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ISSUE 89 1st February 2014

Coming Up… 5AH'S Magnificent Assembly - On Friday, the 24th 5AH did a mind-blowing assembly on Myths and Legends. They acted out a small piece of the myth Theseus and the Minotaur in an outstanding dance, it was short but nice. The main myth they performed was called King Arthur, where King Uther married Igraine and they had a lovely little boy called Arthur. They gave him away to a wizard called Merlin who gave him to Sir Ector. Many years passed and Arthur grew up into a strong and noble young man. King Uther got sick and citizens wanted to fight for the next king. The archbishop put up a stone with a heavy silver sword inside. Underneath the words: Only the true king can pull out this sword. Many people tried but failed. They had a war and Sir Ector and his two sons went to participate. Arthur's stepbrother forgot his sword so Arthur went to get one. He suddenly pulled the heavy silver sword out of the stone. Sir Ector announced that Arthur was the new king. They spoke loud and clear during the assembly and used adjectives .They all sang a song that put big smiles on our faces. It was an outstanding assembly. By Mahek, Emilija and Ashanti 5KS

3rd, 4th & 5th Feb - Year 4 London Metropolitan Archives - possible train strikes 3PC Assembly Thursday 6th Year 2 Chinese New Assembly 7th Half Term — break up Friday 14th back Monday 24th February

Expansion Update — Planning permission was granted on the 17th January, building work will start at the end of May, with completion Spring 2015 of the new canteen, classroom and extra reception class. The trees to the front of the canteen building will be removed this half term. More news in the next edition on school meals provision, which may change after the Easter Holidays.

Inside this issue: Annex Anniversary 2 Read for my school 3 Numeracy Fun Days 4

World News

DENMARK VISITS Each year we have visitors from


Denmark who are interested in the unique ways we use ICT at Preston Park. Mr Redpath, Mr Ryan and myself talked to them about the great work that children create using their iPads and how teachers plan the use of ICT in lessons. Mr Ryan also introduced them to our robots Sami & Olly. The visitors then went into Yrs 3, 4, 5 & 6 to see this in action. They were very impressed by teachers and children and hope they can visit again next year.

to Mrs Kishwar Nabeel, teach- Wet Weather ing assistant in year 3 and her husband on the birth of their daughter who arrived on their 14th wedding anniversary, Lyla Nabeel Mir, born on the 22nd of January at 2:34am. She weighed 3.07kg, both mum and baby doing well.

By Mr Meleady

To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email us with your views and stories on—— and check for upcoming events in school. The ‘app’ is free from the app store.

5 6

What is the word that is longest in the English Language and Why ? SMILE because it had the world ‘MILE’.

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WELL DONE ALL IN PPPS Our building is more efficient! We have managed to waste less electricity and gas by improving our heating and switching off electrical items and lights not being used and also by generating our own electricity via the solar panels. We are now a D rating up from an F, next year we want a C.

Happy Anniversary Annex — Hello, we are Shreshth and Jarell from 1LP and we go to school in the Preston Park Primary School Annex. The Annex school is now 1 year old! Happy birthday PPPS Annex! Shreshth: When I first came to school here I was a little nervous but then I learned quickly and I became less nervous. Mental maths and the spelling quiz are my favourite things to do, sometimes I don't like break because I like learning! My favourite place in the Annex is the science corner because I like exploring science. Jarell: When I first came to school here I didn't know what to do at first but when I made new friends I wasn't scared anymore. When I came into Year 1 I met new teachers and I was a bit nervous but I like working with Miss Parnell, Miss Bavany, Miss John-Lewis, Miss McFarlane and I love PE time with Miss Freedman - I will be good for them and always try hard.

A kick start to the week!!!

During the week of the 14th and 19th of January we had a special visit from some football players who came in to talk to us about racism. We did some P.E activities with the footballers also a workshop to do with racism. The main point of there visit was to stop racism in our school. At the beginning of our day we did a P.E workshop with a guy called Luther. We had 3 teams and we had to use teamwork to win points for our team, therefore we can win. We played some games for example dribbling, catching and heading with the ball. The time flew and it was really fun. We didn't want the P.E workshop to end. Luckily two other people called Steven and Osie came later in the day to talk to us about racism. Racism is when someone or some people judge you on the colour of your skin, your religion or your culture. They told us that if you ever have to deal with racism tell an adult straight away, do not put up with racism. They told us about their life as a footballer and how they dealt with racism. It was a really enjoyable experience. We hope they will come again. Reporters Khushi and Swechchha 5CD

We are collecting

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KEY STAGE 2 CHILDREN WE ARE TAKING PART Following the success of last year’s competition, the National Literacy Trust is running the ‘Read for My School’ competition across the UK between 31st January and 28th March. This year, the competition has been extended to include Years 3 and 4, so we are able to involve the whole of KS2. As with last year, the aim is to encourage children to read a range of new books of a variety of genres. Children need to read as many books as they can in the two month period and record these online. They then also answer a short question about the book they have read. There are a selection of books available on the website; however, unlike last year, they cannot read these on iPads (I will be writing an e-mail to moan about this!). Children can also register any books they are currently reading from home or school. In terms of winners/prizes, we will choose two winners from each year group: one child who has read the most books, and one child who has written the most informative/interesting responses to the book questions. All children who read one book from each genre will automatically be entered into a prize draw. The registration process is: Your teacher will visit the website (, and click on the registration page. They will select our school from the drop down list, and fill out details. The website will then give them a code; this code is given to you in your class. You then visit the website to register (this can be done on iPads), and register your own account using the code you were given. You are then able to start recording the books you have read. We are then able to monitor the record of books, as well as the school’s running total. Mr Hodgkiss AN AUTHOR VISITS When an author from Pakistan came, she read us her new book the Hurricane Fairy. It was a very interesting story and she included a lot of detail. She said that she would love the children to do some lovely illustrations to go in her book. We had a great time talking to her because we learnt a lot about her. We also enjoyed listening to her story. We would have loved to learn more about her but unfortunately it was the end of the assembly. By Mia and Shekinah 3LB

BOOK SALE — many children came to the book sale at the school and got some great titles at bargain prices, happy reading.

National Libraries Day 2014 — Saturday 8th February 11:30am – 4:00pm at The Preston Park Annex (the Old Library Building, Carlton Avenue East, Wembley, HA9 8PL organised by the Friends of Preston Road Library, please come and join us for storytelling, a pop-up library, refreshments, a guest author and why not bring your favourite book. Please note children must be accompanied by an adult —

NUMERACY FUN DAYS Thanks to staff from our local Barclays who joined us to work with years 4 and 5 on finances and for playing two Dragons in year 6’s version of Dragons Den with Miss Louca and Mr Redpath. The joint winners were 6RO and 6LC

The whole school had fun on our Numeracy days on January 16th and 17th. The Happy Puzzle Company came in with lots of games. Reception children made some fantastic hats and went on a parade around the school to show the rest of the children. Then year 3 did some cookery activities where their task was to make a dinner for a family of four for under £5, they made a delicious pasta in tomato sauce with cheese, We then had the Numeracy Sale where our year 4 and year 5 children made games, gift boxes and folding paper activities to sell to our year 2 and 3 classes. The year 5 entrepreneurs won making £127.35 with year 4 making £68.38 all in under an hour.

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Half term Friday 14th to Monday 24th

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MRS SHAH’S RECIPE OF THE MONTH Florida Cocktail Serves 6—8 - Ingredients - Softened 2 oranges, 2 grapefruit, 50g caster sugar, 1 x 5ml spoon runny honey, Equipment - weighing scales, Chopping board, Sharp knife, Grapefruit spoon, Medium bowl, Small bowl, Small saucepan, Sieve, 5ml spoon, Wooden spoon, Pan stand, 15ml spoon, Glass serving dish x 6–8. Method — Cut the grapefruits in half and carefully remove the segments of fruit with a pointed grapefruit spoon and place in a bowl. Cut the top and bottom off each orange and place upright on the chopping board. Cut down the orange following the rounded shape of the fruit, removing all the skin and white pith. Carefully cut out each segment so the flesh is released, leaving the pith between the slices. The more pith you remove from the fruit segments the prettier the final dish will look. Add the oranges to the grapefruit, saving any juice that comes out in a small bowl and squeezing the skins to extract as much as you can from them. Strain the juice into a small saucepan with the caster sugar and honey and slowly heat until the honey and sugar have dissolved to make a syrup. Pour over the fruit segments and mix gently. Leave to cool then refrigerate until well chilled. Divide the fruit and syrup between the glass serving dishes. Enjoy


— On Monday the 27th,

there was a man called Andy who came to 3SB. He was from the British Dental Association He came to our class as we are learning about healthy eating and teeth in science. We played a dentist board game in class with dice and counters. We looked at equipment from the olden days and had to guess what it was used for. We also made our own mouth wash - here is the recipe - Antonia and Sebastian 3SB

Mouthwash from 1924 Ingredients Half a pint boiled water, left to go cold Half a teaspoon salt Half teaspoon fennel seeds 1 pinch of sugar 2 drops of oil of peppermint Food colouring Method 1. Measure out half pint of water and pour it into the bowl 2. Put half a teaspoon of salt into the water 3. Add half a teaspoon of fennel seeds to the water 4. Put a pinch of sugar into the mixture 5. Add 2 drops of peppermint oil 6. Tip in a drop of food colouring 7. Give the mixture a stir 8. Take a cupful of the mouthwash. Swish it round your mouth and spit out!

Welcome to Preston Park's Good Deed Feed! - Here to celebrate the good deeds being

done all around the school. If you would like to thank somebody for a good deed they have done then this is the place to do it. If you would like to share a good deed email it to with your name and class.

"After seeing my child’s teacher this morning and leaving the school, a pleasant young boy opened the door before me and held it open till I passed and wished me a good day. I would like to nominate Malik in 6LC for his act of kindness. Keep it up young man as manners cost nothing”. Marie Cusack - Parent Governor

The new staff quarters, last photo (issue 76 January 2013), only the foundations had been dug.

FROM AROUND THE WORLD We have sent our money raised during November, ÂŁ300 to our link school Kinuma in Uganda, and would like to say thank you to Lynne Pritchard an ex Harrow headteacher for ensuring they received it. Headteacher, Mr Naboth said they will be buying sets of class books, English, Science and Maths.

Parent Teacher Meeting

MISS DECKKER’S ADVENTURES - Hi everyone! So far, I've visited Malaysia (where Mrs Man is from) and spent two glorious weeks visiting different islands and towns. I saw lots of monkeys, hornbills (a type of bird) and strange insects! At the moment, I'm in Myanmar. It's beautiful here. In the towns and cities, everywhere you look you can see the golden tips of temples, pagodas and stupas (which are like shrines). Right now, I'm in a place called Kalaw. Today, I trekked through the jungle to help wash and feed some elephants at an elephant sanctuary. It was so much fun! I didn't realise that elephants have such tough, leathery skin and wiry hair all over their bodies. They were beautiful and very gentle, despite their vast size. Although I'm enjoying my travels immensely, I do miss everyone at PPPS and hope everyone is well. Take care! Best wishes, Miss Deckker

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Class 3

Year 4 have been finding out all about our goats, Toffee, Chocolate, Sherbet and Caramel. They then used this to create information posters on their iPad. They also have visited the goats during their lunchtimes to groom and stroke them. Thanks to the monitors that supervise the visits

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Ted has also enjoyed splashing around in the rain wearing his wellies this month.

WHAT A LIGHTS, SOUND, ACTION! At the beginning WET of the month we had brand new installed and our sound JANUARY lights system was updated, which will

With the rain in make our assemblies and proJanuary it has ductions even more amazing. meant a lot of The amazing Romeo and Juliet - On wet plays, with children unable to Wednesday the 29th January, year 5 went on go outside, year 6 a trip to Claremont High School Academy to watch a magnificent performance called Roare getting very meo and Juliet performed by the students. creative at Jenga The worst thing was that we had to walk to toppling. There Claremont and it was bucketing it down with have been some rain. When we got there we were drenched. huge puddles, the Throughout the play, the boys were only inoutdoor adventure terested in the fight, it was about a boy called equipment is beRomeo who fell in love with Juliet, however ginning to look like Juliet's mother did not want them to marry so a swimming pool, she told her cousin not to let Romeo into the which the rubber building. At the end of the performance Roducks don't mind meo and Juliet both die. They sang a song at and some beauti- the end, it was an amazing play and we ful rainbows over would like go again to see another performance. By Jenaeya, Jaydena and Shreya 5AH the school.


Do You Need To Talk? PPPS Counselling for Children and Parents Parenting isn’t always easy although it’s often amazing and rewarding to watch your children grow, and to help them learn to be independent. Parenting can also at times be really hard work. Family counselling helps you to understand and cope better with the stresses and strains of family life. If you are struggling and need support or feel in some way isolated, please contact Judy (our school Counsellor) on 07956121874 at anytime or please contact the school office.

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Conversation Classes at the Annex if you want to improve your English there are now conversation classes on Monday afternoons at our Annex on Carlton Avenue East organised by The Old Preston Library Community Hub and run by a trained tutor. The sessions are informal and people can just pop in between 12.30 and 2.15 on Mondays. Parents are welcome. There is a notice with more details at the Annex.

The PSA Needs You — As member of the PSA, I am immensely disappointed that only two parents currently attend meetings. Taking into account that the school has over 800 pupils and 100 teachers/staff. This is an unbelievably poor showing. With so few people taking part I cannot see how our PSA can function. I overhear lots of parents, teachers and staff having a moan about the cost of school trips, activities, books, etc. I was concerned about these matters, but instead of just moaning I decided to become involved. By joining, I discovered that if the PSA had not supported these things, they would have cost a lot more, or worse still, simply not have happened. I know parents and teachers have other important responsibilities but if more people are willing to become involved we can make it work. If a small group of people can give a little further commitment, we could really make a difference in improving and enriching the activities that will benefit our children. The PSA needs our support or the funds for future activities may not be available. The PSA helps to

• • •

Raise funds for non-curricular ventures (e.g. school clubs, trips) Organises social gatherings (e.g. The Valentine’s disco) Inform parents of new initiatives in education. Acts as an informal channel of communication between parents and staff How can you help?

• • •

Help with fundraising events e.g., Summer Fayre, Mothers day sale, etc Join the PSA committee - the meetings are fun, informal and not too frequent Share new ideas, interests and concerns with the committee Come along to the information evenings to find out about changes in education. The PSA is a partnership between PARENTS, and STAFF to support ALL in the school community. Please come along to the next PSA meeting on Wednesday 12th February at 3.30 in ICT suite. Put it in your diary and we look forward to seeing you then. Marie Cusack.

WOW— It’s great to walk to school, you can

Breakfast Club —

chat with your friends and mums can catch up too. If you need to leave for To earn your work early for why not WOW badges, you drop your children to the definitely need to breakfast club, here they try and walk on get cereal, toast, waffles, the first Wednesday of each milk and juice, from month, the next 7:45am until 8:30am. After WOW day is the the Easter Holidays the 5th. Please do not price will be rising from block neighbours 75p to £1, fantastic value. driveways.

Hey Presto 89 Feb/2014  
Hey Presto 89 Feb/2014