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ISSUE 71 1st August 2012

Fabulous Music Assembly — On the 12th, years 3-6 performed a fabu-

Inside this issue: Goodbye Year 6 2

lous assembly led by Mrs Joslin, the dedicated music teacher. This assembly Hello - Goodbye 3 was very musical and included perform4 PPGT ances of classical pieces as well as more modern songs by Bruno Mars. A large 5 Oxford Trip audience of pupils and parents gathered in the Junior Hall to watch the 6 100% CLUB choir and orchestra. Mrs Joslin enthused all the players and singers of the orchestra and choir! One of the best acts was the dynamic trio of violinists. As they played the fabulous song Daisy Bell, the crowd went wild! They received a large ovation as the crowd put their hands together to show their appreciation. The choir was amazing! They sang songs which even professionals would find difficult to perform. They should be very proud of themselves. It was so great that the atmosphere turned electric! Hap Everyone applauded this great effort to show how great music is at Preston p b a c y H ol i Park. Mrs Patel was moved and commented, “The parents should be proud and I k-T da y 6 th h s know how hard the children and Mrs Joslin have worked.” All in all, this was a S e p ur s d a y t em fabulous assembly and everyone agrees that this was a very fitting musical end be r to the school year. Performers and audience will remember it for a long time. By Jude 4YH Year 4 Music Concert - On the 4th July year 4 invited us to watch their music assembly, it was amazing! The children organised themselves very well and when we arrived in the hall, everybody was in their positions and ready to perform. The children sang some beautiful songs and also played some very hard songs on their recorders. The overall performance was very exciting and all the Year 3 children feel very excited to go to Year 4 and learn more music - well done year 4! EBGBs The year 3 music assembly all the best in year 5, reporters Riddhi and Vibha 3EO Year 5 music cool assembly - It was amazing assembly, year 5 played was good and they played their recorders, sang fun songs and they did the fabulous drums and took it in turns which was the perit in groups. We liked the EBGBs fect harmony. I think the assong, a song called Tingalaa and a sembly was done to perfecghost song. They played without a tion and we were blown away book showing they had practised for a by the performance. The long time. When waiting they put the most popular part was Mrs recorders under their arms. By Aisha, Hutchinson Group. By Ayubjimale and Kulmiya 4SB Emily, Hana, and K’sha 2PM

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GOODBYE YEAR 6—keep reading ‘hey presto online’

To 6FH

Sadly 6FH we have come to the end of a memorable year. A year that was filled with laughter, mirth, excitement and surprises. Who thought that time would fly so fast? It seems like just the other day you were commencing your final year at Preston Park asking me all those questions about SATS. Boy was I tired at having to field those endless questions! However, you surely made the school, your parents, yourselves and of course ME proud with the remarkable SATS results that you achieved... Clearly it cannot be denied that this was due to good teaching from the fantastic staff in year six! (I’m sure that the opener of the previous sentence brings back a lot of memories from your literacy lessons this past year). As you now move onto secondary school, I implore you to keep working hard, stay motivated and keep sight of your goals. There is a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow that says ‘The heights by great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight. But they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.’ Simply put this means that nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without determination and hard work. Finally, I must say that it was indeed a pleasure being your teacher and you will always hold a special place in my heart –as you were my first year six class. (Don’t start crying now!) Congratulations on a superb year and all the best for the future. (Mr. Hall)

To a wonderful Year 6, You all have been a fantastic year group and I'm really proud of your achievements. We have had an amazing journey with some memorable and great times learning and simultaneously working extremely hard for the SATs...WELL DONE! It has been a pleasure and an honour teaching such a conscientious, diligent and motivated year group. Though I will be truly tearful to see you all leave; I'm certain you all will be successful and exceed in your future endeavours and respective careers; making your family, teachers, mentors and employers proud. Once again it has been an unforgettable academic year with outstanding achievements and thank you for your consistent commitment and dedication. I wish you all, the best of luck at Secondary School. Please keep in touch. Goodbye and good luck! Mrs. S. Saad

Year 6 — Another year has gone by and it is time to say farewell and wish each and everyone of you all the best as you leave us and go to your new schools in September. I hope that you will always remember us, that you will all stay in touch. Each one of you has the potential and the ability to succeed in whatever you choose to do in your lives, you are all very special to me and I will always remember the Year 6 of 2012 as a group of hard working, delightful young people that have made me very proud to have known you all. Keep smiling, be good, learn from your mistakes and remember the spirit of Preston Park will be part of you for always. John Redpath

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Year 6 Well done for being a fantastic year group, working so hard and attaining fantastic SATS results! We are really proud of you all. You must now continue to work hard in your new school and beyond. The time has come for you to start afresh, meeting new people and making new friends. Take this opportunity to shine and become respected citizens. We'll leave you with a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi: ‘The future depends on what we do in the present.’ Mrs Patel, Mrs Solanki and Mrs Shah Dear 6KL, words cannot express how sad I am feeling right now. It feels like yesterday that I was your teacher in Year 4. During the last two years, I have seen you all mature into young adults and most of all flourish in your studies. You have achieved History with your SATs results! Moreover, I am ever so proud to be a part of this momentous accomplishment! Thank you for making this year the most enjoyable, and for being ambassadors of the school. You have set the expectations for the next Year 6 class. I acknowledge your efforts this year and commend you. Your sheer enthusiasm is something to be proud of. Continue working hard at secondary school. I have every confidence that you will all move onto great things. You are a SPECTACULAR class and I will miss you all! Please keep in touch. 2012 has been the best year ever! You all have a special place in my heart. Miss Louca

Free Books Nestle Box tops—please collect Page 3 WELCOME NEW STAFF — Teachers joining the Preston Park Team Mr Patrick Clark, Miss Samantha Prest. We also welcome Mrs Priti Shah, who joins us permanently as a teaching assistant after being a volunteer, and also to Miss Amisha Radia who will be a teaching assistant and also an admin assistant.

Mr McAuley— is waving us goodbye — Our class memories. At the start of the year, 4BM were doing newspaper articles and we did one on your wedding. In addition to this, in the middle of the year for PE we learnt about rugby with a Saracans player called Simone! By at the end of the year we had done poems and learnt cinquains, haiku, shape poems, list poems, kennings and alphabet poems. As we were learning poems we made our own poem books. We had a fabulous time with you and hope you remember us in Dubai, also were going to miss you throughout our lives and sorry for the few silly occasions. Thank you for teaching us, Visorthman, Devansh, Yianni and all of 4BM

MISS LONGMORE Good Luck from Red Class You will be missed big time! We meet people from all walks of life... But you Mod's are something else! We've had a great year together! Thank you for all your support its very much appreciated. I've taught you a lot so no doubt you will make an excellent Teacher... Lol. We wish you Good Health, Wealth & Happiness Always! Love from Mrs Burney / Miss Ebanks & Co PS:- Remember — there are many obstacles like fences to cross in life but you can sail over them, sometimes life leaves you blowing in the wind !

Goodbye Miss Roscoe! In year 4, we were lucky to have Miss Roscoe to teach us. It was fun because she made us laugh nearly every day. She was amazing at music because she could play the guitar, the piano, the accordion and recorder especially. One thing we will remember is how brilliant she was at different accents. Miss Roscoe loved acting and she taught us how to act in literacy. She was very patient and we will remember her sparkling smile and bouncy curls! We will really miss her and we wish her good luck in her new school. We know that her new class will love her too. From 4YH

Dear Mr Fisher, Thank you so much for all you have done. Thanks for teaching us, we will all miss you soooooooo much. And thank you for organizing all the amazing trips and shows that Preston Park has participated in. Everyone wishes you all the best. We will never forget you. You are great. All the best for the future – Year 6

BABY NEWS Mrs Claire Scott is going onto maternity leave with her baby due in August. We look forward to hearing of the arrival of her bundle of joy and we are wondering if they will have a girl or a boy. FAREWELL MRS HARI Dear Mrs Hari, We have enjoyed all the lessons that you have taught us. 3AW will miss you very much. Good Luck in India. Please come back and visit us again soon. Lots of love from Maryam, Luul and Anya Please keep in contact, send a picture to hey Presto once you are there and lets us know what you are up to. We hope we can form a link with your new school. Best wishes always—all of year 3 and the rest of PPPS.

Hello Everyone, I’m back. I had an amazing experience in Grenada. As you know I GOODBYE TO MRS AMROUCHE taught Grade 3 which are 8 Thank you for teaching us, good and 9 year olds. I will miss luck and best wishes we are gothe school and children very ing to much, not to miss mention the you. From sunshine. all the Happy to be chilback ! :) dren and Miss Mills staff x

Preston Park’s Got Talent

PRESTON PARK’S GOT TALENT YEAR 6 — FAREWELL Two fantastic performances given by the year 6 children and the other acts that entered into our talent show this year on the 18th, with an afternoon performance for the children in the school and then again for the parents in the evening. With Miss Currie and Mr Meleady presenting and our judges were Mr Redpath, Mrs Michaelides and Miss Morris. It was a great show with special acts, including a duet Mr Hall and Miss Birch who sang ‘your love keeps lifting me higher and higher’ and a previous PPGT winner Kyle Birch. The winning act was SME Divas with Adele song someone like you which really wowed the judges Year6 had their final assembly with us on Thursday 19th and gave a tremendous performance. They sang songs and they shared their memories of their time with us and were presented with awards and certificates, they enjoyed their prom. Well done year 6.

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Our trip to Oxford

- Some children

from year 5 and 6 were chosen to go on a trip to Oxford University. We went by coach and left at 9:15am. Once there we were met by a lady who told us all about the university. We were given a prospectus and were asked some questions we had to answer. I enjoyed this activity and it inspired me to want to go to Oxford when I am older. You should aim for it too. You might be chosen to go there someday. Reporter Ishaan 5RC

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Due to the recent constant rain we are sorry that we had to cancel this year's Summer Fayre. Hopefully it will be held early in the Autumn, keep watching this space. Thank you for all your support and for buying raffle tickets.

Our special 80th Birthday, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics A year to remember is when the whole school wrote a storybook. A project from our youngest children in nursery and reception all the way through to year 6. All children received this special book that they all contributed to with the compliments of the Parents Staff Association. Thank you to our artists for their fantastic illustrations and to Mrs Rashika Patel for organising.


Olympic Recipe

from Beth Tweddle MBE professional gymnast for Great Britain and three times World Champion. Gymnasts need short bursts of high intensity activity so it is important to be well fuelled with energy from carbohydrates. Ingredients:- 700g large potatoes – King Edwards, Desiree or Maris Pipers are best for mash. 125 semi skimmed milk, 2 x 15ml olive oil, ½ vegetable stock cube, 2 x 5 spoon grainy mustard, 1 bunch spring onions, black pepper. Equipment:Peel the potatoes and chop into chunks and place in a saucepan of boiling water, cook for 15 minutes. In another saucepan heat the milk and add the ½ stock cube, do not boil, then add the oil and mustard and stir. Top, tail and peel the spring onions and wash them, next chop finely. Check the potatoes are cooked by skewering them with a sharp knife, if it goes in easy they are cooked, next drain them. Once drained mash with a potato masher and pour in a third of the milk mix and beat with a wooden spoon. Pour in the next third and beat again and finally pour the remainder and beat again, this removes any lumps and makes it lovely and fluffy (you can use an electric whisk). Stir in the spring onions and season with black pepper. ENJOY!


ATTENDANCE — The winners of the

registers for week commencing 18th June was 4YH and 1RB with 2 absences each, for week commencing 25th June it was 3AW with only half an absence, for week beginning 2nd July it was 6FH with 2 absences and week beginning 9th it was 3NC, 1SJ and RED all with 3 absences each. Well done!!!!

Sports Day. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to the constant rain but will be rescheduled. Instead as year 6 are leaving they had an inter-year Dodge Ball competition. It was lots of fun FREE CONFIDENTIAL Year 1 — Kevin MenCOACHING SESSIONS FOR sah, Samuel Ofimies. Year 2 — Miriam Baraiac, PARENTS AND PUPILS Emily De-Heer, Philip Kokoi, Benedict Mensah, Iudyth Patraucean, Denisa Solovastru. Year 3 — Parents /Carers do you want to explore how to find solutions to Bhanuja Raveenthiranathan, Parth Shah, Gowsichallenging behaviour, gaining back gan Sivakumaran, Dinasha Urala, Nilaani Anancontrol, instilling values, beliefs than, Karena Gordon. Year 4 — Darius Baraiac, and boundaries, having less stress, Jenny Cheng, Hadassah Henshaw, Shakesh communicating in an effective way Sivashankar, Melisa Crawley, Amar Mahmood, with your children? Pupils to you want to explore how Rut Paraucean, Darius Solovastru, Elyas Salad, to find solutions to communicating Antony Antoniou, Yianni Antoniou, Aaron Shaeffectively, dealing with pressure, bani, Maia Thomson, Year 5 — Marta Petrescu, feeling safe, valued and happy, Shah Ishaan Elahi. Year 6 — Joanne De-Heer solving problems – playground, Abdulhassan, Ali Falah, Rhinali Patel. Well done friends and learning problems? to new children starting during the year also Free confidential coaching sessince being with us have 100% attendance — sions on Saturdays 10am-11am Shannon Lydon Year 3, Maia Thompson Year 4, — Book your date and time slot at reception. Silvia Kirschner, Khalid Awwad and Lani Lureca Year 5 Well


done to these children as they have managed to attend school every day since September and so the PSA are giving them a voucher to choose a gift of their choice.

Inclusion & Achievement Officer, Extended Schools Coordinator, Personal Performance, Parent and Pupil Coach

WOW Many walked to school on Wednesday 6th

July especially as Take That were at Wembley for that week. Goodbye year 6 be safe when travelling to your new schools in September.

Being a parent can be very challenging yet rewarding. We are constantly trying to deal with ways to make our child's life secure and happy. Attending Parent Gym has been an enjoyable and educational experience. The Parent Gym coach was incredibly supportive and understanding. Each week we were offered handy tips and tools on everyday situations. We also got a magazine every week covering the topic. The magazine offer simple solutions for things we overlook. By the end of the Parent Gym sessions we learn the simplicity behind love, care discipline and much more. The magazines are now my handy rule books that I can constantly use. Parents from a variety of backgrounds bonded and shared the experience. Parent Gym is beneficial for all mothers and fathers and I am pleased that I attended all the sessions. As humans we all have space to improve ourselves and being a parent is a huge learning curve. Parent Gym adds to our knowledge and skills for a better quality of life with your family and friends. Wajeena Baba - mother of Dilkush 1KM

Free Fun Mini Tennis Tournament at Kenton Lawn Tennis Club.

Beginners welcome. All equipment provided. When Sunday 22nd of July 12pm onwards. We are also running Summer Holiday Tennis Camps. More info contact James 07852 180905 or visit

Hey Presto 71 Aug/2012  
Hey Presto 71 Aug/2012