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ISSUE 63 1st December 2011 Bonfire night assembly—1KM did an assembly. They told us about some firework safety rules and about bonfire night. They sang us a song that we really liked. We loved their assembly! Arushi and Tehj 2CD

EID On Friday 18th year 6 performed a fantastic assembly about the two most important festivals in the Islamic religion. They started off with a beautiful song by Yusuf Islam called ‘A is for Allah’. Travelling through the alphabet we learn about the basic concepts which underpin Islam. The children explained that the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr comes after Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan which is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. Also, during this period they give Zakaat (charity). Eid-ul-Adah is celebrated on completion of Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). One pupil demonstrated the Azaan (call to prayer) and showed how the Eid Prayer is performed in a group. Year 6 ended the assembly with a rap and showed their wonderful hospitality by distributing traditional sweets to the audience. I really enjoyed the assembly and was very proud of year 6. Well done! Reporter: Humaira Sheikh (Parent Governor)

Just Dance — 5RC did an assembly

about what they wanted to be when they grow up, on Friday 25th. They had done a job questionnaire survey. They also sang a song about it. They showed us some great dance moves, and these are also on the Ipad2 and can be downloaded as an application called ’Just Dance’. It was great. Reporters Dylan & Ahmed 5TM

Coming Up… Hannukkak Assembly Year 4 2/12

7th Year 3-5 Girls Football KHS

5DR’s Assembly 9th Choir sing at Brook House 13th Christmas Assembly Reception - 16th

End of Term Friday 16th Staff back Tuesday 3rd Children Back on Wednesday 4th Happy Christmas and 2012

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Fudge - sad news 6

Congratulations Meet Alexander Charalambous - Mrs to Mrs Harpreet Rai and her husband Sanjiv on the birth of their daughter Diya on Friday 17th weighing 7lbs. She is a little cutie and we look forward to her visiting us soon.

Andrea Charalambous, Early Years Phase Leader and her husband Charlie have announced the name of the son born on the 16th October. We looking forward to meeting Alexander when he visits.

To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email us with your views and stories on—check for upcoming events in the school.

School Hours

Start 8.45—End 3.15

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MRS SHAH’S RECIPE OF THE MONTH-Here is the recipe for the Spiced Lentil Soup, a winter warmer— Ingredients:- Serves 4 - 150g red lentils - 4 medium carrots, 2 medium onions, 1 vegetable stock cube, 1 x 15ml spoon vegetable oil, 1 litre water (for stock), 1 x 5ml spoon ground cumin, Pinch dried chilli flakes or 1 x 5ml, spoon curry powder, 100ml semi-skimmed milk (optional), Ground black pepper. Equipment: Weighing scales, Sieve, Colander, Peeler, Chopping board, Sharp knife, Kettle, Measuring jug, Wooden spoon, Small bowl, Measuring spoons, Large saucepan with lid, Pan stand, Ladle, Blender, Mixing bowl. Method: Weigh the lentils and rinse under cold water. Wash, peel and chop the carrots. Peel and finely slice the onions. Boil 1 litre of water and dissolve the stock cube in it. Put the vegetable oil, carrots and onions in the saucepan over a medium heat. Stir for 3–4 minutes until the onions are soft. Add the lentils (you may need to break them up with a wooden spoon) and the spices and stir. Add the stock and milk (if using) and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 30 minutes or until ingredient are soft. Ladle half of the soup into the blender. Holding a tea towel over the lid, blend until smooth and pour into a mixing bowl. Repeat for the remaining mixture. Season with black pepper. Add a spoon of natural yoghurt and some coriander. ENJOY. You can prepare it ahead and even put in the freezer for another day

Reading with Volunteers— Every Tuesday I 4LC’s Tell Me Something Box — In go and read and play some board games with Mr Gill a volunteer who helps me read. We have lots of fun. It is good to read to someone and it helps me, especially when we read jokes. What is Winnie the Pooh’s second name? - the and Why did a boy take a ladder to school? Because it was a high school — Morsall 5AH

We welcome Miss Sonia Lett to our school, who is looking after 1HR now Mrs Rai is on maternity leave.

4LC we have a box, it is called the ‘tell me something box’. If you are worried about something or if you are having any problems, just write it down on a piece of scrap paper and put it in the box. Every Monday our teacher reads the notes inside and she calls the people in for breaks or lunch to sort the problem out. It is a really good idea because you can say the good things too. You can write anything really. I think it is a very good idea, you should get one in our class and it is all thanks to my teacher Miss Camprubi, by Aaliyah

We are collecting please

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Remembrance Day 11/11 On the 11th of November 2011 at 11.00am year 6 and some elderly ex pupils from Preston Park were silent for two minutes to remember all the people who died in the war. We laid poppy wreaths and the choir sang some songs, it was very moving. We were very fortunate that the BBC had filmed this event and we were on the lunchtime and evening news. We were also joined by our ward councillors and Barry Gardiner our MP. You can watch the event on our website. (Thank you, Poppy Sales raised £72.29) Ben Johnston 6KL

Our First Twins Names are... Born to Mrs Sheetal Patel, Phase Leader and her husband Minash on the 12th who have now announced their names of their babies. They are to be called …. Daelen and Diyen and we look forward to mum and the twins coming to see us all soon.


— On Monday the 21st year 6 went to Brent

Leisure Centre. There we had to learn about eight very important life lessons about staying safe. Different people came from different organisations like the dogs trust, train safety, a lady who works on the buses, someone about knife safety, fire safety, theft safety and someone from the ambulance service. In each of these groups we learnt to be safe in lots of different scenarios. Also we learnt lots of facts we didn't know already. All year 6 thoroughly enjoyed this trip as we now know how to be safe and careful every day and we would like to say thank you to Brent Police people who organised the trip, and the different organisations who happily agreed to take time out of their busy schedules to come and talk to us. reporters Abigail and Sanjana 6FH

UPDATES FOR THE PRESTON WARD FROM SKPPRA AND THE COUNCIL Parking Meters On Preston Road— The pay and display arrangements are programmed to "go live" on the 3rd January 2012. They were originally programmed to become operational in early December this year but it was decided to postpone this until after the Xmas/New Year period. The charging regime will be consistent with that which exists throughout Brent. That is: Up to 20mins - 60p, Up to 40mins - £1.50, Up to 1hr - £2.40, Up to 2 hrs - £6 Up to 4 hrs - £9. When the Highways Committee agreed (on 27th July) to the introduction of pay and display parking in Preston Road they also agreed to instruct me “to work with the lead member, ward members and others representing residents and businesses to….explore opportunities to pilot a charging regime that would further increase use of the car park…” Accordingly I set up a working group which met recently. That group is looking at a package of alternative charges to encourage more effective use of the car park – including a “first hour free” option. I anticipate bringing those proposals to the next meeting of the Highways Committee for approval. There are no arrangements for erecting a Xmas tree in Preston Road. The council will erect two trees one at the Town Hall the other in Willesden. Library Fight goes on - Pub Quiz to help fund—The Preston 5th December, 7:30pm £5, test your knowledge and have some fun.

Free Books Nestle Box tops—please collect

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PETER PAN—On Wednesday 23rd of November some children from the orchestra and choir went to see Peter Pan at Claremont High School. We had to walk there with Mrs Joslin and Mrs Cattermole. When we got inside Claremont High School some children who studied there gave us a booklet that had information about the show. It clearly stated who was playing each act and their picture and name. We had to wait a little while. As we went inside we saw some clouds and was wondering what they were for. It began with the Darling family . Then Peter Pan, then Tinker Bell, then the pirates, then the captain and so on. We had a break and watched it until the end. It finished at about 5:OO.We went outside and waited for our parents at Claremont High School. We couldn't walk back to school, because it was too dark and a long way back. We all went home after our parents came. Reporter Santhya 5tm


ATTENDANCE 100% Summer Term (new classes)

1RB Shekinah Bremang, Lathusan Jeganathan, Erika Luchian, Dhruv Parekh, Garima Upadhyaya, Aisha Walizadah, 1SJ Roshana Baskaran, Sefora Lisca, Samuel Ofimies, Huda Quandil, Sebastian Rusu, Yousef Zaeim, 1KM Nizamuddeen Heydon, Mariam Qadir, 2PM Emily DeHeer, Najma Abdiassa Elmi, Lores- Dina Fodor, Jawad Khan, Philip Kokoi, Manthangini Logewaran, Cameron Christian Marshall, K’sha Toppin, Paul Ursan, 2AH Stephanie Arthur, Nyisha Lattecia Bowley, Sarah Catherine Cusack, Mohamed Humaam Huzri, Benedict Terence Mensah, Donjeta Mrkonja, Ludyth Patraucean, Deandre Simpson, Kai ATTENDANCE—the winners of the regis- Dipash Vaja, 2CD Asaru Ankh Re Lesfrance, Aastha Popat, Denisa Solovastru, Riana Thakur, 3NC Mya Jasmine Ashbourne, Jeanely Katers for week beginning 17th October 2011 was 4YH, Yellow and 3EO all with 1 absence each, for longa, Tian Sarah May Farrel Gordon, Yahya Abou-Raya, Nilaani Anathan, Swechchha Dhungel, Nina Naik, Arooran Rajasekar, Mohamed week commencing 31st October, is 3EO with 0 Zaiem, Harsh Hirji Rabadia, 3CS Damandeep Kaur, Tia Patel, Salom absences, The winner of the registers for week Santhiyapillai, Romario Warburton-Rowe, Myat Win, Jainell Carter beginning 7th November 2011 were 4YH with 0 absences, for week commencing 14th November 3AW Prachi Pradip Pandey, Reeya Raicar, Shreshtha Ujjainwal, Celine 2011 are 3CS and 2AH both with 1 absence each. Abou-Raya, Kelechi Joshua Azoro-Osuji, Anya Bulsara, Grace Idan For week commencing 22nd it was 3CS and 3NC Chintoh, Razvan Cojoc, Alif-Din Dadd, Lewis Yeboah-Akordie Briyan Balachandran, 3EO Jaydean Walters, Radu-Mihai Alexa, Javonte Benboth with just 1 absence each. Well done nett, Mariam Karasan, Neer Sthankiya, Shreya Naresh Varsani, 4BM Aimmee Semple Amankwah, Yianni Antoniou, Tasheika Vivian BowATTENDANCE 100% for the whole ley, Arshi Gyawali, Homib Musa, Khush Romil Patel, Naishad Patel, Neeyal Pindoria, 4SB Kulmiye Abdullahi Hersi, Rut Petraucean, of the Academic Year 2010 — 2011 Sivalingam, 4YH Vansh Jiten Karia, Ioana Loredana Ofimes, (new classes) Ben Johnston 6KL, Sayanthan Methura 4LC Roishan Baskaran, Nakshatra Ravikumar Patel, Elyas Mohamed Logeswaren 6FH , Andreea Petrescu 6FH, Ja- Salad, Jacques-Francois Seble, Ayush Shah, Dhrumi Shah, 5TM Nabil noshan Vikneswaren 5TM, Lisara Bhujel 5RC, Mella, Dylan Patel, Janoshan Vikneswaren, 5RC Lisara Bhujel, Sahaan Crown Joshua Caesar 5DR Akenti Lesfrance, Chavda, Akenti Lesfrance, Sajan Suganth, 5DR Crown Joshua Caesar, 5RC, Vansh Jiten Karia 4YH, Yianni Antoniou Muna Abdiassis Elmi Muhammed Ahmed, 5AH Michael Huang, Amaan Hussain Reis Jaindeen, Fiona Mrkonja, Sadia Sultana, 6KL 4BM, Neeyal Pindoria 4BM, Mya Jasmine Resiganan Ambikapathy, Daniele Berende, Joanne De-Heer, Ben Ashbourne 3NC, Kelechi Joshua Azoro-Osuji Johnston, Dimitru Juravle, Aldo Llozhi, Rhinali Patel, Shiva Pingle, 3AW, Anya Bulsara 3AW, Jeanely Kalonga Farhana Zara Rashid, Joanne Salal, Reevesh Shrestha, Ishan Singh, 3NC, Neer Sthankiya 3EO Cameron Christian Sajith Suthan, Amber Taylor, Kieran Vasanji, 6FH Jahni AbdullaSiburn, Yaseen Elahi, Ali Falah Abdulhassan, Sayanthan Logeswaren, Marshall 2PM, Nyisha Lattecia Bowley 2AH, Amenah Mowafaq, Aman Patel, Andreea Petrescu, Ilsane Rashid SiKai Dipash Vaja 2AH cid, Laurel Tesfaye-Hoyte, 6SS Muhammad Ishaq Ahmed, D’Marri Bryan Arkil Nair, Elise Orr, Sahidya Ramakrishna, Essa sald, Deeva Shah, Shekinah Sinnathaby, Jasmine Varsani.



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Santa’s Grotto coming exclusively

ANTI-BULLYING WEEK W/C 14TH With the slogan ‘Stop and think – words can hurt’ this year’s campaign focused on tackling verbal bullying. Young peoWednesday 14th December ple at the ABA Youth Summit 2010 raised concerns 9.00am to 11.00am / 1.00pm about the negative use of language in schools and the to 3.00pm. Are you a parent /carer with a child wider community. Children use words, including aged 0-4years? Drop-in and Meet Santa, join all the young children, who do not know the meaning of children for a Christmas activity!!! (Who knows Santa might have a special surprise for you). Book some of the words they use to hurt their friends with. As well as learning about in lessons Mrs Joslin sang your slot to meet Santa by 9th - spaces are going fast! Bookings taken in front office with payments. the bullying in song practice — ‘Hey Bully!’ to Preston Park Children’ s Centre.

Parents/Carers – please note there will be a small fee of £3.00 Please call 0208 904 3602 to book your special appointment with Santa.

WHAT IS A STRIKE – WEDNESDAY 30TH NOVEMBER Teachers and many other people like Nurses, Airline Workers etc work for the Government. People also belong to unions, a union is an organized group of workers who come together to make decisions about the conditions of their work. At the moment many people are unhappy with the Government as they want to reform or change people’s pensions. A pension is money you have earned and is given to back you to live on when you are old and you stop working. People are on strike because they do think the changes to pensions are fair. Strikes are legal as they do not hurt anyone or break anything but together show the Government people are upset. People do not get paid when they strike.

I am stronger than anything a bully can say Their words won’t hurt me. I’ll show them love every day. They may put me down; I’ll still show them respect. They may push me around; I’ll never push them back. Hey! Bully! Those words won’t hurt me! Hey! Bully! I know you’re lonely! Hey! Bully! Please show respect to me! Hey! Bully! I’ll show you love every day! And I wonder…does it always have to be this way? When a bully is angry, they want to fight instead of play. They may tell me lies; I will stand up for truth. I will tell them no thanks, if they tell me what to do. Hey! Bully! Those words won’t hurt me! Hey! Bully! I know you’re lonely! Hey! Bully! Please show respect to me! Hey! Bully! I’ll show you love every day! Bully, Bully…You can change your ways Bully, Bully…It’s never too late Hey! Bully! Those words won’t hurt me! Hey! Bully! I know you’re lonely! Hey! Bully! Please show respect to me! Hey! Bully! I’ll show you love every day!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012

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We are trying to save energy but we need everyone's help at school and you can also save energy in your home. Preston Park has been taking part in the Pods 'Switch Off Fortnight' - 21st November to 4th December, but keep we want you to continue. We want you to just turn off electricity that we are not using, or wasting. Switch off items left on standby, don't go off leaving games stations , televisions and computers on. Saving energy - saves money and cuts down on pollution. Go on SWITCH IT OFF! Have a read off the attached magazine for other ideas. OUR BOOK— Children in Years 1 to 6 were encouraged to submit some independent examples of creative writing that they thought would make a good read for their peers. The aim of the project was to encourage more creative writing in the school, to give everyone a chance to write for pleasure about a topic of their choice and to celebrate the excellent writing in our school. A sample copy was available in the front office and it filled children with such pride and delight to see themselves as published authors in a real book. If you didn't submit a piece of work this time look out for lots of other exciting writing opportunities across the school.

Create a Christmas story and have the chance to win an iPod nano!


Do you have a good idea for a story about Christmas? Then put pen to paper and write it! The competition opens today and you have until the 14th of December to hand in your finished piece. The winner will be announced on the last day of term (16th of December) and the best story entry will win an iPod nano. Remember to ask adults to read your draft stories and offer you advice on how to improve it. Hand your finished stories into Mr Meleady.

From the E-Learning Foundation website — Winner - Koulla Louca of Preston Park School from Wembley in Middlesex— Koulla is a year 6 teacher using ICT to engage children, some from quite challenging backgrounds with 93% EAL, in their home and school learning. She has used technology to make maths fun and to narrow the attainment gap at the school! She also supports her colleagues in getting the most from ICT. And in her spare time she is the Year Group Leader, the Maths Coordinator, a Leading Teacher in her Local Authority and studying for an MA!

Ted says he loves this time of year, the trees have been some fantastic Autumn colours. He likes walking on the leaves and hear them crunching under his paws !

School Teacher of the Year

IMPORTANT NOTICE - the iPAD2 payments for November are now overdue. Please pay the front office as soon as possible.

BACK ON WEDNESDAY 4TH JANUARY Road Safety Week w/c 18th - Dur-

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Hi everyone at PPPS.

ing this week children learnt about staying safe on the road especially now the dark evenings are here. They learnt, if your coat is dark add something bright like a scarf, hat or gloves so that the car headlights will see you. The children came dressed in bright, neon colours on Fluorescent Friday instead of school uniform raising over £500. The money will be shared with Brake (a road safety charity), Kinnuuma our link school in Uganda, a children’s Cancer Charity and our Parents Staff Association.

The trip to the Synagogue— On the

28th year 4 went on a trip to the Wembley Synagogue where a man named Lee told us lots about Judaism, which we are learning about in RE. He told us men and women sit in different areas. Then he read out the ten commandments that are important to Jews. We also looked at the coloured windows, some showed us the months of the year and some showed us events that happen in Jewish lives. We also saw behind the curtain which showed the scrolls, which were beautifully written in Hebrew. Reporters Annaya and Hoekit 4SB

Micheal Meleady is Marathon Man

Our ICT Co-ordinator and Year 5 Teacher Mr Micheal Meleady is going to take part in the 2012 Virgin London Marathon. The race takes place on the 22nd of April before the London Olympics and covers the distance of 26 Miles. Mr Meleady is running the race to raise money for the charity 'Children With Cancer' and hopes to raise £2,000. MM said "I'm delighted to have secured a place on the Marathon and to help children with cancer. I hope that all the children and staff in the school will help to raise money for this charity and I'm sure they will all be excited to hear the types of fund raising events we have planned for early next year. Watch this space!"

I bet you're all looking forward to the Christmas holidays. I am!!! For the past week or two I have missed London very much. Last week and this week, the children at Westmorland School have been doing exams. Poor Miss Mills has had to create exam papers for EVERY subject. I will also be writing report cards again for my class before term ends. This week Friday we are having our Christmas fair where there will be loads of Caribbean food, a cake and sweet stall, a bouncy castle, face painting, balloon sculpting and fun games. I will be at the cake and sweet stall of course! At the end of term we will have a Christmas Concert. Myself and another teacher have been teaching some of the girls in my class a dance which they have been practicing and will preform on the day. There will also be children playing the recorder, violin, guitar and Christmas Carol singing! A nice way to end the first term. Sorry, no pictures this time. That's all for now. (Enjoy the rest of this term and have a safe and blessed Christmas break!) Take care! Love Miss Mills xxx

SAD NEWS — Fudge our goat died on the 18th November after a short illness. During the half term he became unwell and had to visit the Vets, then he had to go to an animal hospital. But they could not make him better, we would like to thank Park Vets in Watford and The Royal Veterinary College in North Mymms, Hatfield for looking after him. We will all miss him, especially the other goats and his best buddy Toffee, he was a great character.

Sports News

Football Sessions—KINJA is a new football club for girls and boys based at the Ark, Wembley. Come along the first session is free!

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*****GOOD NEWS – THE SWIMMING POOL IS COMING BACK IN JANUARY. WE ARE THE ONLY SCHOOL TO HAVE IT TWICE AND THIS TIME IT IS BACK FOR 12 WEEKS – HOORAY – MORE ON THIS IN THE JANUARY ISSUE.**** GIRLS FOOTBALL WITH FA — On Thursday we go to a football club with Ciara and Craig — Middlesex FA and Yuliano—Kinja FC. Here we go through coloured cones with a coloured football and we follow the coach. We did a relay race through the cones and you have to tag your team player. Lastly we versed each other. Our shoes got very dirty muddy and wet but it was great fun. We also played a listening game where the coach tried to trick us all. Reporters Nilaani, Mya and Cross Country Preston Park has Tian 3NC a cross country team and I’m the manager along with Mr Jarvis. I DODGEBALL KNOCKOUT—On the 18th 4SB and 2PM had the opportunity to play Dodgeball against other schools, help with team talks and warm up which were Mount Stewart and St Josephs. We were split into dif- sessions. All of us went to Kilburn ferent coloured teams, black, orange, yellow, green, blue and red. Park on the 8th to run on a track. We played lots of matches, then after a drink of water which there We did between 3km and 4km. Mr was a long queue for we went back to the hall to play the semiJarvis was confident we could do finals. 4SB and 2PM were in the finals, however 4SB got knocked well and Robert in 5RC came first out and it was down to 2PM, who luckily saved the day and won!! for our school and 10th overall * if you see 2PM children congratulate them and give them a pat against other schools, Daniela was on the back. Reporters Shukri, Anastasia, Reesha, Hadassah, An15th for the girls. By Anush 5RC. naya and Malykasah 4SB Year 5/6 Boys Football team playing Malorees. 29th Lost 10-2 - The Year 5/6 Boys Football team played Malorees in the Brent Cup on Tuesday 291111 and lost 102. Malorees were very well trained and worked well behind our defenses. Dimitru and Sai scored 2 excellent goals in return but it was not enough on the day. We are going to train hard next week and play a friendly before Xmas and see if we can improve. Mr John Jarvis


As part of this years winter celebrations Harrow Observer would like to run a photo spread on school Nativities in the Brent and Harrow WOW— you can come area. They will be by public transport, walk, in school to photocycle or scooter to school! graph our RecepAutumn is a great time to tion children's role in the Nativity on walk and watch the Friday 16th Decemleaves change colour. Thank you all the children ber. If you have a child in Reception who walked during road safety week w/c 21st and that you do consent to being photonow the dark evenings graphed please inare here add something bright, like a hat, scarf or form the class teacher no later gloves. Next WOW day than Monday 12th is Wednesday 11th December. January.

Hey Presto 63 Dec/2011  
Hey Presto 63 Dec/2011