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ISSUE 61 1st October 2011

Coming Up… RESPECT - On Friday 23rd, 5TM Parents Evening Thurs-

did amazing assembly about the value of the month, Respect . They were brave as they were the first to do an assembly this year. Some children dressed up as teachers to show that even adults have to respect each other too. They performed a play and had masks as well and dressed up as Miss Deckker, Miss Currie, Mr Meleady, Mr Ryan and Mr Jarvis. In the play they were not respectful, but sorted it out. At the end they sang a class song that was ''Stand by you'' by Bruno Mars. Reporter Amenah and Jennika 6FH.

DIFFERENT LANGUAGES - On Friday 30th 4YH performed an amazing assembly in front of key stage 2. It was about languages all over the world. Some children told us numbers up to five in their language, they even said about some fabulous facts. Did you know there are many different languages spoken in our school such as Tamil, French, Greek and many more. Also some of the teachers spokes in their own languages. At the end 4YH sang a song in French. We were impressed, reporters Mathura and Saahir 5DR ATTENDANCE

The winners of the registers week beginning 12th September is 1SJ, with 0 absences. The winners of the registers for week beginning 19th was 6KL with 0 absences and for the last week of September it was two year 4 classes 4BM and 4LC both with just 1 absence each. Well done.

OUR UGANDAN LINK SCHOOL We have received a letter from the headteacher there, Mr Cuthbert. He writes of his thanks for our letters and donation which they have used to take some children to go on a trip to learn about water as it is drank from the rivers and lakes in rural areas. It is important for the children to learn about clean water. Uganda has just two seasons dry and rainy and it is currently the rainy season and rivers are flooded until November. They also bought some writing equipment and more fuel for the generator we sent money for last year. They were happy to watch the dvd of photos on the screen, of the now developed camera we had sent them and they had returned to us. He said the photo of the old 4KL is hanging his office for all visitors to see. He said there are 80 children in one class with just one teacher, He said his class P4 will soon be sending replies to 5TM.

day 6th 3.30pm-8pm Harvest Assembly 7th yr1 Genes 4 Jeans Day 7th Census 7th

Unicorn Theatre Yr 5 — 4th

Black History w/c 10th— Assembly 21st

Diwali Yr 5 Assembly 14th INTERNATIONAL EVENING 20th

Half Term Finish Friday 21st. Back—Monday 31st Inside this issue:

Preston SNT


Miss Mills Update 2

Head Boy & Girl






Sports News


TRANSITION PREPARATION FOR YEAR 6 — If any parent or carer is having difficulty with filling out secondary school application forms, please make an appointment to see Samantha Boni (Family Support) and she will help you. Appointments can be made Tues - Thurs between 9am - 12pm.

To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email us with your views and stories on—check for upcoming events in the school.

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We are collecting Hi PPPS, hope all is well! I have been teaching for nearly one whole month now! I am getting used to it and I now have a closer relationship with my class. They are excited to hear that they may soon have pen pals from London (3EO). This month is book month, so we are encouraging the children to read more and produce work and displays based on reading books. We are also preparing for 'swim splash', which is a swimming event West Morland do every year! There are four house teams and I am one of the leaders for green house! We also have a president (grade 5) and vice president (grade 6) for each house team. We have meetings with all the green house children to encourage them to collect as many house points as possible for working hard, tidy uniform and general good behaviour. Most importantly we are trying to get as many good swimmers to take part in swim splash so that green house can WIN a cup. That's my update until the next issue. 3EO — have written to Miss Mills and their new friends in Grenada and will be posting their letters at the beginning of October.


from year 2 to year 3 has been a big jump but it has been exciting. We have lunch time a little later and we have no afternoon break but we are learning how to play the recorder. Our new teacher Miss O’Donnell is very nice and we like her, she is very helpful. We don't get fruit but we get to go to the tuck shop. Some of us got split up and we miss the people that have been split up from us as they are in another class. Reporters Lynn and Ibtisam 3EO

WELCOME to the new reception and nursery children joining us in September.

This is Rikiba and Kaila in my class! They wear a different colour dress everyday and PE kits on PE days. The colour of their PE kit is based on what colour house team they are in.

Our safer neighbour group who meet regularly at the school, the last being on the 13th September. Here residents, local councillors and our local police discuss concerns they have regarding the ward or the area we live in. Some main points wereA resident mentioned about vandals in Hirst Crescent, the police are looking into this. We were informed that Preston Manor School will have traffic control during school times when the new school is complete as parking is a serious problem for residents living in Carlton Avenue East. • A resident complained about dangerous U turns in the open gaps on Preston Road. • Councillor Jean Hossain said she had taken up the matter regarding the bad state of the pavements in College Road and in the area in general. She will follow up on this. Another resident said about trying to get tree canopies cut back in order to stop lighting being obscured making it safer for people now the darker evenings are coming. • A resident said about the increase in spitting in Preston Road, Sergeant How said there is a £80 for public disorder offences. • A resident said that Domino’s Pizzas had applied to open a shop in Preston Road, he was worried where they park their motorbikes. • Another resident said that the council would be installing the pay and display meters in Preston Road from the 3rd October. • Cllr Pat Harrison said she would try to get improvements on the Preston Road car park regarding the charges and will try to get the first hour parking free of charge. • Sgt How said that the last five weeks had been very busy as the force had to be stretched across London and other areas due to the recent riots but the Preston Ward and the rest of the Brent were not too badly affected. • It was reported that their have been a few burgarlaries in the area. Since the last SNT meeting, robberies (including gold necklace snatching) have decreased This has been helped by the CCTV van being out on a regular basis in Preston Road, but people still need to be careful. Sergeant How said if people or children have concerns to let a Police Constable or a Police Constable Support Office know.

School Hours

Start 8.45—End 3.15


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Here is

the recipe for the Deliwraps — Ingredients:- for 1 wrap — 1 tortilla wrap, handful of lettuce, 1 x 15ml spoon of low fat plain yoghurt. Fillings— Chilli Chicken— slice cooked chicken, 1/4 red pepper, 1 x 15ml spoon cooked red kidney beans, pinch of chilli powder, Tangy Beef— slice of cooked beef, 1/4 red pepper, 1 tomato, Egg n Cress— a hard boiled egg, cress, 1/4 red onion, Cheesy Appleslaw— 30g edam cheese, an apple, a carrot, a spring onion.

Equipment: chopping board, a knife, a bowl, a grater. Method: To prepare your chosen filling slice and mash the rest of the ingredients then place the prepared ingredients on the tortilla and top with lettuce and yoghurt. Roll up the wrap tightly and cut diagonally. You can also use different types of bread, like pittas, bagels and rolls. Eat healthy - beans and veggies count towards your 5 a day and yoghurt gives you calcium which is important for strong bones and teeth. ENJOY.

Ted says ‘I love my IPAD2 - Year 4 has the opiPad, I keep in portunity to have an Ipad 2! In class we have been using it in contact with my friends, it’s so easy’. different subjects like in Nu-

WELCOME Another Baby Due - Year TO — our

new member of staff, meracy, Science and Literacy. working in We us it for different things, not year 1: only things to do with education Michelle but also things like taking phoBowen. tos, videos, playing, games and lots more. On your Ipad 2 there is google, we use google all the time. The Ipad2 is thin with a touch screen but it is fast. If you need any details contact Mr Meleady. Reporter Anastasia, Shukri, Reesha, Hadassah 4SB

1teacher Mrs Rai is leaving to us soon to start her maternity leave as she is having a baby. We are looking forward to news of her new arrival. Announcements in next issue.

Meet Our Head Boy Ishan 6KL and Head Girl Zara 6KL, and their deputies, Alan 6KL, Akhil 6SS Emily 6FH and Abigail 6SS

I believe that it is amazing having been awarded with this opportunity of being head boy. In this article I will tell you about the responsibilities I have. First of all, I will be happy to sort out any problems that you have; you can talk to any of us; the deputy head boys and girls or the head girl. You may be shy to talk to your teacher if you have trouble, but you can come to us and we will sort it out as best we can. Also if you are ever lonely, don't be afraid to come over and hang out with us...Furthermore if you have any ideas on how to improve the school, tell us as we are part of the school council and we’ll suggest it to Mr Redpath. Ishan 6KL I am thrilled to be awarded with this position of head girl! I am very pleased to be given the opportunity and will try my best to fulfil my duties. I am a polite and honest person and am here to help if you have any issues or problems. I have many responsibilities as the head girl such as showing visitors around and doing jobs for teachers. And remember, if you are ever lonely don’t be scared to come and hang out with us, I am not a pirahna! Zara 6KL

Sports news Saracens

- a lady called Simone has come to our class twice now. The first time she gave us a piece of paper with lots of rugby teams on with points. We had to put this into a league table for a cup. Every time we saw Saracens we have to YEAH!! and cheer, We then did some rugby moves with our partners. One had to get the blue belt and one red belt and we had to count 3,2,1 and clap behind us then we had to get the tags hanging from then. She will be coming for another 4 weeks, we had lots of fun. Reporter Tasneen 4BM

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Anyone for Tennis ? Wednesday 29th we went to the park to play tennis on the courts and it was so much fun!!! My partner was Ellie and she was so funny. We leant that the tennis racquet had to be the right way we had to bounce the ball and hit it to our partner. When we went it was a lovely weather, reporter Shreya 3EO.

AS A SCHOOL WE ARE TAKING PART IN CLCSS it stands for Carbon Trust Collaborative Low Carbon Schools Service.

What is the CLCSS? -

It is a new programme developed by the Carbon Trust to support local authorities and schools to work together to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. Preston Park wants to help cut down on pollution, and CO2 (a gas) emissions. We can all help do this and saving energy will help save money as well as helping the planet. We can switch off computers at night, especially on Friday so they are not on at the weekends, we can turn lights off when we leave the class or if there is good daylight. If we are not using the smartboards we can ensure blinds are open so we work by natural daylight. We can switch overhead projectors, printers and other small electrical equipment when we are not using it. We can make labels and put them near plugs and switches reminding us to switch off. We can dress warmly in winter, so we do not feel cold and waste excess heating. We do not waste hot water as electricity and gas are being used to heat the water up. In classes children please think how can YOU save energy. Can you make a poster to remind your class or design a label to remember to turn off a switch or plug. If you can please give to Mrs French.

WOW— a new school year and we still want you to walk especially on the first Wednesday of every month—take part in WOW to earn your badges. Next

WOW day is Wednesday 6th October. Drivers, the estate is a 20mph zone, please observe. CONGRATULATIONS TO—Miss Deckker who passed her driving test at the end of September, but although she is now a driver, she is still going to travel to school using her bike as it’s healthier, doesn't pollute and doesn't cost.

heyPresto 61 Oct/2011  
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