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ISSUE 68 1st May 2012

Coming Up… PSA meeting 4th after school

Year 5 Gordon Brown Trip — back Friday 5th

Royal Albert Hall Trip — our choir sang at 'the Olympic Symphony' which was a world premiere and written by one of the orchestral conductors, in a project with secondary children from three London boroughs. There were 300 children in the orchestra including children from Brent, Haringey and Enfield with members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, plus 3000 children in the choir from all 3 boroughs with no room for the audience!! The event was on the 20th at the famous Royal Albert Hall. The choir have worked really hard to learn all the songs with a rehearsal at Preston Park on the 17th joined by children from Mount Stewart and Uxendon Manor. I was a very proud music teacher — Mrs Sue Joslin


to our year 2 teacher Mr Phillip Minnaar and ISS Cook Tracy Worth on completing their charity skydive on Saturday the 21st April raising over £1000 for the St Lukes Hospice Kenton.

Assemblies—3AW 5th, 4SB 11th, 1RB 25th, 3EO 1/6 Polling Day Thursday 3rd and May Day 7th no school.

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Wembley Arena 2 2 St. George Danish visitors


3 Recipe of the month 3 4 Sports Update

New Governors

CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to Mr Micheal Meleady IT Co-Ordinator on completing the London Marathon on Sunday the 22nd April. ‘I'm really pleased to have completed the London Marathon in 5hours 40mins! It was an amazing experience and the supporters along the way were fantastic and really kept everyone going. I'd like to thank everyone for their support and I am happy to have raised just over £2000 for the charity Children With Cancer. I'd also like to thank the staff of St John's Ambulance who rubbed my legs when I got cramp on the 18th mile!

To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email us with your views and stories on—— and check for upcoming events in school. The ‘app’ costs 69p at the app store.

We are collecting please Wembley Arena -

On the afternoon of Tuesday the 24th the choir went with Mrs Joslin, Miss Camprubi and Miss Wong to Wembley Arena for the Brent makes Music Concert. We went by the 204 bus and the journey took about ten minutes and we walked some of the way. We sat on the highest seats in the Arena. Santhya a member of our choir was also in the orchestra as she plays the violin. First we did our rehearsal which was about an hour and fifteen minutes, we practised with a conductor called James Redwood and he was funny. Finally the show started. We got to listen to the Brent Young Musician of the year, a fantastic cellist. There was also a band from Brent’s special schools, Indian drummers. The choir sang the 'Olympic Symphony' with the orchestra and also performed 'Proud' and 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' a famous bollywood song. Our parents picked us up at 10:00pm. You should join the choir otherwise you are going to miss a lot of fun! By Siddhima, Aadya and Ellie 5AH, and Isioma, Kelly and Reem 4LC

Visitors from Denmark on

the 30th a group of sixteen politicians from Denmark came to visit the school to learn more about the iPad 2 scheme. After a fantastic lunch Mr Meleady and Mr Redpath told them about how they are being used in class and for homework, they had a tour then observed children in years 4, 5 and 6. They were impressed and interested for Danish schools.

Evans Woolfe Media came to our school to St George by film a BBC Learning program as part of a three part Shekinah 1RB Once history series introducing primary age pupils to what life was like for children during the Second World War. It featured Alan Francis, a pupil here during the War telling his granddaughter Isabel all about his memories, and what it was like in our Air Raid Shelter, watch this space for more details.

Brent IT Conference—On the 19th, nine chil-

dren and I from years 4, 5 and 6 went to the Brent ICT Conference so we could tell the teachers and head teachers about the iPad 2 scheme and why they should get iPad 2s . In the conference the year fours created a collage on their iPads then the year fives used ‘Imotion hd ’. Finally the year sixes used a presentation app to create a presentation about school. Mr Meleady showed everyone a video about our app which we made for the ‘make it happy’ competition and it is called ‘Olympic kidz’. I helped in creating the app in particular, I created the Olympic tab. We showed them this and all the other tabs and our very own Preston Park Primary school app which you can download on the app store for 69p. By Alin 5TM

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upon a time there was a boy named George. George was a kind boy. George was to join the Roman army. There was a nasty emperor called Diocletian he wanted to kill all the Christians and when George came to see the emperor and the emperor said to kill all the Christians George said no! So the emperor ordered George to be killed so on April 23rd George died. Everyone heard about George in stories and called him a saint. Everyone started to wear white squares with a red cross on their flags.

E Safety message from Mr Meleady

Free Books Nestle Box tops—please collect


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ATTENDANCE — The winners of the registers for week commencing 26th March was Red class with 3 absences. For week beginning 16th April it was 2AH and Red both with 1 absence each. For week starting the 23rd it was 6KL with 0 absences. WELL DONE TO ALL CLASSES!

Play for a day - year 5 show case. All four Year 5 had a show case to perform about what they are learning. Each class spent a day putting our plays together before performing to the rest of the year group in the afternoon. Two classes did about Ancient Greece; 5TM and 5DR, 5AH did about Earth and Beyond, my class 5RC did about Olympic Values like respect, excellence and friendship. Each class had to compete, helping each other and putting 100 percent effort in. Two people named John and Katie helped all the children in year 5 to rehearse for the showcase By Isabella Year 5

Good Luck to Year 6 for their SATS w/c 11/5. On the 18th it will be ’Give n Gain’ Day HALF TERM break up Friday 1st June at 3:15pm and we return after the Jubilee — Monday 11th

MEET OUR NEW PARENT GOVERNORS — your votes have been counted and the results are in: Louise Kelsh, Sarah Hoey and Vijaya MokalParekh join the Preston Park Governing Body, look out for them as they all have children in key stage 1.

MRS SHAH’S RECIPE OF THE MONTH Fresh Fruit Milksake Ingredients:- Simply Strawberry — 8 strawberries chopped, 150ml semi skimmed milk, 1 scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice-cream. Banana Crunch — 1 banana, tablespoon of pecan nuts, tablespoon of honey, 150ml semi skimmed milk, 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Marvellous Mango — 1/2 can of mango, 150ml semi skimmed milk, 1 scoop of vanilla or coconut ice-cream Equipment:- blender or jug and hand blender), measuring spoons, ice-cream scoop or large metal spoon 250ml glasses or cups, and drinking straws. Method: Put all ingredients into blender or jug and blend until smooth, pour into glasses and drink. ENJOY!

Sports News

1SL is now known as 1CD

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Cycle Safety! On Monday 23rd, some of my friends and I went bike riding in the playground at school. David and Joe from Cycle Training UK came to teach us how to ride safely on the road. David and Joe checked our bikes to make sure they were roadworthy. We had a couple of races, but sadly after that it started to rain so we had to go inside. On Tuesday, we went on the road however before we could ride our bikes, David had to teach us the rules of road safety. After David finished talking we all got to ride on the road in a big wriggly snake with Joe at the back and David at the front. We rode up Thirlmere Gardens and once we got to the top we were allowed to ride back down by ourselves, until we got back to school. We had lots of fun riding our bikes on the road especially when we Ted is looking forward to were allowed to ride back to school by ourselves. I would like to thank David and Joe for dancing around the Mayteaching us to be safe on our bikes on the road. pole again this year with Also, I would like to thank Mr Jarvis for orhis friends on May Day. ganising this event. Reporter Kaiden 5RC

WOW— on a soggy wet morning where you

needed your coats and umbrellas children and parents walked earning the badges on the first Wednesday of the month. We had lots of April Showers but we need the rain to tackle the drought. As our banner states at the front of the school do not stop on the yellow lines outside the gates. Next WOW day is Wednesday 2nd and ‘Walk to school week’ is the 21-25th May and there is badges to collect. walk to school week 21st-27th May

Hey Presto 68 May/2012  
Hey Presto 68 May/2012