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1st May 2008 GLORIOUS FOOD—3SW did an exciting assembly about balanced diets and a play about healthy food and why it helps us—to give us energy. It informed us about carbohydrates, proteins and fat and also about dairy foods. The sang a ‘glorious’ song about food—Mrs Michaelides congratulated them at the end. Reporter Sahara and Rebecca 4SS

Events coming up


Anti—Litter Month 2

the 4th April the Wizard Company came to our school. They taught us about how to keep safe and how to behave when a mugger comes to you, they did a short play about this. They taught we need to look confident: back straight, head up and eyes straight ahead. After this we played a quiz, we were all grouped into four teams: school, friends, family and public. We all had a fantastic time! Reporters HARSHIL, WADIR and KENETH 6DA.

Whitsun Holiday Break up 23rd back 2nd June

Anti-litter Month— Ted says you need to bin to win. Inside this issue: FIRE FIRE


Gordon Brown Week


Ready Steady ...Cook 3 BACES




PRESTON PARK PRIMARY FARM meet our new pets. ATTENDANCE Results for most

Putting the ARK in Preston PARK PEPPER the Rabbit and her five children,

children in class— w/c 21/4 — 6DA and 4SB To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email






Many of you have already met the rabbits in your class, they have now come to live at the school in their new house in the Paddock. Did you know that before the school was built the land was used for farming?

Candy joins Toffee and Fudge

Please collect Sainsbury Active Kids Vouchers for us MAY is antilitter month at Preston Park—there are still children who drop their litter on the ground rather than take it to one of the new colourful bins. Volunteers are daily helping to keep their school tidy—so THANK YOU to all those

children—and please use the BIN.

FIRE FIRE – a man from the London fire brigade came to talk to us about safety. He told us that we have to get out of the house when we hear the alarm. He said we should have a smoke alarm. He showed us a video. Reporter Trisani Mistry 2NR. Get a SMOKE ALARM.

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NATURE AREA - for a few weeks we, Lampojan, Prashanth, Jahbez and Ashok have been working on a new Nature Area. We have been working hard with Robert on this project. We have scraped the grass off the paths to reveal the brindle block underneath. We have picked up all the litter using pickers. Mr Redpath, Ms Dillette and Mrs Michaelides are very proud of us. Reporters Lampojan, Prashanth, Jahbez Eventually we will improve and increase the Wildlife Area to include the old Reception Garden and the Soil Mound.

21st Century Home Learning is a

new initiative to support the learning of our future year 5. A special launch evening for Year 4 parents will take place on 6th May at 5.30pm. This project will support learning at home and at school. Please come along to find out more and check out details on the website– Daphne Anazodo.

PARENTS DROP-IN SERVICE HEY PRESTO CHALLENGE CORNER This service gives parents an opportunity to share any concerns Please do not drop litter and if you or problems with Mark Thomson see some put it in a bin. Try this (student social worker). He will month’s word search. listen to your issues and assist with resolving the matter or by Litter putting you in touch with outside Garage Cleanup organisations that may be useful Earth (housing issues, children's welWrappers fare etc). It will run on WednesBottles days between 8:45 - 9:45am, Cans Recycle ask for Mark Thomson at the school reception.

Please collect Tesco Computer Vouchers for us CLAREMONT CONCERT On Monday 28th the choir went to Claremont High School to sing. They sang ‘ok’ and ‘saltwater’ . The audience clapped loudly and were smiling when we finished. The Claremont’s head of music was so proud of us and so was Mrs Joslin. Preston Park was the only primary school there. Reporters Shahnas and Rianne 4SS.

FUN IN SCHOOL While some of Year 5 were away at Gordon Brown the other children stayed at school doing exciting activities. We made flags and wall clocks, saw a great rugby match and on Friday we did some cooking and made vegetable tortillas and they were yummy. Reporter Omar 5RP.

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Welcome to Mrs

Simone Simon 1LJ are now 1SS

Blue class welcome to Miss Ivana Cernakova

Congratulations—in Novem-

ber Mrs Sonia Palmer who works in year 2 started her Higher Level Teaching Assistant. She had to go to a teacher training centre and study late at night putting together a folder of all she has learnt. She finished in February and found out she passed in April. Reporter Monique Johnson 6RC.

Gordon Brown Outdoor Adventure Centre– WHAT A FUN PACKED STAY WE HAD.


Year 4 Virtual Sports Training On Thursday 3rd April a lady called Miss Sian High, Kingsbury link teacher known as our SSCO - school sports coordinator came to take us to do some sports like Star Jumps, Step Ups and skipping. Our results were recorded. Reporter Joshua 1RB enjoying a trip to the and Demario 4SS. library on Tuesday 29th

Twickeham – some

Year 5 children went on a trip to Twickenham , the home of English Rugby, on Wednesday 23rd April. We got to see a match Uwic vs Northumbia ladies university finals match. We were allowed to bring spending money so we could have an ice-cream. We were lucky as we got to sit on the front seats . Reporter Warren 5RP.

CREATIVE STAGES 5SV have been participating in creative stages for twelve weeks. On the 7th May we will perform at Claremont High School, a play that we have been working hard on. This play was swapped with a school called Byron Court Primary who will be acting the play we wrote as a class, we are looking forward to watching them perform. Reporters Sakina and Sarah 5SV.

BACES for Parents and Carers with children in Years 1 and 2. Support your child’s learning, find out how your children develop their learning skills and enjoy learning with your child for 10 weeks Monday, Wednesday and Friday, speak to the school office for more details. The Susi Earnshaw Independent Theatre School in High Barnet will be holding an Open Audition for the Dare to Dream (our registered charity) Performers Bursary Awards on Saturday, 17th May for entry into the School September 2008.


WOW April— future walkers in the buggies along with many children and parents walking to school. Next WOW May 7th. Some drivers are still not parking properly, please park safely and not on pavements or over driveways. It is unfair to neighbours, ruins grass verges and makes it dangerous for classes coming back from trips out and makes pavements too narrow for parents with pushchairs. Police are issuing tickets to offenders.

Hey Presto 20 May/2008  
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