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ISSUE 31 1st April 2009

Fairtrade — On Thursday 5th 1RB did an assembly about Fair trade. It was very good. It told us how farmers get paid when we buy things, they told us some farmers don’t get a good price that is why we should buy fair trade goods so the farmer gets a fair price. It helps to lift farmers out of poverty and supports countries in South America, Africa and Asia, improving the quality of life. 1RB were really great showing us their fantastic assembly Kousthubha and Sanat 2PM

Coming soon: Easter Competitions Decorate an egg Easter Bonnet or Garden – eggs to be won entries for Friday 3rd.

We break up Friday 3rd Friendship On Friday 6th March 1FO did an assembly on the and back Monday 20th story of sharing and caring, not to be jealous and rude to other April—Happy Easter people. They told us to treat other people how you want to be Science Days — 29th treated otherwise if you are rude that’s how you will be treated. 1FO did a play about the story of the Little Red Hen. Everyone April -1st May loved the assembly because their words were clear, we all clapped and clapped. Their parents were so proud of them Reporter Akenti and Tvisha 2CM

1AH Assembly about SOUND I enjoyed the assembly by 1AH. I liked the part when they made sounds and sang a song. They pretended our goats had escaped and were dancing to 1AH’s music. Mr Redpath, Mrs Haines and Mrs French had to catch them. They were good and the best was feeling happy. Reporter Hiba 1RB

Mrs French has discovered a fossil on the School Allotment - a rare dinosaur called Pilarlofos, she is contacting scientists to report this fantastic discovery.

Inside this issue:

Sainsburys Fairtrade 2



Red Nose Day ZOO


Summer Fayre





SAMBA on Thursday 19th March 5AW did a wonderful assembly about Samba Music and they used lots of African instruments which were drums, ago ago bells, tambourines, claves, shakers and scrapers. They sounded great! Everyone performed well in their assembly. Well done 5AW Reporters Sharvini & D’Angelo 5SP

We are collecting — please hand vouchers into the office Little MOZART — first we went to school then we went on the coach and went to the Barbican Concert where we listened to some music. Reesha got to dress up as little Mozart. We ate lunch at the park, then we went back to the coach. Reporter Annaya 1FT

Safer Neighbourhood Team Update for Preston Ward — The meeting on the 10th March here at PPPS was well attended by residents, council officials, the Chief Superintendent & Borough Commander, police officers and community support, staff from Wembley Primary and Us. Mark Toland (Borough Commander) said that our ward was one of the safest. Together working with local authorities, the fire brigade and other agencies are tackling community’s problems like graffiti and vandalism, robbery has decreased although burglary had risen, gun crime and youth violence are also down. He wants to free up more officers for foot patrols and increase Special Constables. Our SNT also did very well with an award recently on improvements made. The panel raised the issue of inconsiderate parking and this will be addressed in the next few months, drivers please think have you parked in a suitable place.

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Fairtrade – On

Wednesday 4th March two people from Sainsburys Kenton came to Preston Park to talk about Fairtrade. Their names were Bill and Angela. They had a lot of food from different countries, they had bananas, chocolates, peanuts flowers and loads more other types of food. They showed a map of the countries where the food came from, some came from Africa and some from South America. Fair Trade means giving farmers a fair price for what they produce. After, we had a test to see what we could remember, if we got a question right we got a red nose for free. They gave us some samples of chocolate and bananas to try. At the end all the children who won a nose stayed to have their photo taken. Reporter Kushal 5AW Sainsbury’s is the UK’s largest Fairtrade retailer and has supported the scheme for 15 years. The company was the first major retailer to convert their entire banana range to Fairtrade and the supermarket now sells 700 million bananas a year, which means a social premium of £4 million per year goes straight into the pockets of the small farmers growing the bananas. This money has been used to fund community projects including: Construction of water tanks for 360 schoolchildren, installation of hospital equipment benefiting around 12,000 people, renovation of a computer laboratory and resource centre benefiting nearly 1,000 staff and children.

Ted has dressed up as

Preston Park Update Captain Vision as he just There was a delay due to loves him, ‘he is my super the bad weather in February which impacted on hero!’ Ted says, rememthe works. Completion ber Captain Vision’s should be around mid words when using the April depending on the internet be motivated weather. Brent Parks and confident but stay have apologised for inconvenience caused with safe! Holding his favourite the car park being closed. picture of Captain Vision

Please save your Tesco vouchers for us.

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On Thursday 12th March was the final of the X Factor. It was great, in the beginning all of the children who took part sang some great songs. Next there were more fantastic acts singing. Mr Redpath, Ms Dillette and Miss Brider were the judges. In the final were D’Angelo and Angell and last year’s winner Kyle. The audience had to choose using different blue cards it was a tough choice but …. Angell and D’Angelo won! Reporter Zia Ashbourne 5AW

We did something funny

for money—

we dressed in red, sold noses and our school

wore the largest nose

of all—we raised £750 for Comic Relief. Three boys, Alex, Sharon, and Molik in 5CD raised further funds for Comic Relief with a sponsored silence raising £55. They even had to tell a joke using a dry wipe board. £1 can pay for a hot meal for a young homeless person at a UK centre, £2 can feed two children for a day who have been orphaned by HIV / Aids in Africa. £15 is all it takes to enable a girl in Africa to attend primary school for a year. They would like to thank you al for donations.

ATTENDANCE for w/e 6/3 the best attendance went to 6RC and 4NR. W/e 13/3 the winners for most children attending school were 4NR again and 3LC. For week ending 20/3 4SB and1AH claimed most attendance For the last week of March, 6SB and 4SB. Well done to all! Please remember holidays during school time need to be authorised.

Free Books Nestle Box tops We raised £50 from a guess the name competition for the Lennox Children Cancer Fund - raising money for children with cancer or Leukaemia and their families.

Christine in the school office is supporting Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal. This charity provides nurses for Cancer patients – please buy a Daffodil to raise money for this worthwhile cause.

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Malini Patel, teaching assistant is do-

ing a sponsored walk on 18th April to raise funds for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The walk takes Samantha Boni – Teaching As- place at Fryent Country Park from 2pm - 5pm registration sistant is raising money for the Peace at 12pm. There are many acHospice by taking part in the Star- tivities planned, so why not light Walk on 13th June – please sponsor join her and make a donation Link Community her at or see Malini to sponsor her Development, samanthaboni - thanks. effort. our link school is in

Uganda: Kinuuma Primary. There are 531 children on roll with 9 teachers. This Global Dimension improves our learning of our world, more to follow in the next issue as well as on Fronter.

St George, England’s patron saint who’s day is 23rd April and emblem or symbol is the red rose. Our Union Flag is made up of 3 flags, Scotland, blue with white diagonal cross whose saint is Andrew, emblem is the thistle and day is the 30th November. Northern Ireland—a red diagonal on a white background, emblem the Shamrock—it’s saint is Patrick and day 17th March. The English flag is a red upright cross on white. Wales is a principality, whose saint is David, emblem the Daffodil and day is March 1st.

The Young Achievers – each Monday we run a club with Keith called “The Young Achievers”. We talk about how we can help the school and we’re starting to help some of the boys in Year 3 with their reading and many other things. This club is very enjoyable and we all like it. Our reward from this club is that we get slices of different pizzas. Now isn’t that a reward Yum Yum!! For our score for the club we give it 100,000/100,000 – reporters Kyle, J’Kwane & Corey. Year 6

Zoo On Friday 27th March we went to the zoo in London. It was so much fun because we got to see all the animals, everyone was really excited. We went to see the butterflies first, we were scared and were bending down because the butterflies were flying everywhere. Some people stayed outside. Next we went to see the Gorillas, one of the gorillas was sitting at the top eating and people started to laugh at the gorillas and the other one was just staring at everyone. We also saw the otters. The otters were eating dead mice and one of them was washing itself in the water. Then we went to see the monkeys. The monkeys were jumping up and down. They were catching each other. We went to see the show next and there were parrots, they were called George and Mildred. They were flying all around, the first one that came out was a boy and then they called out his girlfriend and they flew together. They could tip-toe on the string to get to the nest. From Shania 4NR

5AW's Library TripOn Friday 27th 5AW went to the Preston Road Library. A lady called Ann read us a book about the Ancient Greeks, a story of the Wooden Horse. Many of us borrowed books; some even got loyalty cards so we can borrow a free dvd. It was lots of fun. Reporters Aliya Elawad and Rebecca Adams.


Please collect tokens from The Times and Sunday Times

Summer Fayre—6th June 12-3pm where our Lottery Funded Breathing Place will be officially opened “PPPS Nature Reserve - Outdoor Educational Zone” if you would like a stall, especially if it is a Nature theme then contact the school office. Next PTA meeting Friday 24th April see you then.

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Mother’s Day Flower Arranging On Friday 20 3RP th

learnt how to make flower arrangements for Mothers Day. Some children brought in their own flowers and Mrs Patel collected a donation from Sainsburys in Kenton. I had a big red flower in the middle of my arrangement and my mum loved it. Everyone had lots of fun making them. Reporter Deeva 3RP

The Visit To Preston Manor with Year 6 The PSA Some children in Year 6 went to Preston Manor on the 13th of March. They went with Miss Louca the Math’s coordinator and played a few Maths games. Mr. Patel talked to us about the Math’s games he had given us and how to play them. Then we had a Maths challenge against Year 9 and the Year 6’s won. Most of the games were a bit hard but by using trial and error we managed to work the games out. We had a great morning. It was fun being at a high school. Arlind and Natalie 6KL

Our Ofsted Report can be read online at display/(id)/106311or 20Report%202009.pdfor or please ask in the school office a copy.

Painters and Decorators - come and show off your skills. We are looking for volunteers to come and paint our newly furnished cooking room. Please give your name and number to Nicki or Christine at the office.

Thank you for sending us Flora Margarine Tokens, please keep collecting, Mrs Rasila Shah.

Mothers Day Sale raised £300. Thank you for your support, special thanks to Mums; Nicki for wrapping, and for running the stall, Adriana and Marie whose work — Boots in Kilburn kindly gave us a donation of lovely gifts.

On Friday 27th, choir members went to the school garden (next to the Air Raid Shelter) and took out all weeds, dead plants and some rocks from the beds. After that we had to turn over all the soil to aerate it. Zhane, Sonia, Hamza and I planted potatoes - Rocket and Emerald variety. We learnt how potatoes grow and how worms reproduce. Soon we shall be planting some rhubarb, carrots, onions, strawberries and leeks and we have apples and pears in our orchard. Afterwards we went to the Nature Reserve and sowed some wildflower seeds that will attract bees. Hamza had got these from Blue Peter (if you would like to attract bees yourself see the link on our website). We looked at the pond and learnt about frogs and tadpoles. Reporters Zhane and Akifah 6SB

The Quiz Club team won the Middlesex area heat back in December hosted here at Preston Park. This qualified us through to the second area heat championship which was hosted by West Lodge Primary School in Pinner. The team did really well and narrowly missed out on third place (they actually did better answering the higher marked questions than the lower scoring ones). Michael Sobell won and went through to the South England finals. Watch this space because we will try again to achieve 1st place as we have entered the new Science Quiz Club championship taking place in the summer. Congrats to the team and thanks to Mrs S Patel, Ms Anazodo and Mr Redpath for working hard to prepare the kids.

to School, why not give it a go? It has been an SPORTS NEWS Cycle exciting three weeks for the children at Preston Park. 18 children were Cheer leading. On Friday the 13th March, the cheer leading team went to Brent town hall to perform. We had recently gone to Uxendon Manor to perform in the area competition and had passed with flying colours. We were now taking part in the real thing. First we had the practices which started at 4:30 and ended at 5:00ish. After the practice our parents started arriving. The practice was only a peek of what was to come. When the real show started, the lights were dimmed and the dancers started. Their costumes were sparkly and electric and everyone had a great time. Our dancers got a huge cheer. Reporter Elsie Aluko Year 6

chosen to do the Cycle Experience training course at the school. We had to learn to cycle with some professionals and have learned to ride safely on the road. At the end of the week we had an assessment and everyone was excited because we didn’t know what level we had achieved, the course was very hard, but great fun! Some of us got a Level 1 and some of us managed to get the higher level 2! Well done to everyone. We get to keep the bikes for a month and then we can buy them at a cheap price! The Instructor Dara thought that Luke Culhane in Year 5 was one of their best cyclists he had seen in 30 years and Mr. Jarvis has asked him to try out for the Hayes Hornets BMX club. He could be the next Olympic Champion in 2016! Reporters Sharon and William 5CD

We are very proud to announce that Preston Park has been awarded the Active mark, an accreditation scheme for primary schools that recognises and rewards its commitment to promoting the benefits of physical activity and offering good physical activity provision. A special thank you to Mr Jarvis and all the sports coaches for leading the school to gaining this accreditation. Look out for further updates as Preston Park work towards the Gold Activemark in the up and coming term!

A wonderful afternoon out, playing Tag Rugby. Mr Jarvis picked year 4 children to play tag rugby at Kingsbury High School. We wore our Preston Park tag rugby kits and a mini bus took us there. Our team were – Kyani, Brooks, Disha, Noor and Benjamin. A girl called Tracey joined us from another school to play on our team. As we arrived early we had a little practice. We learnt how to play and after a warm up we played a match against another school and tied 6-6, Benjamin scored five tries and Noor scored one. We lost our next match 2-0 but returned to school really happy as it was a great afternoon Benjamin Pilgrim 4SS

WOW Time to Volunteer? Walk once a week and Brent Association for the

with the lovely spring sunshine March has been a great walking month. If you are able to spare a couple of hours Drivers — we have had a few complaints from a week/fortnight, you could help provide a residents about parking across driveways and valuable service to the visually impaired. in one case in the driveway, on the grass The work is neither strenuous nor taxing verges, and pavements. Some people are but a gentle, sensitive manner is essential. parking on the yellow line opposite the school Full training and support given. For further gate — this is against the law, so please don’t! information call 020 8423 5141 or email: All children have the right to be safe on their way to school. Police are patrolling. Blind is currently recruiting volunteers for the Home Visiting Service – supporting blind, partially sighted and deafblind clients to lead independent lives & the MidSight help and information desk @ Central Middlesex Hospital

Hey Presto 31 Apr/2009  
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