you can be successful if you really - It has focus on a task but also smile and remember the trip to Gordon Brown, been a where we filled our wellingtons with water in the river study and uncovered trying enormous spiders in the bug hunt; the trip to the Britain at War exhibition, year at sitting next to H.M.S. Belfast eating our lunch and the scary Blitz Experitimes ence; the trip to the London Symphony Orchestra, where we were treated to but never a dull one. Your SATs results the theme tune to “The Simpsons” played by a professional orchestra; the are something that each of you should be trip to Belgium where we found a jellyfish on the beach and learnt how extremely proud of. At times I know it chocolate was made; and the final trip to Gordon Brown where you got to seemed as if Sats was all that we were say goodbye to the goats, the chickens and the pigs and complete the trim working toward but you have all grown in trail and the low ropes. We have given you all the tools that you need to go your self awareness and confidence. I on to secondary school and be polite, respectable, kind and caring members wish you every success in the future and of your new school community. I look forward to meeting you all in years know that what each and every one of to come and hearing what successful men and women you have become and you set your mind to you can achieve. All take Stanley’s advice and always make sure that you are in the right place at the best for the future. Miss Badassy the right time. Goodbye and Good luck, Mrs Hornblow. Let no one steal your dreams Follow your heart Follow your soul For only when you follow them Will you feel truly whole

Year 6 Trip to Belgium 28th June — 1st July

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Poppy Wreaths - On Monday


morning 28th June, year 6 went to Belgium for four days. The day we arrived there we went to the Battlefields. The Battlefields is a place where there are lots of different gravestones of the people who fought in World War One. We visited 3 cemeteries and at the largest Tyne Cot - laid 2 poppy wreaths we had made to show our school actually cared about the people who fought for us. Another reason we laid the wreaths there is because we want the people who visit - On Tuesday 28th year six went to Oos- the cemetery to remember us - retende to do a little gift shopping porter Shanyce 6RC for their families. it was beautiful Beach in Belgium - during year 6's trip we in Oostende and there were went to the beach a few loads of shops. We traveled there from our hotel in Blanken- times. It was good - we berg by Tram (like a train on the played by the sea, in the sand. Mustafa and DJ orroad) it was a fun experience. ganised some beach When we got off the Tram we walked across a bridge (over the football and others were making holes to bury harbour) and walked towards the huge cathedral, it was mas- each other including Mr sive. There were many shops we Redpath! We had fun visited including Claires, a candy reporters Walid and Bruno shop and a cafe. Belgium was a wonderful place and I will never forget it. Reporter Jada 6RC and Rianne 6SB

Water and Chocolate — On the 30th the children who went to Belgium went to a chocolate museum after a canal ride in the city of Brugges. First we went on the canal ride in two groups in two boats. We travelled under the lowest bridge in the city and Miss McFarlane got to drive one of the boats! Then we went to the chocolate museum. We saw several chocolate figures and saw where it comes from, it's history and how it is made, we got to try a sample. By Sujith and Henry 6RC

Year 6 reward trip to the Gordon Brown Centre -

on the 9th as a reward for our hard work throughout the year we to the centre in two coaches. When we got there, Olly a member of staff put us into groups. We went on the trim trails and low ropes, did some orienteering and then had a SAFER TRAVEL On the 7th all of year six listened barbeque. We found out they have named a chicken after to two police officers called Matt and Andy. They gave our school which was a chick that had hatched at Gordon a presentation about anti-social behaviour when trav- Brown. We said goodbye to the animals it was quite emoelling and gave some examples like smoking and play- tional but we had a great day. By Khadija and Joy 6KH

ing music too loud. They informed us about Oyster Cards for 11-15 years old and gave us a zip behaviour code card which gave brief points and what you can and can't do on buses and trains. Reporter Ryan and Shraya 6SB

For those that didn’t go to Belgium On 28th June, some of the year 6 children went to visit Belgium with Mr Redpath and some teachers, however some children were unable to go so they had to stay in school. During school we had lots of fun as we were mostly doing creative activities. We looked at hotels and created our own 10* hotel. We made sweet bags and cake boxes and baked cakes for the Summer Fayre with Mrs Shah. Everyday we had a special treat and watched a movie. We had lots of fun with Mrs Patel but missed our friends that went to Belgium. By Sinarmani—6rc


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All the fun of the Fayre and thank you for all your help and support — what a fantastic day A SUPER HERO THEME—WITH REAL HEROES

A HUGE thank you to the Cusack family for transforming our Logo designed by Emily 4SB, to a computer image and all their hard work. Vanessa Abbott (The Henry family) and Claudia Chiara's mum for hard work before during and after the fair. Ann Ostle for adding to prizes and working on the door. The French and Johnston families, Mrs Lock and all other helping staff members especially John Nolan. Caterhouse for cakes and biscuits and Tracy for doing them. All parents who contributed in any way, prizes, food or turned up on day and spent money. Thank you to our local business for their support - Boots the chemist, The Preston, The Co-op, Partyman, Aldi, Four Seasons, Wings, The London Eye, Scissors Hairdressers, Blue Oyster, Willows Farm, Super Camps Ltd, Odds Farm, Birdworld, ATS, V&A Museum, Brakes Food and of course Barclays Bank for their generosity and sending staff to help on the day - Miss Beckles ‘And we say THANK YOU MISS BECKLES for all you do’

Mrs Shah says thanks for the vouchers, she has ordered recipe cards & a whisk

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Butterflies - We put eggs into a special

cage which hatched into tiny caterpillars and then they grew bigger until they became a chrysalis. We fed them bananas and orange they like nectar. Next they came out of this as butterflies and we let them go in the nature area. They were called a painted lady. reporters Laxcy, Justin, Jude 2PM th I'm Ready for Cooking!!! On Thursday 8th OUR ACHIEVEMENT On the 7 Euphrapy and DJ

July, 15 children from Year 5 went to Claremont High School to do some cooking. As we reached there our instructor told us to wash our hands and placed us in groups with one year 10 pupil who would help us. We made two things, the first thing we made was animal shaped bread and the second item was chocolate cookies. We got to taste them and they were delicious, scrumptious and yummy. I experienced that bread making is very easy and fun to make. So a big thank you to Mrs Shah for taking us there and organising the trip. By Janhvi (5TM)

Before & After makeover - we are Blooming in Brent. We have been award first place in the Brent in Bloom Competition for our new garden.

were invited to the teachers’ Centre for Staff Development with Mrs M Patel, Mr Redpath and Linda Green, a school governor. There, along with two high schools, the progress of Black African and Caribbean children was celebrated. Mrs Patel has been working with nine Year 6 children since March 2009 so that they could achieve a Level 4 (or above) in numeracy. As well as tuition classes after school, our group has been working on tasks on Fronter for additional support out of school. This helped us a lot because the games that were on there enabled us to improve our skills whilst we were having fun. Before the tuition, they were underachieving, but by being involved in the project their levels improved, thanks to Mrs Patel, their teachers, parents and of course, their self- motivation. THANK YOU MRS. PATEL FOR ALL YOUR HELP! By DJ and Euphrapy.

BRENT MAKES MUSIC On the 8th of July the choir went to the Wembley Arena and along with many other schools we sang 'I have a song to bring' and many others songs. Miss Joslin, Miss Louca and Miss Richards came with us - reporter Faith 5TM

Visit to Greece At the end of June, we had the privilege of attending a very special international conference in Greece. This was organised to help teachers and parents promote real integration and inclusion of migrants in several European countries. Altogether, there were 31 representatives from Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Romania, Turkey and the UK. Although we spent a lot of the time in meetings, sharing experiences and trying to come up with solutions to help all schools to welcome children and parents in the various countries, we were lucky to be taken to visit some cultural Greek sites such as The Parthenon in Athens and the ruins of Delphi during our free time. Of course, this was a wonderful experience, and we wish all the children from year 5 had been with us, as we know that they have studied Ancient Greece in History. A group of teachers from several countries will be coming to visit our school in September and we look forward to showing them how we welcome all languages and cultures in our school. Mrs Hurst and Miss Mills

Inset days 1-3rd September children back 6th Miss Anazodo Goodbye and Good Luck. Miss

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On the 13th of July, Year 3 performed a music assembly featurAnazodo has been sec- ing some of the following songs: onded to Kilburn Park grumpy teacher, freedom is comPrimary School. This is ing, the E-B-G-B, and a few more. Most of the people liked grumpy a wonderful career teacher the best; it gave a laugh to move as she will be joining the senior management team there, taking reeverybody, including the teachers. sponsibility for ICT and also years 3 and Year 3 worked very hard to sing 6. Thank you for all the wonderful these songs and, although they things you have done for our school, may have been nervous, everyyou will be truly missed. body had a wonderful time. Reporters Vishal & Jain 5CD Penney French has achieved an out-

Year 1 and 2 concert — On the 7th, years 1 and 2 did a fantastic concert. They sang songs, played some shakers and played recorders. Also children spoke loud and clearly. People clapped and cheered and everyone enjoyed it as they retold the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf through the songs and actions. Reporters Tia and Ilsane 4SB

standing for her portfolio of evidence for HE2 Personal Social Health Economics On the 21st some children in the Education as part of the Continuing Pro- school orchestra and the choir performed in the assembly. They played fessional Developments programme. their instruments beautifully, the vioThank you Mrs French lin, guitar, piano, keyboard and flute. All the Preston Park school want to say a Then the choir HUGE thank you to Mrs French for her sang, it was wonderful work on editing all they hey awesome. Mrs prestos. You have been a star with all the Joslin informed hard work you put into making them. We the school that we had won a silver award for singappreciate the hey prestos so thank you ing. Congratulations PPPS Reporter Shreya 5PA Abigail 4SB

We went to the London Zoo— On Tuesday

13th we went to the Zoo by train walking to South Kenton Station. We saw fascinating animals like lions, tigers, rats, penguins and some giraffes and learnt some interesting facts. Year 4 have been learning about South Africa and South African Animals. We had a really good time. Reporters Paris and Shruti 4SB

The Zoo - year 5

went to the Zoo on Wednesday 14th. We walked to the station which a bit boring and long but we felt excited to see the animals. In our groups we went to see the animals, my group went to the Aquarium first then the Komodo Dragons. They have venomous saliva dripping down their mouths. Next we saw the turtles, there were two, one of them was swimming the other was crawling as slow as a snail. After that we saw the Gorillas and there were rats running about. Everyone was hungrily waiting for lunch then finally after the reptile room we had lunch! Later we went to the gift shop then back to school. Reporters Dilani and Dean 5TM


Ingredients:- 150g raspberries, 150g strawberries - with the green stalks removed, 150g blackberries, 100g granola, crunchy oat cereal or muesli and 400ml natural yoghurt. Equipment: 3 bowls and 4 serving dishes, 15ml spoon. Method: Place the different fruit into 3 bowls and crush making a rough puree. Using 4 individual clear bowls divide the crushed raspberries into. Next put two 15ml spoons of yoghurt onto the strawberries, next add a layer of one 15ml spoon of the granola or muesli. Next divide and layer on the crushed strawberries. Add another layer of yoghurt and the granola / muesli. Repeat for the blackberries layering again with yoghurt and granola / muesli. Chill in the fridge until ready to serve - ENJOY

School Hours

Start 8.45—End 3.15

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OPTILISE EYECARE COMPETITON — The winners are - Shreya (1RB), Thomas (2PM), Zahra (3AN), Rhitik (4SB), Ka Yun Emily (4SB), Falak (5CD), Vivian (5CD), Daniela (6SB), Sujith (6RC). With great prizes — a top camera and trips to Alton towers—thanks to Mr Mahel Shah and the staff at Preston Road for all their support.


The winners for the registers for the week ending 2nd July 2010 are 5TM and Blue class with 2 absences each. For week ending 9th July 2010 was 4KL with 1 absence. For w/e 16th it was 6KH and 1RB both with 2 absences.

After School Activities After school activities will begin from the 13th September, there may be a few changes but mostly the clubs will remain as they are. Letters will go out the first week back at school.

Sports news

The PPPS World Cup – on Monday 19th the PPPS World Cup took place. There were two matches at one time. Half time was 5 minutes and full time was 10 minutes. Every world cup team took part and two extra teams got added: India and Northern Ireland. There was a silver cup to win. Mr Jarvis and Mr McAuley were in charge, they organised the teams. We had to wait patiently for our turn. The last matches were Uruguay v France and Northern Ireland v India. There were two referees Mr Carrett and Rishi Bhudia. The winner of the PPPS Football World Cup was South Africa. By Yaseen & Jacob 4SB

SPORTS DAY On the 20th it was the Preston Park Primary School sports day. We saw the nursery teddy bear races and then we all raced for our houses. Mr Jarvis lead all the teams. There were running

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races, three legged races, sack races, egg and spoon race, cross country, wheel barrow races and relay races, and even the teachers took part in a running race. All the races took place on the field. Last year Ruby won the cup and they won it again this year so a red ribbon was tied on it. Amber came second, Sapphire third and Emerald came last. We also did lots of sports activities and all the school had so much fun. A lot of parents came to support and watch. Reporters Yaseen and Aman 4SB

DODGEBALL On the 5th all of the children from years 1 - 5 played dodgeball in classes then there was a final tournament of the winning groups from each class. Mr Jarvis’s assistant, Rishi Bhudia — on work experience - put the classes into groups our team colours were red blue yellow gold black and green. We all had the chance to play dodgeball and we were also sponsored to help raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Reporters Jacob and Aman 4SB (I raised £64.80) The winning teams were—2PM - ANUSH, LYDIA, AMAR, ADRIAN, HIBA, TIA 3AW ADAM, LEWIS, ABRIHAM, CYPRIAN, 4KL - BEN, KEIRAN, SATHARIAN, LOUIS, ALDO, 5TM - JADEN, JANVI, NITHALA, AZEEM, ALI, DEAN

SALSA—3AN and 3NR did salsa dancing. We learnt different types of steps and how many steps there are to make a salsa dance. It is cool when you learn different steps, but it’s also fun. We then put all of the types of steps to make a combination. After, we put three combinations together. We then played a game where we gathered in a group and versed the other team. You copy the steps that the salsa dance teacher says. If you get the wrong steps you’re out. I really enjoyed it and learnt lots of steps. Reporter Nabil 3AN

Yoga - On 7th we did some exercising

without shoes on called Yoga. We had to do a special sort of breathing and the lady said in the morning we should splash our eyes five times and should hold some water in our mouth for five minutes then spit it out then you get some warm water and drink it quickly. We did some running and also a butterfly position which will Many make you go faster. I felt happy after walked to school reporter Jaydean 1MM


on Wednesday 14th July, and for year 6—their last month with us— be safe when travelling to your new schools in September.

Hey Presto 47 Aug/2010