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1st June 2008 grow grow

grow grow


Orange Reception Class did a wonderful science assembly about plants. They showed us how to grow a plant. They spoke loud and clear and I thought they were quite cute and very smart to learn about how plants grow at their age, reporter Ryan Ghezaili 4SS

WE ARE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT — On Friday 16th May, Yellow Class and their teacher Miss McFarlane did an amazing assembly about going on a bear hunt. They saw different animals and plants before the found an enormous bear. After that they sang a lovely song which was fun, we all enjoyed the assembly very much. By Medina and Mary 3LC SEEDS AND FLOWERS— On the 23rd May Red Reception Class performed an outstanding assembly on growing. They sang songs and dressed up as seeds, flowers and the sun. They watered their seeds, gave them light and they turned into beautiful bright flowers. Liliya, Heenal & Monique 6RC

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Year 6 France Trip 2/6 KS2 sponsored walking bus and KS1 bounce 11/6 Class Photos 11/6 Ride your Bike Week 16/6 Summer Fayre Saturday 5/7

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Fronter case study 2 Choir Performs


How does your garden grow? 2



At the Movies Sixty Safer Neighbourhood 4 year 5 and 6 children 4 Sports News went to the Tricycle Theatre to To see the HEY PRESTO in colour watch film clips check out the school website or email they made at school. There were other schools there from Brent watching their clips. It ATTENDANCE Results for was very enjoyable. Reporters Avanitka and most children in class—W/C 5th May 2SJ and 6RC Shruti 6JC.

LONDON CARES DAY—VOLUNTEERS On 16th May 13 people from a company called Millward Brown came to Preston Park to plant an orchard of apple and pear trees, build a marsh in our wildlife area and work in our infant garden. They usually work in offices on computers all day but decided to come to our school to get a bit of fresh air and help the community. One man named Joe said "he was happy to be here to get away from his busy lifestyle". He also said "If he had this in his school when he was younger he would have been very grateful" London Cares Day is an annual event putting business into the community to make a positive impact on the environment, to help communities like schools in a fun and simple way and is rewarding for those who take part. Reporter George Johnston 6RC.

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Case Study: Brent: Preston Park School, ICT Consultant Dee Anazodo, Headteacher : John Redpath

Which side of a cat has the most hair? Preston Park Primary School began using the London MLE powered by FRONTER in the Autumn of 2007. The vision of the school was to introduce the Managed Learning Environment as a strand supporting their standards agenda. Headteacher, John Redpath sees the London MLE involving everyone connected with the school in “a new approach to learning.” He sees Fronter as “a communication portal” and sees that Fronter tools give the school “effective and fluid communications in a fun way!” Oh and which side of a cat has the most hair? The inside! A joke shared by John to make the point that education is about thinking and with the tools available to the school via the MLE, ‘topical debate’ with and between children and adults is a reality. He has been delighted with the children’s enthusiasm in contributing to on-line forums, as he says, “the ability to communicate thoughts, feelings and values is fundamental to learning. The MLE gives a you a place where ‘The Voice of the Child, and the ‘Every Child Matters’ agendas are met” ICT Consultant Daphne Anazodo established the use of Fronter in KS2 first, creating classrooms, core subject rooms, project rooms, a foundation subjects area and the Headteachers room. The school is now running e-safety sessions with pupils yearly and to discourage use of unsuitable language and cyber-bullying has now adopted a ‘two strikes and out’ policy, removing access rights when necessary. The next stage for the school is to train all KS1 staff and children and they hope in the very near future all staff will be using Fronter calendars and messaging, the parents room and the Governors room are nearly ready for opening and parent logins are in the pipeline. John and Daphne share the schools desire to make the London MLE accessible to all, in and out of school. They are developing an ambitious plan to provide every family with a laptop computer, the laptops will be purchased by the school and then sold to the pupils for a modest sum each week or month and will be owned by the students at the end of two years. For those with ‘Broadband issues’ the school is cultivating a deal with ‘PC World’ to make fast access a reality. When we asked John and Daphne what the long term goals were for the use of the London MLE at Preston Park Primary they said simply, ” 2010 we hope to be a model of excellence. By that we mean, we will have achieved 100% home usage, all planning, resources, show cases and communications will be via Fronter, it will have improved standards and it will be an exciting, focussed whole school approach to learning, in a safe environment.” John Whitmore 01-04-08 Fronter - PRESTON PARK PUPILS ARE NOW GIVING PRESENTATIONS TO OTHER SCHOOLS ON THE BENEFITS WE HAVE FOUND USING FRONTER.

PARENTS DROP-IN SERVICE - This service gives parents an opportunity to share any concerns or problems with Mark Thomson (student social worker). He will listen to your issues and assist with resolving the matter or by putting you in touch with outside organisations that may be useful (housing issues, children's welfare etc). It runs on Wednesdays, ask for more details at the school reception.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Former headmistress Miss Helen Wilkins has died peacefully aged 93 years old. Her niece Jennie Whitefield (nee Wilkins) informed us on the 21st May. She was much loved, respected and brought music into the lives of her pupils here during her 26 years.

WELL DONE TO OUR DAFFODIL GROWERS—the school received a gold medal certificate for its entry into the Grow a Spring Bulb competition organised by the London Children’s Flower Society.

HEY PRESTO CHALLENGE CORNER Try this quiz—how many can you get correct? In Harry Potter, what is special about Hagrid’s dog, ‘Fluffy’? What is the name of the extinct bird from Madagascar? Which is the largest land mammal? Who lays the largest egg in the world? What sort of cat is Bagheera in the Jungle Book??

From the school log

Where do penguins come from? What do koala bears eat? What scared Little Miss Muffet? In Bambi, what sort of animal was ‘Flower’? What is the star of ‘Stuart Little? What are the names of the three kittens in The Aristocats?

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Breakfast ClubCome and join us, there is toast, waffles, pancakes and cereal from 7.30 onwards—we have fun before school even starts By Sahara 4SS HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? As part of an ICT project we are doing on gardening growing our own vegetables on the school allotment. A man called Donald is helping us plant vegetables, he is in the Brent Magazine (May Issue). We planted vegetables like Runner Beans. We will use the laptops to do research and write about the project. We will also learn about nutrition. The garden will look nice and pretty with the flowers and we like doing this job. Reporters Aaron and Christopher 4SB

WEATHER POEM Rain, rain Forever Falling Happens in the night Happens in the morning Sun, sun Burning so bright Happens in the day Never in the night Snow, snow Soft and white Falls in Winter Fluffy and light Wind, wind Blowing so strong Hold onto your hat It won’t be for long.

By Kyle Birch 5SV MOTHER NATURE SCIENCE CLUB - We have a new after school Science club to "entertain and educate" with each exciting session, children engage in hands-on activities that explore a wide variety of scientific topics. Sessions take place on Friday after school from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm. For information contact Miss Varsani in Year 5.

The Choir went to Brook House— the old people’s home - to sing. We sang four songs, ‘Saltwater’, ‘the Chinese song’, ‘OK’ and ‘rollerghoster’. They enjoyed our performance and clapped loudly at the end Reporters Ana and Jada 4SB

Work experience at Preston Park Primary—Working as a teacher

has been a challenge. It has taught me skills such as patience and how to interact with pupils that I have never met. It has been a fun a worthwhile experience. Being in a working environment has shown what teachers have to go through to plan resources for the days ahead. Things such as singing assemblies and climbing frames have brought back many memories of the old primary school days, little things such as this I am thankful for, making my primary school days memorable. Oran Johnson Preston Manor High Student

Creative stages—on Wednesday 7th May, year 5 from four different schools performed a short play at Claremont High School. Each school had to write a play and it was then swapped with another school. The other schools involved were Byron Court. Uxendon Manor and Mount Stewart. Our play was written by Byron Court and they had ours. On the night a lot of people were watching including our parents, the headteacher of Claremont, members of staff from our school and the directors who helped us rehearse the play. It was a great night, we were a bit nervous at the beginning but in the end everything went ok and it was a fantastic performance. Reporter Kyle Birch 5SV

SPORTS NEWS Preston Park vs Mount Stewart

On Friday 9th May Preston Park played Mount Stewart in the cup quarter final at Uxendon Manor. It was a very entertaining match as there were 6 goals in the first half with a score of 3-3. In the second half we showed to be the better team and finished the game at an incredible score of 6-3. Two spectacular goals by Dino and Joshua and a great through ball by Joshua to set Keith on a pacing run to score. Then Dino flicked a great ball through to Joao to score the final winning goal of the match Reporters Dino and Wadir


On the 20th May the whole of Year 6 went to Park Royal Leisure Centre in Acton. This was a treat for finishing their SATs. Most of the children found it easy although we were all using the barriers. Miss Currie thought she was the best, (obviously she wasn't) After we all had McDonalds which was so scrumptious. Reporters Anjali and Neha

CONGRATULATIONS—We are regional winners in a National Pet Month (April) Noah’s Ark Art Competition– the organisers were delighted with the standard of entries of pictures of our school pets.

A BIG THANK YOU to the SMSAs for working at lunchtimes with the children during Anti-litter Month in keeping our school tidy.

Volleyball—in year 5 we now have a volleyball net and balls which we can use at break and lunchtime. In PE we are learning how to play and have learnt the basics like how to serve and the rules. Zainab & Sofia 5JJ

SNT—the Safer Neighbourhood Team held its committee meeting at the school on 6th May. Here school members, local residents and police discuss issues regarding the Preston Ward to which the school is part. Some concerns were still traffic in College Road, Lighting in the Park, local dangerous dogs, and locations where older youths hang around. They would like some more residents from all over the ward to attend the meetings especially from the roads off Forty and East Lane. If you live in this area why not let the school know that you are interested in joining, they will pass your name and details on to the team who will let you know details of the next meeting.

WOW May— well done to Joshua who has so far collected all badges. The next WOW will be the second Wednesday in June 11th (WALKING BUS DAY). To all who walked during ‘walk to school week’ 19th-24th well done. It is a great way to keep fit. If you have to drive try car sharing with someone

HEY PRESTO CHALLENGE CORNER ANSWERS How did you do? It has three heads, The Dodo, The Elephant, The Ostrich, A Black Panther, Antarctica, Eucalyptus Leaves, A Spider, A Skunk, A Mouse, Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse.

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