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1st November 2006

Assemblies this month Harvest - Year 1’s assembly was

2SS’s Assembly

This assembly was very about the Festival of Harvest and the interesting and the aumeaning. Mr Redpath said he was very dience learnt something impressed with them and what lovely about healthy eating. songs 14 children held up they had cards reading sang for it. HEALTHY EATING. Reporter Chante 6MM By Katayani 5JC

DIWALI -Year 5 on 20thOctober, was bright and colourful the dancing was very good. Reporter Aminata 5YH LONDON CHILDREN’S FLOWER SOCIETY AWARDS -10 children went

to the Awards. Libby French and Felicia James went on stage to receive the Duchess of Gloucester trophy. The Guildhall was an amazing building. Reporters Felicia & Libby Yr6

Remembrance Day-You are welcome to join our YR 6 children to observe the two minutes silence this - FRIDAY 10TH at 11.OO the choir will sing songs from WW2.

Inside this issue:

SUPPORT THE PTA. At the moment the school does not have a Parents Teacher Association, as no parents came to the recent meeting. Without it no monies will be raised to provide the children with all the extra items, like free coach trip, etc. Some of the events are fun, discos and fairs. We only have one more event planned unless we here support from the PARENTS. PTA - KIDS ON THE CATWALK - MONDAY 13TH NOVEMBER 6PM - we need parents to help and models.

Eid mubaruk


Peer mentors


Homework help


Ask Presto


New Build


Beckham Academy


Champ Swimmer 4

School Events coming soon • Kids on the Catwalk INSIDE A SPECIAL PTA EDITION

Kids on the catwalk Monday 13th November 2006 BLACK HISTORY at school During w/c 30th October we have been looking at black culture and influential people of the past. We have just had our photos back of Mayor Ken Livingston presenting to Libby and Jazz year 6, with our prize at the London Schools Environment Awards back on July 4th. Reporter Libby French

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Chickens hand fed Our hens are so tame and friendly, Year 6 children can hand feed them. Reporter Libby French 6SV

EID MUBARAK TO ALL OUR READERS During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast during daylight hours and break this from sunset to sunrise. At the end of Ramadan a three day celebration is observed called Eid al-Fitr (the festival of Fast Breaking The language of the month for October has been Arabic ). Reporter Safiyyah Osman Year 5

SCHOOL Council 2006 new representatives are shown outside the staff room. Discussed so far improving water fountains especially in the summer and how to improve the toilets.

SNAG - Schools Nutrition Action Group - We now have a new committee of children who meet once a month to discuss food within the school. From Breakfast Clubs, Healthy Tuck Shop, the Canteen and Packed Lunches we want to ensure our children are eating a healthy balance diet - all foods groups in moderation. IRON FACTFILE - IRON FOR BLOOD AND ENERGY - HAVING ENOUGH IRON IN YOUR DIET HELPS TO RELEASE ENERGY FOR CONCENTRATION.


BOOK FAIR - During the last week before Half Term we had a Book Fair. There was new titles, popular authors and Parents could buy new books. For every pound spent the school received some free books. Reporter Joana 6MM

PEER MENTORS IN THE PLAYGROUND - They are here, looking after the children. Just so you know peer mentors are Year 6 children who stand by the bus stop in the playground and help with problems, whether you are lonely or having trouble with friends, they will play games or help you to find someone to play with. Reporter Rasheeka Hunte 6

Kids on the catwalk Monday 13th November HOMEWORK HELP!!! A new homework club started on Monday 16th October. The club is available to all children in the juniors. If you are finding some of it difficult then a Year 6 pupil will help with your homework, it runs every Monday from 12.45 until the end of lunchtime. Reporter Chante 6MM

INTERNET SAFETY For older children using the internet, especially if you have your own websites or use chat rooms, never put personal information on to them like your full name or where you live - you do not know who maybe reading it. - The Hey Presto Team

TED hoped you had a happy Halloween, he did!! With Guy Fawkes Night coming up, TED says do not play with fireworks only let an adult light them, stay SAFE for Bonfire Night.

Witches and Ghouls at the Halloween Ball NEW BUILD Presto the scarecrow has become a builder as the build progresses and the infants toilets have now been demolished. The foundations are now in.

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DEAL OR NO DEAL another fun fundraiser at the end of half term.

We had lots of children come in fancy dress and had a great time. By Libby French Ask ‘Presto’ If you would like to ask a member of year 6 for advice on a problem you might have. Leave a message in an envelope with your teacher, no names will be printed. Dear Presto My teacher says I do excellent work and some children pick on me saying I’m the teachers pet what shall I do? Our advice would be Don’t take notice of them they are jealous of you It doesn't matter what they think it’s what you think The teacher thinks you’re smart and Is proud of you and wants you to know it. From Presto

SPORTS NEWS CYCLE TRAINING Year 5 &6 had a presentation on road safety when riding a bike, next half term 28 children will have some cycle training. Kick Racism Out of Football Some Year 5 children went to the library for a talk by a youth coach from Queens Park Rangers about racism. They watched a short video and worked in teams to make a football world team. The coach gave us his autograph. Reporter George Johnston

LUNCHTIME SPORTS CLUBS and the coaches Monday CRICKET with Kevin Tuesday BASKETBALL with Kevin Wednesday Thursday FOOTBALL Yr 5-6 with Jay Friday MULTI-SKILLS Yr 1-2 with Kevin

EX-PUPIL CHAMP SWIMMER - Below is an article taken from the Barnet Copthall website: - Kristofer Charles Year 8 Claremont High There were some fiercely competitive races in today’ s (1/10/06) Novices Meet with all the swimmers eager to gain that precious first medal. Kristofer Charles won TOP BOY. Kristofer Charles (again) in the 12 year old boys 50 breaststroke set a new record of 41.06. Carys in 5JC also won a medal and 3 rosettes. Tips from Kristofer for Year 5 learning to swim now Front Crawl -You should always keep your fingers closed, breath every third stroke, kick with your feet as close as possible, don't bend your knees much and keep your feet floppy. Backstroke -You should always keep your back and arms straight, again keep your legs as straight as possible and close together and keep relaxed (not stiff). Quick floppy feet.


Beckham Academy Children from year 5 including this reporter went to the David Beckham Academy. Everyone thought they were going to see David but instead saw his cousin who works for him, his name is Michael Beckham. We listened to a talk about racism in football and then had the chance to play football which was good fun. Reporter Aminata 5YH

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