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ISSUE 62 1st November 2011 Harvest Assembly — The assembly by year 1 was very interesting it was about harvest. The assembly was excellent because the children learnt all their words. They were persuading us to say thank you to the farmers. They weren't shouting or screaming but sang very clearly, we think their teachers helped them to make a great assembly. They had some great masks and hats. They collected some food and the Rev’d Hyacinth at the Church of the Annunciation was taking it to a shelter in Willesden. By Anya and Thenushan 3AW

Coming Up… 1KM Assembly 4th

Royal Albert Hall Music Trip 9th—5.30pm Remembrance Day 11/11 ANTI-BULLYING WEEK 14TH

EID Assembly yr 6 18th Road safety week 18th

Fluorescent Friday25th non uniWow! What a wonderful assembly. form £1 donation, bright clothes The story of 5RC Assembly 25th Diwali was depicted Year 6 trip to the Police extremely well. Year 5 21st children Inside this issue: made the story of 2 School Council Rama and Sita simpli3 fied and easy to understand by all, with a clear understanding of why diyas (oil lamps) are lit at Diwali. Laxman (Rama’s brother), Hanuman (the monkey warrior), Ravana, 4 (the 10 headed demon) were all amazing. All the narrators and cast remembered their lines and spoke clearly. The costumes were gorgeous and the dancing was International Dance 4 brilliant. I especially enjoyed the ‘Diwali Rapp’. Overall, it was a great assembly, well done year 5. Neelam Bharadava — parent


Bees at school

Grenada Update

Congratulations to Phase Leader Mrs Sheetal Patel and her husband Minash on the birth of their twin boys on the 12th October weighing 2.6kg and 2.3kg. A first, as we have not had twins in hey presto before. No names yet, more in the next issue.

More Congratulations to Phase Leader Mrs Andrea Charalambous and her husband Charlie on the birth of their on their son on the 16th October weighing 7lbs. Photos and names in the next issue. Both mums are well and their new sons are doing well.

Black History


Sports News


Winners of the registers week beginning 3rd October 2011 are 3NC and 5AH both with 0 absences Winner of the registers week beginning 11th October 2011 was 6KL with 0 absences, well done.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE `parents are responsible for their children's safety and behaviour until the teaching staff collect them at 8.40am. The playground is unsupervised up until that point in the morning. We do offer a breakfast club which runs from 7.45am at a cost of 75p per child, with breakfast provided’.

To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email us with your views and stories on—check for upcoming events in the school.

We are collecting please Genes 4 Jeans On the 7th, we had a non-uniform day to help raise money for charity. We were allowed to wear our jeans if we paid a pound and we collected over £530. This money will help research and care for children with a genetic condition. Travel On the 10th Mrs French took us on a trip into the city, for a TFL Travel Award, we achieved a gold. We went by tube and also got chance to see some very tall building. We did a short workshop where we had to pair up with another school, working together was a great experience. We created our own board games about travelling. If you can and you live local to the school, try and walk or cycle and this will help lower CO2 emissions. Zara Head Girl

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Unicorn Theatre — On the 4th Year 5 went to London by Tube to watch a play. When we saw the Unicorn Theatre, we first thought it will be boring but then it got interesting as some of the children played football before it started on the stage. We then watched a play called - Billy the Kid. The play was all about two boys one called Billy and the other was Sam. When Billy was a man he wanted to play football and was very good but he had to go to war in 1939. He was then injured and could not play anymore. When he was an eighty year old man he helped a young boy to sign up and play for Chelsea. There was at the end a magical unicorn which was a football mascot which arrived and the crowd cheered. Reporters Kinza and Sadia 5AH


On the 18th the head girl and I went on a trip to learn about reducing CO2 emissions and saving energy. We had a workshop involving us producing posters persuading people to not waste energy. Did you know that if you leave a computer on overnight for a year, the energy wasted would produce enough CO2 gas to fill a doubledecker bus! We will now be putting up posters and stickers telling you how to save energy. If are able to save enough energy then our school could maybe get solar panels - which would be green energy. Reporter Ishan – 6KL head boy CONGRATULATIONS to Ruby who won the house award this half term. Miss Currie is aware there is some cheating where children are swapping house beads in pots and also using other beads. She is very disappointed.

Your School Council — Our School have now got a brand new school council. School Council members are elected every year. They discuss things that should be introduced to our school or try and improve things already in school. We have one member per class from year 2—6 and we meet once or twice a month. Malik in 4YH has been elected our Chair with Ellie in 3EO as Vice Chair, Our council helps our school improve as we can discuss ideas the children in our class want and ask Mr Redpath about them. So speak to your class councillor if you have a good idea. Our Head Girl – Zara 6KL, Head Boy Ishan 6KL 6KL – Sajith, 6FH- Amenah, 6SS - Jasmine5RC – Ayse, 5TM - Dylan, 5AH – Mazen, 5DR - Sanjana 4LC – Aaliyah, 4BM – Michael, 4SB – Ali, 4YH - Malik 3NC – Naomi, 3AW - Anya, 3EO – Ellie, 3CS - Michelle 2CD – Jonathan, 2AH – Sarah, 2PM - Cameron

School Hours

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Here is a German recipe for

Pretzels — As part of our international fortnight the children have learnt how to make pretzels. Zutaten fuer 20 Bretzeln - 1Kg Mehl, 30g Frische Hefe, 30g Margarine, 20g Salz, 550-600ml Warmes Wasser Ingredients for 20 Pretzels:- 1kg Flour, 30g Fresh Yeast, 30g Margarine, 20g Salt, 550-600ml Warm Water. Preparation: First, mix a pre-dough from flour, yeast and water. The dough has to rest for 15 minutes. Next, add the remaining flour, salt, margarine and water and shape three dough balls. The dough balls need to rest for 5 minutes. After that, shape each dough ball into a roll and cut off 20 equal parts. Finally, form 20 pretzels and bake them in the oven for 15 minutes. Enjoy ovenfresh!


The school pet rabbits came to visit 1KM and 1SJ as year 1 are learning all about living and non living things ‘they are so soft’ said Jvitesh.

CLC In year 5 we went to CLC (City Learning Cen-

tre). At the CLC we did two different things at the CLC, no.1 we had to write a song which we would write if we were in the 1930s. After writing a song we had our lunch at the CLC and after everyone finished eating we went outside and played catch. After we finished playing we continued with our work. When we finished we did task no.2 which was we had to do a poster of any famous person we knew who was black.

Hi PPPS! - Hope you all had a lovely half term! My half term, which is called mid term here, only lasted one day. We also had another day off for Thanksgiving! A successful first half term with different experiences. Parents evening, where I had ALL parents in my classroom, not one by one. This will happen later. Book month, swim splash and the dreaded report cards. I look forward to the next half term. Since I last wrote, swim splash has passed. Unfortunately green house did not win a cup, but I must say Westmorland school has some amazing swimmers. This is a picture of the children in green house marching around the swimming pool. After all the houses marched around the pool, we sang the Grenada national anthem, prayed and the competition begun. Prior to the exciting swim splash we had a visit from the dentist.— Miss Mills, Westmorland Junior School — GRENADA ( Two of my class have wrote an article about having fluoride treatment in school. Its a scheme the government put together with local dentists to encourage keeping our teeth clean. ) On the 10th of October a couple of dentists came to visit us at Westmorland Junior School. They came to give us all a fluoride treatment on our teeth. First, at the back of our teeth, they put a smooth White paper followed by some pink toothpaste called fluoride. Then they took it out and another dentist put some White toothpaste on our teeth. Last we rinsed our mouths and was told not to eat for a while. Since then we have been brushing our teeth every day at break time with the tooth brush and toothpaste given to us by the dentists. Reported by Kayla and Rayhanah (grade 3)

Free Books Nestle Box tops—please collect

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Chinese fan dancing - on Monday 10th year 4 and some of the year 3 came to the infant hall to learn a fabulous dance called Chinese fan dancing. As the children came to the infant hall two Chinese lady's were dancing beautifully as the children walked in. When the children sat down on the floor, the two lady's introduced themselves. After, one lady taught the girls, the other taught the boys. The girls danced with glamorous Chinese fans and the boys danced with a 'minuscule' (a red ribbon stuck onto a red and white stick). All of the children practised very hard with the Chinese teachers. Later the girls performed their dance to the boys and the boys performed to the girls, the teachers thought the dancers were splendid and terrific, we all had marvellous time. Reporters Divya and Priyanshi 4lc Capoeira — We learned KINNUMMA - this month we rehow to do capoeira. Capoeira is a type of martial arts dance from Brazil and Africa. We did ginga which is a special capoeira move and we danced in pairs. We liked capoeira because it was fun and it helps our gymnastic skills. By Amar, Uthra and Parisa 2CD

Library Wall of Shame - the Council’s have won in Preston Road Library closing, we as a school have lost our local library and unfortunately as a school we do not have one. Residents are still fighting to save and get it reinstated. If you can help support contact them outside the library where they fight goes on.

Bees On

ceived letters from the children at our link school in Uganda. They wrote replies to the letters that 5TM had sent them before the summer holidays, telling them all about their water visit and also about Uganda’s independence in 1962. Their flag, has three colours and are representative of African peoples (black), Africa's sunshine (yellow), and African brotherhood (red being the colour of blood, through which all Africans are connected).

19th, Mrs French and Libby French from Preston Manor’s student council did an assembly on bees, which was great. We learnt about the eggs that were laid by the Queen Bee and there are 30,000 normal worker bees. The Queen Bee’s job was mainly to lay eggs and then the normal bees fill them up with food and cover it with wax. If the Queen Bee is dead, who can only live for up to 4 years, she lays some eggs before she is dead and the first one to hatch is the Queen. The Queen decides to do everything in the hive. In school, we have a hive next to our greenhouse in the nature area. You are only allowed to go there if you go with an adult and wearing a special kind of costume. I liked the assembly and learnt a lot. From Santhya 5TM

Black History and International Fortnight

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Black History - On Thursday 13th some children from year 3 went for a trip on a train it took an hour to get there. We went to the Mahogany Carnival worskshop in Harlesden. There we met a lady called Clary she was from the West Indies in the Caribbean. She showed us a short video and spoke to us about the history of the people. She told us a short story about slavery. Next we all dressed up into shiny glittery costumes and it was fun doing that. The costumes looked very gorgeous on us! After that we had our packed lunches before heading back to school. Reporters Archana, Myat, Michelles and Bhanuja 3CS

Alex Pascall OBE Last week a man called Alex Pascall came to see us. He showed us different types of fruit and vegetables from the West Indies. One was a coconut which had water in it, he cracked it and poured it out, the other one was a sweet potato and he also showed us a plantain and yam. We enjoyed his acting, it was very funny, we learned how he climbed trees as a Call me Mr Robeson - On the 19th ten children were boy to get the coconuts and how it is used chosen to see a play called 'Call me Mr Robeson' at the unicorn theatre, London Bridge. We took the train from Preston to make shampoo and that you can also eat Road station and changed trains at Finchley Road. The play it. It was great to learn about different was about a man called Paul Robeson who was a Negro types of food. By Sansu Tun and Lores Dina American. He was picked on because he was coloured. His Fodor 2PM family were enslaved for many years so they sang Negro Spiritual songs, for example swing low sweet chariot going home. It was interesting - reporters Lydia and Kelis 5RC.

Visit from Dr Kingsley Osayi On the 21st Dr Kingsley came to visit year 6, he was a Doctor (Consultant Pathologist) who looked at diseases and how people had died—that was called Post Systems. He talked about what he enjoyed in his job and what he dislikes; we found it very interesting especially when he talked about different jobs. He told us about different stages of being a doctor and how it is sometimes hard as he has to look at people who have passed away. He also said about what had influenced him to become a doctor. We found it interesting and were very grateful for him to take the time to talk to us. Reporter Sanjana, Anab and Paris 6FH

THEATRES TRIPS - On Wednesday 19th some year 3 went to the Tricycle Theatre, which was small, to see an animated French film with subtitles, called the Tree of Life. It was about a brother and sister who find and save the tree with the help of their ancestors. It was good but hard to understand. Class 3NC Some year 6 went to the Polka theatre - to see I have a dream, about a boy who goes back in time and meets Martin Luther King’s daughter. A play to go and see, recommended by year 6.

Year 4 Rap—groups of children had the chance to rap during

INTERNATIONAL EVENING on the 20th It was a truly entertaining event for all of us who attended the annual Preston Park International Concert . The event clearly highlighted the wealth of talent within the children and the Teachers. The performances were outstanding and clearly highlighted that ‘We have the power’ in Preston Park Primary. Congrats & thanks to the Teachers and the Support staff who made this outstanding show happen!! Hari Nair—Governor

black history fortnight with a performance from some at the ‘Absolutely. It was a truly lovely concert, which International Evening. The piece they performed was called— the school can be proud of’ Linda Green — Chair a day in the life with each saying a line about their school day. of the Governors.

Sports News

4BM'S Rugby Experience - For the last

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few weeks , we've been learning about rugby with a great teacher called Simone. The first lesson we had FOOTBALL was tag rugby where we had tags on our belts and we had to escape TOURNAfrom your partner or your team. So when we started, we could have MENT On our own tags and there were 2 different coloured tags (blue & red). Saturday We also could choose our own partners which we wanted. The second game we played was octopus tag, basically how you play 15th year 5 is the teacher has to choose 3-4 people to be the octopus , while and 6 went the other people are trying to get across and every time they get to a football you , you are an octopus . tournament at John Billams Sport Ground. We played some matches great To play scarecrow tag is you have to have 3 or 4 people to be the against some schools and had great fun. scare-crows and they hold hands every time they get caught. When someone free comes you have to clap your hands forwards and It was a fantastic experience as we saw backwards to get free. lots of schools from Brent challenging To play superheroes you need lots of people to be the robber aneach other. Some children’s parents other 2 people need to be superheroes. The robbers have to catch were there cheering them and encour- the human but they can't catch the superheroes. Then the superheaging them to score. There were some roes have to save the humans from the robbers. To play Alien, the Haitian and the humans need to have 4 aliens and tough teams but eventually we got the rest are humans . To become an alien all your tags have to be through in the end. By Essa 6SS taken and to become an Haitian you need one tag off. To play train you need 6 people. They all need to join themselves to form a train when Simone blows the whistle , the train has to form a line so the first train to do that wins. To play red team Vs blue team, two people from each team go onto the other side of their opposite team to steal their tags. When the game finishes you make a tally chart with the tags you got. The winning team wins! By Yianni, Michael, Devansh, Sarune and Neeyal

Who supports Arsenal? — On the 11 October Rachel Yankey came to our school. A few girls had the opportunity to be trained by Rachel who plays for the women's team at Arsenal and also for England. She is thirty one years old and was born on the 1st November. She has won 115 cups however this doesn't beat the world record. Reporter Anastacia and Shruki 4SB Ted says have a great Guy Fawkes Night, but remember children leave the fireworks to adults. Make sure pets are indoors and you stand well back. Never go near a firework that has been lit. Even if it hasn't gone off, it could still explode. Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them. Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves. Children under five should not hold sparklers. Fireworks should not be set off after 11pm.

WOW— a new school year and we

still want you to walk especially on the first Wednesday of every month—take part in WOW to earn your badges. Next WOW day is Wednesday 2nd November. It is national road safety week—21st— 27th November, don't forget to wear something reflective for the darker evenings.

Hey Presto 62 Nov/2011  
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