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ISSUE 67 1st April 2012

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In our group we all care for each other and help others and we had lots of fun in the school especially the swimming pool We have a super teacher called Mrs Taylor from the Rachel Yankee Football Association, and also Joe. We watched a sports video about fair play. So Ajuan and I had an idea! At the end of a football match we all shake hands and this shows fair play. The learning of objectives of our group are - respect, responsibility, teamwork, confidence and fairplay! By Asaru and Ajuan - year 2

Brent IT Conference Bikeability 23 - 27/4 yr 5 Gordon Brown year 5 trip 23rd—back 27th

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Book Characters 4 Around the world 5



Goodbye Mani Sports Update

6 6

A SAD LOSS — One of

our pupils Manthan (Mani) Dagli in 1RB passed away on

YOUNG VOICES—on Wednesday 7th March a bunch of children from the choir went on a trip to the o2 arena. We performed twelve songs and had a very special guest for the last song Alexandra Burke - X Factor Winner. We went on a coach and it was a two hour journey to the other side of London. We sat very high up in the Arena and had a poster so that parents could see where we were. It was a great experience for children and we had a fantastic time. Santhya 5TM / choir member

the 26th March. He had gone into hospital for a series of operations and unfortunately they were unsuccessful. Our thoughts are with his family — You were not in this world for very long but you had a huge impact on us all. Rest in peace little man x

To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email us with your views and stories on—— and check for upcoming events in school. The ‘app’ costs 69p at the app store.

We are collecting please

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INTERVIEW WITH MR MORAJI— We have recently had a teacher in our school who has worked in other schools around the world. Mr Moraji was schooled in Canada where he started at age five in Kindergarten, our reception. Primary schools there are called Elementary School. He learnt subjects like literacy and history where he learnt about the Aztecs - from South American and Canadian History. He said they called Break Time their Recess and where we call our class ages 'Year' they called it 'Grade', like year 3 is Grade 3. He became a teacher and has taught at a school in South Korea and two in Australia, but he says all schools are fairly the same and he likes Preston Park. By Michelle, Myat and Mohannad 3CS MAGIC BEANS — During our PPA groups on Tuesdays we have been planting magic beans! The first thing we did was to get a cup, we filled it with soil and made a small hole with our finger. We then put the magic SPRING — with lots of flowers now blooming bean in the middle and around the school the Arts and Crafts afterschool club made their own Daffodils just like the real ones. covered up the hole. After that we VIOLIN — WANT TO LEARN? watered our plant. The following Tuesday In Music where we are learning to play the resome of our plants had corder, Mrs Gunawardhana our teacher also brought in her violin and played for us. She came to play for us so children who want to play the already started to violin in year 4 grow! Robert helped can see how it is us plant them near done. It sounded our classroom. We soft, calm, relaxcan't wait to see ing and impreswhat they'll look like in the next few sive. The whole weeks. From Daniah class thought she and Saad 2PM was amazing and can’t wait to start learning the For Sale: ¾ size violin £30 (was £70 new). Well looked after inviolin next year. Anton 3CS

strument. If interested please speak to Nicki or Mrs Joslin.

Free Books Nestle Box tops—please collect

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The Ducks are back and we have frogspawn -

On the 12th Mrs French’s Wildlife Afterschool Club went to the Nature Reserve. We saw two little ducks on the pond and in the marsh there was some frogspawn. Year 2 are learning about the lifecycle of a frog in class. I was allowed to hold them very carefully and they felt very delicate and the marsh was very stinky. After I had to wash my hands with soap because it smelt like..... rotten eggs. Hopefully we will have some tadpoles soon - Ayshan 5TM TRANSPORT — Reception children

have been learning all about Transport this month. They have learnt that public transport carries many people and have had a walk to Preston Road to see the trains, buses and cars.

The Nature Girl - We created some art by using nature materials. We used bark sticks and dirt and wanted to do it to be nature artists like Andy Goldsworthy. We made a school girl. To make it we shaped the outline of the girl using barks and sticks. Next we filled her jumper with bark, after we found some old bit of rubbish and used it for her hair and we also used ribbons and foil bits to decorated her. You could try this but only use things that are dead or left. By Raahavi, Dennis and Divya 4LC.

OUR WHOLE SCHOOL PROJECT since our last issue where Year 3 added Page 4 more details to the book characters created by Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2, they have now had the middle written by Year 4 and concluded by Year 5. Year 6 had edited the final versions which will be available to read soon — but here is a summary Continuing the story ... After Alvin from Pluto who has crashed on the Earth at Preston Park meeting the four legged creature the goats... Poor Alvin wet himself and had to get a pair of trousers from welfare. He has to wear sunglasses because of the bright sunlight and Mr Redpath the headteacher let him stay in a year 5 class for the day, where he had fun and made friends especially with a human called Theo. Alvin learnt to play football but in the meantime a cute kitty had arrived at the school and is really very sinister with a plan to destroy the planet. Alvin and Theo get into trouble and the story ends with a large meteor heading towards the Earth…

Continuing the story of the Chocolate Princess whose name is Rose and she has three sisters who live with her in a chocolate land, where her father has an adventure. He falls from a palace balcony onto a giant gummy bear shaped cloud carrying him away. Luckily he is rescued after several attempts by an archer who shoots an arrow at the cloud causing it to rain. The king bumps his head on the way down losing his memory landing in a village. The villagers give him some balloons for him to carry on his floating journey. Meanwhile Princess Rose and her sisters are mourning their father when Rose goes for a walk and spots him hanging from a balloon sending her pet dragon to rescue him. It all ends happily ever after as the King regains his memory.

The continuing adventure of Spikey who is a girl cat living on a cloud above a volcano... One New Years Eve while waiting for her friends Scary Mary and Alvin the Alien her cloud popped and she fell close to the erupting volcano which spurted her then toward a river. This put out her burning tail but she could not swim. Luckily she was saved by a fish and using her magical spikes she was able to stop the lava running into the river. The story ends happily as she goes to live on another cloud belonging to her friend Snoop Dog, learning how important friends are in helping you especially as she has only 8 of her 9 lives left

Concluding the tale of Scary Mary - who loves sticking out her tongue, living in a dark cave inside a spooky forest which smells of cupcakes.. As Mary is close to the sea she meets Merdile, a cross between Mermaid and a Crocodile and she is a little scared at first but they make friends. They go off into the sea swimming deeper and run into trouble with some sharks. Mary bumps her head and is rescued by Bogle the King of the Sea, who in the end is not who he seems and unfortunately leads Scary Mary to a shark cave where she is almost on the menu…

MRS SHAH’S RECIPE OF THE MONTH Crispie or cornflake nests – during the last week some of the classes made them, here is the recipe for you to try at home with some of your Easter Eggs — Ingredients:- 50g unsalted butter, 100g good quality dark chocolate, 4 tbsp golden syrup, rice crispies or cornflakes (as many as you need) Sugar coated chocolate eggs or other decoration (optional). Method: Melt the butter, syrup and chocolate over a very gentle heat until melted and smooth. Add the cereal and stir well and pour spoonfuls into cake cases. Decorate with the eggs or other decoration or leave them unadorned. Allow to set, if you can bear to, and then ENJOY!

Our Link Schools around the world. Letters from the Children

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We have now been communicating with our link school Kinnuuma in Uganda for over two years. The children in Kinnuuma have individually written to the children in 5TM about school and their lives there. 5TM have been writing to their friends there since they were in year 4. A letter from Kimuli Nicholas to Rawan below— 1/3/2012 — In the letter from the head teacher an extract reads — Dear Penney French and Phillip Minnaar - How are you friends of mine? For us in Uganda now it is very hot but soon we will enter the rainy season (wet season). People have prepared their gardens ready waiting for the rains to come so that they can plant crops. The pupils and parents were very happy to get letters from the school. They completed the whole week talking about their friends in UK and showing the letters to other friends in the neighbouring schools. I cannot imagine how you will be welcome when you come to Uganda. Please, if possible get sometime to visit us. I want to thank you on behalf of the entire school community and parents for putting in your cash to make sure that our friendship do continue to exist. The P3 teacher was very happy to get the coloured pencils from you and she says pupils are now enjoying drawing lessons… Greetings to the entire Preston Park community – Thank you, your friend Rukambuza Cuthbert

Our link through Grenada in the West Indies is via our teacher Miss Claudia Mills who is on leave for a year at the Westmorland School there. Her old year 2 class now 3EO have written to her class there and have now received their replies .


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Waste Week 12-18th During waste week School Meals Supervisory Assistants for helping keep our play areas tidy. we have looked at Vali and her team of year one did a fan- the amount of food tastic job tidying up the school field not being eaten and during waste week. Please do not drop carried out a survey your litter on the ground, place it in a to find the most and bin — THANKS least popular dinners Thanks to all the classes that returned their choices. The results — LEAST LIKED - Sweet and Sour, Spaghetti Bolognaise and Rice and Curry. The MOST LIKED was Pizza all flavours, Fish Fingers and Roast on a Wednesday. Hopefully these results will be used to create a menu that will produce less waste for composting. BUT less waste in delivering the food, energy and water to cook the food and time to cook the dinners.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our

HEALTHY EATING — GROW YOUR OWN Thanks to ISS World our caterers—who have sent Tracy our Cook some posters about vegetables and packets of seeds to grow. The posters are on display in the canteen, so have a read to why you should have ‘5 a day’ of your vegetables We will soon be sowing the seeds on our allotment

BEES - Our beehive is busy now spring is here, the bees are busily collecting nectar while pollinating the flowers around the school. Remember they will not YOU CAN DO IT! Some of our children bother you if you do not bother them, leave them alone are now really beginning to achieve and they will continue to make some honey. Do not go good level 5s in year 6 in their Numeracy near the hive unless with an adult, we are ordering groups, so to challenge these children some bee suits for small groups to get a better look. further there is now a Level 6 in Maths. They are beginning to do Maths that secondary school students do even though they are still in Primary. The Year 6 Team are really proud of all their hard work and look forward to SATs this year with confidence some of our children will achieve a Level 6. Hopefully we may have Level 6’s in Literacy too. YEAR 6 KEEP WORKING HARD YOU CAN DO IT - the year 6 team

WE NEED 3 NEW PARENT GOVERNORS — As a Parent Governor… You will bring a parental view to the work of the governing body. You will be actively involved in decisions affecting your child’s school. You will be actively helping it to be a successful school. You will be rewarded with the knowledge that you are making a difference by doing something positive for the next generation and for your local community. Contact the office if you are interested.


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Ipad Inspired – We, year 4 have been learning about an artist called David Hockney and we went on a trip to see his work. It was at the Royal Academy of Art. We travelled there by tube. There were lots of his pictures and we used our sketch books to draw some of his pictures. We saw some of his pictures that he had done using an Ipad. We had a lovely time and are looking forward to using our Ipad to create some art. By Umair and Shivam 4SB

Goodbye Mani — 1RB wrote notes to say goodbye to their friend Mani. They attached them to balloons and altogether on Friday 30th March along with his family and friends released them into the sky. Mani their classmate died on the 26th after a series of heart operations, this was their tribute to a brave classmate.

Easter Competition Winners we had some lovely entries in the ‘Easter / Spring Garden’ and the ‘Decorate an Egg’ competitions. Congratulations to Khushi 3NC, Adwaith 3CS and Emily 6FH who won.

FRYENT PRIMARY VISITS—On the 29th March some children from Fryent came to visit Preston Park. They had chance to swim in the pool and also got to challenge 5AH at a Volleyball Match. Mr Meleady is also working at this school so it was nice for the children there to visit us. They really enjoyed their swim and loved seeing the animals. A PSA HUGE THANK YOU — to the wonderful helpers that helped at the Mothers Day Sale - Marie Cusack, Vanessa Abbot, Mrs Luchian, Mr Meleady and most of all to Nicki who single handedly packaged every single item. Nicki is resigning from the PSA, she has been instrumental in getting the sale together for the last 7 years and so I am on the look out for someone to 'shadow' her for the summer fair with a serious view to taking over from her. A planning meeting for the Summer Fayre will be after Easter, keep watching our website for details or check on our app.

Sports News

24th April to 27th April 2012 ‘bikeability’

Olympic Swim - On Thursday 8th eighteen year 4, 5 and 6 pupils had an amazing opportunity to watch the Olympic trials in Stratford for swimmers. We went by train. The Aquatic Centre was colossal, it was so overwhelming and inspiring. We watched the Olympic hopefuls swim in various heats and even Rebecca Adlington took part in a race. It was even on the television. We then got the opportunity to swim in the pool with Melanie Marshall who visited our school last month, she gave us a few fun activities to do! Darren from 6SS had a race with Melanie and some children from two other schools. Darren WON! and everyone is proud of him. The Preston Park pupils, Miss Dillette, Mr Jarvis and Mr Meleady had so much fun. The trip was marvellous and an awesome experience, thanks for organising this brilliant trip. Reporter Laurel, Aleena, Sanjana and Abigail 6FH

Goodbye Swimming Pool ‘it has NAME DISTANCE been fun’. While it has been with us many children in the school have learnt to swim. Some children have gone that extra mile literally and have now completed a long distance swim. Congratulations to all the children in the table...

And so on the 31st March is was emptied, dismantled and put into a lorry to go onto the next school in Hackney leaving our junior hall empty. Preston Park would like to say thank you to the organisers, Pools 4 Schools – Make A Splash and The Mayor of London's Olympic Legacy Programme for funding. We also want to say thank you to the staff and instructors for helping us learn to swim.

ATTENDANCE — The winners of the registers for week commencing 27/2 are 4BM, 3EO and 1SJ all with 1 absence each. The winner of the registers for week beginning 5/3 was 3EO again with 0 absences. For week beginning 12/3 it was 2CD with only 1 absence. The winners of the registers for week beginning 19/3 was 6KL, 3NC, 2AH, 1SL and 1SJ all with 3 absences each WELL DONE TO ALL CLASSES.


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— on a soggy wet morning where you needed your coats and umbrellas children and parents walked earning the badges on the first Wednesday of the month. As our banner states at the front of the school do not to stop on the yellow lines outside the gates. Mrs French would also like to remind driving parents that children and babies should be strapped into car seats with a seat belt. Only when children are 135cms or 12 years old they only need to wear a seat belt. A sudden stop can throw an unstrapped child forward! Next WOW day is Wednesday 18th April.


1 MILE 1 MILE 1 MILE 1 MILE 1 MILE 1 MILE 600M 400M 400M 400M 400M 400M 400M 200M 200M 200M 200M 200M 200M 200M 200M


says on behalf of everyone at PPPS he wants to wish Tracy Worth and Mr Minnaar good luck for their sky dive on the 21st and also to Mr Meleady for the Marathon on the 22nd. Both are raising money for charity - please donate on their pages.

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