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ISSUE 32 1st May 2009

Coming soon: May Day Bank Holiday Monday — no school 4th

Half Term last day 22nd, back 1st June

Easter Assembly – On Friday 3


April, Year 3 gave us an assembly about Jesus’ death at Easter; he was crucified. They had some great pictures about Spring and Easter and they also sang. It was the last assembly before we broke up on Friday for the holidays. Reporter Ana Afonso 5CD.

CONGRATULATIONS— On 29th April we were inspected and were awarded the IT Mark, and were informed that we should go for the IT Excellence award. Well done to all who helped us get the Information Technology accreditation, especially to Miss Belinda Freedman Daphne Anazodo in guiding us towards this is enjoying her new brilliant achievement. life, pictured outside ATTENDANCE for the last week of her language school term the winners for least absences were she says ‘Hi’ to chil- 5CD, 2CW and Blue Reception Class. The dren and staff and best attendance for week ending 20/4 misses you all. were 6SB , 1RB, and 2CW.

PSA Meeting Friday 8th at 3.30pm in 1RB SATS w/c 11th May Year 2 Trip 15th May Inside this issue:


2 3





4 5




Easter Competitions —

we had many entries this year. The PSA donated some eggs, the categories were decorate an egg, spring or Easter garden and making an Easter Bonnet.

5SP—These are the instructions to make an Easter egg or bunny.

Step 1: Blow up a balloon and put in 6 sweets. Knot the top of the balloon. Step 2: Next cover the balloon with newspaper and make sure you can't see the balloon. then let the newspaper dry. Step 3: Then you cover the newspaper with tissue paper, when the tissue paper dries you paint it in any way you want. Step 4: Once the paint is dry you add the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the ears, the whiskers and the teeth.

We are collecting — please hand vouchers into the office

Claremont Choir — We were invited to take part in Claremont's Easter Concert on Wednesday 1st April. There, we sang a song called ‘Take a look in a book’. We were the only primary school taking part and met some of Claremont Music Members. There was a great variety of music - choir, guitar duet, pop singers, rock band, orchestra, samba band, jazz band. It was a great night enjoyed by all and I hope will be invited again next year, by Nieah 5AW .

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April Fools Day!!! On Wednesday 1st April class 5AW fooled the school by sending some classes to the junior hall for an assembly. They made funny alien masks, and greeted their audience with an alien hand gesture of hello, which the audience greeted them back with. They sang a song spelling out April Fool, they then shouted – you’ve been fooled. Some suspected it was an April Fool but many got caught out. Reporter William and Nikhil 5CD

Music Cool!!! Just before the Easter Holidays the school had a music assembly. The orchestra played some lovely music, Shalom, Shalom, Yellow Submarine and Day Oh! Also some of our school musicians played; Daniella, Sonia, Sinarmani and many others and sounded very good. Year 4 played the lion sleeps tonight on their recorders and the choir sang some songs - salt water, drop in the ocean and pop idol. My favourite was 5SP playing the Samba. Well done to all who took part! Reporter Shraya 5AW.

Summer Fayre—6th June 123pm where our Lottery Funded Breathing Place will be officially opened: PPPS Nature Reserve. Parents Staff Asso-

ciation meeting on Friday 8th at 3.30pm in 1RB — we need parents to come to start preparing for the fayre, we can’t do it without your support.

TWO TEACHERS HAVING BABIES Mrs Joslin and Miss Williamson are both expecting their babies this month. Both are looking forward to the arrival of their bundles of joy and we are wondering if they will have a girl or a boy. The children are looking forward to meeting both. Announcements in the next issue.

Please save your Tesco vouchers for us.

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Gordon Brown Outdoor Education Centre– On the 20th April year 5 went on a 5 day trip to Gordon Brown Outdoor Education Centre. We met Mark and Jessi the staff there and they were really nice. One of our favourite activities was the night walk, but we also enjoyed the low ropes. All activities were outside and we had fantastic weather. We had a Barbeque; chicken, lamb burgers and salad or vegetarian lasagne and sponge cake for afters. On our last night we had a bonfire and sang songs, it was great. Reporters Sharon and William 5CD

Day Trippers — the children that did not go to Gordon Brown for the week had the chance to visit for a day, Wednesday 23rd. When we got there we saw all our friends and our teachers, who we had missed. Whilst there we had to gather sticks to make a fire and we popped corn on it which was fun. What a great week we had - we swam, learnt how to do origami (paper folding), made pizza which we ate in the park. Reporters Zainab Achi 5CD and Farah Abanur 5SP. A little message to say how proud I am of all the children who went to GBOEC and those who were at school for the week as they behaved exceptionally well. I hope they all have fond memories of the week which they will remember for years to come. I know I will! Mrs Sheetal Patel

Our Trip to Pott Shrigley by Rajvi and Vivien 4SB. On Wednesday 22nd April, fourteen children from Year 4 went to Pott Shrigley School in Cheshire. The school was small compared to Preston Park, they only have 38 children! We travelled in a minibus driven by Ms Dillette and had to stay in it for five hours!!! Miss Richards and Miss Brider came too. When we reached there we were served a special lunch which offered Jacket potatoes, roast dinner or vegetable curry. Once we'd had lunch we looked around the school and five children showed us around the village, including the old church, which wasn't that far at all. Afterwards we went to Savio House, a nearby retreat and had dinner - beef or vegetable lasagne, cooked by the teachers. At six o'clock we went back to the school and watched the film 'Bolt'. During our trip we also had a treasure hunt and sports evening. The next day we had a long journey back. We all had a lot of fun and made lots of new friends.

Free Books Nestle Box tops Link Community Development Project. Our link school is in Uganda: Kinuuma Primary. To find out more look out for our fronter page and more in the next issue. Vegetable Art - 4SS

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1RB’s St George’s Day Cakes – we mixed butter, sugar, flour and eggs in a bowl. We put the mix in cake cases and put in the oven for 20 minutes. We iced them and used red shoe lace sweets to make a red cross like England's flag. By Alina and Tia

have expressed different All the children in Reception have been viewpoints of their school learning about Rethrough print making, by cycling. They have deusing a variety of vegetables like: onions, okra, lemsigned posters and are ons, potatoes, carrots and putting the unwanted cucumbers. We all brought a vegetable of our choice paper into the recycling and then dipped it into paint to create different images and viewpoints around our school. It was loads of fun and we learnt a lot about print making as well! Reporters: Noor, Tracy and Danielle 4SS bins. Children from Blue

Thanks to — the Parents Staff

Association who were granted £5,000 by the North West London Community Foundation—Grassroots Grants. This money will purchase a new 4 bed trampoline system for the children at the school to have more bouncing fun and keep fit. Children signed a letter asking the PSA to replace the old ones and the association considered it a worthy application.

class had a poster competition and children in Red Class have a special box. May Day. It is the time of year when warmer weather begins and flowers and trees start to blossom, when people celebrate the coming of summer and hope after a long winter. TED enjoying a

traditional dance around the Maypole.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff we did a play before the holidays about the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We had to make goat and troll masks so we could pretend to be the characters. We had so much fun working in groups of four, we had to decide who was who and make our scripts. Everyone practiced, then we went to see our goats and act it out. In the play we used the goats to do the trip trapping over their bridge. Reporters Vidhi, Kirushne, Lydia 2PM

Bird Update — we have a new Canary in the aviary. That makes two, she has settled, keep an eye out for her she is a lovely pale yellow colour.

Tweet Tweet Tweet – On Thursday 23rd my Mum kindly brought in 3 Budgies to the Nursery, we have had them since they were eggs. The children and Mrs Hume were excited to have them. She has said I can come and visit them often. Reporter Aliya Elawad 5AW — their names are Kiwi, Avocado and Olive.


Please collect tokens from The Times and Sunday Times

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Perseus and Medusa We watched a play by 5AW, Perseus and Medusa, a Greek story. They had made the puppets. Medusa could change people into stone if they looked at her, so Perseus chopped off Medusa’s head it was very good. Reporter Nabil 2CW

Science Days

On the 3rd April, year 6 travelled to Hyde Park by train. Before we arrived we went to see Buckingham Palace and saw the guards, they were standing very still at the gates. After that we had a picnic in the park and played a variety of sports in the sunny weather. Reporter Sarah 6RC Music update - Gareth Malone won a BAFTA for his series The Choir. He led us at the Barbican during our recent music trip so all the Year 1 children know him and will be sending him a card to congratulate him.

LIFE CYCLES—NUGGET our cockerel as he is now and as a chick hatched in October 08

3CH enjoying healthy ‘smoothies’ with Foodlab. In three groups they had to decide their ingredients.

Birds of Prey - On Wednesday 29th April, a visitor came to our school and talked to us about real hunting birds. He said that their beaks were like scissors but curved and that they fly away with their prey in their claws. The visitor brought four birds of prey for us to see. They flew around the infant hall and over our heads. Some children were scared and some thought it was very cool. Reporter Abigail Baptist 3LC

SPORTS NEWS Swimming pool at school With various funding including Brent our school has a Stuck for holiday ideas? pool provided by Pools 4 Pack up your hamper, rug and rela- Schools. This organisation was conceived and tives and head down to Regent’s developed by Olympic Park on Monday 25th May and join thousands of families across the UK bronze medallist, Steve in the National Family Week attempt Parry British Olymto set the Guinness World Record for pian —Athens 2004 the largest picnic. Registration and Bronze : 200m and is entertainment from 12.00pm. For endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association. more information visit Steve came to the school to check everything was going well on April 23rd. Teacher Mrs Yvonne Our New Swimming Pool At Hurst—will be walking to raise money for St Luke’s Hos- Preston Park Primary School - The length of the pice . On the 19th June she will swimming pool is 12m by 6m. The swimming pool is quite huge and deep and you have to climb stairs in order to get inside. It has do a nine mile walk at night. been built in the junior hall. Some of the year 5 students got to go Please see everyday to the swimming pool whilst the others went to Gordon Yvonne if you Brown Centre for a week. When we went swimming we were all want to support excited and had so much her efforts. fun. The first time I went Mrs Samantha Boni inside the swimming pool – Teaching Assistant is raising I was shivering with fear but after a few days I got money for the Peace used to it. It is only temHospice by taking part in porary for the next 4 week, but it is the first the Starlight Walk on 13th June – please sponsor her at swimming pool at our school. Reporter mani 5CD

samanthaboni - thanks.

WALKING RAISES MONEY AND KEEPS YOU FIT- Malini Patel, teaching assistant completed her sponsored walk on the 18th April to raise funds for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis at Fryent Country Park. Along with her husband Danny and two daughters Priya and Shreeya, they raised about £250. There were about 500 people who took part raising approximately £14000 with a total still rising. Malini would like to thank all who sponsored her, ‘ I really enjoyed the walk and felt really good’.

WOW Walk once a week and with the lovely spring sunshine and event day—the 1st April it was much better to walk. Drivers: do not park across driveways, pavements, grass verges or the yellow line opposite the school gate — this is against the law, so please don’t! All children have the right to be safe on their way to school. Police are patrolling.

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