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ISSUE 52 1st January 2011

HANUKKAK—Recently year 4 per- Coming Up…

formed a wonderful assembly about 14th Year 2—Watford Hanukkak. They gave lovely sweet Palace Theatre Trip doughnuts to parents and staff which is a traditional food. The teachers took Parents Meetings - 5CD25th, 5BM-26th, 5TMpart at the end by doing a rap about the bright light of Hanukkak. They 27th during the day, spoke loudly and clearly and they parents evening 27th acted amazingly telling the story. Mr 3.30-8pm Redpath thought it was one of the best yet, we also agreed with him. Mrs O2 Arena trip for the choir 11th 9am – 10pm Man did amazing face paints on the children, to look like candles and they 5CD 28th PMHS looked lovely. They also had crowns science workshop with pictures of lights. Reporters Shekinah and Sumaya 5TM

Inside this issue:

E-SAFE On Friday 10th it was KILBURN PARK 2AH assembly. it was all about e-safety and logging in safely. EXPERIMENTASTIC! First they were telling us a story. Next they started the story and some children had laptops. Two people had regisCup Cakes ters one girl was a teacher and a boy was a teacher as well. They were calling out names of children. The teacher told the children about stranger danger. Then the teacher told them a story about E-SAfe little red riding hood and being safe. and the danger of talking to strangers on the laptop. It was really good we enjoyed it. Reporters Ashanti, Michelle and Children’s Centre Mehad 2DR


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Reception Nativity-

On the 15th the reception and year 1 and a few children from year 2 performed an excellent assembly. The children were very cute and their singing was excellent with lots of beautiful songs. The decorations were very nice, the assembly was about Jesus and his parents (Joseph and Mary) and it was brilliant. Reporter Shiva 5BM

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On Friday 10th December 2010 4FH went on a trip to Kilburn Park. We Had to walk to South Kenton tube station. After 5 minutes on the train we got off at Queens Park. We had to walk to the school. When we reached there we saw Miss Anazodo. Then we met up with our mates, (some people didn’t have mates so they had to make friends. Immediately after we had break time). Break time was long! After we did cooking. There were 5 groups. Group 1 made fruit salad, group 2 made sandwiches, group 3 made tasty pancakes, group 4 made yummy smoothes and group 5 made delicious rice crispies. Afterwards half of the class went to football and the other half did arts and crafts, each session lasted 30 minutes. At 12:30 we ate lunch. After lunch we went out to play, Year 5 asked us do you want to play football? When lunch time had finished we went back to class, we had to show our talents, we were up first we played the calypso song and sang it. Kilburn Park did a Indian Dance. Then we did the exciting Hanukkah rap. After Kilburn Park did some cool dance moves. Then we went to their ICT suite, we showed them marvellous mathletics, gorgeous glogster and fantastic fronter. In the end we went back to the class we were shocked. They said to us, “you can eat the food “there were sandwiches, pancakes, fruit salad and etc. Sadly we had to leave Kilburn Park and go back to our school. By: Michael and Indraneel 4FH

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THE TEMPLE—On Monday 6th we went to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. We got here by train but half way the train broke so we had to wait for about ten minutes for another one. The Mandir was lovely because the structure of it, marble and wood, was hand carved. We visited the exhibition to learn more about the Hindu religion which we are learning about in class. We got chance to watch some prayers and waved our hand over the candle and wipe this over our heads. It was a delight having the chance to go there. Reporters Hamida and Sanjana 5CD

SCIENCE MUSEUM — On our trip to the science museum we saw lots of engines of planes car and trains. We then saw a theatre about forces like gravity, friction, push, pull magnetism. After that we played in an area called the LAUNCH PAD! and we had lots of fun. The things we did was listen with our teeth and we had to make a circle. Reporters Neeyal, Yianni, Aaron and Devansh 3NR

VIKINGS In year 3 we have been learning about the Vikings and had to make a Viking project. In a Viking Book I saw how to make a Viking Boat and decided to make it. I made it with my family, I made it out of cocktail sticks, card, paper, paint and sticks. By Thomas 3PA

Geffrye Museum —


- On Thursday 9th December 6SB went to Preston Manor High School and learnt about burning with Mr Grossman. We did two projects one was burning bubbles and the other was burning the inside liquid of the bottle. But first we had to predict what would happen. We also learnt about what would happen when we burn metal. 6SB had a great time and enjoyed learning about burning with Mr Grossman .Reporters Bahiyah and Francesca 6SB.

On Thursday 11th children from 2cm, 2pm and 2dr went to the Geffrye museum to see the Diary of a Black Edwardian lady. A lady called Elanor told us her story about her life in London. She was born in Nigeria, her African name is Euna and her parents died on a boat when she was very young. She was adopted by white people and always felt different but she was treated very nicely. I learnt about the past and so did the other children. We enjoyed the trip. Reported by Ibtisam from 2cm

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Preston Park break in! UPDATE— On the 27th of November 2010 Preston Park Primary School staged a ‘break-in’ where vandals had damaged the shed and broke the lock. As well as trolleys being overturned, the inside of the shed was a horror to see. The vandals also stole money from the fluorescent Friday Fund (£50). In addition, they took a large amount of gardening equipment. Year 6 were in charge of reporting this incident as part of their literacy work. Children had to prepare questions prior to a press conference where Mr Redpath and Mrs French gave information. After attending the press conference and making notes, they had to put them together in order to prepare a radio script. Following this, they recorded their radio scripts in teams with each child having a role. They hope to be able to upload their news report on Fronter very soon. Literacy became extremely enjoyable for all in year 6. This was a very unusual and imaginative way to learn. By Benjamin, Ousama and Kai (Year 6)

WHERE HAVE ALL THE FISH GONE?- OPERATION ‘SAVE NEMO’. This freezing cold weather has

caused a few problems for our school pets. In our pond in the sensory garden the water which was a liquid turned to a solid and expanded the wall of the pond causing a small split. Overnight the water drained out leaving the pond very low. Mr Robert Lucas and Mrs Penney French promptly rescued about a hundred plus fish and put them into three buckets. Mrs French who has a pond in her garden took them there to leave for the rest of winter, and in the Spring we will sort out the pond for the fish to return.

Ted had fun in the snow but he says ‘check the school website for updates on any closures’.

Aladdin The Pantomime was a very amazing play and well done to the teachers for putting together this fantastic pantomime especially Miss Currie who wrote it. Thanks to Mrs Man for face paints and giving her time, also to the other teachers for creating a fabulous show. I like Miss Deckker who was Aladdin the most because she put good effort in acting and speaking as well as the other teachers, we had a great pantomime dame - Mr Minnaar as Widow Twankey, Joe Slade was Wishee Washee, Mrs Pond was the Princess, with Miss John-Lewis, Miss Louca, Mr Fisher, Nicki, Modu, Bhavna, and Humairah as the Emperor. Thanks for to all the teachers for this Reporters Aadya, Vidhi and Rhea 4SB

HAPPY 2011

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MRS SHAH’S RECIPE OF THE MONTH — written by Sanjana from 5CD On 12th December, a cookery teacher, Mrs Shah, from 'Veggie Kitchen' school of cooking visited our cookery club. She taught us how to make terrific Oatie Truffles and healthy Carrot Rolls (which were tasty and spicy!). She told us each step very carefully and slowly so we all understood how to make them. It was very yummy and we are very grateful that we got a chance to meet her. Here is the recipe for the Carrot Sandwich Mum’s Cup Cakes—Kishana Lee (Sai in reception and Roll: Kysha in year 3’s mum) came in to volunteer to do some Ingredients: Sundried tomato paste,1/2 cup grated cheese, 1 baking with the reception children with her special pink cup cake baker. They all made some delicious little cakes. cup grated carrot, 2 tsp chopped coriander, 1/2 tsp mustard paste, chilli flakes, 1/2 tsp chilli paste, salt and pepper to taste, butter for bread, 10 slices Year 6 trip to Winston Churchill Britain at of bread, 1tsp sesame seeds War Experience—On Tuesday the 14th December Method: 1. Mix all the ingredients for filling except sesame year 6 took the train to central London. We ate our seeds, chilli flakes and sundried tomato paste. lunch by the River Thames and we saw a gigantic ferry (the Queens battle ship). Then we walked to the Winston 2. Remove crust from bread and steam and roll out. Churchill Britain at War Experience and we heard lots of 3. Apply sun dried tomato paste on each bread. music from the war. First we took off our coats, then we 4. Put a spoonful of the mixture on the bread and roll. went in a lift (which was not a lift) and ended up in a theatre. We watched a little movie about evacuation and 5. Brush roll with slightly melted butter or when the Germans tried to invade England. After that we margarine and sprinkle sesame seeds and chilli flakes and bake in oven for 5 minutes. went into an Anderson Shelter and we heard some noises 6. Serve hot

of the bombs dropping on London. Later we saw some gas masks and wore them, it smelt a bit odd. A person in our class called Ousama dressed up as a Major. Later we went into a Blitz Room where we saw a fireman rescuing a woman. There was fire everywhere! Some people were actually scared. Then we enjoyed a nice journey home. By Ousama and Kai 6RC

Orchestra and Choir Christmas Special - On the 13th the Orchestra and the choir

did an amazing performance in front of the school. The orchestra played a few songs known to most people and they were ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Oh of Joy’ and ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’. After, some children played on their own or in pairs. There was the guitar, violin and flute. The choir sang a mixture including Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus is coming to Town. It was an amazing end of term performance. Well done to those who participated. Report Kirushne 4SB

Please be aware of flu symptoms and fevers. If your child is ill please keep at home and phone the school on 0208 904 3602 by 9:00am.

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Wykeham Primary Visits— Two year 4 classes visited us on the 8th and 9th December from Wykeham Primary School in Neasden. They have been learning about World War Two and wanted to experience what is was like for children at this time. They had a lesson in our Air Raid Shelter / School Museum and got to hold gas masks and try on Warden hats and watched a power point show about the war years. They also got to see our animals, the goats, chickens and rabbits. They travelled by tube and learnt a lot about what school life was like then. Esafe Message for January comes from Mauma and Rawan 4KL

Congratulations to Thilakadevi (Devi) Ananthan whose has achieved cache level 3 certificate in September 2010. WELL DONE.

Goodbye to Amina Khanom, one of our apprentices - who left us in December, we wish you all the best for your future. What is happening at our Twin School—’Enterprise Week at Brookmead School’ During the autumn term at Brookmead School we held an Enterprise Week which was great fun! Mr Thomson, the head teacher, set each class the challenge to make as much money as possible, producing items to sell. As part of this project, the pupils were expected to manage what they spent on materials to create these items. In literacy, Year 6 had been writing fiction genre stories. They decided to make these stories into films as part of Enterprise Week. On the last day of the week they held a ‘Film Premiere’, inviting parents and pupils to watch the movies. Tickets to the premiere, copies of the DVDs, signed photographs and refreshments were sold to make money. This proved very successful, making a profit of £232.05. Other classes in the school made and sold: Bookmarks, friendship bracelets, sweets, biscuits and Christmas crafts. The whole school managed to make £673.81 profit! As part of our work in numeracy the following week, we collected information from each other and organized the data using bar graphs and pie charts. We even learnt how to calculate percentages. Enterprise Week was lots of fun, providing opportunities to learn maths and improve our skills in literacy too. Maybe Preston Park could try doing an Enterprise Week too? Amy Chennells—Year 6


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Preston Park Children’s Centre where to find us located behind Refugees into Jobs, 3-7 Lincoln Parade, off Preston Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 8UA Tel 020 89043602 Centre Manager - Jenni Hume / Admin Manager Hema Mistry

On the 14th & 15th December Children's Centre had a special Santa's Grotto. All the children and families visited the centre to see Santa and enjoyed some festive treats. On the 16th December all the Nursery children walked down to the children's centre with staff and parents to meet Santa and received some wonderful gifts from Santa. Thank you for joining us to celebrate—we closed over the Christmas Holidays but re-open again from Tuesday 4th January. See you all in 2011.

The NEW Children's Centre Progresses— Despite the extremely cold weather building work continued during December and the holidays on our new building. It has now taken shape, foundations walls and roof are in place and work has started on the new entrance pathway to it. Once it is weather-tight work will begin on the interior. It is going well and should be ready by early Spring.

Sports News – keep fit in 2011

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FA COACHING — We have a football teacher who is called Mark Timmington. He teaches us tricks in 3AW. He is from the FA. Mark makes things exciting, things that we enjoy, like throwing the ball and somebody catching it, we also enjoyed somebody dribbling the ball with somebody following behind us. He comes every week on Wednesday and he is a trainee football development coach for the FA and works with 5 to 11 year olds. Reporters Maryan and Anastacia 3AW

RECYCLING – please can you save for us your Christmas cards to be recycled supporting the Woodland Trust and also all your postage stamps which we are collecting for the Dogs Trust at our local Vets (Mandeville). We are also collecting printer cartridges and mobile phones for recycling supporting our parent staff association. If anybody has any unwanted gifts we would be grateful for them, for the Mothers Day Sale in the Spring. Also to help the environment we want to save paper by sending less letters in 2011, so please keep reading hey Presto and check on the website and parentmail for updates on what is happening at Preston Park in the future.

VERY SAD NEWS — On the 31st December— our pet goat Candy died. She will be sadly missed by many children, ex-pupils who have now gone onto secondary, staff and parents as she had a very happy life here at Preston Park. Lots of children loved her but Toffee and Fudge are especially sad as they will miss her the most.

WOW— a new school year and we still want you to walk especially on the first Wednesday of every month—take part in WOW to earn your badges. Make it a resolution to walk as often as possible, keeping you fit and reducing pollution. Next WOW day is Wednesday 5th January.

IMPORTANT NEWS FOR DRIVERS PARENTS who park illegally outside schools in Brent could soon be caught on CCTV and fined by the council. Drivers who block the road or school entrance while they drop off their children are just one group of “anti-social” motorists targeted by the authority in a crackdown on driving offences. More details on this story go to We have received a letter from Brent Council and more details will follow soon to you. You are warned!

Hey Presto 52 Jan/2011