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ISSUE 81 1st JUNE 2013

Coming Up… School starts — 3rd

3PC’s Golden Touch - On Friday the

4th - Mexicolor year 4

3rd, 3PC performed an amazing assembly about a greedy king wanting gold, gold and more gold. His family was the most important thing to him though. One day the King said ‘I want more gold!’ then someone came and said 'by next morning you will get everything gold by just touching it'. So the King went back to sleep. In the morning the King touched his breakfast and it turned to gold, then his daughter came in to see him and he touched her beautiful hair and then she turned to gold. He was then sad and hungry so he asked for this magic to go. Luckily it did and he got his daughter back. The assembly was amazing, because of fantastic costumes, the scenery and they spoke clearly and loudly. Reporters Michelle and Myat 4JJ

TOYS - 1CM did a lovely, magnificent assembly on Friday the 24th all about toys, old and toys of today. Although they are year 1s they were like year 6s. It was full of information and they spoke with confidence. My favourite part was the song they sang about toys in a shop. Nicholas and Leah

5th - Skipping Workshop 5th and 6th - Cricket year 6 2AH Assembly 7th Choir Trips — 10th Brent Finals, Singing at Brook House 17th, Royal Opera House 13th Orchestra Trip - 20th Willesden Sports Centre 18th Year 6 Isle of Wight 21st - 24th

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Roald Dahl Trip 2 3 Greenbuild Forest Club


Fire Drill


School Rules Sports Update


ENGAGEMENTS ANNOUNCED — congratulations to two of our teachers in year 6 who have got engaged — Miss Koulla Louca has become engaged to Mr Marios Georgiades and Miss Louise Camprubi is engaged to Mr Matthew Stanley, who proposed on a beach to her at sunset, in Bruges, Belgium on Saturday 4th May. Best wishes from all in the school on your engagements.

To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email us with your views and stories on—— and check for upcoming events in school. The ‘app’ costs 69p at the app store.


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Wednesday 15th some of the boys in year 2 went on a trip to the Roald Dahl Museum which was in a high street and we went into Miss Honey’s classroom and it had a interactive whiteboard like our classes. We also saw a dead rat and some chocolate. After we had lunch and our lunch tasted good, we then went back on a white coach to Preston Park. We had a great time and it was in a big museum by Tobi and Dhruv 2AH.

Community Police Citizen Talk KS2 — Re-

Design a Lunch Spots poster — Year 5 have entered into a competicently, we had a visit from a po- tion drawing and delice man and woman who told scribing their favourite us about the consequences of outdoor place to enjoy their lunch, some of the what would happen if we did entries were really bad things. Did you know you creative and have now can get a criminal record when you are just ten years old? Well been sent off for the you can, so make sure you stay competition, maybe the judges will be imout of trouble! Firstly, they talked about what people might pressed with the fantastic ideas! Good Luck all! do to get arrested for example THRILLER — In PE we shoplifting. Then they talked have been doing dance, it is great fun. We have done about how long you could get African style dancing arrested for and for what consewhere we have done back quences, we weren't in trouflips and cartwheels. Also ble....yet! Michael Jackson’s Thriller Hopefully none of the lovely chilwhere we have to dance dren in Preston Park Primary like zombies, which we have to do in slow motion, School will ever go to jail. it’s great fun and keeps us By Maia and Aaliyah 5AH fit. Reporter Mehad 4JJ

MRS SHAH’S RECIPE OF THE MONTH New Potatoes with Fresh Herbs Serves 4 as a side dish, Summer means new potatoes or Jersey royals. Serve these with hot or cold chicken and a salad for a quick and tasty meal. Ingredients:- 700g new potatoes (175g per person), Black pepper (optional), 1 x 5ml spoon butter OR polyunsaturated margarine, 1 x 5ml spoon lemon juice (optional), 2 x 5ml spoons finely chopped fresh mint OR parsley Equipment:- weighing scales, kettle, large saucepan with lid, colander, knife, scissors, chopping board, sharp knife, small stiff brush or vegetable peeler. Method Wash the potatoes. Scrub with a stiff brush or scrape the skins off with a vegetable peeler. Leave the skins on if you prefer! Put the potatoes in the saucepan and cover with water. Boil for 10–15 minutes or until done. Cooking time depends on the size so test by poking with a knife. When they are cooked the knife will slide in easily without the potatoes falling apart. If you’re using mint and you have a spare sprig or two let it boil with the spuds for summery flavour. Drain the potatoes well in a colander. Tip them back into the pan. Add the butter, lemon (if using), chopped herbs and black pepper to taste (if using). Mix until they are coated with butter or margarine. Tip into a serving dish or divide up onto plates immediately. Enjoy

IT and E-Safety

Gymnastics — all classes

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in Key Stage 1 and Year 3 had a session in Gymnastics with 2 coaches, during the month. This was a taster to introduce Gymnastics from September. They children really enjoyed, learning to stretches, roly polys and started to learn how to do a cartwheels and hand stands Mr Jarvis.

Victory over SATs The SATs were good and challenging. Some of us may have found it hard or easy. As soon as the last day of the SATs arrived we were really excited. Our lessons, including booster lessons gave us a lot of knowledge. We also went to breakfast club and it was free each morning during SATs Week. Did you know that some of us also took the level 6 SATs? On Day One, we did Level 3-5 English Comprehension and Level 6 English comprehension. Day Two was Level 3-5 SPAG tests and Level 6 SPAG Tests. Day Three was only Mental Maths and Maths A. Day Four, was Maths B and Level 6 Maths A and B papers. Now, you might notice that you never ever heard of the SPAG tests .The SPAG tests are new to the current Year 6 children. Basically, SPAG stands for spellings, punctuation and grammar. It is a new subject to us and we wrote a whole book of notes and tips. All the lessons we ever had was worth it even though we had to go over lessons. The Year 6 will be now enjoying the next few weeks of fun learning. However, I must say watch out year 5, it might be hard for you but here's a tip: listen to your teachers, concentrate on your work and never give up. Reporter : Mathura, 6LC.

Greenbuild Awards 2013 - Unfortunately although shortlisted we didn't win. Ms Dillette and Mrs French went up to the awards in Manchester and to visit the Greenbuild Exhibition on the 8/9th of May. Our category was Behavioural Change — finalists: •Thetford! Love Every Drop! – Flagship Housing Group/Anglian Water •Roussillon Park – ZeroC and Ecofirst Consult •Heat pump project – South Tyneside Homes •In-Premises Display (IPD) – Ewgeco •Preston Park Primary School – Brent Council •Tenant engagement programme – Trafford Housing Trust and Action for Sustainable Living. The awards recognise excellence in sustainable buildings, and focus on projects that can illustrate an understanding of the importance of building performance in use. Preston Park was nominated by our Council, as the children and staff in the school made a difference in their energy consumption, just by being more aware of switching computers, lights etc. off when not in use, also that they are helping the environment and looking after school. The judges said “It has been an absolute pleasure to judge the Greenbuild Awards this year and we are pleased that so many great projects are raising the profile of creating truly sustainable buildings. The awards night was a fantastic way to celebrate some impressive achievements in the built environment and we'd like to thank all the shortlisted entries for making it such a wonderful occasion. And many congratulations to the winners, who are all very deserving indeed. The Behavioural Change Winners were Winner - Thetford! Love every drop! – Flagship Housing - This partnership with Anglian Water focuses on the often overlooked issue of water saving, with some impressive results achieved simply by raising awareness. and Highly Commended - Tenant engagement programme – Trafford Housing Trust and Action for Sustainable Living An inspiring project that shows how effective a low-cost approach to energy saving can be.

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Quiz Club Semi-Finals - Friday 3rd May FOREST CLUB— was a daunting date on my calendar, as the day At Forest After neared I became more nervous, the reason being it was our second go at the Quiz Club Chal- School Club on Wednesdays lenge; the semi-final. I had to get to school early to meet Miss Badassy, Max (year.4), Mo- with Mr Clark, hammed (year 5) and Sajan (year 6). Max’s we do lots of Dad and my Mum were part of our fan club things. We made and came with us on the tube from Preston paint without Road to Dollis Hill. We were going to Gladusing paint, we stone Park Primary School. We were the first team there, so Miss Badassy gave us our final used spices and words of encouragement as the other 11 teams honey and entered the hall. Finally we started. The ques- mixed them up, and used rollers to put the paint onto a tions were on a wide range of topics, some piece of cloth. Next we made homes for fairies and we had a easy, some hard: but we worked as a team us- wonderful camp fire just before half term where we baked a ing the tactics we were taught. In the end our little cake using half and orange skin, we ate the orange team came 5th out of 12, I was disappointed however I am sure we will do better next year. first. We really enjoyed it and learnt lots. By Shekinah 2AH I am still amazed by some of the facts that I WISTERIA remembered from our revision during our The front of lunchtime. By Sarah 3PC the school has been smelling pretty gorgeous because the plant growing up the front is called a Wisteria and flowers in May.


WOW—WHAT A PIECE OF WRITING — Mr Hall, year 6 Teacher, was very impressed and wanted to share one of his Literacy Groups writing. Background: The piece below was written in response to the learning objective—Can I detail the actions, thoughts and feelings of a competitor before, during and after a major sporting event? Bolt’s Brilliant Blast by Devonte (6FH) Confidently he strolls to the 100m start line, however a hint of nervousness was shown by a sullen expression on his face. ‘Come on, this will be easy,’ he repeatedly says to himself. Glaring at the finishing line with an immense amount of determination, he walks closer to the starting line. Despite the fact that he holds, the world record (9.58 seconds) he nevertheless prays to god-just for that extra bit of luck. As the starter shouts, ‘Ready...set..,’ his heart booms through his ribcage, however not as powerfully and rapidly as his opponents’. BANG! He accelerates to a colossal speed and rapidly strides past everyone. ‘I can do this,’ he reassured himself, as he speeds up even more to make sure that he gets the gold. ‘And Usain Bolt comes first!’ blasted through the speakers. The crowd goes wild with thundering screams and cheers. He emotionally falls to the ground and kisses the wet track, allowing himself, the crowd, his coach and Jamaica to be very proud of him. He does his signature celebration and hugs his mother, who is full of pride. ‘Bolt is brilliant!’ the crowd chants.

Now Summer is here please bring in a bottle of water, wear sun hats if needed, apply sun cream at home before school on very sunny days, and if sunglasses are worn at own risk but are dangerous to run around in.

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Fire Drill —

On Friday the 3rd may we had a fire drill, and I am very pleased with the way children evacuated the buildings and lined up in the playground to be counted and for registers to be checked. We do this practise in case there was ever a real fire or emergency in the school, so that everybody knows when they hear the alarm they should leave quickly and sensibly. Thank you all for doing this successfully - Mr Robert Lucas H&S

SCHOOL RULES — there are a few rules in the school that children seem to be forgetting — so here is a reminder of rules children should be observing :NAIL VARNISH - should not be worn to school (this includes false nails). EARRINGS - should be a small stud or ring only, not dangly. JEWELLERY - only religious can be worn - necklaces, bracelets or rings are not allowed. SHOES - in hot weather - no flips flops are allowed, sandals should be as enclosed as possible to prevent accidents. CHEWING GUM - is not allowed, it should be spat into a tissue and put into a bin before entering the school premises. SWEETS - are not allowed - including LOLLIPOPS and chocolates - fruit should be eaten as a healthy alternative. CRISPS - should not be eaten a break time, they are allowed at lunchtime but only a few times a week. FENCES - around the school should not be climbed if footballs have gone over into neighbours gardens. NATURE RESERVE - you can only go into it with an adult or have asked permission from staff if retrieving a ball. RUBBISH - should be put in the litter bins and not dropped on the floor.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB We have some fantastic new colourful toys in our after school club which runs from 3:30pm to 5:50pm. Run by Pamela, Jackie and Humairah. 3.30pm - 4.00pm £2.00 per day 3.30pm - 4.30pm £4.00 per day OR £17.00 per week if paid in advance. 3.30pm - anytime after 4.30pm £7.50 per day OR £35.00 per week if paid in advance. From June 1st 2013. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ALL PUPILS MUST BE COLLECTED NO LATER THAN 5.45PM.

JOB VACANCIES - We are looking for School Mealtime Supervising Assistants (SMSA) to guide and assist children during the lunchtime break and ensure their safety, general welfare and appropriate behaviour. We are looking for candidates who have experience with working with children and who have the following qualities:‘WANT TO BE • Patience, a ‘kind but firm attitude’ PART OF OUR • Good sense of humour • Calm SCHOOL?’ • Sociable • Interest in young people and the ability to engage with and motivate children with the ability to lead and be involved in physical activities during the lunchtime break. Candidates are required to undertake a CRB check. If you are interested, please contact Nicki at the front office for a copy of the full job description. Alternatively, email Mrs S. Patel on

Ted says - ‘he loves the

cherry trees at the back of the school when they blossom, they look fantastic from the year 1 and 2 huts as well as from the Nature Reserve what a beautiful pink display!’

Sports News

Amazing Athletics - On

the 22nd May at 8:45am, a group of children went on a trip to compete and staff netball team which against other schools at Willesden started at the beginning of the Sport Centre. They went to Willesyear as part of 'get back to netden by a mini bus, the children were ball' initiative had their first allowed to go in their sport clothes. match on Friday evening, the By mini bus it took about 15 min10th May. Out of the 5 teams utes to get there. When we arrived playing, their held their own we walked into the Sport Centre and finishing 3rd at the end of the went up the stairs were the compeevening. It was great watching tition was held. After we sat down them play, except for one injury we had a little talk from Coach Richduring the first match, but they ard. Next we got ready for our first had great team work for such a event which was 75m sprint for the newly formed team. They are boys and the girls did throwing. The now eager for the next match. boys were fast but not fast enough, Our Wild Kite Team are Ms Dillette, Cheryl Simpson, Majorie Asante, Jackie Ashbourne, Miss the girls did not do quite well either Camprubi, Pamela Stewart, Kishana Lee, Nicola Johnston, Jackie after we swapped this time the boys and girls did well. Our next event McKenzie and Miss Badassy - reporter Mrs French. was 600m run we was looking forCRICKET — On Thursday 16th May the Cricket Club children went to ward to that. When the race began the Lords Cricket Ground it was going quite well, but suddenly to watch England versus it started to fall apart. The girls did New Zealand. It was better in the standing long jump, exciting, we saw Engone girl got 2m 15cm, after it was land get 100 runs, but time to swap, the girls did 600m run unfortunately we didn’t and boys did the standing long see New Zealand's total because we had to go jump. The boys did quite good but back to school. Children the girls did better in standing long in year 4, 5 and 6 who jump. The race was going pretty go to Cricket Club After well but like the boys it started to School with Mr Jarvis fall apart. At the end we didn't win and Mr Shah every Fribut our school came in 4th PLACE!!! day in the Summer went on the trip and we all enjoyed it very much. When we all came back which was better than last time from Lords we were so excited to tell our family what happened and when we were 7th place what we did at Lords. It was the best day of our lives and we had the Darius and Hadassah 5TM

NETBALL — Our parents

best fun ever, Shivam and Khush 5TM and 5DR. Photo — Mr Shah

WOW Lots of children have been walking and observing the trees blossom this month. Thanks to Hoekit, Charlie and Darius in 5TM for handing out badges on Wednesday the 1st. Whether you walk, cycle or scooter it is great exercise. Next

WOW Wednesday 5th June

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