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ISSUE 46 1st July 2010 DIVERSITY — On Thursday 17th June 2CM did a fantastic assembly on diversity and it gave a special message, that we should respect all nationalities from different countries. The children gave us some information from countries such us Egypt, Scotland, Somalia, England and many more. The children spoke loudly and clearly. It was very colourful as the children wore sparkly bright costumes. It was spectacular and everybody enjoyed it!! Reporters Aisha and Rhitik 4SB

Summer Fayre 3rd 123PM—come & have fun. London Zoo yr 4 -13th, yr 5 -14th

7th—Police Talk for year 6 8th—Choir at Wembley Arena Yr 6 Gordon Brown Trip 9th Assemblies RHR - 2nd, 3AW 9th, Yellow Class - 16th Yr 6 Production 15th, Prom 21st

A SIKH ASSEMBLY4SB performed an amazing assembly about Sikhism. They told us about the Sikh religion and told us about the ten Gurus and the five Ks, Kesh-hair, Khanga–comb, Karra a link (bracelet), Kachha underwear and the Kirpan - a sword. It was an interesting assembly and they spoke loud and clearly. They learned their lines well, reporters Edona and Reisganan 4KL

RAINFOREST— 3AN performed

Parents Evening 14th Sports Day 20th or World Cup 19th—21st School Finishes 23rd at 1pm Inset 1st-3rd Children Back Monday 6/9

Inside this issue:

their assembly on the 24th and it was all about trees in the rainforest which are so important. 3AN's assembly taught us that there are lots of plants that live there along with many animals and birds. If a woodcutter comes and chops down a tree there will be no more animals in the rainforest. If there are no trees there will be no rainforest. We learnt so much and I hope you will help the world look after them. It was very interesting Rutu 3AW









Gordon Brown Trips 7


Amina Khanom, one of our apprentices, who married Noman Ahmed on 8th Feb. They got married on a very hot day in Bangladesh and fun was had by all. With best wishes from everyone at the school and we hope that they will have a very happy life together.

Music Assemblies Yr 3-13th, yr 5-6 19th, whole school 21st

World cup


Congratulations to Miss Carla Hammond and Mr James Dolling on the birth of their son, Zac Dolling who was born on 16/6 at 12:25pm weighing in at 6lb 10oz. Both mum and baby are doing well. He is gorgeous.

To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email us with your views and stories on —

Summer Fayre Saturday 3rd July 12-3pm

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We went to the Zoo—On our trip to London Zoo we went to see animals such as penguins, monkeys, butterflies, gorillas, alligators and many more. We went to an aquarium and saw some fish, crabs, starfish and snakes. We also went to a classroom and a man showed us the lifecycles of a mouse, butterfly and a frog. After a while we were in groups and we looked at the life cycle of a zebra, a cheetah, a snake and a kangaroo. Finally we went back to Preston Park on the train. Reporters Shukri and Jenny 2CM

WORLDWIDE POETRY SLAM Keith Jarrett (PPPS Poet), entered the London Poetry Slam and went on to the UK Poetry Slam and won in October 2009. He went to Paris as a representative and performed a few of his poems. Keith entered a worldwide poetry slam and he went to the semi-finals but sadly he did not make it to the finals, Canada won. He had to enter six different poems, out of which his favourite was "Stand up in what you believe". All the poems that he wrote had to be translated into many different languages such as French. Keith likes poetry because he loves words and feels that it is fun. His favourite poets are Benjamin Zephaniah and Grace Nichols. Reporters Rhea, Pallomi, Marwa(6KH)

POETRY SLAM RESULTS—THE OVERALL WINNER BETWEEN MITCHELL BROOKS and PPPS was our Sajan in 3AW, congratulations to all finalists the poetry was of exceptional quality and we all are looking forward to next years Slam. I’m running with my fast cheetah I’m running, with my fast cheetah still running, with my fast cheetah. So me and my cheetah run to the beach He runs past the blue streamy sea He runs like a mean, lean turbo racing machine Obviously he runs faster than me Once he ran into the sea he came shivering, chattering when he got out on land. Once he took me to his cheetah family in the rainforest All the rides he gave me were on the beach and on the sand. I’m running with my fast cheetah I’m running, with my fast cheetah I’m running, with my fast cheetah. still I’m running, with my fast cheetah.

Why not go onto the Poetry Page on Fronter MLE and watch the finalists perform their poems.


Ingredients: Apple

crumble - 2 cooking apples and 2 eating apples, 3 oz 90g sugar, 4 oz 120g butter or cooking margarine 5 oz 150g self raising flour . Equipment: 1 medium sized ovenproof dish, a bowl and a fork . Method: To make the crumble mix place the flour and butter in a bowl and mix with the fork until the texture is like breadcrumbs. As an extra option you can add oatmeal or cornflakes to this mix. Add the sugar to the mixture and mix with fork make it even more like breadcrumbs. Peel and core the apples and cut in large chunks and place them in the dish, For a tasty optional extra sprinkle on some cinnamon. Next evenly spread the crumble mix over the apples and place the dish in a preheated oven 180C / 350 f or gas mark 5 for 40 minutes. Always ask an adult to help when using the oven. Leave to cool (beware the apples will remain hot for about an hour) and serve with either cream or ice-cream. It can be refrigerated once cool for a couple of days - ENJOY

School Hours

Start 8.45—End 3.15

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Some PPPS History—What a difference 25 years makes! On arriving at Preston Park with my year 6 class from Mount Stewart to visit your air raid shelter last week, ( June 10th ) I had quite a surprise. The school had undergone quite a transformation since I was last there! Back in December 1985, I was asked to do two days supply teaching at Preston Park. This turned into a week……….and I then received a letter during the Christmas holidays from the headteacher Mrs Rooke, telling me that the teacher I had covered for ( Mrs Goodman) had to have a major operation so she wanted me to come back to take Mrs Goodman’s reception class. I hadn’t really wanted to teach full time then as my own children had only just started school, but Mrs Rooke was so accommodating and persuasive, and as I had found Preston Park such a welcoming and friendly school to work in – unlike a lot of other schools I had been to – I was easily persuaded ………..and so began four happy months teaching a reception class at Preston Park! Of course, I looked for my classroom last week (it had been in a large hut shared with the nursery)………but it had gone. It is now open space in the playground next to the other huts - they were occupied by year 1 classes at that time. The infants played in the little playground facing the road so they used to wait till they saw me arriving each morning before ringing the bell as I dashed in after taking my children to school first. The “Air Raid Shelter” was the caretaker’s property always under lock and key. From my hut we walked through a long corridor to assembly in the infant hall each day, but my class used to be a bit scared on Fridays since we had joint assembly with the juniors in the BIG junior hall. It was very crowded so year 6 had to stand on the stage- some of the boys were already very tall so their towering heights on the platform astounded my tiny 5 year olds! The event I remember most was Chinese New Year when EVERYONE in the school had to make a colourful mask of their birth year’s animal. We all joined up in the junior playground to make one very, very, very long dragon and did a dragon dance round and round the playground for about half an hour singing “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Everyone had great fun. BUT……. the playgrounds were very plain and bare then! What a delight it was to see all your attractive animal enclosures and wildlife area on my visit last week. You must be very proud of them. On Mrs Goodman’s return in May 1996, I stayed on as Preston Park’s supply teacher whenever I was needed for the rest of that school year. Unfortunately, Mrs Rooke retired that summer and was succeeded by the headteacher from Mount Stewart Infants who brought her own supply teacher with her, so I swapped schools and have been at Mount Stewart ever since. But after 24 years it is now my turn to retire this summer. If Mrs Rooke hadn’t left when she did, I most probably would have spent the rest of my career at Preston Park! Vivienne Gould — THANKS VIVIENNE FOR SHARING YOUR MEMORIES AND BEST WISHES Meets our new pets — two Giant Land Snails have ston Park. She was a pupil during the Second World a new home, a tank in Mr War . She was interviewed by 3 children from Year 6. Redpath’s room.

MEMORIES — On the 17th June, Mrs Olive Waldron who now lives in Australia visited Pre-

Mrs Waldron told us so many interesting stories about her tough life during the war. She was very young when the war began and had a very difficult time. Mrs Waldron was only 5 years old when she started Preston Park. Fortunately she was never injured from the innumerable amount of bombings. The education at that time was very different from now. They didn’t have interactive boards, not even whiteboards. They had chalkboards. If a child misbehaved or was not quiet during class, the teacher would drag her nails across the chalkboard, making a high-pitched screeching noise. Luckily they did not receive any homework until they reached secondary school. Mrs Waldron went to Preston Manor. In school there were very few pupils because many children got evacuated. The worst time during the war was the Blackout. Mrs Waldron’s sister almost got killed because her house fell on her. They had to dig her out. They didn’t have any entertainment. So they made the most of everything. They would make jokes and sing to keep positive during the bad times. Due to the rationing, the park was just allotments. Each family was assigned to an allotment to grow fruits and vegetables as the food supplies were cut short. The best time was when the war ended. People were so excited and happy. They had a Victory party which lasted all night. Reporters Rhea & Nicholas 6KH.

GOOD NEWS — Blue Tits have been seen using the nesting boxes donated to us by BBC Breathing Places in the Nature Reserve. Keep an eye out for them.

Free Books Nestle Box tops—please collect

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How to build a periscope – On the 10th year 6 made periscopes at part of

our science unit (how we see things). A periscope is used in submarines to help the Navy look for enemy ships above water. It is simple to make, you need a tall empty juice carton, two small mirrors, triangular cards, scissors and a pen. You used the triangular card to help you draw two diagonal lines on one side of the carton, and then carefully you cut a slot along each line. The slots should be just wide enough for the mirror to fit in. Draw and cut two more slots on the other side of the carton and cut again. Carefully push the mirrors into the slots; they should fit snugly so they cannot slide out. Next you draw a large square at the top of the carton (not the mirrors side) and carefully cut it out. Using a pencil on the opposite side to the square at the bottom of the carton you make a small hole. Now your periscope is ready – look into the hole then you can see around corners or other obstacles – By Kushal, Shaheer and Vivek.

Health & Safety Talk. On Wednesday the 16th a lady from Victim Support came to talk to us about Health and Safety. She set us some challenges and one of these was a game where there was three signs in the room RED, AMBER, and GREEN. Green for nonrisky and Amber for unsure and Red for risky, so we were asked some questions eg, would it be safe to give anyone your phone number that you have just met on MSN , Facebook ? We would all have to go to the sign which we thought was right. It was good because it made us think. Reporters D’Angelo 6kh & Demario 6sb CONGRATULATIONS TO Miss Anazodo who has achieved Chartered London Teacher Status and gained a fellowship to the college of teachers (FcOT) in recognition of raising the achievement of pupils in inner London. Also she has received a certificate for passing the developing leaders course at the IOL, University of London!

GLOGSTER – a few weeks ago Miss Anazodo told us that she wants me and some of my friends to take part in a competition held by the e-learning foundation. We had to make a glog on how the mini laptops help us. It was really easy to make a glog. You just need to choose the colour you want your glog to be and then add the information. Easy!! So forget blogging, get glogging. Reporter Shreya 5PA

CONGRATULATIONS and fantastic news, Shreya in 5PA has won a prize with her Glog. The competition was organised by the E-Learning Foundation and have awarded her Joint winner Primary School category. They consider this entry answered the brief very well, incorporating all the elements. ‘Shreya clearly put a lot of work in to make her entry both exciting and interesting’ (below receiving her prize from Graeme Simons of Toshiba). Shreya’s winning entry: http:// me-an-my-computer/

Preston Park Children’s Centre


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We finish 23rd at 1pm back Monday 6/9 at 8.45 enjoy the holidays Page 6

WELCOME to our new Teachers — Miss Sabrina John-Lewis Mr Daniel Ryan and Mrs Claire Scott.

PICNIC Every other Monday and as part of Meat Free Mondays Mr Redpath decided to let the children have a picnic. We collect them from the canteen. We enjoyed having our lunch in the playground and we wish we could do it everyday. Mr Redpath said if we don’t litter we will have more picnic as we like sitting outside with our friends. In our bags there is water, sandwiches, a dessert and vegetables. Our lunch was tasty we liked it Reporters Reesha, Anastacia, Shukri and Haddassah 2CM At Preston Park, we always acknowledge Refugee Week every year to encourage awareness and acceptance of the refugees who are part of our community. Many of us know people in our families or among our friends who had to leave their birth countries because their lives were in danger. This year, many of the younger children took part in a competition where they had to draw toys from different countries. The standard of the entries was very high and I am sure that some of them will win prizes. The older children had to organise an interview with a refugee whom they knew or write an imaginary interview with a refugee, after doing some research. Once again, the standard of entries was very high, with one excellent video entry by some year 4 children. The year 5 interviewed a member of staff about her personal experience and wrote reports. They also watched a pre-recorded interview. A group of year 6 children went to the Refugee into Jobs Centre to interview a refugee from Afghanistan and they reported their findings to the other children at school. All entries have been sent to Brent and we await the results. Fingers crossed!! Mrs Hurst

‘Bonjour les enfants’ – On Thursday 17th 4SB were really lucky to speak to the French people in Calamane school using videoconferencing in our classroom. We did this because 4SB have been learning French, we have learnt to say the colours, numbers and then over the internet we got to sing in French for them and they sang a Beatles song in English for us. After some of us introduced ourselves and the French children did the same. 4SB want to say thank you to Marine who has been teaching us French and who introduced us to the French School in Calamane. Reporters Abigail and Anab.

My experience in Preston Park Primary School I am a second year student studying BEng Chemical and Process Engineering at London South Bank University. I began my work experience on 6th June 2010 with a length of 1 month. I have had a vast number of experiences from the working environment, teaching techniques, school clubs and staffs of Preston Park Primary School. In Preston Park Primary School the working environment is fabulous. The teaching given to the pupils is remarkable as Preston Park Primary School have numerous facilities such as modern laptops, sporting playground and some wonderful computer programmes. The staff are friendly and work as a team with each member of staff willing to take challenges and be diverse. No wonder the Inclusive and Achievement Officer, Ms Kirschner said ‘I love my job, it is never boring, and there is always something new’. Ms Kirschner also works in the school clubs (breakfast club, after school club and film club). The pupils enjoy the clubs as it gives them the chance to play and socialise with friends. Pupils are incredibly happy and have a remarkable standard of behaviour throughout the school. Having studied in an undeveloped primary school in Nigeria, it was an amazing experience to see the opportunities given to the pupils in England using Preston Park Primary School as a leading example. I strongly recommend this incredible experience to anyone interested in teaching. Mr Stephen Ogieriakhi Student of South Bank University

Year 6’s trip to Belgium—photos and stories in the next issue.

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RECEPTION had fun Some children dressed up as bears and pretended to live in woods. Then they collected four necessary things which are necessary to live. Those 4 things are - PAWS (plants, air, water and shelter).

Nursery’s Trip — On Monday 21st June Nursery went on an educational trip to Gordon Brown. They had a lovely teddy bear picnic with Percy the park keeper. The children used their five senses and discovered new things. They thoroughly enjoyed this experience and showed curiosity whilst exploring the different areas.

The children were collecting things that smell in order to make 'smelly cocktails'. Children collected some grass, buttercups, mint leaves and even rabbits' poo in their cocktail cups.

We used mirrors to see the sky. We called this activity 'Sky Eye'. Children were very engrossed in this activity.

Comic Strip — this comic has been all the work of Daniella in 6SB who has drawn and coloured it

Sports News


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Even the chickens WORLD CUP ! We have been learning about the Football are supporting the World Cup and about South Africa. We have planned a healthy footdiet for our favourite players (ours is Cristiano Ronaldo). During ball the lesson Mr Caret said ‘you should make sure that the meal has vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates’. We also got and have to see some South African Foods. Reporters Deeva and Jasmine 4BM been layTed has been supporting ing England and he reckons special eggs, they the second goal should just can’t get them have been allowed in their football shaped.

match with Germany. Now which country will win the final!

BYT film festival 2010— Congratulations to 5TM for the best creative movie in this year’s festival. The idea behind this film came from studying Unit 5b Analysing data and asking questions: using complex searches. To watch it go to:

Kiwi the budgie in Nursery has a new friend — meet Sky.

Barbican Trip – On the 14th Year 6 went to the Barbican Centre to see the London Symphony Orchestra and listened to their mind-blowing music and performance. As we walked inside the Barbican we saw the amazing art hanging in the exhibition and sat next to a waterfall. It was a fun ex perience! By Sahara and Meray 6SB

‘Science club is coming back on Fridays after school with new and improved fun, hands-on science sessions! Book now to beat the Autumn rush by calling Mother Nature Science on 020 8863 8832 or email”

Walk for Road Safety – On Wednesday the 16th all of

Key Stage 2 took part in a record breaking walk attempt organised by the charity BRAKE. We walked ‘around the block’ on the roads around our school. It was good to learn about road safety as we did so. Do you know which year group suffers the most accidents and even deaths? And are girls or boys more affected? Let us tell you – it is year 7s it’s great to walk or even cycle, it and mostly keeps you healthy and reduces pollution. Drivers please do not park on grass verges, on boys. So be careful the yellow when crossopposite the ing and reschool or member to over our look, listen neighbours and think. drives. Reporters Thank you Tia and Next WOW Sanjana 7th July. 4SB


Hey Presto 46 Jul/2010  
Hey Presto 46 Jul/2010