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ISSUE 29 1st February 2009


HAPPY 2009

On Friday 23rd January, Year 2 did an assembly about Chinese Coming soon: New Year. 2009 is the year of the Ox. They sang three cool songs Valentines Ball Wedneand performed the story of why day11th Feb 6 -7.30pm the years are named after animals. They wore some excellent Half Term break up on masks and spoke very clearly Thursday 12th — back even without microphones. All the Monday 23rd. Friday Inset children wore red and black, it was very good. Reporter Tara 4NR

3LC Assembly On Friday 30th January, 3LC did a play for us about ‘words can’t hurt’ . They all learnt their lines and they spoke loudly and very clearly. They told us at the end that if anyone is being rude to you, walk away or tell a head boy, head girl, prefect or any trusted adult. By Tara & Faith 4NR

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Bird Watch Results


Record Breaking


Free School Meals School Council





WEMBLEY STADIUM On Wednesday 21st January some of year 6 went to the learning zone at Wembley Stadium with Sarah, our new member of staff. We worked together to create a contract which had rules for behaviour in it. We went to the press conference part in the stadium and one by one we signed our contracts with a man called Charlie. Charlie has worked in the stadium for a very long time so he knew everything about the stadium. On Wednesday 28th January we went again and created badges with our names and photos on them. We made these so that when we go around the stadium the staff will know who we are. We also created a newspaper article about us signing a contract of rules at Wembley Stadium. It was fun as everyone enjoyed it and we are going again next week. Report by Haneen Mahmood 6SB.

PTA Meeting – please join us on Friday 6th after school in 1RB to discuss this year’s fund raising for our children. We are also collecting any gifts to sell for Mothers Day.

LET’S GET COOKING On Tuesday 27th January 2009, four year 5 children went to a centre for 'Let's get cooking'. We went by car, we had to wash our hands first. Then we learned three methods, the bridge and the claw method for chopping and the peeling method. First we made a peach smoothie it was delicious. Then we made tomato and cheese dip with vegetables. Afterwards in the afternoon we made apple crumble and took it home to bake. We also tasted some dry fruits. At the end we had a quiz and they were giving out prizes. Preston Park won for recycling because Mrs French took some of the peels and leftovers for the goats at our school. We had a fantastic day with all the food activities. Reporter Dewanshi 5SP.

Shrove Tuesday aka PANCAKE DAY is Tuesday 24th February

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SINGING IN THE CHOIR - On Monday 12th January the choir went to Brook House. There we sang a Pop Medley, Destination Disney, Can You Hear and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, It was brilliant! After we finished we had a biscuit and a drink. The old people enjoyed our singing and gave a tin of chocolates which we shared. We had a good time, thanks Mrs Joslin for letting us sing to an audience. Reporters Aliya and Najma yr 5

Maths Club in 6KL is really fun and the Year 5 really enjoyed it! There are a variety of games to play and you can also catch up with other people in your year group and also your friends! The games go from fraction bingo to practicing maths on a dance mat. It also helps you brush up on your numeracy skills! Maths club is open for all year 5’s ONLY!! We guarantee it will be loads of fun and you can even teach your teacher something new!! The maths club starts @ 1’o’clock to one thirty. People who haven’t tried it yet, try it. YOU WILL HAVE A WHALE OF A TIME. Khadija and Shivani 5AW and 5SP.

Big Schools Bird Watch 19-30th Big Write of Recycle, Re-use and Reduce. On Friday 16th January we had a ‘big write’ to perJanuary 2009 our results—

On Mondays between the 19th-30th of January, the children in the Wildlife After-School Club participated in RSPB Big Schools Bird Watch. They had great fun spotting the Sparrows and were lucky enough to hear a Blackbird singing! They also saw lots of other birds, especially Gulls and Crows . They then sent their results on the Big Schools Bird Watch website and received a bar chart showing types of birds they spotted. The children (and Mrs French) who did the Bird Watching were very pleased with their results. Reporter Sonia 6SB

suade people to reduce, recycle and re-use, here is one of the ‘big writes’. Did you know facts? Did you know that 100 million tones of waste are produced every year in the UK, so we need to: Re-cycle - You can recycle books, bottle, cans, paper, newspaper, clothes and shoes, fruit and vegetable waste. Reduce - Every minute 3,500 dustbins worth are thrown away in the UK with rubbish. So we need to cut down on waste. Reuse – we can reuse drinking bottles, pieces of paper and carrier bags. Questions to ask yourself - What would you do to help our environment? Why do people throw litter on the floor? Can’t they pick it up and put it in the bin. A final tip to remember is to pick up litter and put it in the bin , help keep the place tidy. By Molik and Savan 5CD We had an assembly on Wednesday 14th January about the 3Rs. Yvonne Crace came from Brent Council brought a bin full of rubbish, she showed us what we can recycle and on the projector screen some facts and figures about waste. Schools can do their best to reduce waste and recycle too.

Heena’s – Specialist in Bridal and Glitter Henna. and Body Art for bookings contact 07939 849604, or

IT WAS PAINLESS — RECORD BREAKING PRACTICE On 22nd January Heena Padhra conducted trials in her attempt to beat the Guinness Book of Records for doing the maximum number of henna tattoos in one hour. For this she had to do 216. Girls and Boys from years two and three had different designs; Girls a flower and Boys had a spiders web. She managed 220, the next practise will be soon – reporter Antara 3LC

WELCOME to new LSA’s Penny (Phoeny Gak Man) in year 5 and Marina Cerami in years 2 and 3. Also welcome back to Lanja Khaffaf working in year 2.

Preston Park Update – As you may have noticed work is going on to improve our Park. Gates have already been fitted so the car park can be shut at night. Over the next couple of weeks lighting will be installed in the car park and along the main path. The old trees that have been removed will be replaced. It will also be resurfaced and parking spaces painted. Watch this space for further updates.

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Library Visit

– On the 23 January in the afternoon, we went to the library. The library assistant read us a book about nature and music. Afterwards me and my friend read a funny cool book. Some of us had library cards and took a book home. We all had a nice time. Reporter Yianni Antoniou 1FO rd

Goodbye and Good Luck is an election for a parent governor. to Miss Freedman Please vote for your choice — Em- A fond farewell to all my colleagues who I have enjoyed maunuel Aluko and Hari Nair are both candidates for the position. All working with during these past few years. A special thank you to Mr Redvotes need to be returned to the path for giving me the opportunity to work school office by Friday 6th February. in such a nice friendly environment it will

Governor Update—there

DES DEUX COTES DE LA MANCHE (ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CHANNEL) - GETTING TO KNOW OUR FRENCH NEIGHBOURS We have just started a link with a school in France. The French children wrote to us on Fronter in English and we have replied in French. It is quite difficult to write in French but we are getting better and Mrs Hurst is helping us. The French school is in the North of France in a town called Roubaix, near Lille. We might do some videoconferencing soon and really talk to them! We’ll be sending them a copy of Hey Presto. Report by Mrs Hurst’s Year 6

5CD’s trip to the CLC — On Friday16th 5CD went to the CLC at Preston Manor High school. We walked there. In geography we have been focusing on tornados. So when we went we had to type on the computers and we had to pretend that we were on the news and there was a big tornado. When we finished we had to print our reports. Just before we went back to school we did a play about being in a tornado. It was really cool, we were in groups of four. Finally we went back to school and got ready to go home. Reporters Jada, Shanyce and Serena 5CD

always be appreciated. Now to all my pupils - keep up the good work and remember to always put your best foot forward and you will never fall over! I will remember you all wherever I may be. It is now time for me to start a new chapter in my life, which is why I shall be emigrating at the end of March but I shall always have wonderful memories of my time working in Preston Park Primary.

Fire Drill

On the 22nd January there was a signal for a fire as we heard the alarm. It happened at 2:30 in the afternoon. All the school heard it and evacuated to the main playground. As I was walking out from my Literacy Boosters with my teacher Miss Louca I saw other children walking out calmly with their teachers. The whole school waited calmly and patiently outside until we were told it was safe to come in. We were all happy to go back to class By Omar Zaeim 6SB

ATTENDANCE for w/e 9/1/2009 were 5CD with 3 absences, and 2PM and 3CH who had 4. W/e 16/1 were 2PM with only half an absence and 2CW with 1 absence. For W/e 23/1 the classes with the least absences were 4SB, 5SP and 6RC all with 2. For the last week of January, the winners for best attendance were 4SB and 3LC both with 1 absence. Well done to all the above and help your class by coming to school every day.


Please collect tokens from The Times and Sunday Times

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CONGRATULATIONS - the school has re-

TATTOO ART IN 4SS. Every week on Fridays Mrs Saad draws tattoos on our hands as a treat if we are good and well behaved throughout the week. Mrs Saad’s tattoos are extremely colourful and they are also drawn very neatly. Normal tattoos look nice but Mrs Saads tattoos look absolutely amazing. She uses non toxic felt tips. Reporter Noor 4SS

ceived a certificate for Financial Management Standard in Schools and a big thank you to Mrs Jyoti Shah who worked very hard to helped us achieve this.

Investors in People – during

the end of 2008 we were assessed to see if we are still achieving this standard. Investors in People recognises that organisations use different means to achieve success through their people. We have now had it confirmed that we met all the criteria, and keep this award. Therefore, thank you to all staff for continuing together to improve our school.

Did you know your child could qualify for free school meals? That means no bills but delicious, healthy meals for your children. Why not contact your school or local authority to find out how to apply. The current criteria is listed below:

Eligibility for Free School Meals From 6 April 2008 the ‘threshold’ income, which forms part of the ‘Tax Credit’ free school meal eligibility category is £15,575. Children whose parents receive the following support payments are entitled to receive free school meals:

Income Support (IS); Income Based Jobseekers Allowance (IBJSA); an income-related employment and support allowance (this benefit will be introduced from 27 October 2008) • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999; or • Child Tax Credit, provided they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income (as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) that does not exceed £15,575. • The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit. • • •

We have forms at the school, once completed they have to be sent to Chesterfield House, 9 Park Lane Wembley HA9 7RH and they will decide whether applicants are eligible for free meals.

Free Books Nestle Box tops please Your Parent/Guardian Advocates 1RB 1AH 1FO 1FT 2CW 2CM 2PM 3RP 3LC 3LC 3CH

Samantha Patel (Tia’s Mum) Preeti Bibeka - 1AH Tahira Ahmend (Hafsah’s Mum & Ibrahim 3H) Kishana Lee (Kysha’s Mum) Still looking for a volunteer Julia Lesfrance (Akenti’s Mum) Binu Bhattarai (Nischal’s Mum) Heidi Orr (Elise’s Mum) Anita Sankarankutty (Antara’s Mum) Sujal Patel (supporting advocate) (Amon’s Dad) Almas Tanvir Khan (Mehek’s Mum & Saahir 2CM)













5AW Vaishali 5CD










Captain Vision's web resource of the month - great for children to improve their typing skills—give it a try.

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Head Boy Kyle Birch 6KL Head Girl Elsie Aluko 6SB

Deputy Head Boy - Mayur Patel 6RC, Deputy Head Girls - Aneeka Alvani 6KL and Krishma Qudus (6SB)

Your School Council — Our School have now got a brand new school council. School Council members are elected every year. They discuss things that should be introduced to our school or try and improve things already in school. We have one member per class in key stage two. We meet once or twice a month. Recently we have looked at our Behaviour Policy to feedback to Miss Brider, our thoughts about it. We, as a school council think that the Consequences Room is a great idea to help children with behaviour problems. We visited it in our lunchtime when it is run, there we found children were quiet. Although they don’t want to go this gives them an opportunity to reflect and think about the way they behaved and the chance to try and improve. Our council helps our school improve as we can discuss ideas the children in our class want and ask Mr Redpath about them. We enjoy being part and maybe you'll be elected next year Reporters Sinarmani 5CD and Vaishali 5AW / School Council Members.

WE NEED pants, knickers, vests, socks and any school uniform your children have grown out of now winter is here for children that get wet and muddy. THANKS

COMING SOON to Preston Park’s the final

Recently we have been rehearsing really hard with Miss Anazodo and Miss Birch twice a week preparing for the X-Factor in March. All is going well and we are learning some great songs which I'm sure you will all love. Everyone is practicing their routines with their mentors and getting some good feedback from them. I will keep you updated on the progress. Kyle Birch winner 2008. Tickets available.

SPORTS NEWS Basket Ball — On Monday 26th January we went to play a Basketball Match. We won against Park Lane, the score was 2-0. Our next match we lost to Lyon Park 4-0, but we were still happy because we had great teamwork. After we made friends with the children in the other schools as we had to shake their hand and give three cheers Reporter Angell Campbell 5CD.

Go Wild Kites cheerleading team! On Monday 19th January Preston Park’s Cheerleading team went to a dance festival and when we got on the coach we screamed with happiness and we had butterflies in our tummy in case nobody would cheer for us when we arrived. We were very worried because there were ten schools there and many other adults. Everyone felt nervous because we didn’t know how they would react, we also thought we were going first to do our dance. But we got ready to go and rock and roll on stage. When we got in our places we were terrified but we did a brilliant performance and we loved every second of the dance festival. It was really fun because we got to see other performances e.g. Break Dancing, Indian Dancing and Irish Dancing as well as Cheerleading Dances. When we thought we were going at the end

Ted has got a hot date on Valentines Day— the 14th February.

we found out that it was a competition and everyone was shocked also we couldn’t stop talking about it. We arrived at school early so we got to go home but we were excited for the result of the competition. Go wild kites cheerleading team!!!!!! Reporters Ana Afonso and William James Eyers 5CD


WOW Walk once a week With the temperatures below zero degrees at the beginning of January most children with their parents and carers and staff walked, drivers had to scrape heavy frost of their cars.

Hey Presto 29 Feb/2009