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ISSUE 41 1st February 2010

Shakespeare’s Play – 5CD performed a fantastic assembly about Coming events … a famous playwright called William Shakespeare. They told us that he built the Globe – his theatre, but it burnt down in two hours, so they built another. Not only that, they also performed an extract from Hamlet and how wonderful their costumes looked. Thanks for the assembly 5CD—reporter Emily 4SB.

2SS Recycling Assembly On Thursday 28th we watched a recycling assembly from 2SS. We saw them doing rap songs and they talked about recycling. They told us where we could put some rubbish in composters or recycling bins. So remember don’t drop your rubbish on the floor: recycle it. It was a good assembly and we all enjoyed it. By Anastasia and Reesha 2CM

WELCOME BACK MRS SUE JOSLIN returning from the 1st. 2nd Feb Nursery—Police Talk also Yr 6 Belgium Open Evening for Parents. On the 3rd Feb Reception will visit the Temple Year One Trips to Gordon Brown Maths Fun Days including Dragons Den with the HSBC Valentines Ball - Thursday 11th @ 6pm—7.30pm Year 2 Chinese New Year Assembly on Friday 12th

Half term we break up on Friday 12th and return on Monday 22nd

Congratulations to Caterhouse who have gained a certificate from ISOQAR (The Approachable Auditors for Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety and Information Security Standards) ISO 9001. This recognises they are meeting the standards and expectations for catering meals for our children. Well done.

We are looking forward to the babies due for Mrs Maria MichaCONGRATULATIONS TO elides Miss Min Shah, Amina Khanom — one of our photos next month.

apprentices who is getting married at the beginning of February. Photos in next month’s issue.

Inside this issue:



meat free monday


Royal Shakespeare


To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the Kinnuma PRIMARY school website or Scarcroft PRIMARY email us with your views and stories on OLYMPIC SPRINTER

5 5 6

let it grow vouchers please

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SNOW— For the first two weeks of the new year we had a good covering of snow. We closed on one day because travelling was too treacherous but remained open during the rest of the snow’s stay. 1KM made some great little indoor snowmen but there were plenty bigger ones outside—above year 6 and 1MM. It was great fun with enormous snowballs all over the playground.

CONGRATULATIONS RADIO — Mr Benji Smith who was with us last year as a student teacher is having success with his group the Naked Lights. Their song was played recently on the radio on the 9th January, it was on BBC London in a feature playing the songs of new bands. Mr Smith did some great song practice assemblies last year and we wish him continued success.

WELL DONE to Miss Anne Napier who won an award for 'outstanding practitioner' at her graduation ceremony on 21/1/10 at Kingston University. Her course was a Ba Hons in Primary teaching.

Leading from the Middle

— some of our teachers have attended a course for middle management. Well done to Miss Louca, Miss Charalambous, Mrs Alldritt, Mrs Pond, Mrs Hurst, Mr Minnaar, Mrs Hume, Miss Richards, Mrs Patel, Miss Badassy Mrs Patel and Miss McFarlane

MAYOR PRESENTS — On Wednesday 20th January some of our staff attended an awards ceremony at the Wembley Plaza Hotel where they were given their certificates by the Brent Mayor — Jim O’Sullivan. Well done to Nicki Johnston and Hema Mistry who achieved an NVQ level 2 in Business and Admin, to Sandhia Solanki who achieved an NVQ level 3 as a Specialized Teaching Assistant and lastly to Joanne Mathurin (who couldn’t attend) who gained a NVQ level 2 in Support Work in Schools (SWIS)

Flora - please give us your token

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WHEN HSBC CAME TO VISIT– One afternoon two visitors came from the HSBC Bank to year 4 to talk about currencies in different countries. They gave us a map of the world and some paper and we matched the money to the right countries, like Yen, Dollars, Euros. We also talked about the global recession. They said people were borrowing money from the bank and weren’t able to pay them back and also that shops had to close down because they weren't selling enough things. 4SB found it very interesting. Reporter Tia and Jacob 4SB


During Half Term Teachers Miss Louca, Miss Badassy and Miss Currie will be going to Canada to look at a project for children learning maths – we look forward to reading their report and seeing photos in the March Issue.

MRS SHAH’S RECIPE OF THE MONTH A Romantic Special for Valentines Day— Strawberry Crush

Ingredients : 250ml cold milk, 125ml of a fruit yoghurt, 4 large strawberries and 1 banana. Method: Pour the milk and yogurt into a blender, peel the banana and add to this along with the strawberries and blend for 10 seconds or longer until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy. Why not try other healthy fruits giving lots of vitamins and always get an adult to help you — Mrs Rasila Shah

Meat Free Monday – On Monday 18th January all the school had to not eat meat for a day, the school dinner was Shepherdess Pie (made with a meat substitute) and they had to fill out a survey to say if they liked the food. All of the packed lunches had to be meat free too. On Tuesday 19th we ate Shepherds Pie made with meat and we were surveyed to which day’s meal was best. The survey showed Children preferred Tuesday’s meal more than Meat Free Monday’s because it had more flavour but nonvegetarians could not try it to do a taste comparison. Reporters Molik, Oliver, and Sujith. Survey Results — Monday—Did you like your meal – 59 YES and 54 NO. Tuesday – 15 preferred Mondays and 18 preferred Tuesdays although vegetarians couldn’t try it. 11 said it tasted the same and 4 did not like either. On Wednesday 10th Feb we will have an assembly to look at the global impact of meat production and then consider if we would like to make Meat Free Monday a regular feature to our weekly menu. If any parents / carers have any views on this topic please email me — Penney French at

LETS GET COOKING — Mrs Rasila and Mrs French attended a healthy eating workshop. We learnt about what and how much we should eat and the benefits of different vitamins and minerals. Some children are becoming overweight in the UK eating too much sugars and fats. But if they eat a healthy well-balanced diet including their 5-a-day (fruits and vegetables) and do some physical activity they can grow into healthy adults. Do not try to diet by yourself always speak to adult.

Free Books Nestle Box tops—please collect YOUR INVITE TO THE VALENTINES BALL

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WORK EXPERIENCE— During this week I have taken part in Work Experience in this school. The reason I chose to work here is because I am an exstudent, so I decided it was better for me to work in familiar grounds. I chose to work in IT because I wanted to discover certain things. I think that it was a great opportunity as I picked up on a lot of things such as how a school network works and how each computer is sorted and arranged. It was really fun along with Sundeep and Paul learning all these different skills. Thank you Preston Park for a wonderful opportunity - Bright Osemwegie.

Year 3 – Mini laptops – some children in year 3

have already got their laptops. They are up-to-date and shiny YEAR 1 LUNCHES—Since Caterhouse won the and we are so excited to have catering contract the numbers of pupils eating a them. We get to use them at home before bringing them to school dinner have increased from 225 to school for lessons soon. by 325.We want to encourage all pupils to eat healthy school lunches, so as part of a Brent ini- Ayse and Lisara 3AW tiative all Year 1 pupils are being offered a free school meal for 4 weeks as from half term. De- ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY - On tails are available at the school office and there Friday all the year 5’s saw a play called Hamlet, is a parents meeting on Friday February 5th at from the Royal Shakespeare Company, it was 2.45 pm to explain our plans and ideas. very fun. I was chosen to act the part of Hamlet

FAREWELL TO — Miss Samantha Bourne will be leaving us at half term to go and teach in Barbados. Please keep in contact and tell us about your new life, school and your class. Maybe your new children can write to your old 5SB class who will especially miss you. Send us a photo of you enjoying the warm Caribbean Sun.

GOOD BYE AND GOOD LUCK to Safini Bibi one of our

and then we acted out how Hamlet’s father died, then we had a workshop. We asked the actors questions and we played the instruments. It was a brilliant day. Everyone loves Shakespeare now! By Calin 5cd

3AN at CLC – at the City Learning Centre we learn on the computers there. We have learnt how to get pictures on Microsoft Word, what is in our ear and about music. We play games and quizzes. The teacher lets us play on the Smartboard. We walk every Friday even if the weather is bad and the best bit of the CLC is the heating comes from the floor. By Diviyah and Santhya

lunchtime SMSAs who is going to be a Learning Support Assis- 你好 (Hello in Chinese) - Mrs Pond is sponsoring a tant at Park Lane, Wembley.

Goodbye Myrna Wright who left us during the Christmas holidays as her plans to move to Norwich happened quickly. We wish her happiness in her move especially 1km who miss her. Keep in touch.

boy in China called Yang Liu aged seven. She has written to him and he has replied. He tells her what his life is like and about his school in China. He says he has a large playground but has no play equipment. The Parent Staff Association heard and is sending a small donation to buy some on behalf of the children at Preston Park. Hopefully Yang Liu and some school friends will write back to the children here – more news soon.

College Road is a one way system

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we have some letters from our Sad loss—one of our school pet had Link school in Uganda. 6SB rabbits Sage died on 26th January. and some other children in The year 6 animal monitors saw she the school will be writing had died when they went to feed the back to them. They write: bunnies. They did exactly what they they keep animals, eat casare trained to do and found an adult sava they grow, love football straight away. Mrs French wanted and enjoy learning English

to say a special thankyou to them for being so sensible. We had a small gathering to say goodbye to her a couple of days later.

Big School Bird Watch—we have taken part in this survey over the last two Do you want to learn weeks and have seen Gulls, Pigeons, Robins, English or read and Magpies, ATTENDANCE - The winner of Pied write better English? the register for week ending A free 10 week course Wagtails plus 23rd January was: 2PM with no for beginners from many absences. We had higher ab18/1—31/3, Mondays other sences at the start of the month small and Wednesdays here due to the snow — so we have birds. at 1pm—3pm contact not made this a competition for We the classes because all were af- Meena Vaya on 0208 made 838 8128 or: some fected. special cakes for birds using breadcrumbs, peanuts, Scarcroft Primary Mr Redpath and some bird seed and fat to bind it together and we teachers went to York to visit a small school on the put them in our nature reserve. 27th January. We had heard about their interesting CATCH THE PIGEON creative approach to the curriculum. We spent a day A week ago a racing pigeon and a half with the staff and children, experiencing the came into the quad to feed Scarcroft way. We had an excellent time getting with the chickens—it was to know the children, seeing some lessons and even very tired. Mrs French and taking part. We saw and shared a lot of interesting Mrs Johnston noticed it had things, and it was some rings on its feet. As it was exhausted great for us to be they caught it and got the numbers of the able to spend time rings. One was a telephone number so they rang it. The pigeon was a racing pigeon from in another school. We have Cambridge and it had been racing from north east France. Many are released and returned with some great ideas, have to find their way home with no maps or ‘satnavs’, they use the sun (where it is in the watch this space… sky) and the earth’s magnetic field. After a Reporter Miss rest, some food and water our pigeon took Richards. off to find its way back home.


STADIUM SPORTS NEWS WEMBLEY LEARNING ZONE — On Thursday 12th January some children in year 5 were chosen to go to the learning zone at Wembley Stadium. We went with Lee Turner. It was really fun we learnt about angles, how to do toptrumps, make our own ID cards and comics. It was really amazing and we all got to see the Stadium as well as learning a lot. We will be going back again. Reporters Harini 5CD and Suraksha 5SB


came to our school we did some activities with him. This was a sponsored event and we hopefully have raised funds for Sports for All and new play equipment for us in the playground. He did an assembly and showed us some running skills and talked

about himself. We got to ask questions and some children got to run with him. Reporter Arman 4SB

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DANCE FESTIVAL – On Wednesday 27th Serena, Jada, Shanyce, Ana, Tianna, Angell, Sahara, Savannah and Meray went to the dance festival. We were scared but in the end we were proud of what we had danced. We all want to get through to the next stage at the Brent Town Hall. We had a great time and are happy to have taken part. Reporter Serena, Jada and Shanyce 6RC – GOOD LUCK

SPORTS FOR SCHOOLS A man spoke to us on 22nd about Rion coming. Rion’s visit was arranged through Sports For Schools. They help raised money to support our Olympians in 2012, for our school and they also support a charity called Action for Children, more details can be found at

OUR SWIM TEAM—SOME CHILDREN Our trip to Oakington Manor’s Basketball Festival - Firstly we stepped into mini bus and sat in HAVE HAD EXTRA TRAINING SESSIONS ON warm comfortable seats which drove us to Oakington Manor while we chatted. Once we got there we went to the massive, majestic hall where we trained for ten minutes. Our players consisted of children from year 5. We played Chalkhill and Uxendon Manor. It was good fun.


WOW— Adryan in 1KM with his Mum

and special four legged friend Paddy like walking to school, it is healthy for people and animals to exercise. Next WOW — 3rd February. WE ARE HAVING COMPLAINTS ABOUTS BAD PARKING— PLEASE DO NOT PARK OVER DRIVES OR ON GRASS VERGES. ALSO SOME CHILDREN ARE NOT WEARING SAFETY BELTS. LASTLY FINES WILL BE ISSUED FOR DRIVING THE WRONG WAY DOWN COLLEGE ROAD!!!! You are warned.

Hey Presto 41 Feb/2010  
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