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ISSUE 50 1st November 2010

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Year One's Harvest On

Remembrance Day -

Friday 1st of October we had a Harvest Assembly. The whole of year 1 performed a fabulous performance. Each class sang a beautiful harvest song. We also had contributions to celebrate Harvest and sent them to St Luke Hospice in Kenton. Reporters Kaluga and Satura 5TM

You are welcome to join our Yr 6 children to observe the two minutes silence this Thursday 11th at 10.45 2nd Royal Opera House Trip

Sponsored Spell 5th Reception Open Day ONE WEEK GRAND FINALE intake 2010-11 What a show, attended by the Deputy School Photos 11th/12th

Mayor of Brent, our ward councillors along with other invited guests and parents who watched a spectacular show of our diversity. Dance, singing, music and a Romanian Assembly — On the fashion show was the 19th, during One World Week, looking finale of One World at our different cultures some of our Week and Black History Week, more on page 4

children from Romania performed an assembly about three little pigs and the big bad wolf. Mrs Tomsa helped them, they did the Romanian version. It was fabulous and they were loud and clear. They wore traditional costumes and sang in Romanian too. Parents came too and it was an amazing assembly. Reporters Aman and Kousthubha 4SB

Diwali Assembly 12th Science workshops 4th 6RC, 11th - 6KH and 18th November - 6SB

Inside this issue:

Jeans for Genes


School Council


Black History


Children’s Centre 5

Purple visitors


Sports News


CONGRATULATIONS TO US as Preston Park Primary has received the Beyond the Classroom award at the Becta ICT Excellence Awards 2010 for helping to break down barriers to learning outside the classroom. To win the award, staff needed to demonstrate how the use of ICT in the home was encouraged as part of family learning and how opportunities were offered to pupils to access learning outside the school. Mr Redpath and Miss Anazodo who championed our Managed Learning Environment, went to collect the award in Birmingham on the 14th. For the full story check out the PPPS website or http:// To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email us with your views and stories on—

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let it grow vouchers please Jeans for Genes Day

On the first of October it was Jeans for Genes Day and a non-school uniform day where we could wear jeans instead but in return we gave one pound. We donated money to the charity to help children with Genes problems and it is a good cause. It is a national charity and uses the money to help children affected by diseases, that are serious and can affect a child's life. It was a fun and we raised £515 Reporter Vidhi 4SB

The Red Card! On Friday th

8 October a librarian from Preston Library with two football coaches came to talk about Racism, they showed a video about players and how they feel about racism in football. We had to watch and listen carefully because they were going to quiz us on it. The winners were Abdullahi, Ali, Adam, Dean and Rafael and they got a special silver medal. SHOW RACISM THE RED CARD! By Janhvi and Sashreeka 6SB


Woodlice We are

doing an experiment on woodlice. We are finding out whether woodlice live in sand or soil. First we went to the nature reserve and found some woodlice, they hiding under some bark. After that we got a tray and put soil in one half and sand on the other side. We also added some pieces of bark and put them in. We looked after them and kept the tray slightly damp. After a few days the conclusion was they preferred the soil. Reporter Aadya 4SB

MRS SHAH’S RECIPE OF THE MONTH — CHILLI PANEER serves 4 — Ingredients:- 200g Ingredients:- 1


Monday 11th we went to the Barbican Centre. We large packet of paneer about225gm) – cut into 3 cm cubes, 4 large capsicums went by coach and it (peppers) red, green orange or yellow) and cut into cubes. 4 medium onions took a long time. First chopped, 5 cloves garlic – crushed 3 tbsp tomato ketchup, 2tbsps soy sauce 1 we had lunch and we tbsp ginger paste, 1stp less green chilli paste, 2tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp cumin saw a water fountain. seeds, 5 spring onions, chopped and salt to taste. Equipment: Serving Bowl, After lunch we watched Chopping Board, Sharp Knife, Fork, Scissors. Method: Heat the oil, add cumin the orchestra. We sat in seed and stir fry the onions and capsi- comfortable chairs it was cums until slightly soft. Add garlic, to- exciting. There was a French Horn, a Double mato and ketchup, soy sauce, ginger Bass, a Flute and a Vioand chilli paste and salt to taste. Mix well and allow to cook for 2 minutes. lin and we learnt some songs about the story of Then add paneer cubes and mix. GarPulcinella. Reporters nish with spring onions and serve hot Ashanti and Gowsigan with naan or pitta - ENJOY. 2DR

School Hours

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Start 8.45—End 3.15

Our Head Boy, Girl and H/T Rep 3NR Michael 3AW Hadassah 3CS Yousif 3PA Amar

4KL Alin 4SB Mazen 4FH Sajan

5CD Mukund 5BM Joanne 5TM D’Marri




STAR - Sustainable Travel Accredited Recognised. On Thursday 14th October we

went on an education trip to the Emirates we met other schools and made an advert on safety. We learned to cooperate with other pupils. Then we went to have some snacks and they were scrumptious. We next played the 6SB Dilani train game where we played various games to 6RC Vishal 6KH Saumyaa do with safety. We next had lunch which was truly exquisite as we were treated in a posh style and the food was out of this world. After Your School Council — Our School have now got a lunch the awards took place and we got a gold brand new school council. School Council members are for our school travel plan and we were also elected every year. They discuss things that should be contenders for a platinum award - the highest introduced to our school or try and improve things al- of them all. Unfortunately we did not win. We ready in school. We have one member per class in key also got a goodie stage two and we meet once or twice a month. Vishal bag filled with in 6RC has been elected our Chair with Dilani in 6SB as prizes - a pedomeVice Chair, Joanne in 5BM and Abhiram 6KH (Head’s ter and a wood pen Rep) are the Council’s Secretaries. Our council helps our and pencil set. We

school improve as we can discuss ideas the children in our class want and ask Mr Redpath about them. So speak to your class councillor if you have a good idea. Our Head Boy and Girl Benjamin 6RC and Disha 6RC will be seeking the ideas of children years 1 and 2.

had a marvellous time. Reporters Benjamin and Disha 6RC. Head Boy and Girl.

Local Democracy Week - On Friday15th October we were joined by Brent councillors Patricia Harrison and Jean Hossain along with Richard Hay who works for the council to talk about their role in Brent and how they were chosen. They also asked us how we got chosen as school councillors to represent our classes. They asked us how we would spent £20,000 improving the Preston Area. There were lots of answers and Mrs French helped us throughout our school council meeting. Reporter Joanne school councillor for 5BM


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Steel Pan - On Monday the 11th during Black History Week some classes got to hear and watch a performance by some people playing steel drums. They come from the Caribbean island of Trinidad. The drums are made from metal oil containers which are hammered on the top to become a round shape which when hit makes different th African Drumming – On Monday 11 notes. We also got 3CS went to do some African Drumming in the the chance to play junior hall. There was a funny man there and he taught us how to drum. We all had our own drums the steel pan (it was super fun) we loved their spectacular music – the man was saying and playing be be boom bete and hope to play again one day. Reporters Aleena and Sanjana 5CD bete boom and we had to copy him. He was really good at playing the drums and we all played well. I liked it a lot and I have my own African Drum at my house- the same as the one the man had so I can play at home now. Reporter Aaliyah 3CS

Rap On Tuesday 12th October a rapper

named Arjan came into our classes and made up a rapping verse with us. It was so much fun! After, some children read their poems about happiness. Then some children from year 5 got the opportunity to perform the verses their class's had made up in front of the year 4 and 5 children. These performances were also in the Grand Finale of One World Week. Reporter Abigail 5CD

KATHAK – In year 4 we watched two women doing an Asian dance called Kathak. It is a special Hindu dance that has more that one beat. We also got to take part in a workshop to learn it. The women gave us puppets that was made of goat skin and we used the puppets to act out the story of Diwali. One of the women played beautiful music, one instrument made the sound of the wind the other was a flute made of bamboo, which pandas eat. Some of us got to dance at the grand finale show. Reporters Akenti and Asye 4FH

Wild Dog—On Tuesday the 12th October we did some wild dog dancing where we were dancing to the rhythm and the beat of the drums. The whole class really enjoyed doing this. Reporters Jainell and Arooran 2PM

Rastamouse – all of year 2 went to listen to an author called Micheal. He read us his books with the characters Scratchy, Zoomer, Bagga T (Trouble) and Rastamouse. He got some people to be the characters, he put some necklaces on Mr Ryan and a hat on Miss Bavany, some children also helped. After he gave us some stickers, I liked the story Reporter Michelle 2DR

DR PALMER—On the 14th October Dr Palmer came to year 6 showing us very important scientific people, like who created phones etc as he is a scientist. He talked with us about Michael Faraday who is a big giant of electrical research and more. We also found out that science is maths and also about lots of important facts. It was very fun listening and we are very pleased that he came and spent time talking to us. Thank you Dr Palmer – reporter Natalie 6SB

PPPS CHILDREN’S CENTRE Preston Park Children’s Centre where to find us located behind Refugees into Jobs, 3-7 Lincoln Parade, off Preston Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 8UA Tel 020 89043602 Centre Manager - Jenni Hume / Admin Manager - Hema Mistry



Navrati Celebrations at the Children’s Centre — The children and parents dressed up

in traditional costumes for this festival on Wednesday 13th October 2010. The children made chocolate date balls in the nutrition class with Rachel. Parents made many delicious dishes for the occasion. Traditional music and stick dancing was popular but Mr Redpath stole the show with the parents and children.

Citizens Advice Bureau

9.00am -12.30pm (Please call to book an appointment) Weighing 1:1 Session 9.00am -12.00pm (Please call to book an appointment) Stay and Play with Times for Rhymes 1.30pm - 3.00pm

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Stay and Play with Nutritionist 10.00am – 12.00pm

Childminders Session 1.30pm – 3.00pm Every Fortnight (Art activity)

Healthy Little Eaters — As part of our services the Preston Park Children’s Centre offer nutrition services which are provided by the NHS and we have a qualified nutritionist who comes in to run a nutrition session at the centre every Wednesday morning from 10.00am to 12.00pm, the programme is known as Healthy Little Eaters. They produce a monthly newsletter which is distributed throughout Brent. Every month they have a recipe competition and this month we are proud to announce that the winning recipe was by a member of our children’s centre Mrs. Minu Ganatra. Minu’s winning recipe is Cheese and Tomato omelette. She won a goodie bag.

Free Books Nestle Box tops—please collect CLC – Every Wednesday this half term 5TM goes to the CLC (City Learning Centre) at Preston Manor High School and 5CD go on Fridays. We go into a room there and using the computers we do lots of fun things like making faces. By Hannah and Ramea 5TM

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PURPLE VISITORS — We were visited on 19th by Leopald Primary School from Willesden who had come to visit us to see the animals and explore our nature reserve. They had great fun and enjoyed their trip.

Clusters— are groups of about 13 primary head teachers all in the same area. There are about 65 primary schools in Brent and each of these schools need to meet to discuss, a bit like our school council. But imagine having 65 adults in the same room talking. Chaos! Sensibly, somebody thought of dividing this big group into five smaller groups. These groups are called Clusters. Mr Redpath belongs in the Wembley Cluster. Schools like Mount Stewart, Barham Park and Oakington Manor are in this Cluster. Mr Redpath is the head of this Cluster. If some of you are confused at what Clusters do then this example may help you understand: imagine our school had too many children coming in who were unable to speak English and many other schools had the same problem. Then these head teachers would discuss to find a solution to this problem. They may decide to order a thousand or so language tutorial books for their schools so that the children would be able to catch up with other children in their class. Or they may ask class teachers to give extra tuition to these children. The possibilities are endless with discussing! And this is how our school gets better and better! By Abhiram 6KH

Ted says he is looking forward to Diwali and Guy Fawkes night—but wants you all to be safe near fireworks, so adults:

Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114 and keep fireworks in a closed box. Follow the instructions on BE SAFE ON each firework. FIREWORK Light them at arm's length, using a taper. NIGHT Don't drink alcohol if setting off fireworks. Stand well back. Keep pets indoors. Never go near a firework that has been lit. Even if it hasn't gone off, it could still explode. Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them. Always supervise children around fireworks. Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves. Never give sparklers to children under five. Don't set off noisy fireworks late at night and never after 11pm.

Kinuumma - Uganda—As part of Black History Week our Parent Staff Association sent a donation over to our link school Kinuuma in Uganda. This donation helped strengthen our existing link and we have received letters from the Headteacher and the children there. With the fundraising we did last year on Green Britain Day and this donation they have purchased a generator, a stabiliser, a 21 inch television, an extension cable and dvd player. In their letters they are very much looking forward to receiving a dvd as well as letters from our children here. We would also like to thank our teaching colleagues in a local Harrow school who kindly organised our donation being received on their trip over to Uganda during half term.

Attendance - The winning

classes with most children attending school are :- for week beginning 4th October was 2CM, for week beginning 11th it was 5BM with 0 absences and for the week of the 18th it was all with 1 absence each. WELL DONE

Last half term our word was ‘RESPECT’ this half it is ‘PATIENCE’

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ISS World is the new name for Caterhouse, but they have the same logo -'We never forget…it’s all about the food'. The school council recently met with Dina Russell from ISS who wanted to seek their views about the lunches served. A new menu will be out soon - if you have comments to make about the food served whether you have a favourite dish or something you don't like chat to your class councillor.

DOES YOUR CHILD QUALIFY FOR FREE SCHOOL MEALS — The canteen serves tasty nutritious meals at lunchtime and your child may be entitled to them if you are on Income Support (IS) or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance (IBJSA). An incomerelated employment and support allowance Support under part VI of the immigration and Asylum Act 1999 Child Tax credit, (provided you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit) and have an annual income that does not exceed £16,190.00 (as assessed by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs). TC 602 Final Award Notice 2010-2011. If you receive Working Tax Credit (other than a four week run on period) your child is not eligible for a free school meal. Please collect forms from our school office.

Congratulations to Mrs Sonia Palmer who has successfully completed a course in working with children with language and communication difficulties. Well done.

Anti-bullying Week Launch. On 19th October the Deputy Head Girl Nikita and myself went to the launch, before the workshops pupils from St Margaret Clitherow Primary did a little play about bullying. In the workshop we did our own play and learnt it can take place anywhere that’s why we need to stop bullying. If you are a bully think about how it will make people feel! And if you are bullied make sure you don’t keep quiet, tell someone! Reporter Abdullahi – Deputy Head Boy 6KH

PLASC (Pupil Level Annual School Census) CENSUS—During the School Census, pupil information is gathered and sent to the Local Authorities. This information includes your name, address, ethnicity, the number of pupil’s attending the school and their attendance rates. This collective data includes staff and even the number of computers the school has! The Census takes place three times a year – the third week of January and May and the first week in October this year it was the 7th. By having a census the government makes sure that the school is running properly and each pupil is getting their educational needs. Without all this information it will be difficult for the Ministers in the Parliament to monitor your education and make sure that everything is in place so that you can carry on studying. We get all the information from parents when a pupil starts school. The Census is very important: if the school doesn’t have all the correct information the Local Authorities will not give funding (money) to keep the school running and have all the fantastic privileges and opportunities you have now. SO in brief: Census is when the school gathers information of each pupil and gives them to the Local Authorities (people in charge of the school) so they know how many children are in school and how much money is needed for every pupil to get their educational needs. Amina Khanom

Sports news

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Boxing - Mr Jarvis is teaching us how to box – he taught us about jaw and up cuts and also to block. It is lots of fun and uses lots of energy. Reporters Amarion, Daniyal, Ahmadali and Aron 3NR

Congratulations to Kiaani in Year 6 who has secured a place in football at the Brent Trials - approx 80 children go for 16 places - well done.

Great news ….. The

portacabins and heavy machinery have arrived over half term to build the new Children’s Centre located near the early years centre.

Football Match – the Brent boys and girls seven a side at John Billam Sports Ground, on Saturday 9th. The day had come

and we were ready. We changed into our kit, had a drink then went onto the pitch and started to play. It was 2-0, then the other team tackled us and scored a goal then another and finally it was a draw. Reporter Kysha 3CS on the girls team. Also well done to our boys team who came 3rd

WOW— even on rainy days walk if you Breakfast Club and After School Club - The breakfast daily fee of £0.50 will stay the same courtesy of a ongoing generous contribution from the school. In our After School Club we have so many fantastic activities but we need your help - parents/ carers please would you pay the fees weekly in advance in order to keep administration and costs to a minimum and by doing so we can offer you a reduction in the cost. Please see me if you have any questions. Silvia Kirschner Breakfast and After School Club Co-ordinator

can, especially on the first Wednesday of every month to take part in WOW and earn your badges. Next WOW day is 3rd November.

Hey Presto 50 Nov/2010  
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