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ISSUE 37 1st October 2009 European Languages Day DATES THIS MONTH On Friday 25th September 6RC Half Term — we break up did an assembly about Languages which are spoken in Preston Park. on Friday 23rd and are back Monday 2nd November. They were so many languages

like Portuguese, French, Polish and many more. They received a Halloween, Saturday huge round of applause and years 31st October, the Clocks 3,4,5 and 6 sang a song. Reportgo back on this day too. ers Joy and Sharvini 6KH

Caterhouse Taster Day - On Tuesday 29th September Parents and Children had a chance to try the menu cooked by our school kitchen team. There was also chance to meet the After-school Club team and see the activities they provide. Many people sampled dishes from the Caterhouse menu and agreed the food was very good. School meals uptake has increased by 18% since the beginning of September with many more children and staff having lunch, so why not give a try!


Parents Staff Association Meeting

Coming soon:

Please come on Friday 9th at 3.30pm to to Miss Michelle Walsh our the Infant Hall. All parents and staff are Jeans for Genes Fri GTP in year 1, on her enautomatically members and it would be 2/10, helping children gagement to Mr Matt Dean. appreciated if as many people as possi- with genetic disorders. ble could attend. The meeting should They Please donate £1, more last for approx half an hour and we can details on their website have set plan fund raising events for the coming their school year— See you then. wedding Parents Meeting Staff raised £51 with a ‘guess 18th November date for the bear’s name’ competition for the Lennox Children’s Fund the 31st Harvest Assembly Charity. It was won by Miss July next Year 1 Friday 2/10 Hammond - his name was ‘Barney’. year. Inside this issue: Class Attendance—the winners for most children at school for week ending 18th September 2SS with no absences Gordon Brown Trips 2

WOW and 5PA with just 1 absence. For week ending 25th it was 3AN and 6RC. Please remember to help your class win you need to be in school everyday — unless ill then please contact us and let us know.

Head Boy and Girl


House Captains


To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the Bonjour school website or Eid Mubarak email us with your views and stories on -


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Science Outdoor Style Education at Gordon Brown

Year 6 went on the 10th September to Gorgon Brown Education Centre, to study ‘Interdependence and Adaptation’ for three days. We learnt about food chains and saw some unusual carrots which have grown differently, adapted to their conditions. We also looked at habitats and did some river studies where we found this crayfish. We worked in groups and had a great time learning about Science. Reported Sahara 6SB

Our trip to Gordon Brown A TUDOR DAY OUT — On Education Centre - On Thursday 24th September 4BM Thursday 17th, 4KL went to Gordon Brown for a day learning about the Tudors. When we got there a lady called Sophie greeted us. She told us how to make cordage and a pomander which were made out of oranges and cloves. We did archery and we went into a maze. We had a lovely time and we had lots of fun. By Alan and Zara 4KL

went to the Gordon Brown Centre. It was fun, we made knight helmets out of paper and then we went through a real maze. After we ate our lunch we saw the pigs and goats, that part was amazing. After we washed our hands we met a lady called Sophie and she read us a book about the Tudors, it was really good. Then we took an orange and put some spices into it to make an air-freshener to make your house smell nice. Then we made a cordage, which I took home to finish. We did some archery, shooting an arrow with a bow. We had so much fun then it was time to say goodbye and we got on the coach back to school — Reporter Maryam 4BM

The fish that almost got away… On the 14th September the Wildlife After School Club went on a ‘wild goose chase’ (okay, fish chase). The ten centimetre female goldfish (lately named Sushi, the Survivor) was the only fish left in the wildlife pond in the nature reserve. Fish eat tadpoles and other water creatures so all the other fish have put in a pond by themselves in the quad garden, the club was worried about this last one and spent two whole sessions fishing for the overgrown fillet. Finally they had some luck and with team effort Sheriyah in year 5 caught her. She was awarded with a satisfying applause and ‘sushi’ was reunited with the rest of the fish. Reporter Daniella 6SB and Sheriyah 5CD

Friday 2nd October please donate £1

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MEET OUR HEAD GIRL AND HEAD BOY— Khadija and Rewaj 6KH. Our duties for being a head girl and head boy are to have good attendance, be on our best behaviour, set a good example and try our hardest at all the times. We also have to help others, and always be polite. We also help give out the good work certificates on Mondays with Mr Redpath. Our deputies are Sujith 6RC Andrei 6SB, Pallomi 6KH and Rebecca 6SB

NOW MEET THE HOUSE CAPTAINS— Amber– I, Ryan in class 6SB am the house captain for Amber and the

house deputy is Shanyce in 6RC. We are going to put a lot of hard effort to get a lot of merit points to put Amber to the top of the board and beat the other houses. If you are in Amber we want you to try hard too.

Emerald - my name is Savannah, I am in 6KH and house captain for Emerald, Anise in 6KH is the deputy. We want Emerald to win the house competition this year so everyone in Emerald needs to work hard and get lots of merit points so our house can win.

STAFF LIBRARY. The staff at PPPS love to read and are launching their own staff library which will be maintained by Ms Beckles. All donations of books suitable for exchange are welcome but it would be useful to have a brief rating it with it. Any unwanted books will be donated to charity.

Ted welcomed some of the Nursery children joining us for their first day of school.

Ruby - my name is

Sapphire - I am

Vaishali I am from 6SB and I am house captain of Ruby, with Shivani, 6SB and Dewanshi, 6KH who are deputy house captains. Ruby is

Shreyaskar in 6kh am the house captain for Sapphire with Maryan in 6RC who is the deputy. Being house captain isn't very hard, you just have to follow what the teachers tell you and be responsible. I hope that everyone in Sapphire will try their best to help Sapphire succeed.

an awesome house and we’ll try our hardest to get as many house points as we can, but we will need your help to make our house win.

Welcome to our new French Assistant. Bonjour tout le monde! Je m'appelle mademoiselle Marine Coignac et je suis francaise. Je viens du sud de la France pour apprendre le francais aux enfants. Je suis ravie de rencontrer les enfants de Preston Park School! A bientot!!

Welcome Back to school from all the School Governors. A special welcome to all the new pupils and staff. If you are wondering who we are, you will learn more about us in the next issue. Our role within the school is to work with Mr Redpath and the school leadership team in making positive contributions to pupil’s education. We contribute to decisions on the school premises, curriculum, finance and staffing. The governing body is made up of representatives of the school teaching and non teaching staff, local authority i.e. Brent, community, and parents. Parents/guardians are those with the most experience of bringing up children and hear what their children have to say about the school. I am Humaira Sheikh and as a parent governor it is my role to represent the parent’s viewpoints. Please feel free to write to me and hand the letter into the school office. Ms Humaira Sheikh (Parent Governor)

Tennis in the ARSENAL ESCORT— re- ParkOn cently Louis in class 3AW was Tuesday an escort for 5SB and Arsenal. Louis 6RC went to said "I was very nervous the park with Mr at first but Jarvis and Miss Currie to play tennis. We had a match enjoyed the girls against boys. We had so much fun and we had day very matches against year 6 who won. From year 5 Janhvi much. It was amazing seeing and Corey played very well and had a match with and being close to my idol Van Corey winning for 5SB boys. It was marvellous and lots of fun Reporters. From Kai and Jahnvi 5SB Persie and Fabregas".



On the 29th September 5CD did environmental art. We had to make different people and creatures that would fit into the book Coraline, which we are reading in Literacy. We made them out of bits and pieces found outside and some man made materials too, like jewellery. We then decided whether they were good or evil. We had so much fun using man-made and natural materials we found in our nature area. The next day we made stories about our characters. It was loads of fun. By Calin, Vivien and Sheriyah 5CD.

In Netball Year 6 girls went to the Respect Netball Festival and came away with 7 wins and only one defeat. Well done to them! Reporter Mr Jarvis PE CoOrdinator.

Eid Mubarak! To all the Mus-

lims who celebrated Eid-ulfitr. Eid-ul-fitr is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal that follows the blessed month of Rama—”walk on Wednesday” Children dan. Ramadan is the month of the Holy Qur’an, prayers, reflection, and self examinawalked with their parents and friends on the tion for the Muslim community. During the 16th September and collected their WOW month of Ramadan Muslims fast from, just bebadges, but they had to be punctual as badges fore sunrise until sunset. The meaning of ‘Eid’ were given out up until 8.45. Next WOW will is festivity and ‘fitr’ means to brake fast. On Eid day Muslims wear their best clothes and be the 7th Oc- attend the Eid prayer where they listen to the Imaams speech, pray, and give thanks to Allah. tober On this day there is an obligatory form of and the charity given to the poor, it is called Sadqaatnext ul-fitr. The rest of the day is a social event event day where Muslims visit one another, eat food, exchange gifts and some attend organised acis the tivities for Eid. I hope you all had a good time! 14th. Ms Humaira Sheikh ( Parent Governor)


Hey Presto 37 Oct/2009  
Hey Presto 37 Oct/2009